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Bergkamp: I’d have done everything to get Vieira

Dennis Bergkamp believes that Arsenal should have done everything in their power to lure Patrick Vieira back to the club in a coaching capacity.

Having spent nine years in the Premier League, Vieira returned to England in 2010 after six years in Italy, but rather than join the Gunners played his final eighteen months of competitive action for Manchester City.

Calling time on his playing career last summer it had been widely speculated that the Frenchman would Arsene Wenger’s coaching set-up at London Colney with a view to being groomed as a future coach. Nevertheless, despite his ties with Arsenal, Vieira again opted to sign a deal with City becoming the Etihad outfits’ Football Development Executive.

Reflecting on the influence of his former teammate, Bergkamp, who is now training youngsters at his former club Ajax, told Martin Keown that he would have made a special effort to involve Vieira at the Emirates.

“There was talk of Patrick going to Arsenal during the summer” the Dutchman is quoted as saying in the Daily Mail. “I would’ve done everything possible to get him there. Just to get him in and around the dressing room. It would have brought so much to the team.”

Stressing that he still believes that Arsene Wenger is the right man to turn it around at the Emirates, “I know he’s the one who will be struggling the most. But with his experience, it’ll be OK,” the Iceman also hinted that his compatriot Robin van Persie could be better deployed as a secondary striker if the club bought him a more traditional partner and a dynamic midfielder.

“When I look at Robin van Persie, he is the front player, but he is better in my old role. They are missing an out-and-out goalscorer. Now they play with an extra midfielder instead.

“The midfielders are all the same sort of players. You need one who wants to get in behind Van Persie.”

Arseblog News is aware of the reports linking Robin van Persie with some Russian woman called Angie Kalashnikov, but we’re ignoring them.



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That picture would’ve brought tears to my eyes if it wasn’t for one Ashley Cole.




Job well done sir.


Despite Cole being in this picture.. it still has sufficient number of legends to bring back the memories of our glorious past.


I miss those days so much.


Paddy should’ve been brought back as a player, when he first returned to England, not just last summer.

How good would it have been to have him on for the last 10 mins in games, the traditional time when the team’s collective arris has gone?

Ah well.


I agree with Bergkamp, We need to utilize RvP as a center forward with a striker above him. Walcott wants to be a striker so why not him or use Chamakh or Park? We should go back to the 4-4-2.


YES! if wenger wasnt so stubborn. im quite sure we would be succesfull playing 442 with bendter nxt to van persie.. but now bendtner is done, and Park is going to the military and chamackh..well.. call bendtner back, make 442 and score many goals! look at bendtner at the danish national team. Everytime denmark is winning, the last 10 mins of the game, bendtner is defending is heart out. heading the ball away from corners, clearing the ball and and making tackles. He’s a real defensive assets. Then instead of always letting in late stupid goals we could have bendtner… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Bendtner’s recent press statements suggest that he hates us now and he keeps lighting fires on his bridges. He has massive self-belief and he believes that we have let him down. I don’t think we could change his mind and lure him back.


That picture has brought a tear to my eye…… minus Cashley ****stain Cole!!

Couldnt agree more with the Iceman…… would also bring him back in some capacity as well Wenger is the right man for the job, I just think he needs a few other strong characters around to help out and who better than Vieira, Bergkamp, Keown or promote Bold!!


*Bould – fat finger syndrome!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

At the very least the club should try to arrange some “meet the oldies” days for the current team. Bergkamp could give a “What Arsenal means to me and why you should use your bloody skills to score goals not fart about” lecture. Sol Campbell could give a “What Arsenal means to me and why you should never ever let Spurs win” lecture. Patrick Vieira could give a “What Arsenal means to me and why you should hate losing to any bastard” lecture. Tony Adams could give a “What Arsenal means to me and why you should never ever let… Read more »


Well considering Man City gave him a massive wage when he was playing and a prominent role in the country’s biggest academy when he stopped, we didn’t have much chance.

That said, we should never have got rid in the first place

Goon Mate

Dammit! The Cunt A$hley Cole!

Dave Gooner

Lets face it folks – Patrick Vieira has taken the Sheik’s shilling. I find myself embarrassed by his venality. I accept that the fella’s got a living to make, but for fucks sake, Club Ambassador for the new most embarrassing (former) football club in the Premiership? Jesus. What is he fucking thinking?


