Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Premier League confirm postponement of weekend’s fixtures

The Premier League have confirmed that this weekend’s fixtures will be postponed as a mark of respect to Queen Elizabeth II who died on Thursday at the age of 96.

The Gunners were due to face Everton at the Emirates on Sunday but will now focus their attention on Thursday’s Europa League match with PSV Eindhoven.

In a statement, the Premier League said:

At a meeting this morning, Premier League clubs paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

To honour her extraordinary life and contribution to the nation, and as a mark of respect, this weekend’s Premier League match round will be postponed, including Monday evening’s game.

Richard Masters, Premier League Chief Executive, said: “We and our clubs would like to pay tribute to Her Majesty’s long and unwavering service to our country.  

“As our longest-serving monarch, she has been an inspiration and leaves behind an incredible legacy following a life of dedication.  

“This is a tremendously sad time for not just the nation but also for the millions of people around the world who admired her, and we join together with all those in mourning her passing.”

Further updates regarding Premier League fixtures during the period of mourning will be provided in due course.

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I understand the policing issue which may arise due to circumstances, still feels like injustice for fans attending the matches.

Johnny 4 Hats

Nah, what this country needs right now is to grind to a halt for a week or so.

(And I say this as a person who deeply admired and will miss the queen)


I gave you a thumbs up Johnny. I’m hoping I’m on the money with my assessment that your first sentence was sarcasm 😉

Anders Limpar

Very old lady dies. All fun for the in the country cancelled.


No worries, Anders. I will dedicate a pint when you die.


I’m going to the Oval Saturday but not Arsenal on Sunday. Am I respectful or disrespectful?




Long live the King


We mean it man!

Anders Limpar

Off with his head.

End of an era

I expect now that dear old lizzie has passed on there will be a lot of old commonwealth countries that will do away with the head of state thing.
I’d not be surprised if William never gets to be king. There seems to be little merit in maintaining a monarchy in a modern society, and deminishing desire in the general population to maintain one.

Anders Limpar

Absolutely, an unelected head of state in a modern democracy is an archaic and hugely flawed juxtaposition.


In your opinion, maybe.

Not necessarily everyone else’s.


Not going to happen mate.

If the commonwealth countries want to become Republicans, then fine, they can all fuck off as far as I’m concerned.

But don’t expect Great Britain to ditch its Monarchy. That will never happen.




Bad news for all those who have paid for flights etc to see the match. Better to play the matches and have a minutes silence and other ways to respect her, imo.


Completely agree. What better way to honor her than millions of fans participate in viewing memorials on the morning shows and during the matches.


Agreed. The Premier League is so global now, who knows how many people fly into the UK each weekend for matches. I flew in for Fulham 2 weeks ago & if that was this weekend I would have lost the cost of match tickets, flights, train tickets & hotel. That is a lot of money & I can only imagine how those in that position this weekend are feeling.


Yes. Literally in this situation. Getting tickets is a task at the moment and I’d finally gotten a pair for this match after spending over 300. Now I see it postponed and won’t be in the country when it gets played.
The statement fans are an afterthought feels painfully true just now.


Gutted for you Bill. That’s a tough one.


No, at a moment like this EVERYTHING is an afterthought. The Queen has died, everything pauses.


While I agree with matches elsewhere in the country should still go ahead, I do believe it’s sensible to have cancelled matches in London. I work 2 minutes from Buckingham Palace and passed by there before 7am this morning and it was mobbed. I normally see maybe half a dozen people on my walk in. Crowds now are crazy and that will only increase over the weekend. The amount of policing required for that would pull officers away from other duties and not prioritising a few football matches over that is a no brainer. Coupled with the influx of tens… Read more »


That’s really not a credible argument I’m afraid. The police manage to handle the Notting Hill Carnival in addition to normal football duties so they have easily enough resources. I’m sure the queen was quite nice, but I never voted for her so don’t see why my football should be disrupted when she dies. Also, it’s 2022, how do we still have a monarchy with political influence; it’s beyond corrupt. I’m happy for her family to do what they like but they shouldn’t drag the rest of us into it, and there’s quite a lot going on in the UK… Read more »


Very sorry for your inconvenience.


seems like they should have prepared for this, given that she’s been functionally dead for a decade and her house is a major tourist attraction- sounds like a failure on the part of municipal and national government.

