Thursday, December 7, 2023

Saka and Ramsdale get England nod, Trusty joins Turner in USA squad

Bukayo Saka and Aaron Ramsdale have been selected for England duty as Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions gear up for European Championship qualifiers against Italy and Ukraine.

Ben White, who was selected for the World Cup in November but subsequently left the camp early, has not been selected.

Auston Trusty, currently on loan at Birmingham City, joins goalkeeper Matt Turner in the USA squad for CONCACAF Nations League matches with Grenada and El Salvador.

The centre-back was signed by the Gunners last January and moved to St Andrew’s in the summer where he’s enjoyed an impressive debut campaign scoring four goals and making two assists in 40 appearances.

It’s been confirmed that Kieran Tierney (Scotland), Thomas Partey (Ghana) and William Saliba (France) will join up with their respective countries and we can assume Jakub Kiwior (Poland), Takehiro Tomiyasu (Japan), Oleksandr Zinchenko (Ukraine), Martin Odegaard (Norway), Jorginho (Italy), Granit Xhaka (Switzerland) and Leandro Trossard (Belgium) will also get the nod.

The good news is that our three Gabriels have not been selected by Brazil. They’ll have to content themselves with head tennis at London Colney for a couple of weeks.

Players will set off after Arsenal’s match with Crystal Palace on Sunday and will return in drips and drabs ahead of the clash with Leeds on 1st April.

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A Different George

I am a bit surprised about Martinelli, though my guess is that this will make him even more determined to prove himself for Arsenal (though a lack of determination is not exactly his profile).

Also I hope there is some way to watch Norway’s games. Odegaard to Haaland. Might mean a goal or two.


Absolute disgrace for England. Maguire, Dier or Walker being ahead of White is indefensible decision-making. Southgate needs to let go of his old stalwarts and focus on blooding the next generation.

Emi Rates

I’m just glad Ben White isn’t there to be kicked to fuck by some meat head. I hope Saka returns OK. Ramsdale probably won’t play so he should be safe.


Was going to say the same. Embarrassing from Southgate. No balls, no imagination, does he even have eyeballs? Harry fucking Maguire??!! He doesn’t even play!! Good for us I guess, keep Ben fresh and he won’t get annoyed at watching those orcs stumble around on their way to a quarter final defeat.


I’ve got a theory that something happened between Ben White and somebody else in Qatar. Maybe Southgate maybe other team members. We never really heard the reason he left. It was “personal” but that could just have meant he had had a bust up somehow. I get the impression he is very single minded and brutally honest and could easily ruffle feathers outside the confines of his arsenal family. I noted that southgate was at the Manchester Utd game at the emirates and wondered if that somehow explained why he played so uncharacteristic badly, subsequently being subbed at half-time.


I think it’s probably to do with whatever happened to White at the World Cup, rather than his ability which is beyond doubt.

Giuseppe Hovno

Do we know what did happen!?

Merlin’s Panini

He fell out with one of Southgate’s backroom staff. I doubt we’ll see Ben White in an England shirt for the rest of Southgate’s tenure. Who knows what it was about but White can come across quite a spiky character at times. Maybe he was pissed off he wasn’t getting played over some of the other numpties at RB and CB, which would be a reasonable grievance really.

Martin R

I believe that the true reason Ben White was omitted because of his falling out with Steve Holland in Qatar. I can’t believe Southgate when he says it’s for footballing reasons


This is personal. Fuck Gareth and his teeth.


Yeah, Southgate can’t make the hard calls. Just listened to pundits on radio talking about how it seemed harsh when Ramsdale replaced Leno, but has proven to be the right call. Southgate needs to learn.


Hope they all come back fit and well and not too tired. Crucial period of matches coming up in April…

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Harry picked but no White.

On another note. Oshimen scored his 2nd CL knockout goal yesterday, that’s more than Harry Kane


I’m betting he has at least as many trophies as Mr Kane. I do, as do most people in the world.


I’d like to think that Ben White has shown little to no interest in playing for England and that is the reason for his omission. Ben does things his own way, innit. Whilst I obviously support England more rigorously if there are more gooners involved, I’d fully support this stance if true, which its probably not. #purespeculation


It’s a pretty logical conclusion – as he gets in comfortably on merit.


The only conclusion is he wants nothing to do with the Hairy Kunt, that Dier fucker, Harry Neanderthal, and well the dickhead coach of the team too (among others). Who the fuck can blame him – southgate and his stooges playing putrid football that prioritises Hairy Kunt goals over wins.


Apparently the reason is because three other right backs were picked in front of him – which isn’t a reason is it?

Also, are any of these three right backs at the team currently top of the league?


It’s because Southgate is an average manager


Average is quite generous


Feeling kind today


It’s so mad, Southgate wouldn’t last 6 months as a prem manager. Smart money on Lampard or Gerrard getting the job at some point in future also…

A Different George

If I were choosing the England squad, I would certainly include both Walker and Trippier. Sorry, if that’s unpopular. (And since I don’t support England, but very much support Arsenal, I don’t mind if White gets a rest.)

Emi Rates

Walker and Trippier by all means but Maguire? Christ on a bike what does that lump have to do to get dropped? Kill someone?


Agreed. The right back spot is quite competitive, but I think he’d be a stronger CB then Maguire or Dier.


Pretty low bar tbh


Walker, trippier, Stones might all above or at White’s level. The remaining defenders aren’t even close. However, I agree it’s great he gets a rest and (not being an Englander) it’s hilarious watching Southgate and his nepotism and terrible football that ends the same way time after time.


One question: can you trust Auston Trusty?


Trusty by name Trusty by nature

Teryima Adi

Why is White not called up by Southgate? He belongs there- this is more than a clamour.


Selfishly it’s obviously good for our title chase to not have any of the Gabriels or White exposed to possible injury during this interlull but in the long term you do really want that for them, to be selected for their national teams as most footballers dream, and you want players to feel like they can achieve that at Arsenal. I’m not so worried about Jesus when fit but I don’t exactly get what more Gabriel or Martinelli have to do to get selected by Brazil other than play stellarly (as they have) for the no. 1 team in England.… Read more »

Billy The Dandy

There could be an anti Europe bias, I seem to remember some Brazilian commentator moaning about Martinelli going to the World Cup because he wasn’t playing in Brazil or some shit, maybe there’s more to that then that appeared, maybe there’s an unspoken sentiment with their FA to not picking players who are perceived to have gone for the riches of Europe and leave the Brazilian league in poverty…or I could be talking bollocks.

Billy The Dandy

Obviously that doesn’t extend to the superstars like Neymar, who you can’t not select.


I think most of the Brazilian players on the biggest European clubs other than ours do get selected. Maybe it’s our recent relative lack of success, or general lack of success in the Champions League… either way it’s not fair to Martinelli and Gabriel.


Really happy for Trusty. He’s earned alot of respect with his play in the Championship. Many people thought his signing was a bit of a joke but he really has turned some heads. Glad he got a shot with the national team. He might not ever get a chance at Arsenal but I wouldn’t put it past him either.


At least we all agree Southgate is freestyling and has no idea what the best team is

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