Friday, June 9, 2023

Bodo/Glimt 0-1 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal beat Bodo/Glimnt 1-0 in Norway this evening thanks to a first half Bukayo Saka goal.

As a game it was pretty awful stuff, but the main thing is 3 points.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Bodo/Glimt 0-1 Arsenal report and see the goal here

Bodo/Glimt 0-1 Arsenall – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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A wins a win

Noddy 81

& no injuries on a plastic pitch…double win!

Funsho Patrick

Especially in a swamp! Did you see the ball move in slow motion for 90mins? Surely UEFA cannot allow it at this level… little wonder everyone has lost in Europe at that stadium for 14consecutive nights before today….

Inspector norse

The ball moves faster on these artificial pitches not slower.

And yes there are football teams above the arctic circle. In 97 i think, Chelsea where in Tromsø, thats even farther north, and gullit moaned about the snow and the mud and said basicly the same thing, uefa cannot allow it, and so the last 25 years we made a lot of artificial pitches, one certain Martin Ødegård is a product of these pitches so dont moan too much about football existing in the north.


ya if its anything like the ones i play rec league on, those pitches are pretty good! the fake grass is thick enough to make through balls possible and its somewhat soft. dunno how it compares to actually good grass fields; there aren’t many of those in canada

Runcorn Gooner

Did They beat Roma 6-1 last year? Not quite sure!!!!

We did the job tonight. 3 points move on. This game is history just like the Roma one.


I’m sure Maureen blamed the pitch. And his players. And their players. And the weather. And the food. And the travel. And God. And…. (etc ad nauseum).

T dog

Maureen 😂

Gunnar Eli Sigurjónsson

Far from playing on grass.


Less grass for Bodo and more grass for us to smoke as we celebrate 6 wins on the trot. Let’s make it 7 against Leeds!

Woolwich Tiern time

Fairly sure that’ll be against FA and premier keague regulations so better not

Mayor McCheese

Speaking of grass, those Liverpool away kits. What are they smoking over there?


The bits of the game I saw, Tierney played well. Deserves far more than the Arseblog rating. Was comfortable taking space in the middle on a few occasions and passed the ball forward well.


He didn’t play well, below his best….but to give him the same score as the likes of Vieira & Eddie who were both awful is very harsh.

Bleeding gums murphy

If Jesus gets injured and we have to rely on Eddie it will be very very hard to maintain our level.


Spot on, just have to pray with regard to jesus (no pun intended!). If eddie is the level of our 2nd striker then that is worrying in my view, his performance tonight was dreadful no impact whatsoever, and I know you can argue the team as a whole were crap tonight and he had no service, but when he did his touch is so poor for top level football. I am afraid his form at end of last season and start of this has gone. We really need a quality 2nd striker. I would question why we do not have… Read more »

Martin R

So one bad match and suddenly his form has gone. A typical knee jerk reaction. 🫣


Definitely unfair to write him off after one bad match, especially considering the pitch it was played on. Fickle fans ey. Eddie’s looked great so far this season.


There are those who, sadly, just refuse to learn.

Teryima Adi

We need another world class attacker as backup to Jesus.


No world class players are back up

Petit's Handbag

Agreed. Let’s pay £100m for Lautaro Martinez and ask him to sit on the bench.

Martin R

This was the first bad game that Eddie has played for some time. He was no worse than several other players and I’m sure the artificial pitch was partly responsible. Let’s not write him off after one poor match.


Astro Turf is a different game


And we still win at that one.


It’s not though is it. The only difference is the ball never bobbles. The quality of astro these days is so good I’d much rather play on it than grass every time.


It is though…I can tell you from experience not to mention every other professional player thats ever commented on the subject!


That being the only difference is just… not true. The ball doesn’t really hold up at all. It just rolls and rolls, especially noticeable when you’re trying to dribble on it.

Man Manny

Three points. Thanks. Next game.

Crash Fistfight

This was one of those performances where I found it difficult to give any player a higher or lower score than any of his teammates.

I thought the whole team were pretty average tonight. Just a complete lack of intensity to everything they did. It resulted in a load of sloppy passing and tuning off to the danger Bodo/Glimt posed.

The pitch probably didn’t help.


The players applied common sense. It is not easy playing on artificial turf. You don’t expect them to run at full gas on ASTRO turf.
Every twist and turn by our player, I feared they were going to turn their anckles if their studs gets stucked on the pitch.
I am happy we won without injuries.

Teryima Adi

We should start playing on paddies to counter the effects of playing on artificial pitches next time.😜

Rising Dough

Decent result following a massive win over the weekend. BODO/GLIMT is not easy to get to, and the travel has to take a toll on the players. Leeds will be challenging because of it, especially if they bring their high energy game. No shortage of tests for these young players.

