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Wenger: Arteta has created belief and a sense of belonging

When it was announced in 2018 that he would be leaving the club, Arsene Wenger issued a short statement that ended:

“To all the Arsenal lovers take care of the values of the club. My love and support forever.”

In the immediate aftermath of his departure, it felt like the message fell on deaf ears; certainly when it came to the owners and arguably with several individuals, both on and off the pitch, who’ve since departed the club.

While Wenger continues to keep his distance from N5, it’s no secret that manager Mikel Arteta, the man he signed from Everton in 2011, is keen for him to return in some capacity, even if it’s just to take in a match at the Emirates or to meet the current players at London Colney.

It remains to be seen whether that will happen but from afar he continues to act as his protégé’s cheerleader, who he believes was quick to grasp what Arsenal stands for.

Asked by Sky Sports what the Spaniard has done to change the culture at Emirates Stadium, Wenger said:

“I would say you need to identify the values of the club and I personally think that Mikel Arteta was very conscious of the values of the club because he’s been educated as well at Arsenal, he was captain of my teams and he wanted to restore values of the club.

“Overall, I think he has done that well. After that you need to create a belief and a sense of belonging, that you belong to something special, something that is bigger than you, that you want to serve. On that front, he’s done well.

“I’m still in touch with them and overall I believe they are going the right way. Arsenal is a special club and has special values; a good balance between tradition and forward-thinking. They do that well again now.”

Given Arsenal’s recent track record in the Premier League, there were few, if any, supporters who predicted a title challenge this season.

While it’s early days, the fact Arteta’s squad sits top of the table after seven games serves as enough evidence for Wenger to suggest his old side can go all the way.

“I would say that they have a good chance this season [to challenge for the title] because I don’t see any super-dominating team,” he noted.

“I believe that there’s a good opportunity this season to do it. Of course, it’s a little bit a special season because you have a World Cup in the middle and you don’t know how much that will affect the performances of individuals and the teams. Overall, I believe there’s a good opportunity there this year.”

Here’s hoping so, Arsene.

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Great manager of ours,glad that Mikel has learnt from him and hope he can start us winning again at Arsene’s level.


Arsene knows.


“Look, ehhhh….listen, ehhhhh….” 😊
😉 😊 😊 💂🏻


Ignore Guardsman. One of my sons has recently gone into the Grenadiers and his old man – that’s me – uses the picture when texting him – so it’s ended up in my ‘used frequently’ emotes.

Same old man is trying to get used to a new phone with giant fingers…..


“Look, ehhhhhh….listen, ehhhh”

Santi’s Thigh Grab

“Of course…” He started every answer to a reporters dim question this way.


But I think he had little bit the handbrake on when he answered this one…

Ellis McPickle

“Ovroll I think ehhh…”

Merlin’s Panini

Are you a little bit taking the piss?

Ellis McPickle

Well, look ehh maybe a little bit cheeky? Is it out of order? I don’t know.


“Why you look at me…?!”



”We want to do it. This team has great strength, spirit, qwaliteee…..”

Johnny 4 Hats

“I would say you need to identify the values of the club.“

Ah, that’s why Graham Potter has blacked up and tried to shag Todd Boehly’s wife…

DB10s Air miles

Don’t be so sensitive, he’s clearly having a pop at chelsea’s history of racism. Tough crowd.

The Beast

Weird that wasn’t picked up on isn’t it?

Eric Blair

Don’t know about anyone else, but I try to block out all recollection of Terry and Co and their misdemeanours, life’s better that way.




It would bring so much joy to see him taking in a game from the stands in the near future. I think the time is now right for him to return and enjoy the fruits of his labours. It is also criminal that we haven’t commissioned a statue or named a stand after this utter club legend, someone needs to raise this at the next AGM for sure.


No statue! The stadium should be named ‘The Wenger’. 🙂


Couldn’t agree more!!!


Have him cast in 60ft tall bronze on top of the North Bank. He can look over us like Christ the Redeemer.

Maybe in the pose he had when sent to the stands at Old Trafford?




Stade de Arsene


Arsene All.

