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Wenger: My BFG is an exception to the rule

Arsene Wenger has reasserted his preference for smaller, more technically minded players, but admitted he made an exception when signing Per Mertesacker due to his experience.

At 6 foot 6 inches tall, the German international is not only the tallest player that Wenger has signed during his tenure in North London, but the tallest in the club’s history beating eighties striker Niall Quinn and current keeper Wojciech Szczesny to the record.

Reflecting on the decision to spend £10 million on his lanky recruit, the Frenchman explained his decision ahead of tomorrow night’s showdown with Borussia Dortmund:

“Usually, I look at the quality of the player and not at his size,” confirmed the coach. “Because we play a more technical game, I choose smaller players.

“But he is a calming presence, he has over 70 caps with Germany so he has experience and people forget he is only 26 years old.

“He must get used to the pace of the game. It is an issue because he was surprised by that but overall he has qualities we need in our team.

“He reads well the game, has good communication with the other players and he knows how important it is to communicate. That will play a big part in our season.”

‘Big Friendly Giant’ or ‘Big Fucking German’…either way he looks like he’ll be useful clearing corners. A few more exceptions to the rules may not go amiss…

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Hopefully he’ll score a few with his head as well


The best striker in the world (NB52) is 6ft5. Taller than Niall and Wojciech


Wrong. Bendtner is 6’4, SZCZ is 6’5


Plev’s right..Rabb’s wrong – should’ve checked your stats before posting…

Bob the Gunner

“Usually, I look at the quality of the player and not at his size,” confirmed the coach. “Because we play a more technical game, I choose smaller players.”

contradicting no?


it tends to be smaller players that are more nimble so its not a contradiction


Perhaps you don’t understand what he means by technical. I don’ think it’s a contradiction


B F G?
Buy Fucking Goetze!!


Ha ha… I’d rather have Gomez


@rabb NB52 is 6ft4. Shorter than szczesny.


Michael Jordan is 6 ft. 10 in., he is still Arsenal’s tallest player ever.

The Goonet




Bendtner Fucks Goats



Benayoun Farts Glass

She wore

BFG bet forth’s gone

She wore

There s a u in fourth


BFG – Bendtner Fingered Gallas


Good (or should I say lewd) imagination there my friend!

Blogs, is this allowed?


BFG – Big Fat Git… Allardyce obviously.

The Goonet

BFG = Nasri Sucks

Sneaky fucking Russian

Whoever keeps talking about goetze will you STFU. What is the point about talking about a player who noone can buy until this time next year? He’s cup tied for Europe, so until next season, hes fucking at Dortmund! Plus he only had one good season last year and this year they are struggling. For all you know he could be just like Marko Marin, but you see two highlights of his in the media and all the sudden Everyones eating out of his ass. Concentrate on the team we have this year, I swear some people only tune in… Read more »

Corey da Gunnah!

Marko Goetze has what it takes. We are nothing without him 🙁 Wenger needs to get educated so he can make the key signings!


Who is this Marko Goetze character? The little known Russian cousin of Mario Gotze?


Hehehe.. I can’t believe no-one’s noticed how teeny-tiny Arshavin looks standing next to the BFG! Bless 🙂


“Usually, I look at the quality of the player and not at his size,” confirmed the coach. “Because we play a more technical game, I choose smaller players.” —– I think Arsene needs to change his strategy a bit here. No doubt we play a more technical game, but other teams who play against us dont. They prefer to put more crosses into our box, and this is where we need defenders who are reasonably tall and robust, who can win the aerial duels. So at least at the back, he should be looking for players like Mert. This is… Read more »


Yeah, Plev’s right. Rabb..should’ve checked before posting.

[…] last night why he signed Per Mertesacker, not the usual, nimble player normally on his list. He said: Usually, I look at the quality of the player and not at his size. Because we play a more technical […]


So is that Wenger’s master plan to have a team oh high performance midgets winning the Premiership? If only we had known earlier I would have been more sympathetic to him….


“…either way he looks like he’ll be useful clearing corners”…..maybe but where the fuck was he against Swansea in the 92nd minute? We had a lot of bleeding luck in that match, too much IMO.

The invincible arse

The invincibles used to clear corners with their arse.


No your absolutely right mate,we shouldn’t buy a young quality player,we should buy a 31 year old Chelsea squad cast off instead,makes much more sense?


Is Arshavin trying to hold Mertesackers hand in that pic? “Calming presence” indeed!


Being a tiny bit cynical, one could interpret Arsene’s words as “this time I went for size rather than quality”.


A tiny bit? lol

[…] has also explained his decision to go for Mertesacker, citing the German’s experience as a important element. The german’s experience should be a factor in tonight’s match as well, as Mertesacker […]


I love that photo. What a bunch of nerds.


That photo looks like the bfg is taking his child arshavin to school and Arshavin is too cool to hold his hand while he gets him safely across the road

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