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Wenger has eyes on USAsia

Arsene Wenger, canny soul that he is, believes that the USA and Asia will emerge as ‘forces’ in world football in the future and may well be looking to bring in players from further afield than ever before.

Arsenal have already signed Ryo Miyaichi (Japan) and Ju Young Park (Korea, S, not lonely) with MLS star Brek Shea set to join up with the Gunners this month for training.

Speaking to the boss said, “These are two continents that I think will be the future of the game. America will produce more and more top level players and Asia as well.

“In these two countries they have an aptitude to have a team attitude and a hard-working attitude too. Once they get the education, they will start to produce good players.”

And the manager revealed that Shea will train with the first team and possibly take part in a reserve game.

“If it is possible I would like to do it. We will have to see how it goes because we play many games now and we have to check how it works on the legal side too.”

Shea’s arrival sees Arsenal’s North American scouting operation – fronted by former Gunner and Twitter star Danny Karbassiyoon (no relation to Kim) – bear its first fruits.

Arsenal fans await the arrival of the next Roy Wegerle.

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Is there any chance of Shea being bought?


I wouldnt count on it this year since he just signed a 3 year extension but I can certainly see him moving during the next Winters transfer window.

He’ll have to have another great season like this year and show well in international tournaments. I expect he will and that’ll garner a hefty price tag higher than Jozy Altidores record of $8 mill.


If he turns out to be absolutley fucking brilliant you’d assume we’d make an offer. An he’s young, so it’s a possibility. Very small possibility, but nonetheless. Suspect he’d be cheap to.


Roy Wegerle. Fuck me, I never thought I’d hear that name again. Well pulled out the hat.

the only sam is nelson

i thought he was south african? QPR??

hmmm the plastic pitch

Burt Reynolds

Yes to QPR. But before QPR, long before QPR he left RZA and went to college in Florida, even played in Tampa in the old US professional league. Derek Smethurst and ROdney Marsh both worked in Tampa around that time and Roy made his way to Chelsea and later QPR, presumably on their recommendations. Wegerley naturalized a US citizen at some point and played a number of years for the US national team in the 90s. Speaking of indirect citizenship and the US national team: Klinsman is currently calling up a few German players from the German 2nd division whose… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

superb thanks for that!

Black Matta

‘fronted by former Gunner and Twitter star Danny Karbassiyoon (no relation to Kim)’

Hearty chuckles were had

but fyi for everyone. iranian =/= armenian.

Master Bates

get Shinji kagawa he’s asian

Merlin's Panini

he’s a good player, but he’s also a United fan from what I’ve heard about in Japanese interviews.


which asian is not a Man U or (ever sense 2006) Barcelona or even a (ever sense 2008) Man City fan

Merlin's Panini

Quite a few, judging by the Asia Tour this summer. Loads of Gooners there, which was great to see.


I think we were trying to get Honda, along with Milan, correct?

Hopefully we can finish that deal… What an amazing player he is.


Oh Arsene, the US a “force” in World Football ? Freaking Golf is more popular than “soccer” over there. Most americans would rather watch grass grow than watching a football game


Interesting assumption, given that the MLS averages a higher attendance than the NBA and NHL.


Is this to do with the open air footie stadiums having a bigger capacity than the indoors of hockey/basketball?

Genuine question


As Spooner said, I’m fairly certain that the average MLS stadium can hold at least 5-10,000 more people than an average NBA or NHL arena. Being from New York, the Red Bull Arena(MLS) holds about 26,000 people and Madison Square Garden(NHL/NBA) holds about 18,000. So the Red Bulls could have 7,000 open seats and still have a higher average attendance than a consistently sold out Madison Square Garden.


Thx A. Suppose prices come into it too..

Who are the popular English players over there? I seem to remember when travelling the US that everyone wanted to talk about Rooney (after Beckham). Didn’t realise anyone could like such a fat-headed biddy molesting pest!

Jim Deen

I’ve lived on this side of the pond for more than 20 years now, and never before have I seen this level of interest. Where I work, there are four other soccer-freaks, one of whom is a frickin’ spurs fan (can you believe it?!), and the other three variable supporters of whomever. My point: there is genuine, and growing interest in the beautiful game over here. It’s palpable.