Boy Bastin

Yes, it is unfortunate for those who have tickets and particularly those who are travelling long distances. However, I’m not sure how many fans will have booked flights to see the Everton game. Not that many in a crowd of around 60,000, I suspect.

More widely, with a range of other sporting and entertainment events being cancelled, the PL would have looked out of step by continuing to play matches, whatever the arguments for doing so.

Anyway, we are where we are so there’s little point in an extended debate about it really.


Arsenal are the only club to have been invited to see the Queen, she supported us. A video here: https://twitter.com/APresserV2/status/1567957333040406529?s=20&t=dAE9BRivu8rypFL2Z12q3Q

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Is it wrong of me that I was expecting Almunia to fumble and spill his cup of tea?


Arsene said after that visit that he’d actually tried to sign her before anyone knew who she was


Totally. A minute silence, or even a couple of minutes of prepared footage as a memorial so much better…. Folks will get irritated by this only. My residing memories of Diana’s death are mostly how bored I was for days afterwards. I was a primary school kid at the time. Extra days off school seemed like a win, but bad weather coupled with 4 channels of endless news cycle was rubbish. At least we have netflix these days.

Emi Rates

Nothing against the queen but, “a tremendously sad time” that a 96 year old passes? I can think of a several things sadder than that. The genocide raging not many hours from from where I live being one example.

And what about Queenie then? One of the most prominent Arsenal fans robbed of her moment to watch her first game from heaven. I bet she can’t wait for the mourning to be over.


It is actually a tremendously sad time. She was much loved and an iconic figure across the world.

We must remember that this is the *English* Premier League, and even though it is full of foreigners, honouring the death of the national figurehead is the right and worthy thing to do.

And I’m not even British or even living there.

Public Elneny

Possibly a majority of people in the UK are either indifferent to or actively dislike the concept of an unelected national figurehead. And while the Queen has always been popular as an individual, she was 96 and her health had been failing for a while. Being told by every news outlet and cultural commentator that we have to process our collective grief as a nation feels performative, and doesn’t accurately reflect how many of us feel Life and work and bills are continuing as normal today, but a key part of many people’s weekend and escape from day-to-day stresses is… Read more »

Emi Rates

I would have been quite happy to see the queen honoured at the weekends games. That would have been a fitting tribute to her.


Across the world? You’d think everyone who went through the brutal and horrendously ill treatment during colonial times has forgotten her majesty and her ancestor’s brutality.

Murdering people because they simply disagree with you or they think they should continue farming their own lands and hanging their bodies in towns for days for all to see and all that?

Tell me how I should have loved her or her predecessor.


Many will be inconvenienced. But a nation has to mourn. Respect.

Emi Rates

I mourn the loss of this weekends football.


Stockholm syndrome.


We collaborate in our own enslavement


Stockholm syndrome is widely overused. Needing to watch Arsenal could be regarded as Stockholm syndrome.


There’s a war going on in Ukraine, Middle East has been a horror show for decades now, there’s a possible genocide by China against Uyghurs, there are almost weekly deadly shootings in the US, we have a global economy crisis, to name just a few of much more serious issues going on right now… but no, let’s stop the world and mourn for weeks because the Queen – who was 96 years old and everyone knew her time was coming – has died. There should absolutely be ceremonies, events and all that to remember and respect her and what she’s… Read more »


Can’t believe how salty people are over having football postponed. Strikes me as weird to actually want to live in a world where there’s nothing but endless product and consumption, all the time, every day.


A sensible comment at last. I had to scroll down a long way to find one.


Postponing fixtures is sentimental and impractical. The actual sensible decisions have been made by England Cricket and the Rugby Football Union – play and give tribute.

As the RFU statement said: “Rugby clubs are a source of strength & support during times of uncertainty & we hope that by enabling games & other rugby activity to go ahead this weekend with families & friends congregating it will help us all to unite at this time of national mourning”.

