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Arteta: We kept doing the right things

Mikel Arteta spoke to Sky Sports after the 3-2 win over Man United at the Emirates this afternoon.

Here’s what he had to say.

Sum the game up …

Emotional, a lot of passion, a lot of quality, and after the derby away to come here against this team and play the way we played, and the performance we had – especially in the second half – it was incredible.

To win it in that way makes it even better.

What brought you the win?

I think mentally and emotionally we were really composed but determined at the same time. We managed those moments in the game well, we never panicked. We kept doing the right things, even better than before and we always believed that at the end we could win it.

The last 20 mins were a reflection …

Exactly. We showed the right composure in the box on many occasions even though the ball didn’t go in, and we were fortunate enough in the last action that we were able to get in the win.

Did we see the Arsenal personality and character today?

100%, because this is a team [United] that when they go in front it’s extremely difficult to play. They don’t need much to create chances, they love to have space to attack, and the moment you start to play the game at longer distances, they really punish you.

But, I think we handled that really well.

A big test, not much title experience, so it’s how they reacted …

You can talk about maturity, you also have to show the perseverance to keep going and emotionally we relaxed. We were confident we could do it, and I’m delighted. Thank you as well to the crowd, it was an incredible evening to live with them.

Can you complain about the yellow card?

I don’t think so!

Can you learn from that?

You can always get better in life.

The VAR check?

We experienced something similar with Newcastle and the penalty in the last minute, and today it went our way, so relief.

Bukayo Saka …

I don’t want to talk about individuals. We showed a lot of personality, especially with the ball in big moments to make things happen. I love that, they are young but they are confident enough to do it.

Game by game, but 50 points at the halfway stage – the best ever Arsenal start to a league season.

It’s great, I think we deserve to be where we are because of how we’re playing. But don’t get confused, it’s about what we do tonight and tomorrow, and there are a lot things we can do better, so we have big matches.

Just keep doing it, but pressure …

Yeah, but every week for 12 or 13 games they’ve been talking about pressure. In the Premier League it’s so hard to win, they margins are so small and they’re going to make life so difficult for you. We know that and we have to prepare every day for that.

Are you favourites?

I have no clue. We have never won it, we are halfway through the season. There are other teams with much bigger squads and they’ve already won a lot, so let’s go game by game.

Trossard on the pitch, Kiwior in the stands, how important is January business?

Just in terms of numbers have 15/16 outfield players and obviously it’s not enough. And they’re going to help us. Leo helped us a lot today, and how composed he was when he came on. He helped us win the game.

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He doesn´t want to talk about individuals so I´ll do it then. Zinchenko took over the game in second half after the substitution. The game evolved around him – by far the best man on the pitch


100% he had a cracking game, and the passion he has summed up with the celebration of that 3rd goal. One of the most important signings in a long long time.


I love Tierney so much that I had some emotional reservations with Zinchenko, nothing based on footballing reality. But he’s just amazing. Not as athletically gifted as KT and probably not at the same level defensively, but his technique and football IQ in attack is unbelievable. Our midfield ran over United’s because of him. An his attitude is so contagious. He definitely carved out his spot in my football heart.

Mayor McCheese

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love Zinchenko. From the day he signed.

What an absolute gem of a player.


he’s got the freedom to roam and uses it incredibly well


Xhaka. I know I have been a dick to many an Arsenal fan here. I tend to be a drunk. So, me losing my shit.. crying.. spitting .. well, I was doing all that today when that Eddie goal was not fucked off by VAR. Been a long time since I cried alone.. shook my fists in anger…while screaming in pure delusion. Yes, it has been a very long time since we have been back here. Yes, I take my Arsenal too seriously. This is where I need to make MY point. Your down votes..you do know.. it’s pixels on… Read more »

Funsho Patrick

On course for 100points!😉


That would certainly be nice, but I’ll take 75 points to win the league if it means winning. The most important thing is to get out of the slump we’ve been in and stay near the top for the long term.


Yeah, who gives a shit?
The only number that matters is the one in the left hand column of the table.
(That’s where it says “1” next to “Arsenal”).

Old bloke

Terrific game, brilliant performance, great atmosphere, maybe this is our season 😀

A Different George

Yeah, like it or not, we are favourites. This is not Leicester, coming out of nowhere. This is a club that is a couple of years ahead of schedule–but the direction was pretty clear.


I was once Arteta out. I am sitting in a corner now and whipping myself in the back for penance. Thank you legend 🙏


You naughty boy.



