Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Fulham 0-3 Arsenal – player ratings

First half goals from Gabriel, Gabriel Martinelli and Martin Odegaard, and a hat-trick of assists for Leandro Trossard, gave Arsenal a 3-0 win over Fulham at Craven Cottage this afternoon.

After last weekend’s high drama, this was a controlled and impressive performance from the Gunners, and while the home side had some second half moments, the scoreline could have been more emphatic from our point of view.

Gabriel Jesus returned to cap things off, and it’s now five wins in a row since the Man City defeat.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Fulham 0-3 Arsenal report and see the goals here 

Fulham 0-3 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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0/10 to all the players for celebrating the victory. They have no shame.


Takes the sting out of it a bit when you’ve already won at half time


Shocking behaviour. I had an inkling this could happen so didn’t allow my son to watch my illegal stream. These celebrations blight this squad and follow them around like a bad smell. Must do better.

The Arsenal

I want the team to mugg off the celebration police by doing an ironically subdued celebration for a goal we score.


OT… 16/10 for Balogun for a new winner 😅 oooohhh to be a gooner


When we win the league there should be no celebration at all, just heads bowed in prayer. Taking the league to church. Guard of honor should be the players preceding through in monastic attire, performing Gregorian chants.


We took them to church!

ASHLEY Gooner Aussie

the score flattered them. Only if Xhaka had scored and Martinelli put away his first chance he miss hit into the ground and Reiss Nelson took a shot instead of trying to do an extra dribble and Jesus put away his chance that’s 4 goals that could’ve made this a minimum of 7-0 and couldve been more. I was so disappointed with Nelson trying to dribble and do a cut back because my criticism of him in the past why I think he hasn’t progressed as he should is because he lacks cutting edge ruthlessness and seriousness in his game… Read more »

The Arsenal

Smeg off

Exit the Lemming

Did Reiss steal your lunch money at school?

Excited Gooner

I want to shag each and every one of those players and I’m not even gay.


Up the Arse!

Bootleg Ice T

I got news for you: that means you’re gay.


Downvoted by the offence police

I gave you an uptick my man

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

My friend, I think you are

Bleeding Gums Murphy

You may have a blind spot my friend


I’m not gay either but, ah, how EXACTLY, would you shag them?

Don’t leave anything out

Exit the Lemming

All those players cuddling after they score a goal. I mean barff….they’re clearly gagging for it

ASHLEY Gooner Aussie

you are so gay you’d not even know it


Very Aussie of ya


Yet another fantastic result and composed performance. Trosaard with MOTM and once again proving to be a brilliant January purchase. COYG!


Thank fuck we didn’t get Mudryk


That whole Mudryk thing was the most amazing smoke screen. Made the chavs pay double his market value while we picked up our true target at half his market value. Genius.

Eric Blair

Also ensuring a prompt deposit into the account of the armed forces of Ukraine!


I thought trossard was an “ok”, “sensible” signing. I was wrong and I’m more than happy to admit it. He’s has genuinely raised our level and that was not an easy thing to do. I dunno what was going on with mudryk and hindsight is a beautiful thing but fair play to everyone involved in recruitment. Very hard to leave trossard out of this team now.


Trossard MOTM – what a shrewd January transfer! Would have been nice if a couple of the near misses had scored to lower the goal differential with City.

A Different George

The goal Xhaka should have scored would have been one of the best team goals of the year as well.


I liked it when the away fans (who were in terrific voice as usual) serenaded him with “Leo-Leo-Leo” to the tune of “Theo-Theo-Theo”!


Viera gets 1 point extra for the pass that set up Jesus. But he loses that 1 point for tripping over his own feet at the end.


But he did get a free kick so I’m adding that point back 😅


I’m surprised VAR didn’t give him a red card. He stopped a clear goal-scoring opportunity.

Fireman Sam



*wins the chat


Missing out on Mudryk to get Trossard is looking like a brilliant blessing in disguise!

He has fitted in so well with our style of play.


He also tackles back like a beast.


Right now, if Chelsea offered Mudryk for Trossard in a straight swap, I’d reject that offer out of hand. I’m sure that Mudryk will be a Premier League star in years to come, but in the context of what we need this season, give me Trossard any day. He has energy, tricky, excellent weight of pass, an eye for goal… in a nutshell, he has end product, and we’re flying with him in the side.

Teryima Adi

When get the league title and champions league football, Trossard will be worth more than the £88.5 million pounds Chelsea paid for Mudryk.

A Different George

The irony is that Graham Potter almost certainly agrees.


I’d do the deal – flog Mudders for 100m, wait a season for the Chav’s a screw the pooch with Trosser (as they invariably do), and then buy him back for another 20m !!!


