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Arsenal complete signing of Mikel Arteta

Arsenal have signed Everton midfielder Mikel Arteta for a fee thought to be in the region of £10 million.

The 29-year-old is understood to have pushed through the move  on deadline day after informing David Moyes of his desire to play for the Gunners.

A statement on the Arsenal website confirms the move:

“Arsenal has confirmed that they have agreed to sign Spanish midfielder Mikel Arteta from Everton for an undisclosed fee.

“The 29-year-old arrives at Emirates Stadium on a four-year deal with a wealth of Barclays Premier League experience, having been with the Merseyside outfit since 2005. After starting his career as a trainee with FC Barcelona, Arteta was loaned to Paris Saint-Germain before making his name in the Scottish Premier League with Rangers, where he was a member of the domestic treble winning side of 2002-3.

“A year long spell in Spain with Real Sociedad followed before he teamed up with David Moyes’ side, initially on loan, in 2004-5. The Spaniard went on to score 28 goals in 174 Premier League appearances for the Toffees.

“Arteta has represented Spain at Under-21 level, but has not played for the senior national team.

“The deal is subject to the completion of formal registration processes.

“Everyone at Arsenal wishes Mikel every success at the Club.”

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I Bleed Red



That’s great!!


Second, but I’m not happy at all, YB and MA to replace CF and SN what a fucking joke!


Stuff it.


its not like Cesc-Nasri won anything together…at least give Mikel-Wilshere a chance! have some optimism for gods sake!


They’re not replacements. They’re stabilizers. They’re good enough.

Ricardo Mora

Exactly. Well said


I know it was a lot to ask for in a such a short time, but I doubt we’ll find replacements for those two players for quite some time. I’ve come to realize that Arsenal just will not sign a world-class player, haha. Though I do think these signings add some pieces to this squad that we desperately need but it’s impossible to replicate the overall creativity we had with Cesc.

fuck off one john hawley

your a cunt.


RELAX: Name two players of the same ages and skill levels as Cesc and Nasri that we could have bought in? Go on…


Exactly . If players like Cesc and the cunt had been available then City/United/Barca would have been after them and not Cesc and Nasri. Arteta is a very good player and is probably better than Nasri


We also got a world-class CB






Really? Just stop for a second and think about it. Who could replace Fabregas? Xavi? Dream on. Who could replace Nasri? Lots of players. Nasri choked when it mattered. He was PART of the problem, not the solution.


Gervinho is the replacement for Nasri. He rarely played central midfield for us.


To all the complaining, moaning whingers. Shut your fucking pie hole. Fuck off. Now cunts!


so what good did cesc and nasri ever bring to arsenal? nothing except a few special goals and dummy spits. they were not leaders of the team and when the going got tough they got going. i for one welcome these two additions with a massive smile knowing at 1) how hard yossi benayoun works for a team and 2) Arteta has a range of passing and shooting that noone at arsenal has. and he shined in a team like everton, now he will have song and wilshire protecting him i can only say he will be a much better… Read more »


finally, was thinking this would not make it.


Starting to feel slightly more confident about the season for the first time in months!


My thoughts exactly

matt krieher




Ab Di

Wooohoo!! Didnt Wenger say that it took time to sign players? 5 players in 3 days. I think the Boss just loves the pressure and intrigue of the last few days of the transfer window :p


Its also upto the selling club. The deadline forces the issue to close at a certain price.

Tony Adams' liver

that sure was one hell of a ride


In the words of Blogs himself – Woo, and indeed, Hoo!!!

Rectum Spectrum

arteta, benayoun, mertesacker, santos, park. wow. we said we needed mor experienced players and thats exactly what arsene has brought in. i think its very positive. now next summer we can focus on hazard/gotze/m’villa.

i think we can beat liverpool to fourth at the least. confident of that now. they signed bellamy which was decent but he’s past his best. meireles was a big loss for them.

Ordinary Dan

could not agree more. on every point.



What do you think starting XII will be?

szsz-sagna,verm,kons/mert,santos- Song, arteta,wilsh-Gervin,RVP,theo/ryo/chamb


Not a chance that Ryo and Chamberlain start over Walcott.


Arshavin also people seem to have forgotten him.


I don’t think anyone’s forgotten Arshavin… I think a lot of people are just a bit tired of him.


ryo and chamberlain should get loaned out in January. We got these experienced players in so that our young players can gain experience without feeling undue pressure to perform right now.