Woolwich Tiern time

About quarter of the distamce isnt it?

Teryima Adi

That’s the reward you get for playing in the the Europa league, but we can’t complain, can we?


I gave everyone a 7


So Paddy got up and he sung it again, Over and over and over




Hmmm I thought Nelson actually did pretty well tonight & looked sharp ? Very professional “let’s not get injured or get too tired” kind of performance & I liked that from the boys !


Confident I’ll have forgotten this game in 3-4 weeks time.

Group Captain Mandrake

What game are you referring to?

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Is that a typo should be hours surely


3 points and no injuries in a place like that is a perfect result if you ask me. Dreadful game but who cares


It’s not like this is our actual game !
Count the tests we made;
1. Tierney inversion,
2. Fabio at Xhaka role
3.Reiss at the LW,
4.Holdiba as CB pair.


Fair play to high ball king matt turner


100% especially right at the end, with that commanding punch away. These minutes are vital for him, especially with players from 1stXVI
Who knows when he could be called upon in the prem. COYG


10/10 for the fans that sat thru this shite.

Martin R

You can go back to supporting Spurs on Saturday


You really are a joyless soul Martin. Lighten up ffs.

Andy Jones

“What do you prefer Rodney, astroturf or grass ?”………..


“ I dunno, I’ve never smoked astroturf before”

Mark Hazelwood

10/10 Partey not getting injured. 2/10 pirate streams

Crash Fistfight

They’re truly poo these days, aren’t they? Try Release Sky. The last link didn’t go down for me yesterday (until Bodo were about to take the corner right at the end, ha).

Martin Ø’Nelly

They had 14 consecutive matches at home on their artificial turf without a loss before today. An exeptional difficult team at home. Great win without injuries. Artificial turf makes it another sport. No need for player rating for me. Three good points and no indent in the self-esteem.

Woolwich Tiern time

All importamt reminder that PSV drew at home with B/G. They still have to make their trip to the Arctic. We remain in very good stead.


Bad luck for PSV, eh. It only gets colder in the next couple of weeks.

Good scheduling for us to not be above the Arctic Circle later. It may be the only positive that comes out of a winter World Cup. I still remember Arsenal playing in Kiev (that’s how long ago it was) on December 7 and learning that the under pitch heating system had mysteriously died. A game of ice hockey broke out.


Partey not long enough to be rated…
But long enough to get a yellow 😉

Teryima Adi

Seems like the boys were on a holiday.

Larry McCarthy

Thought Holding played well, for two million quid he is a very good squad player.


Xhaka and Tommy when they came on the game became comfortable and when Partey joined in it was over.

Micky Boot

Sambi, Turner, Tomy and Granit turned and played well. Result is all important…

El Tel

They have won 14 in a row on a fake pitch with a number of first team players not statring It wasn’t pretty but a very good win and a job well done.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

Tough game on an artificial turf and still we found a way to get the three points. Also 10 wins in 11 matches. Be kind on the lads, Bloggs. Onto Leeds! COYG!

Jonas Axling

Thank God I had Diablo 2R on so I could farm for a +3 wand for 2 hours.
That kept my will to live at above 0.1% for the game

Gooner 49

It is very simple this morning.
There is a massive difference between the team that gets picked on a Saturday to the one that plays on a Thursday night.
Truly awful performance a better team would have beaten on the night.


I don’t do this often to fellow commentors on here but…

Fuck off!

Gooner 49

If you can’t take it ————— FUCK OFF, A knowlegable supporter would understand what i’m on about.
How many chances do we give them over 90 mins?
Eddie, Reiss,never going to make it at Arsenal.
God forbids something Happens to Jesus.
Although Turner now looking the part

Petit's Handbag

I gave everyone a 7. Probably not deserving but we won. It was so bad to watch.


I reckon ratings for this should be suspended Blogs… just an utterly weird viewing experience all round.
Firstly – our lads looked as though they were on an ice-rink, but had brought roller-skates thinking it was a different sort rink.
Secondly – the USA high-school cheerleading session pre-kickoff by the entire town (and their pets!), was cheerily bizarre.

We won. We didn’t break anything (or anyone). We’re home. We move on.


I think the priority is the epl and the boys had that at the back of their mind not to over exert themselves. So to not play at a 100 and still get the away win is satisfactory to me. Next up is Leeds and we play at full throttle again.

North for Short

The pitch had to play a part. They controlled the ball well but their shooting was off. This was always going to be a difficult game and we got a positive result. How would have felt if we played like last year. I don’t think we would have got anything out of the game.

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