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Ramsey plays up RVP supply route

Robin van Persie may be earning all the plaudits at the moment, but the basis for Arsenal’s success is very much built on the blossoming midfield partnership between Aaron Ramsey, Mikel Arteta and Alex Song.

Arseblog News is willing to affirm that you’d be hard pushed to find a more understated central trio in top level European football at the minute.  Unspectacular perhaps, but their attention to winning the ball back and making quick, decisive passes has been key in helping both Gervinho and Walcott up their assist stats in the last two months.

Reflecting on the progress which has been made, Aaron Ramsey, who had another very impressive game yesterday, told Arsenal Player:

“I feel like we’re getting a better understanding of each other now. There has been a big change here so it was natural for it to take some time for people to gel and bond together on the pitch.

“I think in the last month we’ve definitely be doing that. We’ve been playing well and hopefully I can continue my form and the team can continue its form.”

Talking specifically about yesterday’s 2-1 win over Norwich, the Welshman continued:

“I thought overall we did very well, we created a lot of opportunities. On another day we could have scored a few more than we did. I thought we did really well and looked solid at the back again. We’re on a good run of form.

“So many players were making runs forward and getting into dangerous positions. I thought on the whole we played some really good stuff. It’s encouraging that we created all those opportunities.”

Paying homage to captain Van Persie’s amazing goal scoring record, the 20-year-old made clear that the Dutchman is benefitting from the consistency of the rest of the team.

“He’s on unbelievable form at the moment and he’s putting [all his chances] away at the moment. Full credit to the team, we’re supplying the balls and he’s finishing them. We’re delighted with the way we’re playing as a team.”

“We’ve got to go into every game believing we can win, hopefully do the job and keep progressing. Hopefully the other teams will drop points and we’ll close the gap.”

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Spot on…it’s about time the rest of the team got the credit they deserve for this great run of results. In this time I think Gervinho, Theo, Ramsey, Song, Kos and more recently Vermaelen have been outstanding too.


Did anyone else not doubt for a single moment that we would win yesterday? Haven’t felt like that about the Arsenal in too long … we may have had a difficult start but I can’t help but feeling that this Arsenal is the best, most balanced we’ve had in a long time.

Oh and thanks for another brilliant blog this morning. Absolutely loved it.


I was very confident up ’till Per Mertesacker went nuts and gave away an easy goal to Morison.

If he hadn’t done that, I would’ve thought Per had a pretty good game, but that slip in concentration worried me throughout the 70 minutes or so, until the defence started to look really assured.

Other than that, Vermaelen was magnificent as a ball-playing defender. His forward runs were amazing and his long passes, to Walcott especially, were incredible.


True, and some people are saying it was a foul on Mertesacker but I disagree with that. Honestly that kind of situation is one you have to expect in England. Hopefully now Mertesacker will have learnt that and will be able to deal with it next time … If that’s the case it was a good time to make that mistake as in the end it didn’t really matter. I’m giving Per the benefit of the doubt and saying it was a one-off lack of knowledge rather than a slip in concentration which we could see again …

Master Bates

I thought it was a foul(So did Wenger) , the cunt choked him , You are not allowed to win the ball with judo tricks ,If it was the other way it would have been a penalty

Per was a bit naive not expect that .. But you expect that from a most disciplined CB


Didn’t really think it was a foul, Per does look like the type who falls rather easily, and I thought he just positioned his body very badly making it very easy for him to trip by himself by a slight shove. That slight shove also touched the ball so it was no foul. But fair play to the referee. Grant Holt’s disgusting dive in the penalty box wasn’t given. I was really worried he would. But Grant Lolt was so funny. All he did was fall and fall and fall. All in all he got Norwich 2 free kicks. What… Read more »


i agree about the best balanced. as the article says, the three boys in the middle do a humungous amount of work and that seems to be making all the difference. is really starting to feel like a proper team now. am really glad that arsene is being vindicated after all the nonsense he has had to put up with. he could have left us any time he wanted for any of the top jobs in europe, but he stuck with us even though he knew how difficult it would be to win trophies in recent years. we are only… Read more »


I love it that you’ve just mentioned jenks in the same breath as the best (young?) midfielder and best rightback in the league, what progression over just three months he’s made. And I have a soft spot for Santos, he’s great going forward and despite being caught out of position too often he has a very effective method of staying on his feet to tackle and nearly always putting his foot in at the right time to come away with the ball. Let’s just hope he can deal with games every three days … if he gets injured that would… Read more »


Agreed. That was th efunniest blog I’ve rea in awhile. Cheers.


