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“He’s so loved by everybody” – Arteta hails Nketiah’s quality

This time last year, Eddie Nketiah was sitting on the bench at Arsenal and weighing up which club to move to as a free agent.

He’s since been a revelation; first picking up the slack from Alex Lacazette in last season’s run-in and now, wearing the number 14 shirt and with a long contract to his name, ably filling the boots of Gabriel Jesus.

Today’s brace against Manchester United, both poached inside the six-yard box, secured three valuable points against Manchester United and took the striker’s tally for the season to nine goals.

He looks very much at home leading the line for the Gunners and Mikel Arteta says the striker deserves all the plaudits coming his way.

“What Eddie is doing is incredible,” said the Spaniard in his post-game press conference.

“We cannot say that we saw that, we were hoping that he could do that because of the way he is, because of his mentality, because of his qualities and how those qualities fit within the team.

“Losing Gabby [Jesus] was a big blow, it is a big blow today, but Eddie is responding and the team I think in an exceptional way.”

On what Nketiah brings to the team, he added: “The qualities that he has, how much he wants it, how much belief he’s got in himself to become Arsenal’s number 9.

“His desire, his background, we’re with him every single day, [he’s] a special kid, he’s so loved by everybody at the football club, he’s got a real Arsenal heart and experience within him and that’s really special. You cannot put that into numbers. He’s really, really good.”

Nketiah has always been a low-key individual in front of the cameras, seemingly shy to go public with the confidence he clearly has in his own ability.

Speaking to Sky Sports after today’s 3-2 win, he was quick to focus on the effort of his teammates.

“You could see how much we wanted to win, how bad we wanted it for ourselves, for our fans. We kept pushing and pushing and, thankfully, we got the breakthrough.

On his own performance, he added: “It’s just about being alert, being around…when you’ve got guys like B [Bukayo Saka] around you, chances are going to fall. I had one with my left, I swivelled and the keeper saved, it would obviously have been nice if that had gone in, but I kept going.

“I knew that if I was around and alert, that the way we were playing, I’d get a chance and, thankfully, I was able to take it.”

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Merlin’s Panini

So proud of Eddie. Well fucking done! Keep it up!


Init. what an absolute baller. absolutely love u Eddie


With run of games with the first team, he proved himself a very good striker with goals. A poacher’s goal. Well done Eddie!


He’s suddenly that big un-pusharound-able poacher in the box we haven’t had since… dare I say Wrighty? He gives us SO much that all our technical wonderkids don’t. Now, exactly – do we even drop him when Jesus comes back (our Jesus, not the other one..)


I dont think he gets dropped on current form when Jesus is back (either one)

Merlin’s Panini

Have to say, I still think about that moment in All Or Nothing where Sambi was moaning about not getting playing time and Eddie just shut him down saying he’s in the same boat but will just get on with it. That’s what he does. His strength of character shone through in those comments and now it’s showing on the pitch too. For me, he’s the first striker we’ve had since Giroud who just plays like a striker, albeit a different type. But that’s how long it’s been since we’ve had someone so orthodox. Auba banged them in but he… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

I remember a photo of Nketiah looking absolutely shredded doing the rounds on twitter around this time last year – turns he’d hired an expensive personal trainer to make sure that as and when an opportunity came he was in the best possible condition to take advantage. To me that says so much about his mentality and makes me incredibly excited to see him here for the next 10 years.


There were some pretty obscene and glorious songs directed at Eddie at our local Arsenal pub yesterday, here in Aalborg (Denmark). What an evening. Also, this 4-hour Teams sessions with consultants is somewhat hard to get through this morning… curse you, wonderful beer! *rubs face and yawns*


I’m sitting in mines (well, Google Meet not Teams) with Eddie in my background


I had genuinely written this guy off before the end of last season. Now I have no idea how you drop him.


Seriously, leading the line like an absolute demon right now. His link up play has improved about 1000x. Remember when he went on loan to Leeds barely got a kick in the Championship because they didn’t believe he was up to scratch doing the extra stuff the best strikers do. He’s come a long long way. Crazy to say we haven’t missed a beat with Jesus out – that’s pretty nuts, because Jesus is one of the best build up/work rate strikers in the game.