Nebraska Gunner

Agreed with Jim Deen. Soccer (football) is growing like wildfire here in the states. I’m doing my humble part to help too! Convert them all to Arsenal fans! 🙂


I’m a “Yank” who got his footballing education whilst living in Germany, moved there at the age and have lived in the US since I was in 3rd grade. I as well as many of my co-workers (some from Canada, Jamaica, etc) are mostly from the US. We got to one of the local pubs to watch matches occasionally, but there isn’t a day that goes by that at least 2 of us aren’t talking football. I’ve been an Arsenal fan for years. The game is really catching on over here. I wish Atlanta (where I live) would finally get… Read more »


Nick the main problem is that all the Fox Soccer ads are about Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and yes sometimes Tottenham Fucksters FC. They will advertise Arsenal sometimes. Maybe once every 6 hours if lucky. And they will only ad Barcelona during the Champions League because they don’t own the contract for Barcelona matches other than the CL matches. Hey even the fucking commentators FOX uses are crap. All they do is badmouth Arsenal when they can. I remember after the Arsenal – Man U match they ridiculed Arsenal but after the Man U – Man City match… Read more »


Oh and Nick I thought that FOX Soccer and GOL TV was free but FOX Soccer Plus was what you pay for. Maybe its different in my area but thats what I got.


@Arsenalkid I definitely know what you mean about the bias of the commentators on Fox Soccer, but I do love Ray Hudson on GolTV. He cracks me up. He’s like Jeremy Clarkson talking about the Stig the way he calls matches. It’s not just the commentators that lose a nut every time Barcelona do anything. It seems like the whole world is enamored with the Catalan crybabies and Messi has already been given every award there is before there’s even a vote. The only time you see anything about Arsenalstoreusa is during an Arsenal match but they’ve got Chelsea, Man… Read more »


Spare us your generalizations of US fans. There are plenty of Gooners and Football fans here and can be just as passionate about their club.


Is ‘freaking golf’ a Tiger Woods thing? Sounds a bit unsavoury


I remember when we were also going after Luis Gil of Real Salt Lake in MLS. He declined due to his parents and all that but I hope we go after him later. As for Shea I love this kid. I saw him live in NY and can tell you he is the real deal. While your at it Arsene go after Freddy Montero (Seattle Sounders) and Juan Agudelo (NY Red Bulls). Agudelo is a beast. Also go into the Indian market. Jeje Lalpekhlua is amazing. Scoring at the age of 20 is like being a god in India. But… Read more »


Was about to say the same as the two posts above me. I live in Illinois and football is really growing around here. It stl louis about 80 miles away from where I live has always had football (soccer) team of some sort. But the past few years have been wonderful seeing all the new football supporters I’ve even converted my friend who loves baseball to love Arsenal football


Noticeable increase in amount of fans in Chicago… When we play, a few of the bars that show ‘soccer’ are well represented by noisy Windy City Arses….


I’m a Chicago Gooner too. I converted all of my friends and family into Arsenal supporters too 🙂


America and Asia are not countries, Arsene.


Pretty sure America is a country


There is no America:

There is United States of America

North America
South America

and the unknown American Samoa. 🙂


North America (including Mexico and up), Central America (below Mexico until, and including Panama) and South America (From Colombia down to Argentina).

Its a common missconceptions, especially from USA citizens to think that USA=America.



@700 if you’re being a pedant, shouldn’t that be ‘little known’? Fuck me this international break is boring. I turned down a free ticket to wembley because I don’t want to trek to a shithole to watch some c-grade cunts play kick & rush. I wish Theo had a better selection of team-mates at international level, he seems like he’s too good to liaise with the totally open-minded bastard offspring of criminals you might find in the England camp. As a kid I used to get really excited about watching England play. Now I’d rather sit in a room without… Read more »


Speaking to the boss said, “These are two continents that I think will be the future of the game. America will produce more and more top level players and Asia as well.”

As far as stretching of the usage of North and South America goes, they can both be referred to as America since they technically *are* still America, only South and North. In the same way, South Korea and North Korea are still Korea.

Reading comprehension fail, all of you.


oops didn’t mean to sound harsh 😉


Also, isn’t “The Americas” a name for a continent? Or do they just call it “America”?

Master Bates

You like Americans Wenger ?

get this Tim Ream guy

I have never seen him play ,but judging by his look and name , I think he is better than Djourou and Squid


I have seen him play in person, and he is not developed enough to play for Arsenal. He makes way too many defensive lapses, although he does have considerable class on the ball for a CB.


I think Tim Ream is a decent player but is not a the level that Arsenal would want him at. I would wait till Tim Ream is at his prime till I give him a chance. He had an excellent 2010 season but in 2011 I felt that his performances went down a bit. I don’t know whether it was the fact that he had 3 different partners at CB through out the season or that he just naturally decreased. Hopefully 2012 will be better.

Jeremy Mathews

As another Yank gooner, I can say I am horrified by the prospect of Tim Ream playing for Arsenal. My fellow gooners are equally appalled at the idea. Our mugsmasher friend loves it though.


Jeremy, Tim Ream is not that bad. He just needs proper coaching. Sure 2011 was bad but I bet 2012 will be much better.

