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Statues, Sixpence and Saturday – Arsenal is 125

Arsenal’s great innovator Herbert Chapman, most successful captain Tony Adams and greatest goal scorer Thierry Henry will all be honoured with a statue at the Emirates stadium.

Forming part of the Gunners’ 125th anniversary celebrations, the three figures will be unveiled on Friday. Thierry Henry, who is currently training with the Gunners, is expected to attend the ceremony, although Adams is unfortunately unable to make it to North London due to commitments in Azerbaijan.*

The club have also confirmed that referee Howard Webb will toss a commemorative ‘sixpence’ to decide who will kick-off Saturday’s match between Arsenal and Everton. The coin is symbolic of the sixpence which workers at Dial Square Armaments Factory each gave to purchase a football for their new team back in 1886 – you can make your own mind up whether that’s a load of marketing guff or not.

Whether you’re into the tossing of antique coins or not, Arsenal have advised that supporters arrive early at the Emirates on Saturday so not to miss a parade of former players which will take place around 2.20pm.

Arseblog News looks forward to seeing Samir Nasri, Emmanuel Adebayor and Nicolas Anelka maimed by Lions sporting the 1971 Double home kit, before the likes of Nayim, Andy Dibble and Michael Owen are shot out of canons from the stadium roof. It should be a hoot. Up the Gunners.

*Yes we know he doesn’t manage there anymore!

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the only sam is nelson

no perry groves, no steve walford, for fucks sakes what’s the world coming to etc etc

actually it would be good to see willie young re-enacting his brilliant foul on paul allen from wembley ’80 on nasri and adebayor. i’d turn up early for that.

come to think of it if kenny sansom or nigel winterburn are involved in the parade wenger might be chasing them around with some boots


If I were George Wood, I’d bring me gloves after last night.


Did someone forget “Watch John Terry fall on his ass over and over”?


Statue for Adebayour?


On the basis that statues generally get covered in shit….


i would love to see a statue of Na$ri getting raped, and i am sure many other fans would as well.

Eric Irish gunner

Strange but fucking funny


This makes me me really happy. But how about they throw out a few thousand more and provide GOD with the statue he deserves. If we’re talking statues, Dennis should be the first on the list!


yeah!! dennis deserves a statue…dennis the wizard..


Good choices, but surely there was a place for Wenger? Apart from Chapman, I struggle to think of a single manager who has so completely transformed the football culture of Arsenal (and he’s our most successful manager ever, isn’t that right?). Strange. I would have thought they’d do EITHER managers / boardroom folks, OR players, but not both.

Oh well. Henry and Adams deserve it.

Mike Hawke

Well, they do have a bust of him in there somewhere.


Wenger will have a giant one overlooking the whole stadium with his arms held wide and a plaque reading “i created this”

Merlin's Panini

I like your thinking.
I would have thought Wenger would be nailed on for a statue, but I guess it might be because he’s still at the club that they didn’t do it.
It would be a bit weird going to work and seeing a statue of yourself.
Almost as weird as seeing a statue of a suspected paedophile outside your stadium, eh Fulham?


They should get a Gary Glitter one as well, just to complete the set…..


Oh, and don’t even get me started on Ray Parlour. Embarrassing omission by the club.


Is there some way we can turn this statue thread into a transfer talk thread or blame Wenger for not picking the correct statues?


Super easy. Check it out:

How dare that red tie wearing, big nosed, letter “r” rolling chump not pick Gus Caesar, who even at this age, with his boots laced together, would be a total upgrade over Mertesacker! ARGH!!!! Listen to the blogosphere, Arsene! we know what we’re talking about!

See? Easy.


I imagine wenger will get a statue when he leaves commemorating ALL his achievements (yes, there will be more)

Naija Gunner

It’s gonna be a loaded house on saturday, and am very happy and I don’t why? ….just happyyy!!!


dejilinho says:
December 7, 2011 at 5:47 pm Statue for Adebayour?

Surely the pidgeons have enough to crap on in london……..

Runcorn Gooner

I heard a rumour that Arshavin and Chamakh
have received invites as former players


The statue of Arshavin that was on the pitch last night was very lifelike, I must say.


Great shout for bergkamp, still the greatest most gifted player I have ever seen play although for me Tony Adams is the greatest gunner of all time. Doubt in this football age of money we will ever see his like again sadly


Fingers crossed for Jack, being English and having been at Arsenal since he was 9. I’d like to think players still stayed at clubs all their careers no matter what contracts were thrown at them. Unfortunately it’s the ‘have it all now’ society that is leading our young players.
Player: I want a trophy and lots of money without actually working for it.
Agent: Play a little bit better and i’ll get you to Man City or Barcelona. Even if you don’t win a trophy you’ll be paid X amount more.
Player: Sounds good. Let’s do that

Pele of Romford

The stadium should be named after arsene, I think this will be done however when he leaves.
Dennis should be honoured along with rocky, parlour (proper arsenal lads)
But the three are good choices.


