Friday, December 1, 2023

Ghana confirm Partey has returned to Arsenal

Ghana have confirmed that Thomas Partey has been released from international duty and will now return to London.

The midfielder was due to play for his country against Brazil in France last night but he pulled out just before kick off after complaining of discomfort in one of his knees.

While it has been reported that the withdrawal was merely a precaution, Arsenal’s request to assess the player has been heeded.

Instead of travelling to Spain for a friendly against Nicaragua, Partey will instead return to London.

The Gunners face Sp*rs in the north London derby next Saturday and clearly don’t want any unnecessary risks being taken.

Elsewhere, Martin Odegaard played 71 minutes for Norway as they lost 2-1 to Slovenia. He had been forced to sit out the win over Brentford with a calf problem.

We’ve also just learnt that Kieran Tierney has been substituted with a head injury in an ongoing match between Scotland and Ireland.

The left-back had his head trampled on by Troy Parrott and required treatment. Fingers crossed it’s not too serious.

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It’s not looking good brev


Unfortunately it’s time for us to plan on a team structure without Partey. He looks crocked for good I’m afraid


Ah the glorious Interlull — the useless shite of a gift that just keeps on giving…


And yet not one Italian managed to take a good chunk out of cheating bastards Dier and Kane last night! Typical!


Let’s face it, they didn’t really need to.


Don’t worry.
We have more than enough to take care of those scums: with or without TP.


I saw a team strong on the counter attack pull our pants down at Old Trafford when Partey wasn’t in the side… don’t really fancy the same against Spurs thanks.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

The good news is that Odegaard is ok.
The bad news (aside from the fresh injuries) is that there’s still a round of internationals to play.

With Partey’s terrible recent injury record, and just returning from injury, surely Ghana could have left him out of these 2 matches. They’re not really going to learn anything new about him, from these 2 games

A Different George

I watched the Norway match and Odegaard looked quite good, in the context of a pretty crap match–made worse by a really annoyingly strict referee. He was fine when he came off. It looked pre-planned, though Odegaard didn’t seem anxious to leave.


Apparently Tomi is back early too, due to “club circumstances” – whatever that means. He didn’t look like he was struggling against the US.

Naked Cygan

And Tierney taken off with head injury.


I guess Edu is doing a job behind the scenes I didn’t think anyone could do.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Club circumstances? The Arsenal Stadium Mystery.

I wonder if White or Magalhães have a knock, making them doubtful for Sp*rs, so Mikel and Edu very politely asked Japan (with hands pressed together and lots of bowing and nodding) if they could release Tomiyasu.

Merlin’s Panini

Or maybe they did it without the racist stereotypes?

Isn’t that greeting a sign of showing respect to another culture.

My faux pas, no disrespect intended.

Full respect to them for releasing Tomiyasu early.


Mate, you were just having a laugh; that’s not a faux pas – it’s called having a sense of humour.

Ignore the Fun Police on here, the sad fuckers.


Oh give it a rest, FFS.


Alluding to the cultural practices of a people is racist stereotyping?


What a myopic comment


What’s wrong with a joke for crying out loud. Nobody was harmed in the process of digesting this joke.

You’re fond of my lobster

Japanese don’t put their hands together like that



And the Brits don’t eat fish and chips and drink tea.



Tierney’s head was trampled by a parrot?

Arsebubbles in the tub

An Ex-Parrot?

Man Manny

The whole story reminds me of the game between West Germany and Austria in the 1982 World Cup.


Let’s hope Partey was just pretending to be in pain.
I wouldn’t put it past Edu to give him that instruction, and why not seeing as Klopp keeps getting away with it.


Fucking interlulls.


That Parrot cunt is a spurs player on loan at some championship club.

Just saying

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Which is strange because Parrot used to be a big Tierney fan;


As Paul Weller (or was it Bruce Foxton?) sang “read between the lines and you’ll find the truth.”

Emi Rates

He didn’t commit a foul, he was just pining for the fjords.


It seems it’s OK to trample on Arsenal players’ heads, even when they’re playing for their countries!

Emi Rates

Fucking interlulls and especially that FUCKiNG Nations League!


I swear i am sick and tired of these pointless bloody international matches. N Partey just breaks down often like a worn out car


KT took a knock to his head in the Scotland match and was substituted for ‘precautionary’ measures last night. Hopefully they rest him in the next match on Tuesday. A lot to ask for but fingers crossed.


Aha! “Precautionary”.
I guess they took him off to prevent the inevitable red card when he chinned the bastard that did it.



Emi Rates

Who’s responsible for this Nations League bollocks? Fifa? Uefa? All of them? Either way they are cunts.


I never expect Partey to play. Hopefully we can sign a holder in January bevause it’s getting ridiculous. Fingers crossed on Tierney because zinchenko is slow and not a good defender. Great going forward as he slots into a midfield position but we all know spurs will sit back against us and play on the counter with Kane feeding Son.

Brady’s bunch

I’d shake all the piggy’s banks to fund Declan Rice

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