If we did have a starting XII we might have a chance this season.

The pope

Deeeeeeench. Most fun you can have with your clothes on that. Or off, actually. Biggest joy = look at benayoun’s hair on when it comes back up. Almost as head and shoulders as rosicky.


Great signing. We are now a top 4 team once again. We could never replace Cesc and Nasri. Not on our wage budget. And we can’t compete with Manchester or the the dirty Russian. We have seriously strengthened our team and it’s all about playing in the champions league. With this squad we are now back in the race. Great news. Come on you rip roaring reds


At last!!!! Still don’t think we signed the players to get us a top 4 finish though!

Tony Adams' liver

looks as though the ghost of xabi alonso can finally be put to rest

indian gooner

we are the official transfer deadline day kings
what an end to an otherwise depressing summer arsenal wise
clichy santos
fabreags arteta
nasri gervinho
park bendtner
plus bennayoun
and mertesacker >> cahill or jagielka

No matter what happens this season….I wont blame Wenger for not trying to fix his squad 🙂



Good solid signings. Any predictions as to how we’ll line up against Swansea? Starting to feel a bit more confident about the season ahead – hopefully a relatively easy run of games will help the side bed together. (Asking for trouble there.)


What are we making of this then?


Sagna/Jenkinson TV5/Djourou Mertesacker/Koscielny Santos/Gibbs


Wilshere/Ramsey Arteta/Benayoun

Gervinho/Walcott/Oxlade-Chamberlain Arshavin/Miyaichi

Van Persie/Chu Young Park/Chamakh

arteta 10m
gervinho 11m
Chu Young Park 4m
oxlade chamberlain 12m
mertesacker 9m
santos 7m
jenkinson 1m
campbell 1m

spent 55m

fabregas 35m
nasri 23m
clichy 7m
eboue 4m
JET 1m

70m in

profit 15m approx…..

what does everyone think?

indian gooner

i think its a good squad for top 4 finish….but still a bit short of playing for the title
if the new signings esp. santos,park and mertesacker settle quickly we could do really well
my only concern is for goals….too much of it depends on van persie staying fit


We can hopefully compete for the CL, CC and FA cup though.

taio cruz

well the asian just scored a hat trick on international duty. I have a feeling he’s good cover for us. I’m a bit more nervous about what happens when RVP turns 30 and Park has to go to the military. But that’s another worry for another summer. For today, I think RVP, Walcott, Park, and Chamakh have us sorted.


great business and a great set of additions


awesome business, and keep in mind the wages haven’t been factored in, so its probably a little less than 15m in profit.


The wages of outgoing players coming off the books also have to be factored in though.

AFC 4 life

Don’t you forget Diaby?


No understudy to Szczesny???




Arsenal and Almunia will probably agree to a mutual cancellation of his contract, which will allow him to seek a move beyond the transfer deadline.

Belfast Gooner

Starting to come round to the idea of Arteta. Premier league experience and good technique. He will also want to prove himself at a big club, the same with Yosi who is a more direct version of Hleb. Little bit disappointed we didn’t bring in a few superstars but theres always January. So fairly happy with the acquisitions. A CD, a LB, 2 MFs and a CF. Not too shabby!
Up the arse


Benayoun actually scores goals, Hleb doesn’t.


Hopefully this will get us through to the next window, and then we can buy more carefully without the whiff of panic on the air.

Happy players have come in to steady the ship, but surely not long term solutions.


agreed. These signings should come us in the top 4. the next windows will be about securing our future and challenging for a title. Winning the Premier League this season is probably out of the question, but I’m still cautiously optimistic.

Hopefully in January we can get rid of more of the deadwood (I’d like to see the back of Arshavin, Rosicky, and Chamakh myself) and sign a potential star. Liverpool got Suarez last january; we need to look at someone of that caliber.


he has done exactly what we asked him to do, GREAT feckin signings…. now its up to us to support


Decent signings, particularly in defence, but surely overall arsenal are weaker now than the end of last season? Interesting to see what wenger sets as the target. It will presumably be 4th but can’t see liverpool being too worried by any of those signings.

Edward M Chukwurah

Wait, surely you aren’t MookieB from the Guardian?


Liverpool can go eff themselves. Losing Meireles will be big for them. Adam’s form will spiral down as the season progresses (because he’s fat and slow), gerrard is arguably past it, henderson and Carroll might never pan out. If Suarez goes down they are in big trouble.

