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Wenger: Arsenal fans will not target Nasri

Arsene Wenger’s decision to include Samir Nasri in the squad for tomorrow’s visit of Liverpool has already provoked great debate amongst Arsenal fans with many questioning how they are supposed to react to a player who will sign for Manchester City in the coming days.

Absent from the first game of the season at Newcastle United, but the subject of abuse all the same, Nasri’s decision to take to Twitter to defend his honour has only served to inflame an already toxic situation.

Of course, while the relationship between the French international and fans is strained, the fact remains that Arsenal are desperately short of midfield cover. Having finally sold Cesc Fabregas and with Tomas Rosicky, Abou Diaby, Jack Wilshere, Alex Song and Gervinho all unavailable, Wenger has little choice but to select a player who served as a lynchpin for much of last term…whether it angers people or not.

Asked in his weekly press conference how he expected the supporters to react should Nasri feature, Wenger went out of his way to defend the professionalism of his compatriot in the hope of nipping any negativity in the bud.

“The fans will want Arsenal to play a good football game and to win the game. I don’t think they make an individual case of each player who plays in a position. They want good players and to win the game.

“I don’t see how you can reproach Samir Nasri. His attitude in training, everybody can witness that, has been absolutely fantastic from the first day of pre-season.”

Challenged on the reaction of the Emirates crowd towards the now departed Emmanuel Eboue, who was booed from the field of play three years ago, Wenger retorted:

“That can happen in one game where you have a nightmare and the people turn against you, but our fans were big enough to forgive him for that and showed him their support in games after that.”

The relationship between the fans and Wenger and the fans and the players has been under the microscope for some time now with the media happy to throw fuel on the alleged bonfire of discontent. Nevertheless, despite the frustration bubbling below the surface, Wenger stressed that he still felt he could count on the majority of fans for their support.

“You have to be careful. We live in a modern democracy where everybody has the right to an opinion. It doesn’t always mean that a few opinions represent the majority. The unfortunate thing is that the extreme opinions get more media attention than those of people with normal common sense and intelligence.

“Because a few people have a bad opinion about one person doesn’t necessarily represent the majority of our fans. Our fans, in the majority, are behind our players and I think they will show that tomorrow.”

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Arsene Wenger is a total nutjob. Confirmed.


If Nasri plays well, we get the points and his value is justified to Man City. In other words they pay 25 instead of 22. Or maybe he remembers his love of the club and signs longterm.


Optimistic, but I like it!


Seriously he has gone completely insane. Fact.


What for thinking that the Arsenal fans wont be complete fucking idiots and boo our own player?


That’s what it seems like the Ghost is saying. He must fall under the category of those who lack normal common sense.

It’s not only Nasri who would likely be put off his game by the derisive chants by Gooners but our other players too! The ones that we love. It would be completely counter productive to chant against Nasri if he gets to play tomorrow. What if he decides to not contribute anything, he can hardly be motivated to try his best for a team he’s about to leave and whose fans are chanting against him in the stands.


“The unfortunate thing is that the extreme opinions get more media attention than those of people with normal common sense and intelligence.” Hahahaha. Oh Wenger. It’s true though. I hope fans, if Nasri plays, don’t discourage him from playing a good game. We do need to win and we’re short midfielders atm. I’m as angry with Nasri as the next Arsenal fan is but if he’s on the pitch I want him playing his best. Booing him and calling him names will not help Arsenal at all at that point. Let’s hope some people grow some normal common sense and… Read more »


He is just deluded, plain and simples.


I really hope you are not going to the game.


Are you going? Just wondering…


@Alex I wish I could go but plane tickets are not cheap.


@Sabrina Yes they are expensive indeed. I’ll guess we are in the same boat. Go Gunners!!!!


I’ll be cheering on the whole team from from my home.

I’d feel kind of silly booing the television in my bedroom. lol

Black Matta

You’re a moronic prick. Go support Stoke.


Well I’m going tomorrow and will hold back on booing the cunt whilst he’s in an Arsenal shirt, to do otherwise is a disgrace to the club, I really don’t think anyone can justify booing a player wearing the red and white, we have more class than that, or so I thought, people on here making me think otherwise.


please if you are going to the game, i really hope you do not boo nasri, it seriously doesn’t do any good. who knows, if we show him respect he might just stay, which is exactly what we need!

Double '71

Time for us supporters to stop giving Sky and the rest of the journo-filth ammunition for their anti-Arsenal crusade. It’s the first home league game of the season, so let’s get the place rocking. Support the team, be the 12th man and let’s ‘ave it.

Victoria Concordia Crescit. Come on you Gunners!

Adam, Watford

Maybe, just maybe we could have an anti-media chant. Somthing along the lines of . . . oh, I don’t know. . . .
Sky, you’re a bunch of cunts, Sky, you’re a bunch of cunts, Sky, you’re a bunch of cunts, Sky, you’re a bunch of cunts, Sky, you’re a bunch of cunts, Sky, you’re a bunch of cunts, Sky, you’re a bunch of cunts . . .

to the tune of ‘ 1-0 to The Arsenal ‘ or maybe something about newspapers in general I am sure someone else can create a corker for them. !