No foot Norbert

Let’s face it no one likes the queen and her using tax payers money to defend a pedophile. Why should we have her passing shoved down our throats with 24/7 bbc tributes all week? It’s a kick in the nuts rhat so much more serious and depressing things are going on and many of the enjoyable things such as football has to go on hold. No thought for fans either that pay using their hard earned money to watch a game losing out. Will there be any reparations, I doubt it…


Well I mean, this is a football forum so i suppose you might expect a bit of myopia. We all love football and want to see it played, often to the point of derangement. Although I can see how it might sting if you had travelled as people have pointed out. Does also make me chuckle to see football fans puzzled over how important people think the queen is. We get together on a weekly basis to watch millionaires kick a ball around while literally singing their praises. I personally was in mourning for at least a month after that… Read more »

Dominic Bradbury

Damn. The guidance said it was ok to continue though. Shame, in an already condensed period.


It sucks from an arsenal perspective but sad times. Hope queen’s spirit helps Arsenal this season overcome hurdles!


Well we could have a fully fit Partey for these fixtures. Unlikely, but now possible!


Not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, yes, a considerate touch. But on the other, there would have been an opportunity to make a real statement at the games themselves. Should we mourn and feel sorry for ourselves, or should we honour somebody’s life in celebration?
That is the question.

Emi Rates

Statement at the weekends game all the way for me.


Well I think people should be able to do what they feel is right for them – I will neither mourn nor honour as I refuse to give royals more respect than any other individual.


Hear hear!

Bleeding gums murphy

So you don’t mourn or respect anyone then.


No, as you may well enough understand behind the rhetorical slight. I don’t mourn or give respect due to them being royalty.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I refuse to give royals any respect


Fair question, as the recipient lived a privileged life to the age of 96!


… and probably not have made 96 in the absence of said privileges!


There’s also a day of mourning scheduled for next Sunday so could be 2 postponements.

Eazy Deezy

Personally I don’t see how it’s more respectful to postpone the matches, than to play them and so something to mark it at the match. Like some presentation, minute of silence and sing the anthem

I guess I don’t really find the whole official mourning period tradition very meaningful


If they believe that it’s appropriate to cancel the weekend games, and if the official mourning period is 12 days, is it any more appropriate to hold games at any other time during the mourning period?


You think the those whining in this page will give a toss about a minute’s silence?

Just purely speculating but the funeral is reported to take place on Monday 19th, and with the Brentford game – being London based of course – on the 18th, that could also be postponed.

Maxin In The Shade

And isn’t the following week an international break as well? So no game that week too.


Much as the postponement is probably not the best idea for all the reasons stated above, I don’t mind the extra week of rest for the first team regulars, and then time for Partey to recover

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I guess it works both ways as Pickford and Calvert Lewin are both injured now, but will be back before the rearranged fixture.


Top post, well said.

An excellent point – and completely missed by all the frothing anti Royalists, busily frothing.

Even if you don’t like the Monarchy, the extra time out gives our injured lads time to recover.

Just hearing all those tiny pennies dropping….😂

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

The hectic schedule later down the line, will be great for our players health

Woolwich Tiern time

Alleviated by some post world xup signings maybe. Fairly sure thats why powder was kept dry on deadline day


If it was up to me, I’d just stop the season here and now and crown Arsenal as champions.

Ray's ice cream Parlour

I want to like this comment but it’s at “49” at the moment……


..and FA Cup and Europa league winners. Bollocks to the league cup, Chelsea can have that.


Or even Moyrinho if he really want smth


It’s what she would have wanted.


In some ways its beneficial for us cuz our players get some rest and some might even recover from ongoing issues


Maybe – but a very tight schedule is likely to be even more congested.

Giuseppe Hovno

well at least Partey misses one less game out injured


Load of bollocks. Just have a minute silence and crack on.


Which, ironically, is, in all probability, exactly what Her Majesty would have thought.


I don’t understand this weird deference so many people have to someone they’ve never met and who probably thinks of herself as superior: This is not only bad on its own terms – I know I would want people enjoying themselves at my funeral, rather than being miserable – but the royal family are far from a noble institution. They got to where they were by murder and plunder, not through any sort of merit or virtue, and are directly implicated in all the horrors of the British empire.


Not English are you Jake.


What makes you say that? Me, I was born in London…and I agree with everything Jake wrote in his comment.