You literally just said everything I was feeling, but better than I could have!


I why would you want to. 🤷🏾‍♂️




It’s amazing that Eddie’s goal return has bettered Jesus’s. Nobody saw that coming. Eddie Eddie Eddie!!!!!!


He is actually a better out and out finisher than Jesus, but perhaps contributes less in build up play. Different players, both exceptional.


There is absolutely no downside to this. I’m not saying put Jesus out on the wing when he comes back but if both are fit and one of our wingers arent jesus can just as easily put in a world class appearance on the wing. this might of been a talking point at the start of season but come march none of the players will give a toss where they are playing


Naughty Mikel, just trying to wind Fatgooner up…




Hahahaha brilliant


Settling the differences with Saliba
Turning Xhaka’s head around
Insisting on Eddie…

Amazing job by Arteta so far.



Merlin’s Panini

Absolutely. Arteta is a phenomenal manager. He’s always learning from mistakes, he’s a great communicator and the players clearly respect him too. He even got a tune out of Mustafi for a while, he’s that good.


That idiot Pierre Aubameyang wouldnt agree with you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Santi’s Thigh Grab

True, another one Mikel got right after he got it wrong. I love how he takes responsibility for his own messes. First opportunity he got, Auba out the door, even over the objections of the club. Mikel has the special sauce to take us to the top.

Alan Sunderland

agree, I would also add signing odegaard and making him captain. They seem to share a brain, hes basically arteta on the pitch.


Here’s a doozy. Who’s the better signing: Odergaard or Zinchenko? Similar price, both have smashed their transfer values out of the park, arguably our two most influential players this season (plenty of challengers though). Honestly, I can’t pick.

Alan Sunderland

tough choice, I have never seen anyone zinchenko, but odegaard is only starting to get going. Some of the things he’s done with the ball the last few games are unbelievable. I thought he miss hit the shot against wolves, after what he’s done the last few games I think he meant it.

It Is What It Is

Willock/Iwobi/Ox money for both.
Given, that we have played huge chunks without Zinny, and the impact of his goals and assists on our position, it would have to be MØ.

Tomaury Bischfeld

Haven’t been this wrong about a player since Granit Xhaka.


Eddie’s turn around actually surprises me less than granit’s. Still can’t believe this is the same guy… Not fully convinced it is and there may have been some Rick and Morty shit going here…

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Eddie is top, top quality.

Mikels Arteta

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie !


Hoi Hoi Hoi!


What I love best about Eddie is that when he has a bad miss, he kinda laughs it off and gets stuck right back in there. There’s no frustration hangover after a couple of seconds.


At some point he made a loose pass, it got intercepted and he started to shrug. I started to shout at the screen “Don’t shrug, keep going!” United player had a poor touch and in a flash, Eddie slid in fully and won the ball! His work rate is mad, and he has been doing it alone since Jesus went out. He was pressing as usual and even covering the back players when someone needed to ran back for extra cover. I was praying we would not let him go in the summer, but I too did not expect this… Read more »

karl g

It’s no coincidence that Ian Wright has been helping him. He never let a miss affect his confidence.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Wrighty and Arteta believed in Eddie. Now we do. Each game is its own story and the journey so far has been incredible. Man City will be the another test and Pep is nervous, which is why he went after his team and fans. They are missing their intensity right now.


We managed to overcome injuries to Partyey, Zinchenko and Jesus and be top of the league with some margin. What a team.


I think Eddie’s brilliance allow us to play Jesus as a winger in some games if needed.


He’s one of our own…

Bill Hall

Take a bow lad, you have more than earned it!


I love this team 💪🏽


Good lad. You’re going places, thank you.

Al Gilmore

I’ve said this before but Eddy will get goals no one else in our squad will get because he is a natural penalty box predator. Moreso than Jesus. But what he has done is worked very hard on his work outside the penalty box. So we aren’t carrying a striker who does nothing else (Auba) but he helps us tactically.
I am delighted for the lad because so many people doubted him because we have all become fixated on transfers.


Your defence is in trouble, Nketiah’s in the room…

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