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Forbes rate Arsenal as 7th most valuable sports franchise in world

Forbes magazine has rated Arsenal as the 7th most valuable sports franchise in the world assessing the club’s worth, following Stan Kroenke’s takeover, at $1.19 billion. Last year the Gunners placed 8th in the rankings valued at $1.18 billion.

Manchester United top the 2011 list valued at $1.86 billion, while Spanish giants Real Madrid, 5th,  make up the third football club in the top ten.

German side Bayern Munich (19th), Champions League winners Barcelona (26th), Serie A champions AC Milan (34th), Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea (46th) and Italian giants Juventus (49th) are the only other football sides to make the top fifty.

The rest of the top fifty is made up predominantly of NFL sides although baseball’s New York Yankees place 3rd, while Formula 1 giants Ferrari (13th) and McLaren (37th) also break up the dominance of American Football sides.

Top Fifty Franchises

  1. Manchester United / Football / $1.86 billion
  2. Dallas Cowboys / NFL / $1.81 billion
  3. New York Yankees / MLB / $1.7 billion
  4. Washington Redskins / NFL / $1.55 billion
  5. Real Madrid / Football / $1.45 billion
  6. New England Patriots / NFL / $1.37 billion
  7. Arsenal / Football / $1.19 billion
  8. New York Giants / NFL / $1.18 billion
  9. Houston Texans / NFL / $1.17 billion
  10. New York Jets / NFL / $1.14 billion
  11. Philadelphia Eagles / NFL / $1.12 billion
  12. Baltimore Ravens / NFL / $1.07 billion
  13. Ferrari / Formula 1 / $1.07 billion
  14. Chicago Bears / NFL / $1.07 billion
  15. Denver Broncos / NFL / $1.05 billion
  16. Idianapolis Colts / NFL / $1.04 billion
  17. Carolina Panthers / NFL / $1.04 billion
  18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers / NFL / $1.03 billion
  19. Bayern Munich / Football / $1.03 billion
  20. Green Bay Packers / NFL / $1.02 billion
  21. Cleveland Browns / NFL / $1.02 billion
  22. Miami Dolphins / NFL / $1.01 billion
  23. Pittsburgh Steelers / NFL / $996 million
  24. Tennessee Titans / NFL / $994 million
  25. Seattle Seahawks / NFL / $989 million
  26. Barcelona / Football / $975 million
  27. Kansas City Chiefs / NFL / $965 million
  28. New Orleans Saints / NFL / $955 million
  29. San Francisco 49ers / NFL / $925 million
  30. Arizona Cardinals / NFL / $919 million
  31. Boston Red Sox / MLB / $912 million
  32. San Diego Chargers / NFL / $907 million
  33. Cincinnati Bengals / NFL / $905 million
  34. AC Milan / Football / $838 million
  35. Atlanta Falcons / NFL / $831 million
  36. Detroit Lions / NFL / $817 million
  37. McLaren / Formula 1 / $815 million
  38. Los Angeles Dodgers / MLB / $800 million
  39. Buffalo Bills/ NFL / $799 million
  40. St. Louis Rams / NFL / $779 million
  41. Minnesota Vikings / NFL / $774 million
  42. Chicago Cubs / MLB / $773 million
  43. Oakland Raiders / NFL / $758 million
  44. New York Mets /MLB / $747 million
  45. Jacksonville Jaguars / NFL / $725 million
  46. Chelsea / Football / $658 million
  47. New York Knicks / NBA / $655 million
  48. Los Angeles Lakers / NBA / $643 million
  49. Juventus / Football / $628 million
  50. Philadelphia Phillies / MLB / $609 million

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All a bit pointless considering how fucking tight we are.


Thought the same thing when I first read this. I wonder how many others did too?


Where does the money go if not to make us better on the pitch?


Which Spanish giants are 5th?


Oh you fixed it.


imagine how much we’d be worth if we had won something in the last 7 years

The Law

The Washington Redskins haven’t won the Superbowl (the only NFL trophy that counts) since 1991. That’s a 20 year trophy drought.


as a redskin and gunners fan, it’s been quite a drought.


Interesting to note the Redskins owner has spent obscene gobs of cash to try and win another Super Bowl, all for nought.


