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Match Report: Arsenal 0 – 0 Marseille – Fatigue takes its toll

Arsenal continued their unbeaten run in the Champions League this evening, but passed up the chance to seal qualification to the knock-out stages after settling for a 0-0 draw against a much improved Marseille.

Arsene Wenger opted to drop Robin van Persie to the bench after his heroics at Stamford Bridge and handed a Champions League debut to Korean Ju Young Park. While the summer acquisition from Monaco tried his best to get into the game he was in truth an ineffective force in the attacking third having received little service from his teammates.

The Gunners created little throughout the game, Aaron Ramsey having the two best chances of the first half. The Welshman first blazing over from close range, before dallying over a second opportunity and having his shot blocked. Having both looked impressive at the weekend, neither Theo Walcott nor Gervinho could provide any real penetration although the former did force a tidy save from Steve Mandanda in the dying minutes of the first half.

Loic Remy and Andre Ayew looked dangerous for the visitors throughout the match and the energy of the little dwarf Mathieu Valbuena also caused trouble for Carl Jenkinson and Andre Santos on the flanks.

As the game pushed the hour mark it became obvious that the weekend’s exertions were taking their toll with Ramsey and Mikel Arteta looking particularly fatigued. Despite throwing on Robin van Persie for the final thirty minutes and giving both Tomas Rosicky and Andrei Arshavin 15 minutes to work some magic, none was forthcoming. The Dutchman did make one darting run through the Marseille backline, but when offered the opportunity to shoot opted to attempt an audacious lob which was easily saved.

Dominating possession in the final ten minutes it was Didier Deschamps visiting side who looked more likely to win it, on several occasions flashing balls across the box.  Nevertheless, as seemed the state of affairs two weeks ago, with the clock ticking down both sides appeared happy to settle for a point. Unlike in the Stade Velodrome there was no last gasp twist.

Arsenal remain top of Group F with eight points, Marseille stay in second with seven, while Borussia Dortmund move up to third on four points after beating Olympiakos at home this evening.

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Have at it!

Autumn lovin

Do u speak English?

Oleg Luzhny

My favourite part of the game was when Szczesny exhibited is dribbling skills! Disappointing result, yes – however they are still top of the group and control their destiny.

Question unrelated to the game…when Wilshere returns, who are going to be the midfield three (assuming everyone is healthy):

Song – Wilshere – Ramsey?


Song was fantastic today.


I thought Song was a bit poor myself while the two wingers and Ramsey seemed to have the most spark out of all our players. Our back line looked about as rock-solid as I’ve ever seen. A draw is a very worthy result.


I really don’t know what he could have done more Ken. Score a goal?

Pascal Zidane

Song was outstanding, Ramsey was the one lacking. Should’ve scored!

Overall, a draw is not that bad. Clean sheet, solid defence.


Somg = Immense


the Song I saw was anything but poor. He was clearly ome of the best 3 on the night. What with his numerous tackles and tidy passes. I even remember 2 or 3 through passes. You obviously watched a different Song.


The ineffectiveness surely can’t be accredited to only Song but I saw him give more balls away than any other player (even Santos).


The result was ok considering we had a big game just a few days ago. The game was BORING though.

Pascal Zidane

It was a defensively solid performance, clean sheet and heart attack-free match. A bit toothless in attack but a draw after the Stamford Bridge epic is understandable.

Arsenal are playing more and more like a team now. Great news!


“A heart attack free match”??

I nearly sh*t meself when Sneezy did the two shoulder drop dummies on their striker!


Considering the game on Staurday I thought we did pretty well. Arsene definatley should have rotated in players like Rosisky, Benayoun and Arshavin though, maybe started Chamberlin and Coqlin or something, the boys looked understandably a bit fatigued.

Makes me a bit worried for the Baggies, hope we’ve recouvered by then, after that a weeks break so, that should be fine.

Eric Irish gunner

Proberly fatigued from laughing their balls off for 3 days at john (racist) terrys dive when he seen RVP close him down and shit himself


I agree. It was very boring and an anti-climax from Chelsea win. Good defensive game at the end.


180minutes of Blah from this match up but 4 points to the Arsenal. 🙂

Goon Mate

No fears! We’ll finish on top. Simples


You could clearly see that the players were tired. Arteta and Merts played every league and and CL games since they arrived at the club.


Thought the boys worked their nuts off all game. The bfg had his best game yet was totally in control of everythin that came in the box. Shame about the result but we can’t win every game. 100% effort is all ya can ask and we got that. Well done lads another performance to be proud of.


Nicely said Voldermort and good to see there’s a bit of perspective on the comments today.

Still in a good place in the group, and it’s a position we’d have given some right arms for not so long ago.

And I don’t mind a draw ahead of the weekend – keeps everyone’s feet on the ground ahead of one of those games we’ve sometimes not done enough in.

So a good point, another game unbeaten and some good, albeit in some cases understandably, weary performances.

Pascal Zidane

When I saw Vermaelen charging about, hunting down terrified opposition attackers, I smiled and said to myself: “yes…Verminator is back!”

So wonderful to see…


It’s nice to be in that place again where you feel disappointed over a draw.


Probably my farourite moment was vermealen deciding to be a striker and chasig down a backpass to their goal keeper, looked like a tank allgame, he really is back 😀


Good defensive performance overall but i still worry that Santos isn’t up to speed with his defensive duties yet. great going forward but was found wanting positionaly on a few occasions.


I was impressed by Santos sprinting into the opposition area a few times, I’d never seen him run so fast. Overall I thought he was quite sharp, but he does get caught out on occasion.


Think thats just in his game, very attacking, good timer of a tackle when he’s on his game though. SO long as his winger and CB are on their game we can acomadate him, getting that extra man upfeild is really very useful. And he’s got goals.


He reminds me of Dani Alves from barcelona they play same way .

Dave Gooner

“He reminds me of Dani Alves from barcelona they play same way “.

Except that he’s not a diving whining Barca cunt.


Think he just needs to get fitter. The quality is there though – he’s spots passes quickly or pegs it into space every time!

Merlin's Panini

I think it’s fair to say we lacked a little bit the sharpness.

[…] Video highlights and reaction – Match Report […]


are we just becoming too reliant on RVP to score goals?


I hate to say that I told you so. Wenger should have started with Van Persie: the best chances that we had were in the first half. By the time the Dutchman came on the game was dead; RVP hardly saw the ball.

Why didn’t Wenger rotate the midfield more? This game would have been ideal for the Ox, and Arshavin should have started, too.


you are being unfair. If another player had wasted that glorious chance RvP wasted, you would have said RvP would have scored that ball!
Agreed Wenger should have rotated and started Arsh, and Ros7.


Fair result on the night, by i agree it was not a good game. I did take some positives from the game, but i came to 2 very clear opinions on players after watching their performances. 1. Santos is not a full back / defensive player in any way. Brilliant going forward, but he got roasted last night, all night long. Could certainly fill the advanced left position, but get him away from the left back position ‘cos he aint got it. 2. Park, should not be at this great club, nuff said i shall go no further i am… Read more »


Dead right about santos. So far we have gotten away with playing him there but against a quality side he will cost us the game. Vermaalen can play at left-back, he has done it for his country. Kos and Mert in the centre.

What’s the problem there?

Park had a shit game yesterday, but hey, let’s give him a chance!

Autumn lovin

Park was motm and will replace RVP


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