It’s just a job.

And the thing is, Vieira hasn’t done any of his coaching badges so would be in no position to coach at Arsenal. I know what DB is saying but it’s not as easy as that.


Also Vieira may not want any day to day coaching responsibilities and pressures. Although one thing I have observed is that out of most of our legends from the Wenger era,only Bergkamp is the one who has chosen to retire with us .


I appreciate you have to be objective but there can surely be no doubt that bringing Viera back to the club in any capacity could only have benefited the team.

It infuriates me every time I see stories like this because it makes me remember just why I lost faith in the Arsenal management team. Henry has said on multiple occasions that he wants t come back home in any capacity. I hope we don’t bollocks that one up as well.


Shrek, Bergkamp is the only one to retire with us because of Wenger’s phobia of players over 30. If we had kept the likes of Pires and Vieira until the end of their careers it would of been great for team spirit and they could of helped in the development of our ‘youngsters’.


I’m sure a lot more players would like to, but Arsene shipped them off, not unlike the case of Gilberto Silva, and maybe Henry.


@Joe. You’re 100% right, only I honestly think Wenger has turned a corner about his attitude of older players. Given the short comings of the squad in last 3 or 4 seasons he has realised he needs those characters on the pitch, and the balance between youth and experience is key (only have to look at Mun U, Chelsea, Barca, Inter etc). We were all youth and very little experience not long ago. He’s tried to put that right in the last year or two bringing back experience (legends) Campbell and Lehmann, for short term purposes. And our recent signings… Read more »


That policy was necessitated by the stadium-building budget constraints. Pires, for one, has said he knew it was time to leave after the CL final. I believe he was offered a contract extension. You can’t lay all the blame on Wenger all the time. Most of those players named could have chosen to sign one-year extensions that were offered at the time. Bergkamp did, repeatedly. Many opted not to. Loyalty is a two-way street, if it has any place in the modern game.

Steven Baptiste

Wenger gives 30+ players a one year contract so they keep trying and thus get a new one year contract and then try again in the new season and earn a new one. Bergkamp kept going until he felt he was unable to keep with the obvious changes in the speed of football.
Why give an older player 5 years when injuries could rob them of what made them special? It stops them also just using the contract as a retirement fund


Why did I have to switch to regular viewing and see that picture? /sniff


I believe Henry is also anxious to finish his playing career first and then possibly come back for us in any other capacity.This has nothing to do with the Arsenal management team. The only wish I would have in regards to him is he finishes his career with us instead of any other club.


Blimey….Bergkamp, Viera, Pires, Henry, Ljunberg…..throw in Campbell, Leahmann, Toure, Lauren and Silva ( I beleive we played without a left back) and that weren’t arf a bad team was it……I said at the time we were spoilt by that team……..sigh!

[…] One of those who gave me one of my joyous moments watching Arsenal play is Icecool Bergkamp. The non-flying dutchman believes thatArsenal should have gotten Vieira as a coach, […]


Henry to coach the strikers/forwards
Steve bould/keown for the defence
Viera to coach the midfield
Pires to be dreamy
Bergkamp to be godlike

and we would be awesome again


Pires on the coaching staff? You’d never get bloggs away from the fence at London Colney!!


Surely we should have “Chopper” Pires to offer advice on the darker arts of midfield play?


Didn’t know Pires did porno’s?

Alpha t

Jheez havent we all learnt, Wenger does opposite of what everyone tells him to do!!!
Im serious guys, if the whole world tells him he doesnt need a defensive coach, he’ll get one.
If the media/fans/pundits etc start insisting that he sticks to his 4-3-3 formation that it’ll eventually come good! he’ll change it.
He’s mad i tell you!!!!

the only sam is nelson

i’m not sure about the fuss over club legends becoming involved in management

shearer at newcastle being a recent example

i’m glad chippy is involved in the youth set up – far enough out of harm’s way that he’ll never be responsible for failings on the pitch and trash the beautiful memories with bad feeling

why anyone would want bergkamp, henry, pires, vieira – anyone to run the risk of ruining their arse legacy, that’s a bit beyond me.

ah well


Bergkamp’s opinion about Van Persie’s role is very very spot on indeed! Van Persie should be a second striker, and we lack an out and out striker. With this kind of great reading of the game he can be Wenger’s successor here.