Eric Blair

The Wengerena


The WengerDome

Boy Bastin

I recall reading somewhere that Wenger said he would never go back to Arsenal as a spectator. Anyway, we’ll see what happens.

There is a bronze bust of him at the entrance to the Directors Box at The Emirates Stadium but I don’t think there’s anything else in a more public place to mark his service to the club. That said, quite often (but certainly not always) clubs wait until the person to be commemorated has died before, say, putting up a statue.

Boy Bastin

I recall reading somewhere that he said he would never go back to Arsenal as a spectator. Anyway, we’ll see what happens.

There is a bronze bust of him at the entrance to the Directors Box at The Emirates Stadium but I don’t think there’s anything else in a more public place to mark his service to the club. That said, quite often (but certainly not always) clubs wait until the person to be commemorated has died before, say, putting up a statue.

Brady’s bunch

I can fully understand why he kept away in order for the new man/men have a fair crack of the whip also the way hey handled his departure wasn’t great but it’s time for a return and the biggest fuck off statue outside. The reception would be electric ⚡️


All being well he can drop in to see us lift the EPL trophy in May.


I have the sneakiest feeling that – should that rare, but magnificent day indeed arrive, so will Arsene.

Highbury Corner

In the meantime, I think we should mark St Wengers Day: the point in the season when everyone (apart from perhaps ourselves!!) have lost at least one game, and we can reflect very quietly on how fucking amazing The Invicibles were!

David C

I believe Wenger meant we are now playing with the handbrake off.

Can’t wait for Arsene to return to the stadium. Imagine the applause for Le Prof!

Eric Blair

We’re not anymore lacking a little bit the sharpness.


If it was all about “values” then Wenger would still be manager. No, Arsene, it was about a fresh young manager who came in and imposed HIS ideas. Arteta isn’t perfect, and it remains to be seen if he’ll succeed, but he’s provided the club with the energy and focus that you were incapable of. That’s why we’ve finally turned the corner. BTW: it’s incredibly childish and petulant of you to refuse to return to the club and sit in the stands. It’s been four years since you were sacked: get over it. Maybe that’s why the club still haven’t… Read more »

Boy Bastin

Clearly, you’re not a fan of his. I think though you have to take the good and, of course, the not so good from his long tenure at Arsenal. Overall, I think it’s a little odd that there’s no commemoration (in a public area at least) at The Emirates.

As to not attending as a spectator, you’re right that he said he wouldn’t, but I suspect that’s as much due to him wishing to avoid being a distraction from the management team(s) that took over when he left as anything else.

The Beast

“It’s been four years since you were sacked: get over it.”

Seems he may not be the only one that needs to get over it?




Fats man, behave will you. What a load of bollocks.

A Different George

Recently it has looked like Fatgooner has become a relatively sane, normal supporter, who can appreciate the good games and criticise the bad without spewing mindless bile. Thanks for reminding us that your essential joylessness is still there.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

What an unmitigated knob.


Nah, that’s not really fair…

to a knob.


BTW: it’s incredibly childish and petulant of you to refuse to return to the club and sit in the stands. It’s been four years since you were sacked: get over it.”

Have you noticed what heights ManU have (not) been reaching since 2013 while Fergie has been casting his shadow over the place?


In fairness, Fergie is an utter cunt. Le Professeur is royalty.

I can’t think of many people I’d rather sit down with, and have a glass of wine, than Wenger. Again, I wouldn’t even invite a hothead like Fergie to a shooting range – not even at the far end.


Fats being a sad bitter resentful prick as usual.

DB10s Air miles

I think you need to get over this now.

Brady’s bunch

God you’re painful

Moronic Inferno

Who hurt you?


It’s very impressive how you manage to upset everyone unnecessarily.

Where’s the respect?


Wenger wasn’t sacked. He himself announced that he would be stepping down at the end of that season. I can understand his reluctance to return to the stadium he built. He wouldn’t want to overshadow Mikel or distract from events on the pitch,


Absolute bollocks. The club made it clear that they didn’t want him a year after awarding him a bumper contract for finishing 5th the previous season. Stan finally woke up and smelt the coffee. Wenger was a busted flush and had to go. But Wenger’s ego was badly bruised so he flounced off and hasn’t been seen since. Notice that no other club wanted him either. As for not wanting to “overshadow” Arteta, don’t make me laugh! Arteta is actually successful now, unlike Wenger in his last few years. Wenger is the one with no class: if he really loved… Read more »


No other club wanted him??? You mean like not Real Madrid, not Barcelona, not PSG, not Man U, not Chelsea and not the English, French and German national teams either?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

He meant no club wanted him after he was sacked in 2018.

