Thursday, December 7, 2023

Arteta on the win, Partey, Xhaka and Jesus

Mikel Arteta was delighted with his players after watching them crush Sp*rs 3-1 in the north London derby. 

After the match, the boss faced questions from BT Sport on the contributions of goalscoring trio Thomas Partey, Granit Xhaka and Gabriel Jesus.

Here’s what he had to say…

On getting what he wanted from his players…

They were phenomenal. From the beginning, we went for it. We had amazing support, we created a great energy in the stadium and we deserved to win the game.

On Partey’s goal…

It was a great finish, we’ve been waiting for that one. The whole crowd has been “shoot, shoot” for a long time. For what he’s been through with the injuries and the effort he’s put in to be available for the team, I’m so happy for him. He deserves it.

On there being 22 passes in the build-up to Partey’s goal…

It is [impressive]. It’s our way of playing. We can attack in different ways but obviously, this is part of the way we want to play, especially against this team who is so dangerous on the breaks. You need to be able to control the match.

On it being frustrating to be level at half time…

It was, but they don’t need much in any action. Any time they are around the box, you have the feeling they can create anything out of it. You have to live with that. I really like that we didn’t play with that in our minds, we were free, we were courageous, we were brave and we went for it. This is what we demand the players to do.

On Jesus’ goal…

How sharp he is, how lively he is. And Bukayo’s decision making to have the courage to attack one, two, three players there; that’s what you have to do. If they want to defend low, you have to make them defend the box and their goal.

On Jesus being a great fit for Arsenal…

It is. it’s just his winning mentality, the way he trains every day, the confidence he brings to the team, he’s taking us to a different level.

On Xhaka’s getting the love…

You could feel the connection there between the players and the staff and the crowd. I’m so happy because I think it was a beautiful day, a beautiful game. I’m so happy as well because I think we make a lot of our supporters very happy and proud.

On Emerson Royal’s red card…

I haven’t seen the action.

On the result being a psychological boost…

It gives us certainly a lot of encouragement to keep doing what we are doing and confidence to believe that we can play at this level. It’s just one game, we need to continue to improve and get better.

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I love this team


Yes and rottenham is sh*t!


Liverpool game is gona be so amazing. They gona attack us unlike spurs but I think we gona score against them as well.


We can beat Liverpool of this season. They are so average now.


They always pick their game up for us, but I agree, we can go toe to toe with them and get the three points.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

If Brighton can put two past Liverpool in the first half, so can the league leaders!

Brady’s bunch

Have no doubts they will fear us so should be a cracking game two teams who want to play.


What a great win! Partey was phenomenal today!


He he he. “I haven’t seen the action.” He’s really Wenger all over again isn’t he?


It was like right in front of him, lol

Emi Rates

I love the smell of Shittenham losing in the morning. It smells like victory!


Partey is so good. His injury is just his Achilles from helping the team as much as he would have loved.
MA should speak sense to Gabriel to cut out the Mustafi factors in his game.
He is putting this team under pressure.


In terms of quality and position there is not a player in the starting lineup of theirs i would swap for one of ours. Saliba really is something. And Xakha, what a season he is having. Hats of to Arteta for trusting him.

Mayor McCheese


Dr Zebra

Yeah he’s alright I suppose

Arshavins left foot

Impossible to get ticket for tis game but watched in bar in Northampton and can tell you East Midlands is Red. Great support and everywhere we love the Saliba song. My man of match goes to Martinelli. What a fucking player he is!


Yeah! Its a good feeling to praise players and then a few minutes later remembering that you forgot a few. 😀 I was so impressed by saliba and Xakha that i forgot Martinelli also put in a great performance. Wonderful player. Must feel pretty shit having him and Saka on the wings running at you and Jesus also pressing.

Arshavins left foot

Yeah Karl, they all put in a shift today but Martinelli’s work rate is mad. Once he starts scoring more he will be best in the PL. How did Brazil not notice this. For me Martinelli has potential to be best in the world


I dont know about best in the world but he is really great already. I agree 100 % that he should play for brazil and i too cant understand why all he has done so far for us isnt enough. Hes going to be improtant for us for many years i hope. So much now to be happy about.

Sir Me

I stand corrected but i think the tripple Gabriel snub by Brazil is too strange to be a coincidence. I get the feeling that it may have something to do with the same reason Partey, Tomi and KT came back early. Was there maybe a special request to spare the three Gabriels unnecessary risk of injury in friendlies?

Brady’s bunch

Have no doubts he and Jesus will be at the World Cup.

Teryima Adi

They sure will.🙏🏾


Guys you forgot Ben White, he too put in a solid performance, wow and Martin Keowon did not think Spurs can score more than 1 goal against us.
He predicted William Saliva can lead the defence and he did.


Could not ask for a better present for my birthday. It is so nice to watch a team of likeable players go out and smash teams. It’s been a very long time, long may it continue.

Teryima Adi

Congrats, Neil. Here’s wishing you all the best in life. Glad you’re enjoying your day.
Blessings 🙏🏾

Only One Dennis Bergkamp

Amen to that my friend. Celebrated my birthday too and I just could not have asked for anything better.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

On Emerson’s red: I didn’t see it!
He’s truly a great student of Arsene Wenger 😁


I hope other clubs will learn from our victory how to beat the super boring spurs….

Koldaf COYG

It was a fantastic performance from the team we love… COYG


Are you sure this wasn’t Wenger speaking?
“I really like that we didn’t play with that in our minds, we were free, we were courageous”
“I haven’t seen the action”

Aleksander Włodarz

Arsenal are lovable team again, finally!

Eze Emmanuel Okechukwu

Arsenal is jst too much. I luv the way dey played. Gabriel Jesus I luv you so so so much. Keep doing ur neat work for gunners. I pray that arsenal will carry the premier league by the grace of God we still need anoda striker and midfield in case of injury


Unlucky chickenball FC

Peter Hall

Help me out here.I don’t think the Gabrielle tackle was a penalty.He definitely put his leg out,but Richarlison kicked the leg and threw himself to ground-not a penalty in my book.!!!!Also E Royal should have received a 3 month jail sentence for that tackle and Conte is the biggest Hypocrite-no one moans or complains more than him.

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