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Report: Arsenal 3 – 2 Liverpool (incl. goals)

Result: Arsenal 3 – 2 Liverpool
Competition: Premier League
Date: 9 October 2022
Venue: The Emirates Stadium

Arsenal:Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard, Saka, Martinelli, Jesus

Subs: Turner, Tierney, Cedric, Holding, Sambi, Vieira, Marquinhos, Nelson, Nketiah

Results against Liverpool have been dire the past few seasons but this team have managed to turn the corner with an enthralling 3-2 win at home.

Arsenal scored in the first and last minute of the first half, sandwiching a Liverpool goal. Martinelli was instrumental scoring and then assisting Saka respectively.

Firmino made it 2-2 in the second half against the run of play but Saka scored a penalty to give Arsenal the final say to make it 3-2.


Arsenal came into the match in good spirits having won 8 of their last 9 league games and looked to extend their lead at the top of the table.

Arteta named a mostly unchanged side with the usual suspects in the forward and midfield area. One inclusion that caught the eye was Takehiro Tomisayu who slotted in at left back headed of a fit Tierney to shut down the offensive impact of Salah and Alexander-Arnold.

First Half

It was the visitors who kicked off at the Emirates. They started by passing around the back tentatively so Arsenal had to be patient to retrieve the ball.Aand when they did through Saliba 40 seconds in, they never looked back. A quick counter had the ball move to Saka on the right, then to Odegaard in the middle who slipped in a rampaging Martinelli who slipped passed a narrow and static Alexander-Arnold.

The Brazilian made no mistake with a strike that hit the back of the net hard. 1-0 to the Arsenal within 1 minute.

Arsenal continued to work hard throughout the half with the team staying compact to shut down Liverpool’s passing lanes. Xhaka’s engine was impressive as he repeatedly dropped back to sniff out Liverpool’s options. Tomiyasu too was crucial in cutting out attacks to Mo Salah.

But as the game progressed, Liverpool kept possession and started finding gaps with their range of passing and movement. Liverpool made their breakthrough in the 30th minute with an attack that broke the defence.

The ball was floated in for Nunez down the inside left channel and Gabriel missed the ball with his clearance. Luis Diaz ran in behind and pulled back for Nunez who only needed a tap in to respond. 1-1 Liverpool

Arsenal couldn’t rein in possession. Thiago and Henderson were controlling the centre of the park and Thomas was nowhere near as influential as he could be. As the first half was drawing to a close, Arsenal fans would all have been content for both teams to have gone in square amd for the Gunners to regroup.

However, the Arsenal were not done. They had defended a free kick taken from the halfway line in the last minute. They cleared the ball and Martinelli led the charge on the left. He drove into space against Henderson who was on his backfoot. Gabriel joined in the counter from defence with Saka and were present for the pull back.

Alexander-Arnold made the mistake of vacating the centre to aid Henderson take down Martinelli but he was too late. The Brazilian squared the ball for Gabriel to dummy and leave it for Saka to tap it in. 2-1 Saka

Arsenal went from scoring in the first minute, to being on the back foot, to score again in the final minute of the half to cap a very hectic and eventful first half.

Second Half

Arsenal started the second half strong, pushing their dominance. Jesus and Martinelli were more involved, aggressive with their runs, pressing and tackles. The team found Odegaard often to control the direction of play.

And just when Arsenal looked to be comfortable in control, Liverpool hit back against the run of play. Jota received the ball in the inside channel and spotted the clever run of Firmino. A through pass unlocked the defence and found Firmino who finished well from the left. 2-2 Liverpool

Arsenal’s response was inspiring, they cranked up the pressure and took the game to Liverpool. Waves and waves of attack meant that it was Liverpool on the backfoot now. They were so good that Salah was removed for Fabinho after being in Tomiyasu’s pocket.

Xhaka could have scored with an audacious chip above a defender and a powerful shot that sailed over the bar, a moved which would have made Zidane blush. Liverpool couldn’t get out of their penalty box. Arsenal’s passes were laser guided and Martinelli’s bewitching dribbles dragged the Liverpool defence from side to side.

