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Frimpong to join Wolves on loan

Arsenal have confirmed that Emmanuel Frimpong will join Wolves on loan for the rest of the season when the transfer window opens tomorrow.

The Ghanaian midfielder has made 14 appearances for the club this season but has looked very much like a player who needs regular football to aid his development.

A relegation scrap with Mick McCarthy’s team will certainly give him the hands-on experience he needs and give Arsene Wenger a better idea of his readiness for first team football at Arsenal.

Meanwhile, the Arsenal manager says he’s again considering a loan move for a full back after Thomas Vermaelen limped out of today’s win over QPR with a calf strain.

The Belgian is set to miss 2-3 weeks according to Wenger and with all four specialist full backs injured there may be no option (other than Squillaci) to dip into the market, even temporarily.

Can somebody please kidnap Wayne Bridge and hold him in an underground lair until Feb 1st, just in case? Thanks!


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I’d rather Wenger promote someone from the Reserves than bring in Wayne Bridge.


Wayne Bridge???? That CAN’T happen!!!!!


It will be so un-wengrisque if he signs a full back even on loan because the peoblem is we have four perfectly good full backs and they are going to start returning in couple of weeks.if verminator is out for couple of weeks i will not be surprised to see song move back into the back four and see kocienly and djourou as fullbacks.just a thought…


Dont worry Wayne has been kept busy he is pallning to throw Terry off the BRIDGE.


Did you call yourself Comedian so people would realise you were attempting to be funny?

Black Matta

Shut up you norwegian twat

Big Guns

The transfer window opens in the morning, Wegner should buy vertonghen from ajax and hazard and stop looking cheap deals, because vertonghen can play wing/center back, because we are not gonna get away with cheap deals with the current pl points standing. Without 3 quality addition we are in trouble. Continue to shop for cheap deals Arsene, you got away with it in the summer, it wont happen again, unless you are planning to play in the Europa league…mark my word


Got away with it ? 4 of the 5 signings look pretty astute as things stand, admittedly one is proving a bit of a mystery man, but thats the way things go sometimes. Seems to me from some corners, Wengers damnded if does or damnded if he doesn’t. Try and have a cheery new years won’t you.


Firstly, most of his signings have proven to be very good….. and have played a massive part in bringing us up from the dregs of the table to a top 4 position……And that, you may know is not Europa league…..
Secondly, if you are to play football manager and pretend to be a true Gooner, then at the very least show some respect and spell the name of our illustrious manager correctly….

In Wenger We Trust!!!


Manchester City, United and Sp*rs are all in the CL for spending like crazy…no wait a minute…

Les Bleau laGoon

Agree full stop, as long as squalicci Is still our 6th defender!


you probably copied and pasted this from the last transfer window 🙂

Master Bates


Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

Saturday 31st Dec 2011: Frimpong goes on loan to Wolves
Saturday 21st April 2012: Match report, Wolves vs. ManCity – Samir Nasri leaves the Molineux in a coffin after beeing Frimponged to death.

Brady's fondness for chips

We should loan Frimpong out to whoever City play next. Simply to increase the chance of Nasri getting Frimponged.

Mark G

Good idea, and something i’d love to see… BUT… The chance of Samir Cunti playing is ludicrous lol


Frimpong will definately improve with the loan move so good luck to him, and can’t wait to see him back next season.

As for CB crisis… Last minute attempt to pinch Cahill Park Ju Young Styleee?


we have cb crisis?oh ok so you mean having perfectly settled centre backs at arsenal is a crisis actually?:p


By CB I take it you mean FB as we have plenty of centre backs – Koscielny, mertesacker, Miguel, Djourou, Squillaci… Okay the last two are a last resort and Song can play there with Coquelin moving to DM.




Three day arseblog news ban for being the first cunt to say Cahill. It takes effect immediately.

Lord Teddy Ears

Frog for president !!!


Even better,


He can take the North Koreans to new heights.


For one thing Coquelin did very well there as a sub today. I think he did better than Verm in that position cos he does more attacking going forward. If we can get through the next few weeks I would prefer we don’t bring in any full back. I think Yennaris is a good right back and should be given more chance. Also Miguel could cover the left thereby giving him some games too. My priority would be a good creative mid and striker cos Henry is only temp


Obviously (with hindsight activaited) you’d probably have to call the whole Verm out wide thing a mistake if it caused his calf strain, I’ve got to say as well, surley we want him in his best position. He could miss some big games now. Ah well, Le Boss knows his squad better than us, and indeed Mr Hindsight. Coq added width, that was really good to see. Think we’ll probably need a loan move, maybe a decent club from abroad will have a Frimpongesque full back in need of game time? We can but hope, certainly better that WaynefuckingBridge. Oh,… Read more »


It’s good he’s off on loan. Promising young lad, but needs to learn a little maturity in some areas.