I hate to be the one to point out the obvious flaw in your plan, but where the fuck do you expect to find someone who’ll pay 100m for Mudryk?
He’s already playing for the only bunch of cash rich retards dumb enough to do that…. Hang on… I suppose you could sell him back to them, the Toddger might just be dumb enough to fall for the same con twice.

Exit the Lemming

Although many around here think Mudryk a complete lemon and are delighted with Trossard’s contribution to date: what does it say about our recruitment strategy if it turns out we were pursuing a lemon so vigorously and for so long? (it’s way too early to judge Mudryk as a player in England of course)


Begs the question why we chased Mudryk for so long in January in the first place. And this is nothing against Mudryk: it’s just that we needed instant impact and he was never likely to hit the ground running.

Trossard’s end product has been amazing so far.


Because, just like with Lisandro Martinez in the summer, Arteta didn’t really want him. He baited the “big spenders” into blowing all their cash before getting who he really wanted (in the summer it was Zinchenko, in January it was Trossard). We really need to start appreciating not only what Arteta is doing with the team, but what he’s doing to the OTHER teams as well.


Ok. Then go for Mbappe


I doubt Trossard would be pulling up trees at Chelsea tbh. I’m sure Mudryk would be a different animal coming in to a winning team, and working under Arteta. I’m very very happy we signed Trossard either way, but I think Mudryk’s failure so far says as much about Chelsea as it might about him


I’m not sure… Environment, team dynamic, culture, and coaching have a huge influence on player performance.

Just look at how much better Jorginho is for us. Mudryk was way too expensive, but I think he could have been a superstar if he played for us.

And Trossard is amazing, but I’m not even sure he could have been good in a mess like Chelsea.


That was fun! But the standing ovation is for the quadruple in the making with Casemiro.

Funsho Patrick

😆@casemiro….they’re still in title race….


He now misses FOUR – 2nd red of the season.


Which brings us back to Arsenal – our disciplinary record has been excellent this season. None of our players has missed a game due to suspension, that has been massive.


Very good point. I completely missed that. A slight miracle that Saka hasn’t somehow been suspended for all the kickings he’s been taking…


If we beat Palace, it might actually start to feel real with 10 matches to go and an interlull to wait over. It’s the hope that kills you. COYG


If we beat Palace we will be 8 points clear before Citeh entertain Liverpool.

Teryima Adi

Hope is the Anchor of the soul- He doesn’t kill you.

Mayor McCheese

Anchora spei!


Brazil really have 4-5 better defenders than Gabriel? Hard to believe. I’m fine with it, having him in London during break but feel for the player


And I genuinely think he can go up one or two more pegs. What a monster of a defender!


I hope Saka will nurse a “knock” in the Interlull.


They probably did, at the time of the World Cup, but Big G seems to be improving game by game the longer the season goes on.


Except he wasn’t chosen for the Interlull squad either


You have to remember that they select a guy who hasn’t scored for Spurs all season as their striker. Let’s just say that their London based scout must walk around with sunglasses and a white stick.

A Different George

To be fair, as bad as he has been for Spurs, Richarlison was very good indeed for Brazil. He scored 3 times in four World Cup matches. The moral: please, please, Antonio, don’t leave Tottenham.


He is such an underrated player…I’m completely fine with it.

The Arsenal

Loved the roar he made for his block at the end, Clean sheet was important to him


Hallelujah! He is back

Teryima Adi



I suddenly remembered, standing in a pub-full of gooners, the song “Walking in Memphis”.
Something like “..tell me, are you a christian child” – “I am tonight!”
We’ve got the better Jesus. Ours actually did come back! 🙂
I remember at the second half kick-off, feeling a knot in my stomach, thinking “I hope we win this one” – and then a second later, realizing “Oh, yeah, I forgot..we’re 3-0 up and playing amazing football”. Old habits die hard 🙂


Accurate ratings for once blogs, agree with everything except I’d give Jesus, Xhaka and Partey another half a point. The latter two especially were superb, yes Xhaka should’ve scored that one but he did pretty much everything else you could ask of him


there you go focusing on the negatives 🙂 I said it here last week, felt like last few weeks ratings have been too influenced by the result. Love seeing improvement tho!

Baichung Bhutia

Accurate ratings but you still got three players wrong. Have to improve.


By half a point too, shocking mistakes…

A Different George

It’s almost as if the ratings weren’t a scientifically accurate assessment of a player’s performance.

Exit the Lemming

How can a subjective appraisal of a player’s performance be right or wrong?


Me? I’m saying nothing this match!

Seriously though – spot ratings Captain… I would possibly have found another half for Martin The Viking… our best player on the day for so many reasons, besides the Scandi-Ice-Cool goal.

