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Mertesacker: It’s unbelievable to have Arteta

Per Mertesacker has praised the influence of fellow new boy Mikel Arteta and revealed his admiration dates back to his days at Werder Bremen when he played the Spaniard in a pre-season friendly.

Both men arrived at the Gunners on transfer deadline day and have each played a part in reviving the club’s fortunes in the last three months. Speaking to about the midfielder, who is preparing to face his old club tomorrow, the German stated:

“I noticed him in the first match we played against Everton [with Werder Bremen]. He is so experienced, it is unbelievable to have him in the squad.

“He gives a lot of advice to the young players, and to me as well. He is very important for the squad. He has done well in the last few games and hopefully he can do that in the future too. I think he can.”

Responding to suggestions that Arteta’s experience in front of the defence has been integral to an improvement at the back, Mertesacker was eager to stress the importance of the collective over the individual.

“It’s important that the whole team is defending, like we have done in the last few months. I think that’s the best way to have a compact defence, that’s the first thing for success.”

Without Bacary Sagna, Carl Jenkinson, Kieran Gibbs and Andre Santos for the next few weeks, Mertesacker’s position in the centre of defence looks unlikely to be challenged. Despite Johan Djourou and Thomas Vermaelen being worthy candidates to fulfil the wide duties, Mertesacker noted that the squad was being stretched to the limit.

“We need more full-backs I think!” he joked. “It’s not good for the squad if so many full-backs are injured, but what can I say? We have to manage the situation. We have had some bad situations with injuries in the last month but we managed quite well.”

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Merlin's Panini

There’s no doubting Arteta has been brilliant. Nothing super flashy but just very very good. All those bitter Everton fans who said he was past it might want to wipe that bit of egg dripping down their chin right now.


arteta gives a new solidity we never had under fabregas. himself and mertesacker will only improve as they settle more into the squad. i’m really looking forward to the awesome combo of arteta-wilshere-song, then we’ll really be able to laugh at the nonsense manure has in their midfield!

Dick Swiveller

Too right, the two of them together have come in and given more depth and experience, plus overall quality than I ever imagined they would. I especially like the way Mertesacker takes up what look like weird positions to me on the pitch but then is miraculously in the right place almost every time, guess it shows how shoddy some of our teamwork and defending has been in the past.

Also, I can just imagine the last line getting translated into ‘Mertesacker ultimatum: Buy me full backs or I leave and take RvP’s knees with me’.


how far away is Sagna now?


The end of the month I heard


~Why did this comment get negatives ? Its merely a reply to a question. If you don’t like the fact that Sagna won’t be back until at least the new year, then comment so, don’t thumb down you bloody stinkwads.


@ Podwoir: I was thinking that myself…maybe its just kids mucking around the site..


Wish we had bought him two seasons ago a very very good player. Anyways is Diaby in the squad for tomorrows game?

why is my name required

i thought we got ripped off by Everton when Arteta came for 10m. I thought he was past his prime. But his performances proved me wrong. i’ll admit that. The fans are starting to believe in him. The players respect him. He brought so much experience to the dressing room. I’m glad he signed for us. May he be rewarded with a winners medal come end of the season

Ace McGoldrick

Was delighted when we signed Arteta and still am. As for Mertesacker he seems a model pro and a top bloke


any news about Wilshere?months are becoming years!i get sick when i hear of Diaby…


This is what we have been crying out for over the last few seasons – experienced, no-nonsense, quality players providing an excellent blend to the squad while lifting the overall competence. You can just see how much enjoyment and excitement there is now in their faces during goal celebrations.

Absolutely loving it!


Arteta is class, respects the shirt and is a model pro. Hopefully his career at The Arsenal yields medals as he is a team player and seems to be one of football’s nice guys, proud of this team. Solidarity and spirit, which was lacking in recent years.

New guy

The BFG is right. Arteta is awesome. Way better than our previous number 8.


Everyone is swooning over Arteta!


who WOULDN’T notice Arteta on the same pitch?

Malaysian Gooner

That’s what experience purchase gives you! Well done to the boss for snatching Arteta as cheap as 10million. Hope his affection to Everton won’t affect him too much on today’s match. Come on Arsenal!


Arteta certainly is much better than our last number 8.And the fact he isn’t a horse faced mercenary scrote doesnt do him any harm either…


Hoping Arteta proves as pivotal for this team as Marwood was in the late 80’s. Our young midfield have been crying out for someone like him for a few years who, when the shit is flying in the last 10 mins of game, they can turn to for guidance and reassurance.

Top signing.


Ah Brian. Now theres a swoon. Your right Mooro, he is hugely overlooked as one of the catalysts of our Arsenal emerging from a couple of decades of rather dull underachievment and starting to grind out results and know what it is to be winner agains. What younger posters may forget/not know pre Wenger era – it was the building blocks set down by the trophy winning sides of the very late 80’s early 90’s that gave our club the impetus to become one of the powers again. It could have been touch and go – at the time pool… Read more »


Join me in a burst of Brian on the wing, Padwoir?

One of my all time favourite players. Let’s hope Arteta has the same effect.


Well just joined in with myself, the dog chipped in too, to the severe unamusement of the Mrs, well sod her she always had that ring of Spud about her anyways. Hope that suffices.


Beautiful mate. I’m filling up here.


Yeah I knew I liked you., wasn’t sure why, tone deaf will certainly pay the Padwoir bills.

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

No homo, but he is fabulous! I just love that lad, what a gorgeous man we have in the squad now. One luuuuve Mick :*


To the mug called redders: don’t use dumb spurs shit like COYG. It fucks me off seeing coys let alone out fans copying. You should be ashamed


First off, his name was Rodders. Secondly COYG/COYR/COYS/COYV/COYW/COYB/COYT/COYB etc….Is simply a generic of support through the medium of type, if he wants to make a point of of support by typing that who the hell are you to judge….get the fuck over yourself Phil.


Arsenal are not a generic team.
I always thought that COY? pertained to the potatoes.
We should only use COY? in relation to whoever spuds opponents are.
The Red Lion vs Rottenham Chicken = COYRL
Arsenal are special, we don’t do generic


@ Pearson; Well done for producing a rant on something that wasn;t even mentioned. Please quote where padwoir said Arsenal are a generic team.
All i see is an explaination that the COY… is just a generic supporting tool and not a description of the team. It follows the same path as a lot of chants that are the same for many clubs with the name changed. I’d give you a slow sarcastic clap but can’t be bothered

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