Friday, February 3, 2023

Ramsdale gets a new number

No 1 could have seen this 1 coming, but Aaron Ramsdale has a new number.

Following the official departure of Bernd Leno to Fulham for thruppence ha’apenny, Ramsdale has traded his 32 for the number 1.

It makes sense because he is the number 1 goalkeeper, but also if you subtract 2 from 3 in the 32, you get 1.

As we all know, 3 is a magic number, but this isn’t magic, it’s simple arithmetic. Or random chance. But is there any such thing when it comes to numbers?

Scientists believe no. Professor Godfrey Twatshlock, Head of Science at the Scientific Journal of Science, says, “The bottom line is that without 1, there wouldn’t be any other numbers.

“You can’t have 2 without 1, you can’t have 3 with 2, and so on and so forth. I have a podcast about this if you’d like to list-”

No thanks, professor. We’re oversubscribed as it is.

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three minus two is one, quick maths.Skidiki pap pap


Man you are hot!

Never Relegated

He told you man’s not hot!


Haha – reference on point, mate 😀


If Saliba gets Hector’s no. 2, we actually have a chance to see a team fielding all numbers from 1 to 11 this season – the most unlikely being ESR as the left 8 in place of Xhaka.
That would be something to watch. Can’t wait.


Definitely thought that was a thing of the past now, would be great to see!


Burnley actually did it last season. Peak Dyche

A Different George

Even without that, we have a real chance of our five attacking players being numbered 7-11 from right to left. But if we lose, then Chapman out!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Anybody who purchased a new Ramsdale 1 shirt must be pissed off right now


Anyone who bought a Leno 1 shirt could have bought the man himself for not much more!


Great to see how much Ramsdale improved the team, over a solid, but unconvincing Leno, last season. Indisputably better goal keeper basically without weaknesses in his game that can be targeted. Long may he reign as Arsenal #1!


Liverpool sold Brewster and Solanke for a combined £50m
And we can barely give away a peak-age international goalkeeper. Total joke!

Never Relegated

It’s shocking…. !

Never Relegated


Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Ramsdale 32 actually

The club offer (or at least they used to) an exchange policy if a player changes his number after the latest shirt is released.


Didn’t Our Lord & Saviour Nicklas of Bendtner offer this out of his own pocket when he changed to 52?


This is as interesting a read as you can get given the circumstance. 😅
Well played Blogs. As usual. 😉


Her Majesty The Queen:

“One has heard a rumour that one’s football club has got a new number one. That being the case, one is very happy with one’s club’s number one choice for the number one shirt and one can see us finishing….4th. Otherwise one will not be amused.”


V good and she does support Arsenal!
The 4th part was where it is lacking..


If Cesc says so!


That was where one wanted to catch you out. One actually believes that one’s club will finish first.


That’s a Numberwang

Eazy Deezy

No it’s not, you clearly don’t understand Numberwang. Try re-reading the 2022 supplement to the rules of numberwang appendix 72 paragraphs 3.12 to 3.14. It’s pretty obvious!


Who’s our 3rd keeper now, Hein?



Nainsley Aitland Miles

Hein or Runarsson.
Hein is currently injured but may go out on loan.



Plug from The Bash Street Kids needs to be moved on.

Merlin’s Panini

I agree Runarsson needs to move on but don’t stoop to mocking something beyond his control.


Apart from Ramsdale our keepers look quite weak. Please stay fit Aaron…




one (1) is the maximum number of goalkeepers each side are allowed on the field at one (1) time in one (1) match.
funnily enough matches only take place at one (1) physical location?!? who would have thought and what a coincidence!

Mayor McCheese

I’m oversubscribed as well. So much true crime. For instance, I just listened to a podcast about Leno’s transfer fee.


Daylight robbery!

Emi Rates

Who’s your favourite serial killer?

Mayor McCheese

Erm, well I don’t know about ‘favourites’ when it comes to serial killers! However, I do like thinking about the notorious ones who are as yet unknown like the Zodiac, LISK, and (before he was caught) the Golden State Killer.

Mayor McCheese

Sorry, I misread your question. My favorite cereal killer is Tony the Tiger. That fella could murder a bowl of Frosted Flakes.


Good no. Let c him shine in it!!! #100#cleansheet#winnings!!!


Unchronological order: 3,2,1


The new No 1 could have seen this 1 coming.

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