Time and time again, Xhaka was given space to cross in for his teammates from the left side of the penalty box. It wasn’t until the third attempt in a row where Liverpool caved, as Thiago kicked the back of Jesus’ leg to concede a penalty. Coolness personified, Saka tucked the penalty to the bottom corner. 3-2 Saka

As Arsenal closed down the game, Tierney came on for Odegaard to move the team to a back five. Despite looking defensive on paper, the home team continued to keep the ball with both full backs up high and Tomiyasu circulating the ball like an auxiliary central midfielder.

Major praise should also go to Jesus who was everywhere, defending a dangerous cross at the back to pressuring Van Dijk in injury time to win a corner.

That spirit saw the Gunner through to the end as victors.

No more jibes about how Arsenal hasn’t played a big team yet. With Liverpool slayed, that’s 9 wins out of 10 league games and serious contenders at the top of the table.

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Fantastic result, back to the top. Plus Leeds, Southampton and Forest our next three PL matches. COYR!


Tommy NULLIFY Salah. Fantastic!

Cooked Patino

I think he won all aerial duels. Massive player. Outstanding defender that lad

VAR will solve all the problems

They had to sub Mo Salah because of that! In the 60th minute! I don’t know which of our fullbacks I love more anymore. All 4 of them are tremendous!

Hale End Boiii

[Cries in Cedric]


For this alone, he should be MOTM


The way we kept attacking them in second half.. Wowww..! When I watched city and Pool dominating teams including us like that, I used to wonder when will I ever see us doing it. Well.. It is happening!!!

Thomas Partey had a below Average frst half. He turned on beast mode in second.. What a player! To handle a team like pool !

Martinelli! Our game changer in many more games to come. Trent won’t make the world cup for sure!


I was watching the game carrying my 4 moth old baby girl whne Saka scored I screamed so lous she started crying probably wondering in her young life if this is what she was brought into this world for!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I hope you gave her a cuddle and told her she’s a gooner, so get used to more of that


The missus suggested I get her a gooner jersey. I think I shall.


That’s the way mate. 😊👍

Artetas Assistant

Goonerette *


I don’t disagree, but there’s no getting around the fact that there are no easy games in this league.
Objectively, they are weaker teams.
But sometimes, certain teams have a really good day and their weaknesses don’t get tested as much.

There’s simply no way to be optimistic until March, when we will have played everyone to have a good inkling of how we stack up against every team.


Leeds are a very fouly and energetic team, not really looking forward to playing them tbh


I am


This win builds up characters. Builds belief


Statement Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COYG

Walter White


Cooked Patino

I don’t get why this much celebrations. It’s ONLY Liverpool


Who are we, to celebrate such a win against a bunch of Bin Dippers ❤

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Keys and Gray commentary verbatim

Only One Dennis Bergkamp

Who are a place behind (It’s Only) Fulham in the table right now…. Ahem… Richard Keys…


Can we now please play bigger teams?


we are the bigger team now..

The Gunner

We have still not beaten a team above us 🤩

Only One Dennis Bergkamp

Go on, hold THAT against us, Keys, Gray, Neville….


This team. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tears in my eyes. We’ve really come a long way.


A very long way!


The way we kept attacking them in second half.. Wowww..! When I watched city and Pool dominating teams including us like that, I used to wonder when will I ever see us doing it. Well.. It is happening!!!

Thomas Partey had a below Average frst half. He turned on beast mode in second.. What a player! To handle a team like pool !

Martinelli! Our game changer in many more games to come. Trent won’t make the world cup for sure!

Cooked Patino

This team has really grown and the mentality is simply out of this world. We’ve conceded 10 goals this season and 8 times, we’ve replied with a goal of our own. Upwards!


We’ve prayed for days like this. Honestly won’t swap any other striker for Jesus tbh. Even Haaland. We’re like a match made in heaven.