John C

Historically ignorant as well


Originally from Highbury actually mate, born in homerton hospital. I also have a phd, and my work puts a great deal of emphasis on the precedence of ‘history’. And despite what some people might think, it is by no means a neutral collection of facts. The old adage that history is written by the winners is probably a simplification, but no doubt hits onto how the narration of ‘history’ is far from exempt from power relations.


Well colour me surprised! I was so sure I didn’t even put a question mark at the end of my comment 😉

Bleeding gums murphy

“Who probably thinks she’s superior” did they teach you that on your PHD. Cheese and bread 🙄




Jake is a millennial or post-millennial I presume. Some things are more important than how they affect just you.

Group Captain Mandrake

Did you read what he said? His comments starts with “I don’t understand…” He never said that he doesn’t think this should happen because of how it affects him. I think his larger point is correct though.


Jake, you not understanding something doesn’t make it weird.

I don’t agree with the postponements, but hey, live and let live (no pun intended).

Google Queen meeting presedents (1:13 ratio!) and reflect on magnitude of this moment.


“They got to where they were by murder and plunder, not through any sort of merit or virtue, and are directly implicated in all the horrors of the British empire.” I’m not sure how much murder and plundering the Queen did personally, but apart from that I still find this line of attack against the royal family extremely odd. And I say that as someone that doesn’t care much for the monarchy personally. If the Queen is personally responsible for the worst historical atrocities of the British empire, because he has benefited from them, what does that say of the… Read more »


Seems a strange decision. Obviously, they will want to be sensitive and respect the national mood, but it would seem more appropriate to cancel matches close to or on the day of the funeral itself. That would also give fans who have made arrangements more time to make changes or cancel bookings. By the nature of things, there will be a lot of arrangements to make for the funeral and, especially in London, close to the funeral, there is likely to be a lot of disruption necessitating cancellations of games. Being pragmatic, it would seem better to continue until it’s… Read more »

Chester Drawers

What a strange country we are.

Emi Rates

You are and that’s why I love your country. I couldn’t live there anymore after Brexit but I love England all the same. I always have and I always will. Its not the passing of the queen that fills me with melancholy at this moment, it’s the photos of various aspects of UK life appearing here and there serving as a reminder of my time there.


The rail strikes miss you as well mate

Emi Rates

The railway union secretary is a Brexit supporter so I feel a bit detatched from all that. I was involved in industrial action myself during my time on the UK so I’m very pro union though.


Step back and consider how strange it is that so many seem so upset about the postponement of 22 blokes chasing after a ball for 90 mins!


She was an Arsenal fan by all accounts.


Royal Arsenal, surely! For what it’s worth, I also think it’s silly to cancel the games. “Out of respect” – she’s dead. She doesn’t care. For her family? That’s probably not the greatest of concerns for any mourning family. Especially this one. I realize the possible value of holding on to national identity, but she wasn’t assassinated or died some horrible death. She was very old, she was universally respected.. what better way to end? Ultimately, I didn’t know her at all, but if I was left behind mourning, I’d want life to go on. Not to stop. Oh well… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

And people say Bin Laden was the biggest criminal Arsenal fan

Emi Rates

Yeah but it’s not true. Pierce Morgan still remains an Arsenal fan.


Enforced mourning will lead to resentment.

I think everyone would be respectful and sporting events would be the ideal place for people to pay their respects – look at West Ham last night.

PL get it wrong again, IMO


People aren’t even being respectful on this Arsenal comments section. There was booing at the halftime minutes silence last night also.
A reminder this is an Arsenal fan website not an anti English one. Go somewhere else to have your rants on the Monarchy and former wrongs of the British Empire please people…
Plenty of other forums to do that.


Arsenal is for everyone not just posh monarch lovers


Sorry – because I’m English that makes me a posh monarch lover?! Try to remember the forum guidelines that Andrew unfortunately has to remind us of. This is supposed to be a friendly, RESPECTFUL site where Arsenal fans can come on to discuss all matters Arsenal related. I appreciate that we all have differing views, and am happily to discuss these in friendly discourse, usually with a bit of humour ( I hope), but it’s disappointing that you have to resort to insults Chippy. I despair at you and the others that have upvoted your comment. For the record –… Read more »


Anglophobia rears it’s ugly head – yet again.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

You lost soul smh


Since when did ANYONE on here state that Arsenal wasn’t for anti Royalists….?