Steven Baptiste

Except he doesn’t fly……

Sneaky fucking Russian

Park chu young cannot stop scoring goals for south Korea. Put van persie behind him and I only imagine that would carry on into his arsenal career.. If you can finish, you can finish. Give the Guy a go.


This is crap about past players. Vieira was past his best when he left. Does nobody remember The Arse stuffing Juventus a few years back? Vieira looked shite in that game. Henry? Great striker but missed two golden chances in the European cup final v Barca, then subsequently was injured for most of the next season and was never the same player. Wenger let them go at the right time as he has done most of the time with other players. Sorry, but there is a whole load of wistful thinking going on here. Just because they were good players… Read more »


So you’re telling me Walcott as good as he is, wouldn’t have been twice the player he is now if he’d had Henry coaching him?

The thing about the past players is this: they were technically brilliant. Our current crop haven’t had anybody to learn from. That’s why keeping them around or bringing them back is a grand idea.

Under the Crossbar

northerngoon— As much as I would love TH14 showing young Theo the ropes week-in-week-out, that would have meant either playing less often or not playing at all (if in a coaching capacity) — and I don’t think that would have been something he would have gone for, love the club or not. Just a thought.


I would have to disagree. yes they were past their best but they still had fame and can lead our youngsters on or off the pitch. having someone with bags of experience and been with the club for a long time can teach the young ones a thing or two about loyalty as well. one by one or two by two our players keep on leaving i am totally sick of it. even van persie is a doubt now.

our young players looks like headless chicken when faced with difficulties because they have no guide apart from van persie.


Exactly! What was the point in buying him if he’s going to waste on the bench and not even get on as a sub?

Glory hunter

Maybe he’s absolutely useless in training! Either that or Wenger’s too stubborn.


Under the crossbar – I know what you mean that’s why I’m in favour of him coming back and the sooner the better. I think we were right to let him go and the same applies for all of em. I just think we need to get them (henry and bergkamp) before someone else snaps them up.

Oh Glory Hunter – the latter I think. One thing I think ALL gooners will agree on is that AW is as stubborn as a mule. Definitely his least redeeming characteristic.


i have no doubt if we call on henry to come back he’ll book the next flight back but the problem is we are not going to do that. i missed the old dennis hillwood days when he would give our explayers a call to comeback.

truthfully apart from henry, keown and probably dixon i dont feel any other legends have much bond with the club anymore.

Pele of Romford

I nearly died the day I saw that we had signed dennis bergkamp.
just being able to say that we had him (to this day) makes me smile.
Up the arse.


Cor that was a day Pele. Totally out the blue if I remember and wallop, a bona fide world class superstar had signed for The Arse.

I’d been out on a large one on the tramp juice the previous evening, so first I heard was the back pages of the papers. Nearly maccaroni-ed me pants.

Happy days.


I don’t really know about how I feel towards having all these old legends on the staff. What I am pretty sure of is that if I could choose between paddy and Ramsey to start against Sunderland on Sunday, I’d take vieira’s old ass in a heartbeat.


its disheartening that vieira rather choose city over us well i guess he has a better relationship with mancini than wenger even if not wenger wouldnt recruit more coaching staff anyways.


I agree with some comments about using two strikers. Wenger has us playing like Barcelona, except for the passing and the defensive pressing. This team does not have the passing skills we had before. At least go to a 4132. That would give RVP help upfront and keep a midfielder over the centerbacks. I think you make Gervinho and Walcott run all day and then in the last thirty you bring in Arshavin and AOC to keep the pressure on. Please Arsene. Robin needs help up front.


If viera was in the team at Newcastle last season, no way would we have shipped four. Even with 10 men. Should’ve brought him back…

[…] the best out of Robin. Hard to credit, considering his goal record in this calendar year, but he says: When I look at Robin van Persie, he is the front player, but he is better in my old role. They are […]

[…] who was visited at Ajax by Martin Keown. He says that if he were at the club, he would have tried his hardest to get Patrick Vieira to come back to the club rather than go to Manchester City: “I would’ve done everything possible to get him there. Just […]


I find it interesting how most of the old players who used to play under Wenger say he’s still the right man to lead us.

Based on what evidence? What they say in training when they were players?? Laughable. He’s never done it before in his life and he’s ovr 60years old. Infact, he managed to get one of his former French team relegated.

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