The dude got completely knocked down, got up, kept playing amazingly and won us the winning penalty. Just absurd.


Amazing, massive win! COYG!
Saliba is amazing today


i fucking love Gabi martinelli


I think that queue is now very, very long


With Klopp now firmly at the back of it.


Which is still closer then either Liverpool RB got to Martinelli today!


That Firmino has got a big old bonce hasn’t he?


Ben White doesn’t get enough credit. He was fantastic today and has been all season. Calm, cool and collected. 50 mil was a bargain.


100% this!!!


He’s so good the left backs are out of job.

Baichung Bhutia

Yeah. Also he was very good in attack as well, supported Saka very well


I’m from Brazil and think Southgate would be nuts not take him to The W Cup


I’m from USA and am glad Southgate is nuts.

Brady’s bunch

Damn right


The team as a whole were absolutely outstanding tonight. Xhaka, Partey and Martinelli were absolutely phenomenal.
Kudos to Arteta for getting the Tomiyasu selection right and then switching to three at the back for the last 10 minutes.

Brady’s bunch

Salah’s like Auba post big contract


Kenny Dalglish, Cilla Black, Ian Rush, ‘Chicken Tikka’ Mo Salah, Robbie Fowler, Ken Dodd, Jamie Carragher, Paul McCartney, Paul O’Grady, Steve McManaman, John Bishop, Bruce Grobalaar, Bill Shankley… your boys took one hell of a beating today.

Ray's ice cream Parlour

you have to be of a certain age to get this….fucking brilliant !!!


Ahahahaa so underrated


The thought of Graeme Souness choking on his Sunday haggis and tatties is quite pleasing.

Brady’s bunch

Quality 😂


Don’t mock Ken Dodd, didn’t he give us this immortal song?

“Spursiness, spursiness
The greatest gift, that we’ve been sent
Oh I thank the Lord, that we’ve been blessed
With more than our share of spursiness”


To a man we were immense. This is a title challenge. Hook it up to your veins and BELIEVE! COME ON ARSENAL, I LOVE YOU!!!!


It’s only Liverpool 🤣


Wondering if this win now qualifies us for those “tougher tests” all these pundits keep banging on about


Had to watch with no sound with my little daughter sleeping beside me. Electrifying performance, I can only imagine how much the stadium was bouncing. I hope we gave them good revenge for our loss at Anfield last season after Mikel & Klopp’s touchline row. Martinelli & Saka take a bow. Tomiyasu, wow. Never saw this Liverpool so quiet on their right side.


Time to get Bluetooth earphones!


Get in! Yes!
How good was Tomi today? Martinelli class. G. Jesus, Saka. And that second half display by Partey, absolute monster!


Well that was intense! Solid performance across the board.

Emi Rates

Disappointing to see how dirty Liverpool were today. They’re definitely not the team they were last year. Great effort by our boys though. Massive, MASSIVE win!


Yeah they were nasty little rats today


Jota is always a nasty little rat

Emi Rates

What surprised me the most was that prick Tsimikas not getting so much as a talking to by the ref. And Gomez, did he take a wrong turn on his way to rugby training or something?


The elbow to Jesus’ nose was disgusting, but sure, VAR thought it was fine 🙄


All in all, VAR was a nonfactor in this one, which is good. The Gabriel handball would have been given more times than not these days. There was also a possible offside on Saka in the buildup to the first goal. The referee should have carded Tsimikas for that elbow (was he on a yellow already?). You could see him looking at Jesus before he swung his arm, and he did not hold back. Fair result, so I’m happy. As far as playing rough, we dished it out as well as they did, but more fairly. They did have two… Read more »

Public Elneny Number One

Jota looks like Procter from the Police Academy films. Rat faced twat


Michael Oliver should have his licence revoked after letting htem get away with so much. He directly endangered Arsenal players health and safety!


How much additional time in injury time did that pasty faced Liverpool favouring dick add on? The whole stadium was screaming at him to blow up. Not literally, although watching him self combust after blowing the whistle would have added to the fun, no doubt about it.