In your own time mate……


Not Anti-English. Just anti-wrong and pro-justice and truth.


Whose justice and whose truth….?

Might be yours.

Not necessarily mine.

Think on…..


Are you talking to me? I’m not ranting at all and I’m as patriotic as you claim to be. I just think it’s a knee jerk reaction and not thought through for the reason above.

How is letting people pay their respects at sporting events anything to do with the ‘wrongs of the British Empire’?? Go and have a lie down luv x



Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Football is cancelled because of the monarchy.
People are talking about it on a football website.
How does your mind work?


Give me my footy back you old bag!


The problem is that this post is serious and not satirical….


Luv me carling, luv me chips, luv the queen. ‘ate the disrespect. Simple as


You shouldn’t have kicked the ball into her garden, you little oik! 😉

Emi Rates

The corgis have claimed his ball now.


Very disappointed. It is no disrespect to anyone to have a game of football and we could have donned black armbands with a minutes silence.

This feel more like a punishment with times being tough enough right now. Also, the World Cup will disrupt the schedule very soon.


The amount of disrespect shown to a woman who dedicated her life to the UK after her death just because people want their entertainment this weekend is sickening.

massively inconvenience to those travelling and monetary losses which i truly hope they can recuperate, but this is not even something that happens once in a lifetime. a 70 year reigning monarch will never be seen again.

Minor tour

I don’t give two shits, put the football on. Or should we cancel
It for the 1000’s who have died today across the globe ?


It’s a missed opportunity to show respect.


Well said.

It is sickening – but a sad reflection of our global society now.

Zero respect for anyone or anything. Pathetic.


But cricket and rugby are going ahead?


Many twats surfacing here tonight.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

How much respect did Liz show to her subjects, or the countries around the world who were stripped naked during her reign, and still sufferring from it?


Presumably, you believe that cinemas, clubs, pubs and restaurants should also close and should stay shut for the period of mourning, only reopening after the funeral?

Hail Gus!

Thank you and I totally agree. I feel saddened to read the majority of comments on this topic. The disrespectful and in many cases insulting language makes me ashamed that our club has attracted such support.

Boy Bastin

It’s highly unlikely that the PL would have done anything else in the circumstances. Other events, including test match cricket, PGA golf and the Last Night of the Proms, have also been cancelled. It’s certainly unfortunate for the fans with tickets for Everton but, hopefully, many will still be able to attend the re-scheduled game. As it happens, I think it won’t do us any harm to have an extra few days “off” before the PSV game given the results against Utd and Zurich (a win, I know, but hardly inspiring against one of the weakest teams in the EL).… Read more »


Cody Gakpo hat trick incoming

James McLeish

Other events, including test match cricket, PGA golf and the Last Night of the Proms, have also been cancelled.

The PGA golf is starting again on Saturday. It will be a 54 hole tournament. Only Friday’s play has been abandoned.

The Test cricket will also start again on Saturday, Friday’s play was abandoned and Thursday was a washout, so it will be a 3 day match.


Great, was looking for another reason to dislike our pathetic deference to the monarchy. This will now free up more time for the broadcast of mawkish whimpering and performative flagellation. I think I might also try lying in state for ten days just to avoid this nonsense.




You can stay in state for longer than that, for all I care. What a negative and disrespectful POS you are


I see the bobble heads are out in force. When did we become this nation of toadying sycophants? The Queen was great, she’ll have a big expensive funeral that we can all doff our hats during, but otherwise most of us have a far more pressing concerns (and shouldn’t be denied our chosen distractions from those concerns by snotty little flag wavers).

Fireman Sam

“When did we become a nation of toadying sycophants” …well, all the time I’ve been alive (and that’s a fair number of decades). Don’t you remember the very rich lady who died in a car crash? I had to turn the tele off for months!


Try forever.


Great comment!!!!


That’s 2 games that’ll need rescheduling in the crazy season. There’s literally no wriggle room as per fixtures. This winter world cup looks dumber by the minute


Liz would be furious not to get to watch the arsenal this weekend

Naija gooner

Nahh this comment section is wild, chile! the mourning protocols have been instituted for years and updated every year, you can’t tell a country how to mourn her longest serving leader, may her soul rest in peace. God save the king!