Yeah the midfield trio have been really growing as a unit, as mentioned in the post it might be unspectacular but its bloody effective and all three of them can find that killer pass when needed. With Wilshire to come back, well you can’t really help but smile can you.


And the closing down of the opposition, by our central midfield in particular, was a step up in this game. RVP too did over 9km again – not just a class finisher and assister – sets an example in pressing our opponents.


not forgetting Diaby as well, he might be a *sik* note but when he’s flying hell add quality to our mid


I seriously hope Diaby gets well soon 🙁

I don’t feel like he’s really proven anything to us, especially since he’s been on the treatment table for months.

Let’s hope we’ll see him in the Carling Cup soon enough.


yes, i’d love to see diaby have a good run without injuries. he still has the potential to be a big star. can’t understand why many gooners seem to love knocking him…


Because he gets injured so much and plays a bit too ineffectively at times.


All going well but it means nowt without a trophy to pacify all the whingers. Hopefully this year we can have some success. But rightly so………..praise well deserved for the full team. Keep it going.


Question: Is Mertesacker good enough to make it at Ashburton Grove?

Yesterday he gave away another bad goal after a horrible mistake. This was after a dodgy display at Stamford Bridge in which he was easily beaten by John Terry during a set-piece.

Had Sebastian Squilaci conceded those goals we would have been all over him.

We could get Gary Cahill fairly cheaply in January – should we?




What is it with you negatives? We are on a winning streak with amazing players yet you continue to disbelieve in the team you claim to support!
Where is your support then?

Get behind your team or go ‘support’ someone else just because they are winning.


When we lose a cup final, or get knocked out of the Champions’ League because of a piece of dodgy German defending you will all be moaning.

By the way: I’m thinking of changing my name to “Hidden due to low comment rating” just to save time.


Fatgooner, we did lose a cup final, and it was down to some dodgy French defending, and we all had a moan, but look at Kos now. Reality is all players make mistakes, doesn’t matter who they are. The thing to recognize is they don’t do it on purpose, and the ones we have in the team now get their heads up and get on with it, because they give a shit. Witness Per and Zhervinyu yesterday. And on Per specifically, it may well be coincidence that our defence has improved beyond all recognition since he arrived and that he’s… Read more »


Fatgooner, please stop moaning about being disliked, you are very dislikeable since you are very disrespectful either way.

And your judgement is so premature it’s no wonder people thumb you down. Last year you probably said Koscielny was an utter failure. Exquisite.


the problem is, fatgooner, u will be still moaning if we win a cup final!


it’s so easy!!
when u see fatgooner name just thumb down regardless of reading what he said…


You sir are a cunt. Sorry, I know name calling is against the rules but come on. This is lame.


critic’s number of thumbs down indicates that we don’t agree. Fatgooner, please don’t assume we’re all going to thumb you down regardless of your message, we’re not that daft, only you are that stubborn.


Rambo Arteta and Song looking good, with Gervinho, Walcott and RVP tearing strips off defenders. A class keeper, and a more assured defence with kos and verm up there with the best. Still some injured players to come back (jack) and lots of raw talent as always. We are doing well considering we don’t have a suger daddy to throw zillions around the place and plow us into debt, this is a decent run we are on, and I’m proud to be a gooner… Wengers structure will pay off… We are The Arsenal. Always keep the faith brothers.


Yes, Arteta-Song-Ramsey looks good. But soon one of the BEST midfielders in the world will come in there also, with Jack coming back. So it really looks good at the moment.


couldnt help but notice john terry fell over again today


on his arse too.. 😀 😀 😀


He jumped out of the way to fall on his arse


Rambo has really turned his game around since coming on as a late sub and getting the winner against Marseille. That goal did his confidence a world of good as his form was very poor in the first 6-7 games of the season. Saying that, Wilshire is going to be an upgrade whenever he returns to full fitness. The timing should benefit Arsenal as I believe Ramsey will be due a rest to re-charge his batteries when Wilshire enters back into the first team. Ramsey, Arteta – Song are doing great atm, but Wilshire, Arteta – Song will also be… Read more »


Good problem to have, but I reckon we’ll be resting Arteta, not Ramsay. Ramsay and Song are really crucial to this new Arsenal. RvP may tuck in the goals, but these two do a heavy chunk of the creative work in between.


