Friday, March 24, 2023

Arsenal 1-0 PSV – player ratings

Arsenal secured Europa League knockout football, and went a long way to finishing the top of Group A, after a 1-0 win over PSV at the Emirates.

The Gunners had 25 shots in the game, and while Granit Xhaka’s 71st minute goal was all they had to show for that dominance, there was no doubt the Gunners deserved the win over a PSV side who offered little.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Arsenal 1-0 PSV report and see the goal here

Arsenal 1-0 PSV – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Matt Turner. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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How rude of him!

Go Mik

I didn’t see the interview but He didn’t fool me.


How Ruud of him. I’ll see myself out.

One Beat Off

I desperately wanted to see a post-game interview with him and Marin Keown!


Harsh on rob holding – actually think he low key had a great game. Pinged some great balls out to the wing and looked very comfortable on the ball especially for a 4th choice CB. As well as keeping their front line quiet.


Holding played with the clarity, focus and authority we were hoping to get from Sambi


Samba was decent and apart from a few stray passes did well I thought. People expect him to be Partey, and he’s not. He’s a 22 year old playing at the base of midfield on his own. Remember Granit at the base of midfield on his own. Give him a chance.


My bad..Sambi


He’s better than Cannavaro!
Best defender on the pitch tonight! That long pass for Eddie’s shot *chef’s kiss*


Perhaps harsh on KT also. I wonder if he was instructed to come inside like Zinchenko rather than bombing on all the time.

Mick Malthouse

I’d love to see one of the players outside our best XI tearing down trees to make an impression. Samba, Eddie, Nelson all look content with being bit part players. Might be harsh but be great to see one of them really pushing to get selected.


I thought Eddie was really trying hard tbh.

Sambi, I’m just not sure 6 is his position, or maybe he isn’t at the Standard. Time will tell


I think Nketia was trying too hard.

He is hugely talented, but he was trying to be the hero, which doesn’t work at that level where you need to play as a team.

If he cuts down the attempted heroics and passes quickly instead of trying to dribble past everyone every time I think we will have an incredible player.


This is exactly what I think…he’s trying to hard and not playing for the team I.e chances where he should be passing but he’s trying to prove himself. He should just be clamer and stop snatching at shots and rebound et .


I thought Saka could’ve set up Eddie for a goal or two – or at least some real decent chances! Was a bit disappointed he didn’t find that final pass


It is good to see Nketiah trying hard. I agree that Saka could have hooked up to Nketiah in few instance. But trying hard means he care and that is good. Remind me of the previous number 14 that doesn’t care.


And Gabi-nelli had a tap-in if Saka just squares that one late-on…


yeah – just hope he’s not going back to that headless chicken, wild-shots, uncontrolled near-miss period he had mid last season.


Tomiyasu seems to be making some statements with his play.


What statement?
That I had Gakpo in my pocket…?


Very disappointed with PSV. Was expecting the team that hammered Zurich. As for Gakpo, it’s clearer now why there were no takers.


To be fair, so was Salah and I’m sure he’d have plenty of takers. Maybe more a credit to Tomi than a fault on Gakpo.


Absolutely, Everything that PSV did came down our left. Tomi just shuts players down.


He is becoming that defenders that wingers hate to play against.


Hit the nail right at the sweet spot.

To be fair, as soon as Tomi emptied his pocket at full time, Salah immediately went back to being world class, banging a hat trick against Rangers, and getting the winner against City.


Yep – just shows the job he actually did, buttoning him up completely.


If the benchmark for being a decent signing is doing well against Tomiyasu then there will never be another transfer again.


Lucky for him he doesn’t have to play against Tomi every week

One Beat Off

Tomi for president!! Quietly becoming one of the best _____________ in the _____________

Verde Gooner

Gakpo completely shut out of the game by Tomi and then White.


I’m loving the team, however I feel we have a very strong first 13 or 14, after that I don’t think we have enough to push us forward.
I can’t help but feel we’re a couple of injuries away from dropping our rhythm.

We definitely need to bolster up in January.


Hard to argue with that, a winger and a midfielder are very much needed.


Madueke looked interesting imo


incredibly underrated young player, imo, and someone i have been watching awhile- his next move will be interesting as his future surely isn’t at PSV

Spanish Gooner

I think if some of the thursday night players started playing every week they’d quickly improve. Remember how good Eddie looked in his stint as first XI striker? Tierney and Tomiyasu both have shown they’re good enough in the past and Vieira is a tasty option too. It’s hard to look good when you’re always playing with 6/7 other changes…


Two key positions worry me:
the gap between Thomas and Sambi
the gap between Jesus and Eddie.
God help us they both pick up niggles – even for a few matches – and we will become a little toothless, very quickly.

Let’s hope there’s some decent options on offer in the Jan window

Pat Rice and Beans

Right now Saka is, undoubtedly, the best British player in the game.


a downvote? I know he was an arsenal fan as a boy but I didn’t know Harry Kane read Arseblog

Go Mik

And poor Matt Doherty. I sorta sympathize with him and I shouldn’t


Not sure what the reference is about, but he’s a spurs cunt. So your sympathy is wasted.