Do you reckon we’ll see the tumbleweed if his name gets announced tomorrow?


Down in front!


Give me AOC!


I’m going tomorrow and won’t boo him, but can sympathise with those who will. If it wasn’t for Wenger’s errors in not purchasing some midfield players to cover the losses in that area we wouldn’t even need him (I include Cesc and Nasri in that as it has been obvious all summer that they are off). Something I found strange the other night at the Udinese game (and haven’t heard before) was some ‘fans’ really slagging off and shouting at other fans who left 5 minutes early – things like the fire drill song and “call yourself fucking fans, fuck… Read more »

Daryll Holland

I hope nobody boos the team, that’s the last thing we need right now.

… unless we go 0-2 down and then you can boo all you like.

Daryll Holland

*boos the team should read boos anyone in the team..

Thomas Langdon

Look Nasri wants to go. he has every right to. id love to do the same thing im doing for 3x my wages (even if it was it manchester) but he has kept his head down as much as he can and he has agreed not to agitate for a move, unlike many other players in history. and what else is AW gonna say.

give him a fucking break guys! show some perspective.
He is still a bit of a knob, but not worth crying about

Thomas Langdon

Look Nasri wants to go. he has every right to. id love to do the same thing im doing for 3x my wages (even if it was it manchester) but he has kept his head down as much as he can and he has agreed not to agitate for a move, unlike many other players in history. and what else is AW gonna say.

give him a fucking break guys! show some perspective.
He is still a bit of a knob, but not worth crying about!


when do you start your new job in Manchester Thomas? good luck but don’t come back too soon


exactly right.

he is still an Arsenal player so deserves our backing.


He shouldn’t be booed tomorrow, at least wait til he’s gone to Man City before breaking out the “Nasri you’re a cunt” song.


I really hope our fans have enough sense not to boo him while he is playing for us. It’ll be a hard enough game as it is without a poor atmosphere. The result on Saturday is important (as are they all), so get behind ALL our players. Feel free to boo him when he leaves, but refrain from doing so until then. There is still a possibility, no matter how small, that he plays for us this season. There’s also a chance (possibly as a result of an injury) that he re-signs with us at the end of the season… Read more »


people thinking about booing him or singing that chant can fuck off.

i will be at the game tomorrow and will be singing the usual song…

whether we agree or disagree with Wenger’s philosophy we must support the team. fuck me, it’s quiet enough as it is.


I’m going 2morra and won’t boo any1 however I can’t believe what Arsene is saying in his press conference? We have bought Gervinho jenkinson chamberlain,and we havnt let that many go?? I’m sorry but the fans are not gonna swallow that Arsene,not 1 bit..


What else is AW supposed to say ? ‘ Fans will be right to boo him. They should, that’s why I included him.’ ?


i’m going tomorrow – i’ll neither be booing or singing Nasri’s name… and see how he likes that!!!!

Midfield Corporal

Why is Arsene creating this possible problem. I can’t see Nasri will give his all and rusk an injury. I’ve always been a huge supporter of Arsene but I’m starting to wonder if he has started to lose the plot a little. The lack of transfer activity, making up injuries for players who want to leave, the farcical situation in the champs league this week, signing more kids when we need experience, telling the press he expects no one to leave when everyone knows otherwise. He seems to be making his job more difficult for himself. I am actually starting… Read more »

Mike Hawke

“The unfortunate thing is that the extreme opinions get more media attention than those of people with normal common sense and intelligence.”
Sounds like the diplomatic way of saying: Fuck you, retards!


Nope boo him call him a cunt throw your rattle verbally abuse if your close enough it will make you feel better honest. And arsene have you or the club ever been more distant from the fans than you are now.. The last two statements prove you have gone completely joey Barton !


Oh and a ps. He ain’t gonna play is he let’s be honest. It’s to force city’s hand to get deal dome. And as for training hard etc. Of course he fucking is he wants to go to city fit and In good shape. What a stupid arse thing of arsene to say for gods sake


I think you were looking for this but for some reason ended up here…


He should play, we are paying his wages. Most fans won’t boo – too much class. If he scores and we beat Liverpool we can say thanks and goodbye. If tomorrow was your last day at work before moving on to a far more lucrative job, I bet you’d put in a hard shift just to prove a point. Hope no one sings the C song, were better than that.


I’m going tomorrow. I won’t be booing nasri, wenger or any one else. the team needs our support. it’s a massive game and a massive week after that. 3 wins would be a miracle but they do happen. COME ON U GOONERS!!!!!


Let’s face it, we need Nasri tomorrow, have you not seen our injury list for fucks sake??!! If I were him I’m be off as well for that money. If you are going to boo, then boo Wenger for his shit management of this pre-season. He is the reason we are in this position, NOT Nasri.


On an unrelated topic, does anyone know if Joel Campbell got a work permit?


Pauline respect opinion but football fans are not better than that. Yea we will cheer If he scores a goal or go a goal or 2 down he will get slaughtered and we all no it. Most fans are fickle simples


“Because a few people have a bad opinion about one person doesn’t necessarily represent the majority of our fans. Our fans, in the majority, are behind our players and I think they will show that tomorrow.”