Jeremy Mathews

If nothing else, Ream has a future captaining Chelsea.


Tim Ream is the most overrated US player since Klejstan. Can’t wait for him to finally stop being selected for the national team


Yeah America! Getting more of my fellow Yanks on the squad will only make me love my Gunners even more.


the game is growing in the US, not just the major leagues, but even down to the high school and youth programs. need proof? here is what a classmate of mine wrote on his facebook just last week after his american football game

“what the hell is this guys? what happened to tradition? it used that everyone went to watch the football team, now everyone goes to the soccer games”

Drew World

Eh Tim Ream is pretty bad


He is not that bad. He had a great 2010 just dodnt click in an overall uneven club in 2011.

Merlin's Panini

one good season does not a great player make.
Look at that cunt that went to City.
“Which one?” you ask.

Still, I’ve never seen or heard of the guy so I can’t make a judgement on him. If he’s good enough he’ll come. If he’s not, well… meh…

Great to see so many international Gooners though, I must say.


Merlin the difference between Ream and “the forbidden lesbian” is that The Lesbian had half a good season then did shit. Ream had a great full season and 2011 was not that bad either. He actually won a few Man of the Match Awards to. Even when we played LA Galaxy in October Ream was on fire. I believe he made Robbie Keane (Nasri’s lesbian lover) look like a piece of shit that match.

Merlin's Panini

Fair enough. I know nothing about MLS truth be told. As I’ve said before: if he’s good enough he will come.

It’s not that hard to make Robbie Keane look like a piece of shit though, seeing as he’s been wearing a cock on his shirt until recently. And what’s behind a cock? An arsehole.


Haahahaha very true but as I said its not just Robbie Keane. Keane was just the only player you guys might know because if I said a normal MLS player then you would have said WHO?

Also I don’t think Ream is ready. Few more years in MLS should do him well. He is only 24 and still very young.


Just say no to Tim Ream. My sentiments as well about Klejstan, utter crap that lad!

Of the US players out there that I think could flourish under a really good coach/system are Onyewu, Michael Bradley, Shea, Agudelo, and Freddy Adu and Jozy Altidore. The last two (as US fans all know) had way too many expectations put on them and weren’t given the time they needed to develop (Like Arsenal try to do with players like Ryo & Ox).


I agree. The same thing is almost happening with Agudelo. The kid only played two matches in 2010 and sure he scored two goals for the USA but to much was put on him. Personally those people who say “PLAY HIM PLAY HIM” are wrong. When he plays he is usually selfish and goes for the net himself. He also tries to many tricks which fail in the end.

the only sam is nelson

I suspect that this story is as much about economics as it is about football

Whichever way you cut it, there’s more money and people in the US and Asia which means that not focusing on those territories will cost with respect to both club revenues and talent/scouting

gone are the days when we could pick up a couple of irish lads from the school yards of stoke newington. now they’d probably be too busy with their nintendo DS and a bag of doughnuts to bother kicking a ball around.


I think that’s just half the story. We won’t have many fans from ‘absolutely neutral’ territories if we keep up our lack of glory. True, being a fan is not about glory-hunting, but with glory your exposure increases, and this gives rise to a better opportunity cost to ‘neutrals’ who would want their team to be successful. Of course, speaking from experience, I started following Arsenal not because they were winning the league every year like Man Utd or Chelsea, but rather through past activities that had related to Arsenal. And also the amazing Thierry Henry and the football. In… Read more »


I keep hoping Arsenal will tour the U.S in summer and make a stop at Carson, CA for a game with the Galaxy. Are you listening, Arsene?


i dont give a shit if we sign players from mars. as long as theyre good to go rite away with no bullshit “adaptation to the epl” period.

Merlin's Panini

Heh. Players from mars would be interesting.
I don’t mind the adaptation to the epl thing though.
I remember when Bergkamp first came to Arsenal he took a little while to hit his first goal (though we knew he was a world class player already).
Henry had an adaptation period and got better and better, and I remember dreamy Bob also speaking to a paper that English football was too rough for him. What’s the common link here? These are three of our best ever players. Who cares if it takes time to adapt if they turn out this good!


wow, finally found a place to contribute; got lost in those exciting MLS analysis!
Yeah, Wenger seems to have a policy of not throwing a new player into the thick immediately. He gives you time to settle down and learn the Arsenal way; get the fans’ huge expectations off you; and, especially, get the english press’ pressure off you. Henry, Eduardo etc.
He seems to break this policy only when there’s serious gap in the team eg arshavin, arteta, per etc.
Many a player never recover from poor starts, at least with that team.

Nick in Joburg (who stole my handle?)

One good thing about the interlull….I’m getting work done…;)


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Gutbukkit Deffrolla

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