Thursday, December 8, 2022

Emirates Stadium set for January refresh

The eight canvas artworks featuring 32 Arsenal legends in an embrace that wraps around Emirates Stadium are in the process of being taken down.

The removal of the ‘Heroes Together’ panels, which have been in place since the 2009/10 season but are now badly faded, forms part of an ongoing project to spruce up our home.

Replacement artworks were due to be installed before the Boxing Day clash with West Ham United but the team responsible for the designs, led by Turner prize winner Jeremy Deller, is making last-minute adjustments following a final consultation with a supporter consultation group.

As a result, they won’t be put in place until January which means anyone heading to N5 for this weekend’s WSL clash between Arsenal and Manchester United will be greeted by a ‘bare’ stadium, similar to how it was when it opened in 2006.

As the club have made clear throughout the process, the aim of the project is is create designs that ‘express what Arsenal means in 2023’.

With 136 years of history to draw upon, it’s fair to say they opened Pandora’s Box.

We’re not allowed to share any spoilers as to how the new artwork will look. However, having been part of the consultation, we’re confident that there’s something for everyone.

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Crash Fistfight

So, what is the situation with regards to video screens replacing the panels, as suggested during the consultation process for the upgrade programme in general?

Is it not feasible/too expensive/the club didn’t want to do it?


Is there any discussion about replacing seat covers so they look red again? Not a cheap job though I imagine.

Crash Fistfight

Thanks Andrew, much appreciated.


Whatever the outcome, I am happy that the facade of our stadium is being refreshed. Don’t want any of our player to be complaining to P**s Morgan.


“We’re not allowed to share any spoilers as to how the new artwork will look. However, having been part of the consultation, we’re confident that there’s something for everyone.”

It’s all poorly drawn Arsenal isn’t it!




The stadium will surely be wrapped with the drawing of Andrew and James used for the extra goodly morning mug


Hope there are lots of iconic moments e.g. Charlie George scoring in our FA Cup Final win in 1971.


I heard the renovations are primarily to expand the size of our trophy cabinet in anticipation of year-end.


Couldn’t we just rent the spare space off sp*rs and spend the money elsewhere?

It Is What It Is

Their little chest would be lost in our trophy room.


We wouldn’t want to put our trophies in a toilet bowl.

Mayor McCheese

I remember when Marge thought that the all-you-can-eat buffet at The Frying Dutchman had something for everyone, but it turned out even the bread had fish in it. Homer wasn’t complaining, though. “‘Tis no man!”



Boy Bastin

I recall reading some time ago that the planned refurbishment of the stadium would cost £millions, involving work on leaking roof sections among other jobs. Is that still planned or has it been done? Replacing fading artwork is one thing but fixing a leaking roof is rather more pressing I would have thought.

Boy Bastin

Ah, ha. I didn’t think that such an important element of the work would have been left until later so it’s good to know it’s being attended to (not least for the fans sitting underneath).

Nainsley Aitland Miles

The only leaks in North London now are in the Sp*rs defence.

Only one Dennis Bergkamp

And long May it stay that way 😄😄

Crash Fistfight

That work appeared to have been stringing some netting up to stop the roof falling down when I last went (roof in the corner where the away fans go).

Has the work been completed in that area?

Boy Bastin

That would be interesting to know. I assume/hope that the netting is to stop it falling down as part of the refurbishment work, not falling down of its own free will! I know that they are “only” away fans, but we have to draw the line somewhere.


“Something for everyone.” I hope “everyone” doesn’t include Chelsea and Spurs fans, Piers Morgan, Mike Riley and Richard Keys. There is a limit to inclusivity.


They are actually repainting a tiny little square Infront of Mikel’s seat on the bench that’s labeled ‘the keys zone’.


I’d like to see urinal cakes with Pi*rs’ face on them

Only one Dennis Bergkamp

I think when they mean ‘everyone’ they still only mean humans. So very little danger of what you’re worried about.


obviously means women players will be added then


About time the talk was had on expanding the capacity. Other clubs are renovating their grounds or building new ones, with capacity close to or more than ours. I know there are issues involving the council and upgrades to stations before that can happen, but if Stan can spend 5 billion on a new ground in LA then time to consider the biggest club in his sporting conglomerates.


Jeremy Deller! He’s brilliant so I have a lot of faith it’s going to look amazing. Very exciting.

Public Elneny Number One

I’ve always wanted a print of the artwork.


Why didn’t they just go for screens? That is the only thing that would actually make it more modern


And have every away fan to visit the ground biff rocks at them? Nah bro.


Aha so Arseblog was a part of the fan think-tank for the new design! Then I expect one side of the ground to be a massive bacon mural, and the other side full of leaping dogs.

Mayor McCheese

Close. Rumor has it that every panel will be Robert Pires.

Brady’s bunch

And Philip Collins


Any chance they can install a trap door on the concourse directly beneath where the AFTV lot do their post game interviews and analysis?


how I wish we retained a bit of Highbury at the Grove. I miss that epic red & white structure

Brady’s bunch

Who do I have talk to to get the old ones?? I have a wall or two that I’d happily recover.


I’ve read on Twitter that the new decal will be representing the various supporter groups? Someone showed an email they were sent.


Oh, please no. We’ve got all the fan’s groups on banners around the third tiers inside. Let the outside be about the team and its great history.

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