Alpha t

What about to NB52? Is he still around? I missed all the deadline drama!!
Somebody help!! Lol


Bendtner season long loan to Sunderland Alpha


I think people need to get over this attitude of “he’s a poor man’s fabregas”. We probably won’t see another player as good as cesc for generations. No player we could have signed would have had people saying ‘cesc replaced, great. You can’t replace the irreplaceable. Arteta is a bloody good signing. Be happy gooners this is good news.


agreed. I just hope Arteta can stay healthy. That is our biggest problem: the dreaded injury bug. I really hope RvP doesn’t try hard for NED, they are playing against San Marino and Finland he should play blindfolded and at half speed.


Great idea–if he plays blindfolded, I’m sure he won’t get injured by running into someone or something.

Visual approximation here:

Mike Hawke

ughh… brings back memories lol


I would love to hear Arsene reveal in his next press conference that he was never interested in Jagielka at anywhere near Everton’s asking price and the club had been pursuing Arteta since mid-July. I’m not holding my breath, mind you.


As grateful as I am that Wenger has finally dipped into his purse and spend some cash on proven quality, part of my does think ‘why couldn’t we have bought these type of players last year?’, who knows, we may need to have not sold Nasri and Cesc this year if we had.

Anyhow, spilt milk and all that.

Come oooooooooooooooooon yooooooooooou reeeeeeeeds!


Apologies, typos all over the place. It’s what you get for staying up late following the TDD.


There are definately too many o’s in both “on” and you”


Great buys, which we really needed. Finally feel optimisitic!

Also, Arteta can take free kicks, which is nice.


Santos is a free kick specialist, he, arteta and rvp will be competing to take them this season


Top quality player, very happy with Wenger’s shopping spree!
With the relatively “easy” fixtures ahead, it gives the players a good chance to work with each other’s style and fit as a team.
what a week this has been!


yes exactly, too much negativity, he has added quality AND experience i for one finally feel good about our squad


Brilliant window this year, bar the fact that is was an absolute rollercoaster (partly Wenger to blame for that) during which Gooners turned against each other, the media ate up our ravaged squad, football pundits had every swipe at Arsenal for not spending, just glad the window is over. However, would like us to bring in some younger players (can’t believe I’m saying that) in M’Vila or Marvin Martin but Mikel Arteta is just super class, always signed him in FIFA 11. And Benayoun is a good squad player. 1 day, 5 transfers, 2 defenders, 2 midfielders, and a forward,… Read more »


Is M’Vila that good? Has anyone seen him play? His team wanted 30 million pounds for him; that is a ridiculous price for a defensive midfielder. More than Essien money.
Let’s sign him in January for half that price and send Frimpong on loan.


On the whole good signings IMO…coulda done with them 3 weeks ago though.
Come on you gunners-we’re only 8 points (& several goals) behind….


Wenger has brought in experience and quality. Once he gets the new signings playing together, providing support to our young talent I’m sure they will all gel and become more than the sum of their parts as is usual with Wenger’s teams.


I reckon arteta is a strong signing… if he can stay fit… still think we’re a little light in the goal scoring dept….

we’ve lost 2 of the best midfielders in europe.

and replaced them with yossi benayoun and mikel arteta. time will tell.


We’ve replaced them with Benayoun/Arteta & Gervinho, rather.


Forget djourou he’s pony. Top 3 centrebacks now verm, kosh and now mert. And santos at LB, sagna at RB. That’s a very strong defensive line. When you think back to last year we had to rely on squil. And he is as bad if not worse than gus ceaser. We are definately stronger than last year. Are main problem has been letting the goals in. We also have a wonderfully gifted keeper at last. Happy days


Quality signing. Very happy with it.


Chuffed about the arteta signing, I couldn’t go to bed until I knew if he had def signed or not. Now it’s time to dream about arteta scoring the winner against spurs from 30 yards. COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!


I don’t think scoring the last goal to make it 6 nil could really be described as “the winner” but it would be the icing on the cake.


In Arsene I trust. Never doubted him. It takes balls of steel to run a club like Arsenal FC. I wouldnt want a manager who bows to every little pressure that is brought to bear on him. Do i wonder about his methods at times? HELL YEAH!! But what the fuck do I know? I am a fricking fan! This guy speaks what, & languages? Has an economics degree…. Is the manager of one of the top ten clubs in the world….has had an UNBEATEN ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON!!…..has had 15 unbroken years of Champions League football with his team…..… Read more »

daniel frawley

the arteta transfer was absolutey brilliant. went to the last few minutes of deadline.he will slot in nicely at arsenal.