The skins have absolutely horrible management. For those who (rightly!) don’t follow NFL football, we are probably the equivalent of tottenham before last year a la buying robbie keane, selling him for half the price 6 months later, buying david bentley etc etc

However at least they try eh? Bloody cash strapped/mysteriously frugal management!


Redskins haven’t won anything for much longer than that

N7 Gooner

An amazing achievement – when you think about how small Arsenal were it’s incredible.

Also it does make you realise how well we do when you see how much Man U have been worth for ages. Everyone who fawnes over Demento’s achievements forgets how much money he’s had for years and years!

Now….just to add silverware….


Does this take into account clubs debts? Doubt some piss poor regional teams like Barca would even make the list then.


And we beat Barcelona by 19 places … somehow that has just made my day!


Where’s Man City, Tottenham?




In Manchester and down the three sisters respectively.

ubong Augustine

keep it up,i love is business,n we’r d 3rd richest football club.dis is made possible by one man(arsene wenger).fanz are please with dis,but add a trophy n we’ll go wenger i trust


I would like to agree with you, but your grammar makes me want to shave my balls with a sycthe.


Couldn’t of put it better myself!


Please read the comment policy –

No text speak etc allowed. Thanks


Truegooner isn’t any better. “Couldn’t have”, my grammatically challenged friend.


says, the glazers control the #1 Manure United and #18 Tampa Bay Bucs


Bugger all to do with this thread I know, but is it only me that finds it depressing that Citeh have managed to create a role for Paddy, instead of him coming home?

Surely something could’ve been done, just to have the man knocking about the place? How much could Wilshere, Ramsey and Song in particular learn from him and how much could the team generally have benefited from having a leader like that working with them behind the scenes?


Where’s Barcelona?


Oh I didn’t see them that far down the list.


I would jus like to take this opportunity to wish paddy vieira a happy retirement, he has had a remarkable 18 year Career, in his 9 yrs with us he won 11 trophies. Winning 3 prem lge titles, 4 FA cups, & 4 community shields, he scored 49 goals in his 279 appearances. he then went on to win the serie A title with juve in his first season, & moved to inter & won 4 more serie A titles, & 2 super cups, & in his last season at man city he won the FA cup, he also won… Read more »


Balls. I knew that would happen…..right, copy and paste job.


Historically, Football teams have been owned by patricians who put money into teams but never made a cent back. Team ownership was a vanity prize. The The oil barons from russia and the middle east follow this trend, too, by pumping hundreds of millions into the team to make them competitive. But why suddenly, without any other connections to England or the sport, have American sports owners taken to the EPL, an open league where all new revenue generated must be put back into the team–player wages and transfer fees–in order to compete at the top level? Examine the Forbes… Read more »


And American sports are doing so well right now… American football and basketball are facing possible lockouts.


Well, that’s collective bargaining for you. The players unions and the franchise owners fighting over the split of the profits. The PFA will need to step into the collective bargaining role on behalf of players in the EPL if it goes closed-league with salary caps.

Akhil Nayak

FORBES-Once i used to believe them, but not from 2008 after their stupidity came to air.

Maurice Glyn

Manchester City nowhere to be seen. Wonder how they are going to justify that record breaking £300 million pound Etihad sponsorship deal now? Nevermind, I’m sure Platini will figure out a way to justify it…

the jim bob gunner

Why are Barca so far down? They have like the biggest staidum in europe, and have loadsa world class players that earn probably 10’s of millions by themselves. Im a bit bemused tbbh.


These valuations are based upon purchase price (where available–see Arsenal’s increase after Usmanov paid over the odds to increase his shareholding) and/or net cash flows. Barca don’t make all that much profit, if any.


The fat television contracts are the main reason so many NFL teams are on there.


Plus salary cap (spending limits) and stadium size. The smallest NFL stadium, Soldier Field in Chicago (capacity ~61,500), is larger than every EPL stadium besides Old Trafford, every La Liga venue outside of Real Madrid and Barcelona. The is a huge revenue advantage for the NFL over European Football.


It also helps that in a country about 100 times the size and with a population of over 300 million there are only 32 professional teams.


off topic slightly but…

To the tune of the lazy song by Bruno mars, (52secs onwards)

Today I dnt feel like selling fabregas,
I think its best that he stays a red,
Dnt feel like picking up the fone
Xavi leave a message after the tone
Cos today I swear im not selling fabregas…. Nasri stays too!
Ooooo oooo, ooooo oooo, nasri stays too!!!