I am a little concerned as to where Jack will play on his return. I can only see him coming in for Ramsey out of the midfield three but with the run we’re on he may have to bide his time for a regular return to the first team regardless of his return to full fitness.


Good point…. Nice problem though eh…..


Am buzzing and love the work ethic in the team. People say we’re a one man team but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course RVP is world class and we need him but in the last month our 3 midfielders have been exceptional and have shown top attitudes. People say we panic bought but I can’t help loving Arteta. He’s experience is so valuable. Well done to the team for not listening to our whinging fans and digging themselves out of re rut! Love the arsenal and will always love Wenger even though he’s stubborn but I… Read more »


The “One man team” bollocks is the media’s current angle, intended to both downplay our resurgence and to drive a wedge between RVP and the team. No surprises there really. Anyone that takes that idea on board isn’t watching The Arsenal.

I do wonder why Arteta gets to take FKs though.


Maybe Wenger thinks he’ll get to be good at it if he takes enough of them.

Ezigbo onyearse

May we all gooners be continuously be strengthen,nice work arseblogger and these true faithfuls of our great club..Arsenal forever


Feeling so confident! Yesterday when we conceded I still believed we gonna come back and win! NOW, arsenal is the team to stop the man city’s winning run!!

Theo theo theo theo.. This boy has grown! I don’t know whether it’s to do with the praise he received from Robin about the assists! But he has been consistent so far


Can I just say totally unrelated i’m absolutely loving that zhervinyu has caught on, seriously considering getting on the back of my shirt

Johnny Massacre

The bad start to the season seems like some kind of distant bad dream now.

Funny how all the Wenger haters go quiet at times like this, guaranteed to emerge again when we slip up. Idiots shout the loudest though…


A wisest once said ” never argue with fools, cu from a distance people can’t tell who is who”. Fatgooner and I argue with fools all the time, ehem (critic). Winning five in the shod in England should be the norm for the arsenal, not cause for massive celebration after a 2-1 win v. Norwich.




Yes, but both of you were very impatient and premature in judgement when we weren’t winning. Aside from facing critic, this garnered thumbs down all around.


Anon, I’m going to be very polite here. Please stop commenting on my posts. I don’t need you to point out the number of thumbs down a post gets and your very wushu washy and rarely contribute anything to the matter I’m speaking of. So PLEASE ANON, leave
My posts alone.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If you post on here your comments are open to reply from anybody.
What you say and how you say it will determine what the replies are like.
It’s Free Speech, baby. We are all free to speak our minds, and we are all free to respond in whatever way we choose, be it by comment or by pushing a thumb button.


No gutbucket , it’s or free speech , ten thumbs down and you comment is hidden and you lose the ability to defend your original statement. And I wncourage anyone with a valid point to comment and engage in dialogue with myself or anyone else in cyberspace. I just personally don’t like Anon and I have no desire to converse with him. That’s why I politely “asked” him to refrain frOm commenting on my posts. I do not enjoy engaging in discussion with over sensitive , know it all type chaps. See how polite I was about that? There was… Read more »


* not free speech.


The team is bonding quite well now, can’t wait for the game against dortmund. A game like that at this time will really show if we’ve improved our consistency. Also, a few might disagree, but there is obviously no future for squillaci at Arsenal.. so a January swoop for Cahill would be nice, it would add more competition which would keep our defenders on point (City does this well). I like Per and he’s still adapting but to be honest I’d rather have Cahill than Per. But in the current situation we have the possibility of having both though I… Read more »


Really? Cahill? He just isn’t that good mate. This English bias is getting old really fast. Cahill would be fourth choice in our squad. And that’s only provided dj can’t pull his head out of his arse. The Cahill thing has been put to bed. Let it rest.


Looks like Chel$ki need him more & will probably outbid us… That’s if we were interested, which I don’t think we are.


After Chelsea’s torridness at Liverpool, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did go for Cahill.

Though they just generally need someone who’s able to harry everyone the whole 90 minutes. Like Robin van Persie. Or Arteta. Or Song. Or Gervinho. Or Walcott. Or Wilshere. Or Ramsey.

I mean seriously, Chelsea’s movement and pressure yesterday was so dull and horrible they were going to be massacred 9-0 if they didn’t make that half-time change.