Fulham were interested but certainly no big club wanted him at that stage.


Arteta has spent more in one summer than Wenger did in 7 of his last 8 years put together. That’s not criticism of Arteta, it’s testimony to genius of keeping a club at top level on a shoestring.

Rotten Egg

Yup yup…many seems to miss that point…the man is a genius..I have not supported Arsenal long …maybe for just a bit over 20 years…But I first became Arsenal supporter because of Arsene …and Arteta have been rekindling the feelings I used to experience for Arsenal when Arsene was here….But I do feel sorry for Arsene for what he has to endure in his last few years at the club…in the same way I felt sorry for Xhaka two or so years ago when he got booed off the pitch..I can’t imagine how horrible I would feel if I was in… Read more »


Don’t go confusing Fats with actual facts when he’ mid-rant!


No class? There are few people I know that have as muuch class as Arsene. Most mangers when having the burden of paying for a newstadium and a wage cap due to that would have left rather than try to see their club through the (relatively) bad times.


Its fair to want a change but Wenger was no busted flush when he went. The Emirates was a fortress, the football was quite often outstanding, and crucially we had a turnaround in team spirit when we got rid of the great individualist Sanchez. The cyclical low point was over and he would easily have matched what we’ve done since

Scored at the Clock End

Clearly you don’t share our values of dignity, class and positive self-expression

Eric Blair

Bore off.


Fats getting the attention he craves so much.


Way to go Fats.

I don’t think even I’ve ever achieved the best part of 150 thumbs down in one post (at the time of writing).

And, by the way, you’re entitled to your opinions about Arsene, but they are wrong, my friend.


Oh Piers… you really need to get over yourself, mate.


I read Arsene’s quote in his voice. So comforting.

Only one Arsene Wenger!


Yes! Always! Wondered if it was just me


Haha yes I always do the the voice and accent when I read his stuff!


The legend speaks! MA can’t get a better validation! We love you, forever, Arsene!

Cranky Colin

“ overall, you are a legend, Arsene”


I hope this fresher more positive talk from wenger on arsenal is the begging of a reunion for us all


He won’t beg for it.


Love Wenger, but this is the second time in recent weeks he’s talked up a title challenge. He should know better than anyone how unhelpful that sort of pressure is on young players.


Exactly my thoughts.


Well, if they want to be winners, they will have to deal with that pressure at one point of time. They are leading now, if we are still leading after the 15th or 20th game, we definitely are title contentenders. So the pressure is almost there. No team is going to win the title without being the centre of to these talks.


I miss Wengers spontaneous and conversational approach to interviews: “Arteta has all the ingredients to become a top, top manager. The hunger and ability to succeed are there. After that, it is the motivation that sees you over the line. I think arsenal are title contenders, yes”

Gunnar Elí

I read overall in Wengers way 😀
i just hear it loudly ..


You’ve just reminded me of an old school XTC track about a Shop Steward – ‘Blue Overall.’

“Blue overall, over all…”

Andy Partridge was clever fucker. 😉


Arsene is a model professional. He’s stayed away from the club because some loud fans pushed him away and hurt him, even though the majority don’t feel that way. I don’t think he’ll come back until he feels welcome which can only come from us. I hated the ‘Wenger out’ banners but I would love to see a ‘come home’ banner if it meant he’d be back at the emirates where he belongs. Mikel has done an incredible job of rebuilding the connection with the supporters and it would be a great time for Arsene to come back.


It not correct. He said in an interview very recently that he doesn’t want his presence to be a distraction to this evolving team and environment. Very sensible that is. If at all he makes a visit, imagine the media circus and questions Arteta and rest of the management or even playera has to face. That puts everyone under unwanted pressure.


Speaking wiz ze handbrake off 🙂

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