Na$ri getting Frimponged?To death??


A good move sending young Frimpong off for the experience. And while I’m at it, a happy New Year to all you Gooners!


Everyone is slagging off Bridge, and admittedly he didn’t look great at West Ham, but if Arsene does choose to sign him, then he must think there is something to Bridge that people have seriously overlooked. The guy keeps himself in great shape and is not a crock. He has plenty of Premiership experience. While at Chelsea he was a solid player (remember the goal he scored against us?), and would not have been signed by City if he was crap. Bridge’s career has been derailed thanks to that c*nt Terry, and Mancini not wanting him because Hughes signed him.… Read more »


Those are good points, but he was terrible at West Ham. He might have made it a year or two ago, but by the looks of it, Coquelin/Yennaris/ANOTHER defensive reshuffling might be better.


Whilst I cannot argue that Wayne Bridge has shown some signs of quality in his time and at one point may have been an attractive option, I cannot get excited about bringing in any player who has had virtually no game play this season… We need someone who can slot in without delay… It is presumably only meant to be until our boys are back fit…… I hope….

Brady's fondness for chips

That’s a pretty good argument but Wayne Bridge did look woefully off the pace at West Ham, and his positional sense didn’t make up for it either. I’ll gladly admit myself that a few years ago I would have had no problem with us signing Bridge. Remember when City went to Stamford Bridge after the Terry controversy? He had to have been man of the match that day, he was phenomenal. Unfortunately, unless he’s up against a team who has a player that shagged his missus I doubt he’ll have the motivation to play like that again, and he’s certainly… Read more »

Brady's fondness for chips

*AGAINST a Bridge deal


Just to clarify, I’m not a huge fan of his. The problem Arsene faces is either we buy someone for several years, in which case I would plump for Vertonghen; or we try and bring through a youngster; or we get a loan of a player who is either shit, or out of favour, or both; or we go for the Squillaci-type option of a cheap purchase of someone who may not feature much and is a total gamble. We don’t seem to have much in the way of genuine fullbacks on the verge of breaking through, and I don’t… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

The coq done a good job there today remember the money graber flamini done a great job when we reached the CL final in the same position so all is not bad


I was just about to mention Flamini. Maybe the current full-back problem can be solved in the same way; i.e., not by promoting a young and inexperienced player from the reserves / 2nd string, but rather by moving a utility midfielder in there–someone with the same energy and desire that Flamini had. Coquelin may indeed be that person, and on the basis of today’s impressive cameo, you’d certainly think so, but there are a few of us who also think Benayoun could do a great job there, particularly since we use our full-backs really as wing-backs. Yossi would offer the… Read more »

Cmno u SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fayled arsonal playa lyk all ur plyrs think u got yooth sistem haha we got bale and adebayor from yooth sistem
Cmon u SPURS!

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck off you spurs wanker and happy new year fellow guns

Typical Tottenham spelling

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

Your sister is your mother,
your uncle is your brother,
they all fuck one another
the Scum family!
Dararara *clap clap*
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Runcorn Gooner

Unbelievable.This person is in serious need of help .2 words spelt correctly
in the whole article.
Their blogs must be unintelligible .I think that David Attenborough could
do a whole series on the lower forms of life in N.17.
I can say all of this in the safe knowledge that this moron hasn’t got a
a clue what I am talking about.

Pele of Romford

Your parents are clearly related.


Where’s Silvestre nowadays? Get him & Gervinho down that left hand side, & it’ll be like a scene out of Mars Attacks.


Heres another far fetched notion, dreamed up in in the middle of the night just after your infant son has woken you up & you can’t get back to sleep

Let’s all petition AW to ring Fergie this morning & get them to swap our lazy Russian for their lazy Bulgarian. Or maybe the horse-mad Scouser?
Or shall I go back to bed?

Eric Irish gunner

No offence mate but we don’t want any mancs and especially fucking xspurs scum.


None taken – but both would be better than the current back ups & might move The Ox up the food chain. Accept it’s not ideal, but think it gives us a better chance to finish where we need to.


Fuck Wayne Bridge, can’t we re-sign Silvinho?!


i’m a bit confused. is song not going to the african nations? and does frimpong not get into the ghana squad?


song’s country (cameroun) didn’t qualify for the tournament, while frimpong wasn’t invited by ghana

Les Bleau laGoon

I played golf with Wayne bridgethus weekend. HAve to say he really tired during the second 9.

Les Bleau laGoon

Good drinker too


Late I know, but I did mean Full Backs… Apologises all round fellow gooners.


Yes ! Sunderland you beauties. Were only 9 points off top, we’ve come back from further behind at the half way point. Keep the faith guys, stranger things have happened.



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