Will you stop post spamming please Jeff?

Robbo Redondo

Well I liked it… 🙂


you know that feeling of déjà vie…? 🙂


You know I thought I’d be pleased with this kind of news but all it does is highlight the fact that we have money and either AW or the board are refusing to spend.

It’ll be interesting to see where we are on this list in 12 & 24 months respectively.


As a resident of the shitty of Detroit it feels good to know your worth more then Chelsea


What value has this really except to business men. No one could claim Arsenal to be bigger than Barcelona or AC Milan who are below them on this list. As are other more prestigious clubs.


Good to know we are 3rd and soon to move up considering we don’t buy anyone and sell for profit each season.
Deja vu again, another off season buying nobody that can increase the skill and experience of the team. Our best 11 can win the league, however, our best 11 do not stay fit all season, especially with deep runs in all 4 competitions, therefore we need to rely on the 2nd string, who for the most part, are shit. Plus the first teamers get no competition for places.


To continue look at how much Man utd (leeague winners) and man city, liverpool have spent, they are looking to improve, all we do each summer is try to hold onto fabregas. We can easily afford to go out an dbuy:
banes – 12m
cahill – 15m
Hazard – 12m
mata – 15m

Easily afford to buy all those, Rough guess with my numbers, 54m approx, that would win us the league, I am sure, get rid of diaby, eboue, denilson, bendtner (even though I like him).


Your numbers for mata, Baines, and hazard are way off. And their respective clubs aren’t selling.


Quite astounding really to see such teams like the Seattle Seahawks ranked above Barca or the Cincinnati Bengals (the worst run organization in the NFL) higher than AC Milan. The NFL’s closed format has produced the only league (that I know of) in which every team’s books are in the black. That is with a relatively, exclusive domestic sport for in the states. Franchises in the NFL that succeed do so because they are ran by the best business men within the league. A closed league with wage caps would benefit Arsenal who, by the rankings, clearly demonstrate their business… Read more »

[…] simply can’t afford Cesc (although I think we all know that), Arsenal are currently the 7th richest sports ‘franchise’ in the world – according to Forbes, Gervinho will be ‘exciting‘ and the Mail links us to […]


I know the only time to go “Grrrrrrrr” is at the end of the transfer window. So why am I going “Grrrrrrrr” now? Because Arsene Wenger, the best manager Arsenal have ever had, could be making the same mistake for at least three seasons in a row. At the end of last season I was convinced Wenger had finally ‘got it’. That in order to win the Premier League title you need Premier League style central defenders and not high-line nimble ones. I was also convinced that Wenger was going to bring in just enough experience to give the team… Read more »


All great points, Wenger again is saying defensively we are ok, defensively we are one injury (vermy) away from another tropheyless season, and are taking a gamble with Gibbs at LB.
Everyone can see it except Wenger.

Oh and don’t forget Wellington, another year out on Loan.


From value point of view, I’m glad to hear that Barca is downgrading year after despite them winning everything and thinking they own everything.

I hope we win something next year, and who knows, may be we’ll leapfrog the debt machine within 2 years, when the current sports deals expire.

1. Manchester United: $1.86 billion
2. Real Madrid: $1.45 billion
3. Arsenal: $1.19 billion
4. Bayern Munich: $1.03 billion
5. Barcelona: $975 million
6. AC Milan: $838 million
7. Chelsea: $658 million
8. Juventus: $628 million

Where are Man Shitty, Spuds and Keny Dalglish FC?


i will prefer it if Chelshit, Bar’cunt’lona and d rest of the junky, hairy autistic vorticella clubs fight for 100th position. Lol!

[…] United and Real Madrid as the only football clubs more valuable than them. Their rating(thanks to arseblog news) sees Arsenal valued at $1.18 billion and it should hopefully see the spending power of the club […]

[…] United and Real Madrid as the only football clubs more valuable than them. Their rating (thanks to arseblog news) sees Arsenal valued at $1.18 billion and it should hopefully see the spending power of the club […]


Takrl where wil u put NFL? very good 2 see we are very valuable, bt i just hope someone tells chelshit fans 2 stop addressin their football club as ‘THE BILLIONAIRE’S CLUB’ bcos they re notin bt cunty millionaire.

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