Man Manny

Two more wins (hopefully) and we are into single digit number of games with a minimum of 5 points lead! The Arsenal-will-fall-off doubters led by Gary Neville are in for the shock of their lives. The signing of Leo Trossard, return of Jesus and the renaissance of Reiss Nelson could tip the scale in our favour.


Do not care about GN and co. Just take it game by game and enjoy the ride! I hope that we will make it and I believe in this very young team, the ones are going to entertain us for many years.

Exit the Lemming

If Arteta can keep this nucleus of players together then Arsenal can go on and become the new leading force in English football. We might come up short this season (I still think man City have the required bench depth to win the title)


I like the initiative of going game by game. Not looking too far but playing the next like the finals.

We can’t control the outcome of others but we can control what we do.

Sporting next

Teryima Adi

It’s our Title.

Exit the Lemming

Don’t make yourself a hostage to fortune


And don’t be too negative.
It’s not a crime to dream.

We ve been hearing you and other pundit saying same thing about city’s depth for a decade now, and they are still behind us.

Anteneh Ademe

10/10 for Jesus just for seeing him back.


I think today is 10/10 for every bit of the Arsenal


Good thing he didn’t score to finish the move he began with that sublime twist ‘n flick – we woulda ripped the roof off the away stand and blocked the Thames for a week!


Did you see Saliba celebrating tjat firat goal? He came up to Martinelli basically claimed the goal. Martinelli would have any of that nonsense though and said “no no no, it’s mine”.


I thought he was winding Martinelli up, telling home that one was being ruled out for offside too!


When Thomas Partey gets the ball the world seems to stop, apart for him for one second, which he uses. Incredible player.


That back spin when he turnef away from two players!


Nah – he was just practicing what the son of god had preached!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Partey, Gabriel and Trossard were excellent. Oh it feels good to be a Gooner, knowing we have quality to come off the bench for the remaining games


Give MØ a shout for the illegal nutmeg. That player start kicking like a bull afterwards


Were you not watching Odegaard’s masterclass???

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Mudryk, who?


And they all look genuinely happy ! Trossard today but the whole bunch who got on that pitch were superb any one of them a man of the match !


Btw ? VAR taking into account length of toenail for clear & obvious? Hmmmm !!!

A Different George

They don’t have a “clear and obvious error” standard for offside–they say it is an objective decision, not based on judgment. That’s why the referee is not called to the monitor to make the decision himself.

Exit the Lemming

It’s a binary thang y’all like the old blues song ‘Is you is or Is you ain’t my baby?’

David scales

Arteta is able to get them players to play the way he wants.

djourou's nutmeg

he may not be the fastest, but anyone who tells me xhaka is slow can go to church


The thing with him is that his football brain is instinctively very quick – that helps him with his slower feet. But he does get found out in the box, as today – just can’t sort his feet out that quickly.
But then again, he ain’t a striker – he’s a Xhaka.

Exit the Lemming

He’s not really slow just a bit immobile at times i.e. slow to turn but certainly a quick thinker and a perceptive passer


Based on expectations before the league started and how we have played during it we would be deserved and worthy champions.

Exit the Lemming

Please don’t make a head count of chickens compulsory here….


Think Gabriel shoud have been a 9 … immense today and ease the pressure by scoring our first goal


All other praise is deserved and remarkable, but Arsenal sure like showing up their ex-goalkeepers.


Btw I really can’t see Pickford keeping his spot with Ramsdale around


I am sorry to inform you that Southgate picks his teams based on a system akin to UEFA’s coefficient ranking. Players are picked on how well they’ve done in the past, not how brilliant they’ve been this season.

Exit the Lemming

I thought Ramsdale’s distribution was very iffy today but he has been brilliant for us for most of the season. Pope is England’s best keeper.


Even Lukic was there 😀


Judging by the way Saliba was celebrating with Gabriel for the first, I’d wager there’s no issues between the two of them


The team has unity

A tetra

Ödegaard should get a bonus point for that amazing nutmeg! Hes just such a player to watch and the level of technicality, the passing brain way beyond many other plus add some hard work.
I really don’t want to rip up the Özil-band aid but just imagine if also had the grit that Ödegaard have, because I really think they are on the level in other aspects.
Ofc Ödegaard plays in a fantastic, functional team which makes his play style work even better but I really think he’s the worlds best “old-school 10” at the moment!


Great to see Jesus back on the pitch even if he wasn’t at his best. What a boost his return is going to be. You obviously can’t take Trossard out of the lineup right now, but what a great option off of the bench to close out games or change things up.

Trossard has been even better than expected, exactly what we need to break down some of these teams that will be so defensive against us, he has brought the best back out of Martinelli as well.

Really could have easily been 6-0 at the half.


10/10 for Viera tripping over his own feet and getting a free kick for it.


Do we have a song chant / song for Trossand already?

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