Thursday, July 7, 2022

Saliba to be sidelined for six weeks by surgery

William Saliba will spend at least six weeks on the sidelines after undergoing has an operation to fix the adductor issue that has troubled him since the end of last season.

The centre-back, who signed for Arsenal in a £27 million deal this summer before returning to Saint-Etienne on loan, missed the opening weekend of the new Ligue 1 campaign despite making an appearance in a pre-season friendly against Newcastle on 3 August.

Speaking ahead of his side’s game with Brest, coach Ghislain Printant revealed: “Saliba had an operation earlier this week. We will take our time with his return.”

Arsenal are said to have signed-off on the procedure. While it doesn’t affect our immediate plans for the 18-year-old, it’s obviously a slight concern that hes gone under the knife.

Here’s hoping he makes a swift recovery and starts to get games under his belt before Christmas. We’re counting on him building his experience os senior football in the next 12 months before re-joining us for next year.

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Great business by Raul again to have St Ettiene pay his wages and develop Saliba this year. Jokes aside, wishing him a speedy recovery. He’s young enough to recover 100% and return like a refreshed beast.


Joking aside, it’s better business for them over the short term. We’ve paid £27 million for him but Saint-Etienne still get his services for a year (injuries permitting) for the cost of his wages only. Sounds good to me. That’s why they agreed to the extended instalments that we’re using to pay for him.

Tankard Gooner

Don’t think we’ve paid 27 for him upfront.


Wonder if Arsenal will want him in London for his recovery work. We are his parent club, the surgery affects us more than it does St Etienne now.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Come on, he is in their squad and they will miss him this weekend. Did the injury Suarez (on loan with us) had affect Barcelona more than us?


But Saliba is our asset, albeit playing in France, not Saint-Etienne’s. We have already bought him (for £27 million). We hadn’t bought Suarez – as you said he was only on loan. Any injuries to Saliba, therefore, are of greater concern to us than injuries to Suarez would have been (other than to rob us of his services during the loan period). How concerned Barcelona would have been about an injury to Suarez would have been up to them – but they hadn’t just paid £27 million for him. Six weeks is a reasonably long time to be out, particularly… Read more »


Shame he is injured but glad it is not on our time. Wish him a speedy recovery so that he can continue his development and get ready to join us next season.


and so it begins..

Dave M

I had a literal LOL at this…


Good for you. I wept heavy tears while typing it :(((

Dave M



Welcome to Arsenal!!!


Things that make you go hmm…


Arsenal doom! Not yet here but already injured! LOL


The adductor muscles connect your thigh bone to your hip bone! I’ve tweaked that myself and it can be a really niggly injury. Lets hope the surgery fixes it for him.
Get well soon Saliba.


Dem bones Dem bones Dem dry dones
And I hear the word of the Lord.


Yeah, I know. Misspelt last bones.


Damn niggly dones!


He is Franch, young and injured. Like in old good times 🙂


I guess I can go ahead and cancel the DVR recording I’d set for St. Etienne games the next two weekends.


Wouldn’t surprise me if we already knew this (hence the acceptance of sending him back for a season – better for St Etienne to have an injured player than us.) I hope his recovery goes well, and that he starts getting some first-team minutes under his belt sooner, rather than later.


It wouldn’t surprise me if the procedure was even one of our requests or recommendations.

It would be worse for the player and for us (probably St Etienne as well) if they hobbled him through the year not fixing it only to become a bigger or more persistent problem to be dumped off on us next season.


Maybe, if you’re going to cheat and thumb up your own comment, try to be a bit more subtle…


Are you referring to me? If so, I don’t vote on my own posts. Ever.

don’t forget

Welcome to Arsenal.


He can be ‘like a new signing’ twice now… once for St Etienne in six weeks, once for us at the end of the season.


Hopefully nothing serious.

Last thing we want is a young player we paid way over at 27m for (over a 19 match season) and then get an injury and lose form.

As I said, inherent risk.

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