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Arsenal and the Two Mancs: By the Numbers

The fact that this article is coming out today, and that it's comparing three Champions League matches that all ended 1-1, is entirely UEFA's fault....

Arsenal 1-0 Swansea: By the Numbers

Arsenal have now played their fourth League match of the season and are starting to generate some useful data. This is both a good thing...

Man U 8-2 Arsenal: By the Numbers

Tim from 7amkickoff here, utterly speechless at this point so here are some numbers: 1896 - Last time Arsenal allowed 8 goals in a game (Loughborough...

Udinese 1-3 Arsenal (agg): By The Numbers

Champions League data can be notoriously difficult to find but never fear, 7amkickoff is here with some fresh numbers for you to digest. The Numbers: 92 -...

Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool – By The Numbers

This season and Arseblog are teaming up here on Arseblog News to bring you a post match statistical breakdown for every game. After every match...

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