Thursday, December 7, 2023

FA fine Gunners for disorderly conduct of players

The FA have fined Arsenal after the club admitted its players failed to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion during the second half of the 3-1 defeat to Manchester City.

Several Gunners surrounded referee Anthony Taylor in the 56th minute after a penalty was awarded for a Gabriel Magalhaes’ foul on Erling Haaland. After a VAR review, the decision was reversed with the Norwegian adjudged to have been offside in the build-up.

All the same, the damage was done and Vinai is going to have to grab the cheque book. First, we have to pay £65,000 for the City incident then we have to pay an additional £20,000 – initially suspended – for a similar breach of the rules in the FA Cup clash with Oxford United.

We’ve actually already paid £40,000 for the Oxford incident but the independent Appeal Board ruled that the fine wasn’t big enough after they rejected Arsenal’s appeal.

I think we’re all rolling our eyes at this point.

In total, Arsenal have received four charges this season and three of them since the turn of the year.

For the record, Manchester City also picked up a £75,000 fine for the behaviour of their players who twice surrounded the officials.

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HELLO, does further charges lead to a points deduction?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

There would have to be some serious violent conduct for that. All we have done (albeit several times) is surround the referee. We haven’t done anything nearly as bad as Everton/Leeds last week.

Johnny 4 Hats

I’d actually be ok with these measures if they were applied evenly throughout the teams and there was a clear understanding of what was ok and what wasn’t.

Watching the six nations, I’m always a little jealous of how well the game of rugby functions.

But these punitive measures seem so arbitrary and also pretty toothless. Maybe from next season onwards they could make it clear where the line is and what the punishment for crossing it is.


Big difference is the referees in Rugby help the players to avoid breaking the rules as they play, and also explain their decisions for everyone to hear.


Exactly, rugby officials earn respect, which is obviously a two way street. Prem league referees demanding respect whilst having none for the players is just a ridiculous approach. A basic teaching course for referees would go a long way. Solve this at the top level and grass roots will follow.




When Vinai writes the cheque he should roll it up really tight to make it easier for them to shove it up their Ar52e!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

In that case, we should pay the fines entirely with 1p coins.


Nothing said about crooked biased and corrupt refs


Better still, add an extra 1p so when they count it they’re going to have to count it all again.

Alan Sunderland

he should deliver a wheelbarrow full of pennies.

Mr. G

The FA can stick the fines up their cakehole! COYG!

Mayor McCheese

FA members eat cake with their arseholes? And they shit through their mouths, then, I suppose.

Yeah, makes sense!

Tony Flynn

How about their arse?


How much can we fine them for fucking up VAR decisions in the first place?


Global VARing is the salt of the modern game.

Vic Lin

Nothing! They already said sorry. Maybe Arteta should say sorry in his post match interview. 😛

Nigel Summerburn (LB)

They can’t stop the steam train


Will they use the money to train their staff how to draw a line and check for offside?

Mayor McCheese

Well, you know my name is Mason, and the things I draw come true!


My 6 yr old nephew has gotten good at MS Paint. Maybe that’s the move, children can’t be biased and tend to be smarter than your average referee.


I think arsenal are propping up the pie budget at the FA

Cranky Colin

Do Utd ever get charged?
Bruno et all😂😂😂😂?


Burnot is a good lad who is fighting with gravity.


Bruno should be fined every game just for being his usual rotten self.

timorous me

When United players surround the referee it’s not disorderly conduct; it’s just a bunch of old mates getting together for a chat!


Manchester United is never charged because Riley appointed referees all come from Manchester. Its a rigged system.

Alan Sunderland

exactly this, every game tomorrow will see the same reaction from players without a charge.

Naked Cygan

Don’t these wank*rs have anything better to do?

Guns Up

I’m passed caring that we get fined any time this happens and others get away with much worse versions of the same “offense.” But it’s interesting to me that City got fined just a bit more for twice the offense. Shouldn’t each one be fined equally? Otherwise, after the first offense you might as well get on the ref after every single blow of the whistle.


Fines should be proportionate to the offense and also the finances of the offending club.


I feel like we’re over performing against our expected fines. #my manager 😂


Yet another reason for us to win the title.🖕🏻 🖕 🖕 🖕

Alan Sunderland

I’ve had 90/91 vibes all season, if they could actually dock points think it would make no difference. we’re going to win it no matter what.

karl g

Surely it works both ways. Can we not fine the PGMOL for stealing 2 points from us?

Red Arrow

Might as well set up a direct debit

Pete lloyd

Are the FA short of money to pay for their perks.


I know exactly where I want to tell the FA to stick their charge, but I’ll probably get charged for saying it.


Idle clowns. Aren’t there some VAR offside lines waiting NOT to be drawn?


The good thing is that all our fines come from refs not doing their job correctly and most/all of the time our players where right to tell the ref to fuck off i think.
Fuck em

Cliff Bastin

Have we fined them for 2 points lost?

Philip Saunders

Good. Let’s stop doing that. Let’s be the best in every way. Let’s say nothing about the terrible decisions and just get on with it and win. Let’s make it impossible for them to fine us. Let’s be there classy Arsenal we really are. COYG

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