Go Mik

You’re right. As an Arsenal fan he should have stayed in Wolves and worked harder to not have to go to Spurs. Stay on a lower salary and be an Arsenal legend for rejecting spurs

Heavy Gunner

Probably someone who ‘dived over his keyboard’ who down voted it..


By miles


Some of the long passes to him you think, ah hes no chance with that kind of ball into him. But then he somehow gets it down, beats 2 defenders and has a shot or a cross. Incredible player and a joy to watch.

A Different George

I’m sure this won’t be popular, but Foden is pretty good. For me, Foden and Saka are a close argument.

Sir Me

He still does great in terrorizing defences and holding the ball but somehow Jesus doesn’t look too assured infront of goal of late tbh. Seems to hesitate every time he has the ball and lose the opportunity of surprise shots. Hope he scores soon before it affects his confidence.


Whilst we’re winning it’s no issue, plus his performances are good but should we be worrying about Jesus’ lack of goals? Four isn’t awful but end product is vital



We’re in that beautiful position where we have at least 3 or 4 players who are equally dangerous.

Teams don’t know who to focus on to how to shut us down.

Expect Saka to get some attention over the next couple of games which will leave Martinelli or Jesus free to bag a couple


Would love to see Sambi in the Xhaka role. Need a Partey deputy, Sambi is the only option in the current squad. Does the job on the ball, for me, well. Off the ball, needs work, but may grow into it. Different players (Xhaka and Sambi), but I wonder if he was played there if it would free up his qualities the same way it has for Xhaka.


Admittedly I only saw the first half, but I fought Tierney got forward well?! Must’ve had a bad second half.


no was relatively solid throughout, i think he was told to keep back more int he second to cover eddie not being martinelli defensively.


Good win and performance. Eddie looked lively. Expected more from Sambi and Viera though.


Yeah , Viera probably need more time to fit in. A little more bulk would be nice.


I dont know how you scored tierney and sambi the same.
Sambi kept being caught on the ball and KT consistantly got forward and defended in the middle.

Sambi playing his preferred role in the middle with not much fruition and KT playing a new role he is learning.

id rate sambi 6 still but give kt that delicious .5 on top!


I thought Sambi gave a little too many passes away today so it’s one to see how he develops for me. If he doesn’t develop as we hoped it isn’t a big tragedy as he is young and surely there will be buyers of some kind and I am sure someone else from the youth ranks will step up in that case. Maybe as Clive said on podcast loan move would be the best for all interested parties at this point. Elsewhere I agree with blogs that Eddie was ok he tried a lot of stuff. Vieira will get better… Read more »


Arteta has done a great job managing the squad for the Europa League given the limited quality depth we’ve had. Has used all of his available top players each match, but rarely has them go the full 90 minutes and has smartly played most 2/3’s of the matches as starters and then 1/3 for those that don’t start while letting players like Nketiah, Viera, Maquinos, Sambi, etc. get more minutes while still being surrounded by a strong team. Unfortunately that strategy will be tougher come the knockout stages. I want us to go all the way and win the EL,… Read more »

Man Manny

Virtually every first team player has a substitute of some sort except Gabriel and Xhaka.


Tomiyasu can play anywhere in that back 4. It’s not said enough, but what an absolutely incredible player he is! As for Xhaka, I’m hoping that someone from the academy can step up. Matt Smith, Azeez or maybe Patino next season. Saka started playing for senior team at 16, why not Nwaneri at 15?


Give the young a chance to develop and not get badly injured in the very physical premier league. Saka is an exception rather than the rule.


And Jesus… and Partey and Bukayo. Eddie and Sambi are way off being like for likes?


I said i didnt care so much for these european cup games until i saw who was their manager. Feels good to see him on the loosing side.




I thought Eddie looked quick and hard working, Tierney looked quick as well. Nice work as usual from Saka, good performances from Jesus and Xhaka. Untroubled in defence and if that game was played again a couple would have gone for us. Didn’t feel like anyone did much wrong but Viera couldn’t get into the game and Sambi was short of where he needs to get to.


Eddie’s finishing remains a worry. He had the great uptick late last season but seems to be slipping back to scrambled shots and missed chances. The workrate can’t be faulted – just needs to calm his brain before pulling the trigger, I feel.

Deidre Rachid

A lot of violent disorder in block 24 after the game tonight. Objects including seats were thrown & I swear I saw the same bottle lobbed back n forth about 10 times. Got a bit tasty. Police & stewards clearly anticipated that from the Dutch fans but it has to be said that some younger Arsenal fans instigated it all by taunting PSV fans & telling them to fuck off home 😉


Xhaka. What a goal 😃


i hope sambi watches his games for Arsenal in the future and look back at how far he has improved. He seemed to want to play within himself and drop back with the ball and quarterback the play. But that is a false sense of authority, since it is the opposition just getting back into shape and you are literally sitting just outside their castle formation. His efforts to affect play going forwards was to run into a crowd of opposition midfielders in zone 14 as much as possible with no hope someone could return the pass to him. And… Read more »


Poorly drawn Reiss Nelson looks like poorly drawn Saliba


Sambi could be a great player, but I fear his mentality is not good. It is hard to get your chances in a top team and that is the same for every player.

He may well have lost momentum by not being involved, but he rarely does anything proactive now. After having high hopes for the player, I see him more as steady without real influence now.

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