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Wenger talks Chamberlain, Adebayor and Spurs

After ten days which has garnered three successive victories in three different competitions, Arsene Wenger spoke positively about his side’s improvement ahead of the North London derby. Speaking to Arsenal Player the Frenchman touched on the win against Olympiakos, how the defensive unit is gaining strength, the potential shown by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, why Emmanuel Adebayor should not steal the limelight from Sunday’s game and how a win in the North London derby will help build confidence.

On being the only English team to win in the Champions League this week…

At the moment it looks like the English teams just don’t walk out and crush everybody. Everybody improves in Europe. Everybody fights very hard in these games and you could see that with Basel and with Bayern Munich and with Olympiakos. They are difficult games and when you ave the points you are happy.

On Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain being ready for the Premier League…

When you are ready for the Champions League you are ready for the Premier League. People want to make stars overnight in modern football but it is not like that.  What is very positive for me is that he has shown he has the talent to be a very good future player but that he also still has things to work on.  I have big hopes for him as well but I do not want to be impatient.

On the organisation in defence in the second-half vs Olympiakos…

I do not share the opinion of many people that we were better in the second half defensively than in the first. We were in trouble in the first half more when we lost some balls while in possession. In the second half that happened less and they tired a bit more.

Overall through the whole game I think our defenders did very well. Individually Sagna, Song, Mertesacker and Santos did very well. I’ve no problem on that. You have to give credit to Olympiakos and their number 7 [Ariel] Ibagaza because he is a player who found unbelievable passes. I’ve known him for a long time and he’s one of the best passers in Europe.

On Olympiakos being a dangerous side…

Olympiakos had some dangerous situations in the second half, they hit the bar, they had one or two crosses which were very dangerous. They are a good side and we have to accept that. It is surprising that nobody has the humility to understand that to beat anybody in the Champions League is difficult. It’s as simple as that.

On the team getting stronger…

Yes, I’m very positive about this team because I must say they play with focus, with good solidarity and we know on the football front we will go from strength to strength. What is very important for us is to get positive results together and that’s why I’m pushing on being positive, because that’s what this team needs at the moment.

On playing Marseille home and away next in the Champions League…

Marseille had a good game in Olympiakos and on Wednesday night from what I’ve heard Dortmund was the dominant team but they got caught on the break. We’ll have to take care of that aspect of our game and not forget to play. Those two next games will be important.

On is favourite North London derby memory…

I have a few good ones, you know? We have good memories. But I’m always focused on the next game and want to do well. I’m not looking back too much so what is important for us is to have another positive game for the club, for the player, for the fans. We know it’s always a very exciting game but also at the end of the day it’s down to how well you play.

On the game being more competitive than ever…

Certainly, because it is two good teams. Overall, everybody has good availability on the quality of the players so it should be a very good game.

On the match representing a chance for his squad to prove their quality…

Yes, that’s what I said before. For us it’s important for us to get results together and that will be down to the qualities we have shown in recent games, the focus and solidarity. We have a strong spirit in the squad and there is no better way to show that than in a derby.

On facing Adebayor…

There was a controversial situation at Man City last year that was inappropriate. He apologised for it but we do not want to focus on that kind of subject before the game.

I do not believe that Adebayor is underrated. People know that he is a very good player so our back four will be vital in this game of course. But overall the more pressure we put on them the less it will be on our defence.

In this kind of game you want full commitment from everybody but you have to think. We have positive memories [of this fixture] because we didn’t ever forget to play our game and that is the focus that is important. Be cool and focus on the play.

On Song covering for Koscielny after a good showing in midweek…

Song’s performance in midweek speaks for itself. He had an outstanding performance against Olympiakos. I have not made a decision yet on what I will do, but he will be one of the solutions.

 On Spurs having one less day to recover after playing in the Europa League…

It is good because the players who play against Shamrock Rovers will not be the ones playing on Sunday! Four days is enough for us to recover, we have rotated a little bit as well, but physically we will be up for it.

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Ejiro Esiri

lets pull this one gunners! we can do it!!! I guess?


Wenger: Oh, and did I mention Spuds were playing “Shamrock Rovers”? You know, from the Airtricity League…non?

Shaun Krog@@

“I do not share the opinion of many people that we were better in the second half defensively than in the first. We were in trouble in the first half more when we lost some balls while in possession. In the second half that happened less and they tired a bit more.”

hmm. Seems like a contradiction….

I seriously hope we stuff the spuds this weekend. Come on you Gunners!


i wanna see Woj tackle the shit out of adebayor…
like that game where woj tackled that cunt he went flying…and he just brushed himself out while the other guy was crying…

what game was that again?


I think this is what you’re looking for –


That was fucking quality. I do believe he gave a little wink after he took that ape out aswell?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ah yes. This was the incident where Chesney surreptitiously crushed Bale’s knackers in his massive gloved fist, permanently rendering him half the player he used to be. A masterful move.


One of the top moments in the last few years. IDE forgive Him anything because of that.


Did arsene just took a pot shot at spuds? I haven’t seen him take potshots over neighbors.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

When the opposition is in possession we aren’t too bad at defending, whatever anybody says. Whether they come at us fast or slow we generally have enough to cope because our defenders are ready to repel boarders. Our problems come from the fact that we are losing the ball more often at the moment, and closer to our goal line than in the past (just watch how Sagna takes the ball forward, meets an opposition player, hesitates, turns back, and then loses the ball. It happened at least twice last match. It never used to happen.). That frailty in possession… Read more »

Fed up of Barca

How can a team park the bus in front of thier own goal AND press us in our own half… its impossible and you contradict yourself.

Our problem is that we lose posession, have too many players up field and get done on the break. We always get caught with only 1 CM back when it needs to be 2.


you can have the forwards press the defenders when the have the ball, and then the second we cross the line have everyone else park the bus

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hi “fed up of Barca”… me too. There is no contradiction. Other teams have realised we are increasingly easy to stop, so they have adapted their tactics to take the game to us and force mistakes from us. After a few years of parking the bus and all 11 players wait for Arsenal to bring the ball to them they have learned to blunt our attacks with only 8 rather than 11 behind the ball (parking the minibus, perhaps) and are now using their forwards to chase and unsettle us even before we move the ball out of the back… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Oh, Binda said the same as me, but in only one sentence. I didn’t think of doing it that way


Goon Mate

Arseblogger, I dont see your the news updates on Facebook anymore. Something wrong?

[…] team updates, with Koscielny set to miss out, whereas Vermaelen return has been delayed. This means Arsene has a decision to make in whether to retain Song at the centre back position, or to draft in Squilaci who is lacking match […]

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