Whatevr Klopp told his players once Liverpool decided to play for a point was barbaric. Their players are an embarrassment. Big UPS to Xhaka for putting Henderson in his place.


Their players embody their manager. Sore losers!


Sore duel losers with high voices. A footballing Bee Gees.

Emi Rates

They started a joke but it was only words and jive talking. When they should be dancing it became a tragedy and they could only try staying alive. Don’t forget to remember that by the first of may we will celebrate St Totteringham’s Day!


🎵“‘Cos we’re living in a world of fools, hacking us down, when they all should let us be, the three points belongs to you and me…”🎵

Brady’s bunch

They don’t like it up em


it was like watching stoke city play the gunners. albeit with nicer haircuts and higher salaries.

i guess klopps plan was to play really dirty and try to get Arsenal a red. i thought he was a better manager than that.


The only way they could stop our lads was to push, shove and kick. The Phlegm Spouting scouse bell-ends.

Tomaury Bischfeld

First time in a long long while I’ve expected us to beat Liverpool and we have. Times they are a changing…

Zadok the Regular Dishwasher Salesman

The fucking SQUEEZE we put on before the penalty! Insane football, Artetaball at its absolute peak but mad props to the players too for enacting it and coping with the pressure because it’s high risk but man is the reward worth it. Feels so good to be winning these games!

Baichung Bhutia

That period was some football from us. But I was worried we will rue our missed opportunities but thankfully we didn’t.


I thought we’d regret that big chance for Ødegaard but all’s well that ends well


Totally agree, now that I think about it I can’t believe manure beat us. What an anomaly, we are ten times the team they are!


Except that beating us seems to have jump started their season. They may well be in the top four in May. A shame really…


Xhaka, Martinelli and Partey were absolutely phenomenal today!
Kudos to Arteta for getting the Tomiyasu selection right and then switching to the back 3 for the last 10 minutes which ensured we controlled the game.


I’m so fucking happy!!!


for every Sala, there is a Tomi. Anyways i comment my reserve till Arsenal play Manshitty


What a game, COYG!


Darwin Nuñez doing a crybaby celebration just for equalizing at 1-1, clown. Bye bye Liverpool. Hope City tear em a new one. Accede like spoil brats today. Arsenal! Arsenal! Arsenal!




Errrrr, I hope Liverpool win that would be more sensible.


Hope City tear em a new one”

I don’t. We’re already 14 points clear of Liverpool, they are not our rivals! City are our only rivals this season so hopefully Liverpool will do us a favour


I don’t mind if Liverpool beant M¤n€¥¢ħ€$t€r ¢it€ħ. We don’t want them going through the season unbeaten.


City won’t. Got to Arsenal twice


Yes! 😊👍

Boy Bastin

I’m sure Klopp would have wanted to go into the City game with something from today’s match so Liverpool will be under extra pressure to do something next Sunday. That said, City/Haaland are virtually unstoppable at present. Hopefully, we can press on while they fight it out.


He isn’t very good is he. Have fun at Juventus in a few years Darwin!


Had to down vote you, we really need Liverpool to win next week and some other teams that play city.


“Hope City tear them a new one”. Not sure why you would want a team that’s sitting just a point below us NOT to drop points against one that 10th on the table, 14 points behind us. I sincerely hope they rebound against City.


I think this was more about Nunez being a bitch than Liverpool but yeah I agree, much rather City drop points than see Nunez actually crying (but only just)

Boy Bastin

A game we had to win, and we did. I think that was Arsenal’s best performance of the season so far because of the fighting spirit shown to come back from two Liverpool equalisers. The Arsenal of recent seasons wouldn’t have done that. Liverpool played much better than a lot of us thought and it was certainly a tough game, but it was also another important step forward for this young Arsenal team. Well done everyone.


This. Is. Huge. !!!


Outstanding gooners!! what a beautiful season this is panning out to be. On and on and on.