Billy bob



It really isn’t

Emi Rates

I’m slightly concerned for McTominay. I didn’t see him kick anyone even once. Is he well?


He didnt have to, Shaw did enough kicking and shoving Saka in the back every chance he got to let McT have a break today.

Mayor McCheese

That’s true. Though I have to say Shaw’s comments after the game were very gracious. Admitted to having a tough time against Saka as well.


Shaw on Saka at the World Cup: “Honestly, I love him. I would just love it if he was my child. I love him like that.“


Wow I just looked that up. It actually makes me like Lake Shaw which I never thought I’d say.


Has there ever been a more lovable soul off the field who was more fearsome on it?

Emi Rates

More odious than fearsome but people say about Costa that off the pitch he’s a very decent feller. Hard to believe I know.


Great performance today.

We outclassed United for most of the game and throughly deserved the win. We looked like real champions today: dominating a very good side. Great mental attitude in keeping going until the end.

Ramsdale played well but was badly at fault for their second goal: he should have punched the ball.

Two good goals by Nketia: both real poacher’s.

The game of the season coming up: Arsenal v Man City

Win that and we win the title!

A Different George

Well, maybe we win the FA Cup.


I’m meant the PL game on the 15th of February, fool!


You have cried a lot about our team. Im fact mot many men have cried more than you. So youre now ok cos we win>?


So much credit has to continue to go to Arteta for how he has molded and guided the team. Never once panicked and totally owned the second half and outshot United 25-6 overall, many of which were blocked out for corner kicks. Such technical ability all over the field with no weak links. Such an enjoyable style of play to watch after many years of frustrating play with lack of intensity from too many of the players. No need to worry about intensity level of players under Arteta.


This has got to be the fourth or fifth time this season I have found myself saying “ best game I’ve seen this season”. Can it keep getting better?!?
Absolutely rocking atmosphere again today. The change in the match day experience that Arteta has orchestrated is phenomenal.


What a win.

NLD and now destroyed United

Good Times.


“You can always get better in life.”

Legend. Like maybe you can get better at asking questions, if you think he regrets getting a yellow for being passionate in the box you’ve lost the plot


The glint in his eyes, beautiful to behold.


Andrew, we miss the “By the numbers” post.


Hopefully we will get one after today – was gutted there wasn’t one after the NLD

djourou's nutmeg

i think it’s the first arsenal match refereed by anthony taylor in which i can’t complain. maybe book shaw earlier, or show a yellow to some of those diving cunts, but refereeing was oddly fine… the stars might be aligned for us this season

A Different George

I think you have a short memory. Taylor was the referee both times when we won the FA Cup against Chelsea. He sent a Chelsea player off in each match.


Taylor is arguably our most effective referee. We’ve only lost 6 of the 47 matches he’s refereed with us.


Ha makes me wonder if we’ve got him nobbled


Those games post World Cup; West Ham (h), Brighton (a), Newcastle (h), Spurs (a) and Man United (h). To have taken 13 out of 15 points is title-winning form.


Would have been 15/15 if not for bad refereeing.


I just heard the celebration police saying Arsenal would have lost if Casameiro was playing.

I’m sorry you retards. The Arsenal are something else. we are together in this. We the fans have been patient. It’s our time to rejoice n celebrate.

You’re no one to tell us how much we love this club. Get a life you dry cunts in a beautiful moist victory.

Emi Rates

Had we had Jesus playing we would have shoved 8-0 up their arses. They should consider themselves lucky.


Had the refereeing perfect, we would have won the first leg.
Had we had Partey and a fully fit Zinny, we would have been unbeatable.


1st it was over celebrating now it’s our manager is being disrespectful on the touchline (newsflash he is not). The media trying to find little things to discredit this team is the only thing they have because our football has been breathtaking!

Celebration Police

Again, a rookie manager doing rookie things. Got booked on the touchline for jumping around. What message is he sending to his team? He should be fired and his players go on free transfers before he monopolizes the premier league. How can he beat Almighty Man U with VAR on their side? He even sent Tomi to put Rashford is his pocket. Police need to check Tomi, he has someone in his pocket. That Arteta and his team even have the audacity to celebrate at the Emirates. How can they celebrate when they haven’t won the title?


This team has so much character. Not our best first half, a few passes going astray but they just don’t know when to lie down. Incredible spirit among these lads.

Aleksander Włodarz

Zinky reminds me a lot of the guy who played in our district FC Victoria team when I was a kid. He was really good! 😍


*Correction: Arteta said- “You can always get better in life, innit

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