I believe Wenger flat-out said he’s not going to bid for Cahill in January… of course that’s never stopped him from doing anything but… at this point I’d say Cahill is unlikely. Which I honestly don’t mind.


I would just like to make it clear that the reason I am so critical (sometimes) is that I love my club and only want what’s best for them. We have had a brilliant run recently but we need to look at the long-term: if we are to win a trophy this season (wouldn’t that be great?) than we must address our weaknesses – EVEN WHEN THINGS ARE GOING WELL. Can we be better defensively? Yes – so why don’t we try? Should we purchase a second striker just in case anything happens to RvP? Of course we should –… Read more »


Except thats a lost leader Fatgooner. We all want that yes, we all recognise that, well at least the majority of us do. What we don’t do is instantly look for the negative in everything,we don’t make sweeping judgements based on a singular performance, we give credit where credits due – and when its not warrented I dare say most of us look at it and say, could have done better. We’re not stupid you know, absolutely it would be great to strengthen the team – but what you have that moment is what you have to support, and quite… Read more »


between* not betweening. I’d blame something else, but no that was just my crap typing running away with itself.


Winners are perfectionists. Winners never rest on their laurels. Winners are always looking to improve. Want to hear a story? Way back in 1990 we had a very good goalkeeper called John Lukic. We won the old First Division with him the previous year. He was excellent goal-stopper. But a bloke called David Seaman was playing out of his skin at QPR – and he was available. So our ruthless then-manager Mr George Graham bought the Rangers keeper and then got rid of Lukic. The rest is history. And the moral of the story is: even if you’re good don’t… Read more »


Spot on.


How is it possible to disagree with what fat is saying? Look we all hate barca, but if we’re honest , the fact is they’ve been the best team in the world for a few years now. Nobody can argue they’ve had the best midfield in Europe. So after winning la liga and the champions league last year, what did they do? They went out and got the two best available midfielders in the world ( cesc and dirty Sanchez). Yes I know we don’t have barca money but the point that fatgooner is making is that you always need… Read more »


I’m not disagreeing with what he is saying here Frog, in fact I went to pains to point out that the vast majority of right thinking minds want what he wants, ie better cover for Van Persie, a bit more dynamism from the board etc etc. My reply didn’t just cover what he had typed here, it covers all his posts, he himself was the one that brought up that he was normally always critical. Now I’m not saying per se that criticism is a bad thing, constructive criticism I’m all for – but downright negativity all the time is… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“Can we be better defensively? Yes – so why don’t we try?” Who the hell says we aren’t trying? Haven’t we won 5 premier league matches on the bounce ? Until we draw or lose a game we ARE winning every fucking game we play. Who’s to say we won’t continue to do that? Trying to be better defensively doesn’t only mean throwing money at the problem. However, this has been a constant in most of the demands that Arsenal try to improve, or complaints that they have already failed. There are a couple of teams in this league who… Read more »


@gutbucket , I know who our second choice strikers are. Chamakh fucking sucks and I’m not sure park is ever going to see the pitch in anything other than a cc match. Don’t ask me to support two sub par wankers. We’re the arsenal FC for fuck sake. Here’s a list of shitty teams who have a striker that would kill for a move to arsenal just for a chance to be robins deputy. In no particular order: everton- Saha , Bolton- Davis, Blackburn- yakubu. Shall I continue? We could do the German, Spanish and Italian leagues next, let alone… Read more »


Do me a favour Frog ! The first three strikers you pull out of the hat as a possible cover are all 30 years plus, yeah that would really be seen as a step forward by everyone wouldnt it. What is your great revolution about ? Turning us into Aston Villa ?


I think you missed the point of what I was trying to say Fat, no doubt this was caused by rush to reply completely off point. Not once did I say that the team shouldn’t be looking to improve, in fact I said it would be great to strengthen. What I did say however, was that regardless of what you/me/everyone WANTS, what we have at the moment is our team, and thats how its going to stay till at least the new year, so rather than whinging and bleating…and heres the crux, looking only and always first for A negative,..hows… Read more »

Bob the Gunner

Supply the living shit out of it to RVP and we will win something for sure !!! Up Gunners !!!


Sydney Gooner here. Long may this Arsenal run continue. These boys have come thru adversity like I’ve never seen before. Nobody thought they’d come through the way they have. Makes me proud to call this my team that I support. We are, The Arsenal.


Cant wait to play City and beat the crap out of them.Unbeaten run my foot.

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