8 wins 29 left to go … coyg




Title contenders, we are no longer pretenders, fucking get in…


Not counting chickens but I don’t see why we can’t get maximum points the rest of October, setting us up nicely for the winter


One game at a time, my fellow gunner, this is the epl


Superb win but isn’t it 8 wins out of 9 games.

“No more jibes about how Arsenal hasn’t played a big team yet. With Liverpool slayed, that’s 9 wins out of 10 league games and serious contenders at the top of the table.”


He’s counting the final match of last season.


What a hard working gutsy and skilful performance. This Arsenal team have really come on leaps and bounds.

Our wingers were unplayable today. Statement sent, with three winnable games to come target the top at World Cup break.


Really good. No major cock-ups for their goals which were just really good forward play. Really strong performances back to front. White and Tomiyasu, gosh. Xhaka was everywhere. Martinelli. Hoo boy. Serious team.


Thomas Partey is really, really, really good


Yes he was immense in the 2nd half. He just doesn’t seem to ever get tackled, didn’t misplace passes. He’s truly world class.


We wrap the silly smile on Klopp’s face. Jota f**k off
PS: You beat Bournemouth 9-0, yet they are ahead of you. Hahahaha.
Best win in a while. CoYG


What has got into Xhaka this season, the man was a monster in the second half!!!


Guessing Blogs there will be mugs smashed in liverpool tonight 🙂 great win had me on the edge of my seat throughout Big shout out to Tomiyaso playing out of position in such a high profile game thought he kept Sala quiet on that side


Tomiyasu was not playing out of position. He’s good enough to play anywhere across the back four. What a defender.


I’d love to know who the mugsmasher is exactly, relative maybe? Also what does boilk stand for?


The mugsmasher is arseblog’s brother
I believe there was an incident when they were younger.
Boilk I think is just like an onomatopoeia fir the sound/feeling of a horrid hangover

Cooked Patino

Mugsmashers are Liverpool fans. They were named so by Blogs after his brother (a Liverpool fan) smashed his Arsenal mug when there were younger. According to Blog himself some years ago, his brother got him another Arsenal mug later but the name “mugsmasher” remains as a way of referring to all Liverpool fans.

Jean Ralphio

Have we ever had a defender as versatile as Tomiyasu?


He was fucking excellent today!


A real coming-of-age game. Great mental strength to keep coming back after Liverpool’s equalisers.

But we must stop conceding soft goals at home!

Martinelli MOTM

Fantastically enjoyable game!

Boy Bastin

Yes, I agree – we had to win, and we did despite the equalisers. The first Liverpool goal was certainly down to Gabriel, but there we are. Hopefully, Arteta and the coaching staff can tighten things up.

Brady’s bunch

I Hear Trent’s still trying to fight his way out of Martinelli’s pocket


Liverpool were nasty today. Petulant little children lashing out because they were being overrun.

Emi Rates

Agreed! Almost spuds level dirty at times.

Salt and pepper

Top of the league, fuck yes. Still can’t believe we lost to those manure cunts


It was only Liverpool… 😏

Anteneh Ademe

Years of disappointment have left me insecure but this team is going a long way in helping me get rid if that.


Outclassed them in every area. The team spirit is beautiful to see right now. We’re showing that we are more than the sum of our parts, the mark of all great teams. Not to take away the amazing individual performances. Every man on the pitch an 8/10 today.

Man Manny

TOMIYASU: my non-scoring MOTM. What a player!


Spurs were looking at him and chose Emerson Royal over Tomi, that right there sums up that entire club🤣


Because they thought we wanted Emerson 🤣. I hope whoever put that bait out for them got a pay rise


what a game! what a win!!
our own mentality monsters!!!
so proud & happy! cheers, gooners!!


My wife just exclaimed ‘oh, you’re top of the leaderboard’. Indeed we are, indeed we are.


This team keeps surprising me. Nothing but love !!!


The quality of play today was stunning. It has been coming, but to go toe to toe with such an good offensive side and outplay them by such margins was remarkable.


Jesus knows : Martinanimal.

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