Manchester clubs out


Tonight on Sky Sports.
Roberto Mancini and Alex Ferguson talk about the Europa League like it’s important.



Runcorn Gooner

Nasri enjoy Thursday night football against
Some 3rd rate team in Europe.
It’s what you deserve.


That also works if you swap the word ‘against’ with ‘for’.


Who would give that a thumbs down? It’s genius and a clever way of using English to change the context of a sentence


Change in EU accord, the new capital of European football is now Manchester


Not quite sure i understand this comment? Are you saying the media are portraying the manchester clubs going out as the end of the champions league? or is it a reference to the Europa League?
Media around the world will be writing about their own teams, so it won’t all be about City and Utd.
Lille, Trabzonspor, Ajax, Dortmund, Olympiacos, Villarreal, Valencia, Galaţi, Zagreb, etc… all went out as well. Slightly disrespectful if you write off all those teams…..


hope samir nasri enjoys watching emerdale now instead of playing champions league footie.. But I’m sure he can sit on his couch and watch his old pals live in Europe on tv!! himself and clichy can share the popcorn. and maybe even a couple of the lads from the “other” Manchester club, I am absolutely delighted that both of them haven’t qualified, what makes it so sweet for me Is that the national broadcaster here in Ireland love everything Manchester utd, so by all accounts their “analyst panel” of bill, giles, & sheephead dunphy must be blubbering like babies 🙂… Read more »


Nooooo whenever we’ve been on TV this season we’ve done quite badly. Can we just play at 3pm every Saturday (so they have to cover all teams) and only have radio commentary until the Final….


Anon via text: “Just heard that the Manchester clubs are jointly releasing a fragrance for Christmas: Channel No.5.” Luverly stuff. I’d go there to comiserate with the lads, but when I put Manchester in my satnav, it just couldn’t find it in Europe.

The Don

i think you mean chanel no. 5


Szczesny defending fellow keeper de gea on twitter. We might not all agree about that, but the Pole certainly has class


henry only l!!!!! why not both henry and berkamp together the greatest attacking duo in english football history. if arshavin deserve a statue on the pitch why not GOD himself denis berkamp


Why would Arshavin deserve a statue? The joke is that there was one on the pitch that looked life-like on Tuesday. I think you’ve misunderstood….
Also, they’ve chosen the most influential player (there are some amazing stories about chapman), the greatest captain (stayed his whole career) and the highest goal-scorer (can’t fault him) to cover most generations. Bergkamp being the only Dutch player in the FIFA hall of fame should be fine for him.


Just hoping that we miss Napoli and ac Milan in the next round, as they look very dangerous At the moment, apart from that the other teams look easily beatable at the moment.

Quarter finals here we come!


keep up that attitude and we’ll end up like united, we have come far, it would be a bitch if we returned to our old ways


You mean AC Milan who we’ve beaten a couple of times recently… If we play to our strength of speed then the italian teams should be fairly simple.
The italian game is still built on slow-build up, so a quick, possession game should see us through.


on a different note,



No, not really.

Eric Irish gunner

Shit group and they still can’t get through enjoy Thursday night football mancs fucking great


Hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahhahhahahhahahahjahaahhahahahhahahahahha fucking wankers!!! Have fun in the Europa playing on spursday!! Hahah


“Whether you’re into the tossing of antique coins or not…”

Laughed out loud when I read this for some reason.

Love Arseblog News!


The mirror reckons theres a new reality TV show starting in manchester after xmas.
Called the EUROPA league.
Glad they have something to challenge the coronation street ratings with 🙂

Runcorn Gooner

Some of the comments are bang on .Enjoy
the moment (and being near mancsville am
I enjoying the moment!!).
They are going to suffer in the new year.
Playing each other in FA cup,Thursday night
Away days and City with a double header
Against a focused Liverpool in the CC.
As for is Come the next round it’s a whole new situation.We have the team to go far as long
as we stay focused on each game.


Are you copying your comments from somewhere as they always seem to be in a weird stunted pattern?

Pele of Romford

@steve “giant statue of Wenger over looking the stadium…” That is pure class my friend. Imagine if we had all our legends made out of bronze, standing 150ft tall (is that enough??), all leaning over the stadium looking in!!! Everytime someone kicked the ball into the air you would see them looking down on you like some Nordic mythical gods of some sort, casting their judgement. You wouldn’t need to motivate the team. And the opposition would be scared to look up in case they saw Dennis, Brady, arsene or rocky looking at them!!’ like T-rex’s from Jurassic park. Yes… Read more »


Haha that would be brilliant. And don’t forget 150ft tall statues of Thomas Vermaelen and Sol Campell, they would scare the shit out of other teams 😀

the only sam is nelson

Sheffield Wednesday

Manchester Thursday

etc etc


And all this on our birthday 🙂

the only sam is nelson


I love the BBC and their cheeky sense of timing…


Wait. This is after? I think Mario Balotelli would disagree.


Congratulations to both Utd. & City. For having made it to the Europa league at the expense of Basel & Napoli respectively 😉

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