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Arsenal ‘sign’ son of ex-Barca president Joan Laporta

According to a report in Spanish publication El Mundo Deportivo, Arsenal have reportedly ‘signed’ the 14-year-old son of former Barcelona president Joan Laporta.

Guillem (Guim) Laporta, a burgeoning right-back, is understood to have accepted an offer to train with the Gunners after his mother, ex-wife of Joan, moved to the capital. It must be stressed that no money has changed hands with the move being made due to a change in his personal circumstances, not because he wants to play in the next round of the Carling Cup.

Laporta is famed in Barcelona for having returned the glory days to the Nou Camp. Spending big cash to lure top talent, he appointed first Frank Rijkaard and then Pep Guardiola as the club won four La Liga titles, two Champions League trophies, the Copa del Rey, UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup.

In North London, however, Laporta is better known for being the driving force behind unsettling Thierry Henry, Alexander Hleb and Cesc Fabregas as he regularly attempted to pillage Arsene Wenger’s top talents.

Having ended his two terms as Barcelona president, he currently holds a position as an MP in the Parliament of Catalonia.

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2 words


Zain Cannon

I think we signed him to pay for the sins of his father…mild electrocution sessions for little Laporta!


Quite literally Barca DNA then =(


Yeah but also asshole DNA


Oh, the irony.

Alpha t

Jheez, not again, we all know how this is going to end!

Master Bates

there are two ends , the Fabregas or the Fran merida . Both are shitty

Master Bates

Barca : “I’ll be back….”

what no one has said

Hopefully he comes to love Arsenal as his own home as he is going to reside in London anyway.

Then when he becomes a legend, it’ll be the trivia of the future generations and we would all be in on it. And it would be awesome if he stated his dad was a douche for how he treated Arsenal.


i hate that man.


Give it a few years and Joan will be doing his very best Mel Gibson impression.


Alpha t

Lmao, good film, when Mel Gibson was still sane!
Apparently that the kid was Nick Nolte’s son, whatever happened to both father & son????


no infatti mi sono staajbo xD scusate avevo visto quelli del 18 Marzo e mentre stavo scrivendo sono usciti quellli nuovi!!!quindi devo dire che davvero IL must-have pr eccellenza la grafica fatta molto bene e come ha detto non mi ricorxdo chi(non ho voglia di rileggere tt la iscussione causa pigrizia)fin’ora abbiamo avuto dei giochi con una grafica non eccellente perch le terze parti non si impegnavano ma non perch la WII nonc e la faceva ad arrivare lassu!!!quindi la grafica mi sembra molto bella appunto le texture di fondo nonsono il massimo am che me frega terro gli cchi… Read more »


I met his ex wife enjoyed completing that deal.


HAHAHA!! I’m guessing the divorce was on the acrimonious side then? Well done’ to the ex-wife, what better way to piss off your ex-husband!


i hope in future mommy would prevented his son from joining his dad that abondoned him…

Adam, Watford

When will we end our Love/Hate relationship with those arrogant twats from Spain ?

Leave them alone and they will get bored and go away. They are not likely to try so hard to poach our English players maybe so let’s focus on making our team as English/British as possible.
That’s not a patriotic comment so much as more of a self-preservation mentality for our team staying together.

The only Sam is Nelson

didn’t guardiola say last year that they already had 19 jack wisheres or something? the knobjockey. him and mourinho deserve each other.

Adam, Watford

Yes, I remember him mumbling something into his cerveza about Wilshere but he was quite carefull not to make too bold a statement.
As Arseblog might say, he can just Cock Off . . . .

Forget paying-up . . . .simply Cock Off !

Fed up of Barca

Why should we end it?

They are cunts and only deserve catastrophingly bad karma, like a whole team (except Cesc) of Eduardo style injuries

Lord Teddy Ears

Play the wife off against the ex husband and sell the kid to Real Madrid when he hits 16

what no one has said



Sounds unreal!


Christ sky sports news will have a fucking right old time of it in the transfer window of 2019…. “Barca to buy BACK Their player blah blah……..”

Zain Cannon

Imagine tappin’ up your own son, flesh and blood, and paying big bucks for him…haha this will be the comedy of the year 2020.


Oh great, another Barca product with Barca DNA who if he becomes any sort of regular first team player for Arsenal will be hounded by Barcelona’s douchebag players incessantly until they return “Home”. Can we please stop buying Barca youth’s? THere are plenty of other fantastic youth prospects in the world.

[…] blog you’re familiar with Arseblog, but I couldn’t help chuckle at this piece of information from Arseblog News. Also, can I genuinely recommend that you go here and read an interesting […]


Arsenal should invite Joan for the boy’s first game, introduce Joan onto the pitch and then he should get Frimpong’d in front of a capacity crowd.


Heh! Genius.


I think guim would use his stay in Arsenal to convince his dad to become an Arsenal admirer.

Alpha t

It would be somewhat Ironic if Cesc does a Xavi and insist he returns home and Arsenal shouldnt hold him against his wishes!


We groom him then they come back for him. No brainer innit?


The only way this would end well is if Wenger marries Joan Laporta’s wife!!


Hahaha this is the funniest comment i have read in a long time….


Right on!!!!!!!!


Classic 😉


Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the funniest comment of the decade.


…and the saga continues.


Laporta Sr. will make a good David Dein replacement.Bring him here too.

[…] that’s about it for today! A short one, oh, if you are interested too, Arsenal has apparently signed Barcelona ex-president Joan Laporta’s son. Yes groan another 14 year-old blah blah blah. Again, take it with a pinch of salt until it has […]


They’ve realised what a fantastic job we’ve done with Fabregas, who’s now hit the ground running with Barca, and decided his education would be best done at Arsenal.


Quite amusing that we’ll make another £30-odd mil out of the catalan c*nts though…

lewis annis

Why comment on this very naff story. Honestly a tottenham fan has put this together.


I’m no Laporta fan, but if he was still in charge at Barca, we would have gotten closer to market value for Cesc. At least a minimum of 40 million squid would have come back to us. Laporta was known to splash crazy cash around. He’s a big reason why that club is supposedly millions in debt! In the end, I think we got about 25 million up front and a bunch of performance aided add ons that could reach another 8 million pounds. That still irks me that we got low balled for our best player. I guess the… Read more »


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I hope we let his son rot in u-18 for the rest of his career becouse what his cunt father did to us….


let the barca kids rot in sick of us being a global feeder club.


Fuck playing him, just send him back to Joan a small piece at a time, starting with his fingers.

I jest.


we surely hate his dad but please think about this.
we signed the son how about giving the dad a job as director of football
joan will surely do a better job than gazidis. he will sign top players and make us competitive again.

Adam, Watford

. . . on that point, it would be a much better headline if he took over in some capacity at Derby County . . . .


Joan Laporta sniffs little boys bicycle seats.


at least admit it dudes!
he’s better than gazidis
i wonder if ivan gazidis and his kronked american billionaire know anything about football at all.
maybe laporta dad will harrass barca for us that messi could be from the falklands and have english dna. iniesta could be from gibraltar, another english dna. we turn the table around and start raiding them.

[…] that she’s moved to London and let their son join Arsenal.   You can read more on that story here, and I for one salute […]


ill bet his wife won custody, and sent him to the only place that would piss laporta off! welcome to the arsenal. where we steal barcelona’s youth and sell them back to you at a 2,000% mark up. i hope he is here for so long that he gets citezenship.

Naija Gunner

What on earth is Wenger trying to do, another barca DNA?


I’m sorry, who pillaged who?

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