Very good point Arsene.

Now please sign Jadson.


Victory through harmony. Harmony is not booing. Whatever the player, team or score. Too many glory hunters who forget the pre-wenger match fixing mid table shite of old.

Stepanovs is my Dad...

If he plays…. the second that final whistle goes I shall let the wife loose on him.

Big lass she is, too.

‘Battleaxe’ doesn’t cover it.

Like Jo Brand in drag.

Midfield Corporal

Supporting The Arsenal at the moment is like going out with a tasty bird who insists on you spending your hard earned money on taking her to expensive restaurants. You do it because you think you’ll get laid. But if she keeps stringing you along you eventually lose interest and knock it on the head (not literally, unless you’re Peter sucliffe). If she gave you a BJ on the way home you’d probably take her out again, but Arsenal aren’t giving out BJ’s, so until they do why should I spend any more money with them. Can I point out… Read more »


I would go as far as saying that winning the Emirates cup is like giving youself a handjob, as it’s our tournament anyways


Mate, that was epic. I just laughed my ice cream all over the table.


Let’s boo Liverpool… every fucking touch.

Midfield Corporal

Actually, BJ’s are new exciting players not trophies.


So handjobs are like non exciting players, and LANS is just having a wank


LOL! So ALANS Is what? Like a five dollar hooker?


yes a tranny hooker


We really, really, really should not be in this kind of situation and whatever happens, the manager, the board and some players only have themselves to blame.

The fans are the least guilty party here


Every other club are huge fucking cunts. Up the arse.


Yes yes ! If that makes sense


yes it does


Gunnertillidie__ you speakth the truth my friend! Glad to finally read where the blame lies! In wenger( and the board) we rust. Mata for Chelsea? Where has Arsene been the past few weeks, supposedly on the phone, to whom? r Arsenal broke? do they have to sell b4 they can buy? Why didn’t they buy Mata before selling Cesc? Oh yes, because we purchased a kid who will have one good fortnight and then send out a come and get me plea to Barca… And now, our less than average manager is courting further sanctions from UEFA…what a fab pre-season… Read more »


Amen brutha!


I don’t believe that Kroenke has ever said that it was going to be a ‘busy transfer window.’ You’re attributing something Gazidis said to him instead.


Jay yay if that makes sense

Red Fred

What happens when man city say ” actually we will wait 9 months and have him free. He will still come to us coz we will Pay him more than anyone else” were stuck with a player who won’t play at all. well and truly shafted by Man city either way


He still has to play because if he does not then Man City will go after the next player actually worth 10 million pounds but still spend 100 million pounds on him

Midfield Corporal

Agreed, we shouldn’t be in this situation. Man city should have been given a deadline of the champs league qualifier to do the deal or we play him. Is there any point in selling him for 25m if we arent going to re-invest it? The board appear to be weak, indecisive and naive. Gets some balls Gazidis and start doing your job properly. Your current performance doesn’t fill me with much hope when the new sponsor ship deals cone up for renegotiation. Nike -‘ ah Ivan, about this new kit sponsor ship, we’d like to offer you the same terms… Read more »


The solution is obvious. Wenger needs to go. He is no longer running the club responsibly and for whatever reason the board blindly follows his lead. He’s a self-deluding egotist who believes that he is the only one who sees the path. Arsenal will finish 5th or 6th this year and all he’ll will break loose. RvP and Theo will leave next summer. Wilshere will follow suit as soon as he can. Arsene is killing the club. There simply is no justification for waiting this long to strengthen the club. And the the outright intellectual dishonesty that he dispenses is… Read more »


Nailed it

Yar She Blows

This is Wenger’s and the inept board’s fault, simple. All you need to do is look how Ferguson handled the Ronaldo situation, then look at how Cesc jerked us around. Tell me Cesc would have gotten away with that at ManU. Wenger has turned Arsenal into a very rich feeder club, nothing more. I’ve tried to let his previous track record avert my eyes from the truth, but no more. The last 6 years we have had obvious holes in our team that if fixed could easily bring us trophies. Yet the board gets richer and the team gets weaker… Read more »

Professor Plum

C’mon Arsene – im on your side, but please trying to mug me off. Na%ri’s not committed to my club and i pay his wages – im going to slag that little twat for as long as i like.

Yar She Blows

And on top of all this, when we really need him on the touchline, he decides to get in a cock measuring contest with Platini?!?! Arsene Wenger – narcissistic nutjob número uno

Torquay Goon

Save Nasri’s abuse for when he leaves you won’t have long to wait, save the grief for the Scousers and for the civil war that will break out if were dicked.

Ivan Itchianus

Nasri has only been named to force the Man City deal through , there is bills to be paid at the end of the month and we only have 60 mil in the bank.


I wouldn’t waste my time or energy booing Na$ri… Wenger & the board are the big problem.
“SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY”…or we are bolloxed.

Midfield Corporal

The only way to truly show your dissatisfaction with the way the club is being run is to stay away from the ground and club shops. When Kronke see empty seats he might actually say something. Hurting them financially is the only way these people will listen, not silly protest marches.

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