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Wenger talks slip ups, Spurs, Sunderland and confidence

Arsene Wenger has given his weekly interview to the Arsenal website after a two week break which has left the Frenchman to dwell on his side’s 2-1 defeat in the North London derby.

Reflecting on the match against Tottenham Hotspur, the Frenchman admitted that he wished his squad had had an opportunity to play again sooner, touched again on what it is they must do to turn performances into points and stressed that it was imperative the team get six points against both Sunderland and Stoke City.

On the match against Spurs…

I would have loved to have played three days later because we felt that the quality of our performance was there but the outcome was very frustrating. I felt that we punished ourselves and were not beaten on the day by a bad performance but just by the details that you have to deal with in the big games not being on our side. It was very frustrating. The disappointment was big and I would have loved to play quickly again. Maybe thought to get the game out of the mind of the players it is better that they went on international duty.

On small details also making the difference against Blackburn and Liverpool…

I feel that the base inside the team is very good, that the quality of our game is improving from game to game, that the attitude of the players is very good. Now we must transform all that into positive results, knowing that to win or to lose is not coincidence but down to concrete facts. These concrete facts at the moment I feel are details and not really to do with our basic quality. We have made a big way, but the final steps are very important for us now.

On Arsenal having nine clean sheets in 13 games at the Emirates…

Our home form has been good; our defensive focus has been good. It is quite amazing from season to season; last season we were the best away team. Unfortunately, because we had a little bit of a disappointing start away from home the confidence is not as big as it should be, but I think that will come back.

On getting six points against Sunderland and Stoke…

That of course is a big target for us and we want o achieve that. In between we have a Champions League game. We have a big squad available so there is plenty of optimism around the team. We want to transform that into points.

On Arsenal’s Champions League form being better than domestic form…

It’s linked with confidence. I think when you look at the Newcastle result today, when we drew 0-0 with 10 men everybody slaughtered us. Now suddenly you see Newcastle is doing well. It’s the same with Udinese, everybody said it’s only Udinese, but they are top of the league in Italy so that means we had good performance overall away from home in some games. At the moment we have not been rewarded, perhaps in Europe we are under less pressure.



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spin doctor???


Ever the optimist well find our form soon enough I’m honestly glad the Wenger out banner has been blocked the man has enough on his plate he doesn’t need that bs from so called supporters


I just watches a replay of arsenal v Porto from the 2010 ucl quarter finals. Man I miss when we could hammer shitty teams.


I watched it as well. Sol was a sight for sore eyes.

[…] though. But the most constructive news has to be that the game against Sunderland is a must win, according to Arsene. Of course it is a must win, we are now fighting for the 4th spot, and every points […]


Bit harsh that the interviewer is about to cleave AW’s skull with a light sabre in that photo.


I’m tired of hearing this man speak


The fuck are you doing here then?


“What we are hopeful for and what we can achieve is to win our next game. I am convinced we have good potential, we have rebuilt the team and of course we were a bit disturbed at the start of the season for different reasons. But we just want to focus on short term at the moment, we are not in a position to make long-term plans.”

-Arsene Wenger-

What the fuck does this bullshit mean? It sounds like more banal ‘manager speak’ from a senile cunt who has run out of ideas.

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