Yes mate! Top post.




The FA has announced they’re cancelling all fixtures this weekend so the PL now look like they’re ahead of the curve for once.
That’s right – even my sons under 12s match has been cancelled. Apologies in case anyone pre-paid the £1 car parking fee for that one..


Quite right too.

Rest in peace, your Majesty. 🇬🇧


Right on, this comments section is ruining my day.




Sad to see the amount of classless people commentating on this. Wether you like it or not, just act like an adult instead of like a petulant child who didn’t get their toy.

Jeremy DG

Bore off


He’s entitled to his opinion.

Grow up.


Well said.

Some of the ignorance, stupidity and plain lack of democratic thought displayed on these threads have been genuinely staggering.

I thought there might be one or two selfish idiots but wow, just wow.

I would have expected it from that lot up the road, but Arsenal fans?

You live and learn……🙄


Yes we should apply more ‘democratic thought’ to this enforced mourning period for the hereditary sovereign and unelected head of state of our thoroughly ‘modern’ nation.


OK but despite the fact you don’t agree with the hereditary monarchy the queen devoted her LIFE to making it a better place for Britains and anyone lucky enough to migrate here. I’m not a royalist but I can understand why this gesture is being made.

Fireman Sam

Look, I know an incredibly rich human has perished and we must therefore cancel certain sporting arrangements but not others. But hey, at least it’s a guarantee we’re top of the league for a while longer.


The irony of calling people out for ignorance and lack of democratic thought when you’ve posted about 50 times insulting or insinuating against anyone who doesn’t subscribe to your view point that the woman should be venerated and mourned accordingly.

The Queen is nothing more than a complete irrelevance to a large section of society and for others she represents oppression, classism and brutality that comes with colonialism and privilege.

Where’s your respect for those people’s experiences and opinions?


anyway! more time for TP to recover


Every cloud …


Irrespective of the mourning period, there’s simply not enough resources to police football at the moment. That’s the real reason.


One side effect of the queen’s death and her succession by a male, is that “king” does not rhyme with “team”. It will be more obvious when we republicans cheat during the national anthem at football matches.


Not trying to offend anyone (but sure I will fail).

As an ugly American, the whole royalty thing is utterly baffling to me.


Not as baffling as it is to me, an equally ugly Englishman.


Ah, the beauty of social media.

I understand being baffled by something – happens to me all the time. I don’t understand people who then think, “I’m baffled by something and I’m going to share that fact with everyone so they know how baffled I am.” That mindset actually baffles me.

Now I’ve gone and done it…


It’s called attention seeking.

God saw that his Earth was largely inhabited by attention seeking cunts and created Twitter just so they could rant and rant and rant and rant an…..


Fair I suppose. What are you seeking?

Aren’t we all just shouting into the void?

Emi Rates

Some shout into the void, others stare into the abyss. I’m more of an abyss kind of guy myself.

Giuseppe Hovno

Qwaliteee knows something about attention seeking alright


At least you realize/admit it . Nothing I do is more pointless and narcissistic (sp?) than posting any comment anywhere.


I don’t know about that last bit. I live and breathe this club and I think we have a nice community here on Arseblog. I don’t always agree with what people where write but I still think of all you guys as a virtual family. Granted, most of us have never met but that doesn’t mean that I don’t look forward to reading how certain people feel about a particular situation. In fact, when it comes to Arsenal, I’d rather read what some people on here write than what some of my mates have to say. And I think that… Read more »

Emi Rates

In practice it’s an institution that performs the representational duties done by your president. As such it has an important role to play. The rest of the fluff, guff and gossip of who fucked who, who is nice and who isn’t, who is down with the people etc is an irrelevance really. That’s for the tabloids to feed the great and gullible unwashed with.


And, one assumes, for you to mock – despite a much loved woman losing her life.

But, hey ho. That’s what free speech is all about. Those of us who want to pay their respects to a fine monarch can do so. Whilst those who don’t can spout their ignorant shit.

Ain’t democracy wonderful? 😊

Emi Rates