Very good signings in my opinion , will strengthen the squad a hell of a lot, wilshere, gervinhio and song to cone back ib aswell, things are on the up!!!!


Claiming some LANS’s?! That’s the spirit! Got some hope in my heart and all that again. I really hope this sorts out our season. I’ve been becoming more and more frustrated with Arsene but I honestly don’t think losing him would have been a good thing. We’ve seen sp*rs go through managers and get virtually nowhere. Ended up with a dog-faced cunt like H*rry, is that what people wanted?! Come on!


pinch slap pinch slap pinch slap pinch slap pinch slap pinch slap help.. pinch slap pinch slap pinch slap


can’t wait to update my FIFA team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


haha, i wasn’t looking forward to seeing how arsenal ranks in fifa 12… now i can’t wait! fucking love arteta!

I Bleed Red

Actually we are still only good enough for fourth. I am delighted we made decent signings. But I’m not blown over. The players signed are experienced and hopefully will bring in some stability to facilitate the rise of Jack, Ramsey and others. It remains important to invest further to bring in some truly game changing players.

Also if we do fail to gain 4th spot say goodbye and R.I.P to RvP.


i truly hate downers like you!


Me too!


bleed red my arse!

I Bleed Red

Sorry didn’t mean to be a downer but thats how I feel… we need to invest further to become truly competitive. But as I said I’m delighted with taking a step in the right direction. The right players for the right time.


fair enough now lets get behind the team


you bleed red out of your arse mate


Yeah, seriously, fuck off.


i think the signings we’ve made are a pretty good, got no finger nails left tho! boy do we always leave it late!! im really looking forward to seeing arteta in the famous red n white shirt. we got a pretty good back line now hopefully per n santos wont take to long to settle in. yossi should give us a little something we’ve really missed, i know its only a season long loan but by then i hope wenger would have already got someone in his pocket to come in. OH and i nearly forgot to say…the board are… Read more »

Lord Teddy Ears

Ivan the fucking terrible you smell like a dead badgers Na$ri !!!!

Bob the Gunner

Closest player in the league we can get to replace Fabregas !!!

Cup Half Full

We didn’t sign Messi?!?!?! What the fuck….? Come on, let’s get behind the (new) squad & the manager, if we’d bought Hazard & M’Vila you’d have all complained about the lack of experience. This is what we’ve got until the January window – support them or fuck off and follow that horrible little horse faced lesbian to Shiteh.


ha well played sir


Think I would have spent the 15m on Cahill as well. Not sure Djourou is up to it. Glad to finally sign a couple of players with PL experience though not sure why some of this couldn’t have been tied up a couple of weeks ago. Not as if Nasri or Fabregas leaving was a surprise.


Cahill is overrated; we might get him for free next summer. We can always get rid of Djourou in January. Spurs didn’t even get him. After all that huffing and puffing, I bet Bolton feel like fools


My thoughts exactly. Bolton gambled big and may lose their player for nothing. He knows Arsenal and ****s have offered to bring him in. He’ll be made aware of the wages he could be earning. I would not be shocked at all if Bolton fails to get his signature on an extension. He could be an Arsenal player-in-waiting come Jan. 1.


so happy


Not absolutely blown away but definitely brings alot of prem experience with him which we have definitely been lacking. A further bolstering in January should see us competing for CL football again this season.

Only slightly shocking figure is Oxlade being our top money signing?? Alot of pressure on the kid, hope he is given the time & coaching to develop into what we paid for him.


doesn’t that show how good arsenal are at signing players cheaply. arteta is a massive steal! mertesacker is basically the best defender available. it’s a much better system than liverpool’s, both manchesters and chelsea. arsenal actually make a profit, this is why i love this club, they don’t just buy success, they try to build it

Cup Half Full

Giant centre half & a Brazilian full back gives me a nice warm nostalgic glow….anyone else remember those days?


Hope his passport is ok!


Time’s up. This actually means that Cahill stay at Bolton? Now they won’t even get 6M…..


+ will

Cup Half Full

Have got 3 different versions of his passport here, they all look fine to me…

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