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Arsenal secure windfall as Hutchinson makes club-record move

Arsenal will receive 15% of the £22 million fee paid by Ipswich Town to Chelsea for Omari Hutchinson.

The 20-year-old winger moves to Portman Road on a five-year deal having helped the Tractor Boys achieve promotion to the Premier League while on loan last season.

Hutchinson was part of the Gunners’ Academy for seven years but departed the club for Stamford Bridge two years ago after rejecting a new contract offer. It’s unclear whether a fee was involved.

While the pathway to first team football was no clearer in west London – Hutchinson initially joined the Blues’ under-21s before making two substitute appearances – his talent, endeavour and willingness to try something new have eventually paid dividends.

After moving down a level he scored 11 goals and made six assists in 50 appearances in the Championship as Ipswich sealed an unlikely return to the Premier League as runners-up.

Having earned the trust of manager Kieran McKenna, he’ll now be hoping to make his mark in the top flight.

While Arsenal will be pleased with their small windfall from the deal, you can be certain Chelsea will be even happier. Not only have they made an eight-figure sum flipping a player in the space of two years, they also hold an even bigger sell-on clause (25%) should Hutchinson move again.

It’s a rare win for Todd Boehly amidst the mayhem of his stewardship.

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“… six appearances in 50 appearances “
What does this mean pls???


I guess it should be ‘six assists’.

Stian Van Zweden

It means Assist lol


It means like with Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, he might have 50 appearances but only in six of them would he actually appear and be seen to do something on the pitch. Same same.

Advanced metrics actually call it App% which is how often do you actually appear in your appearances. There’s also xApp which isn’t Kieran Tierney’s favourite stat right now :/


Forgive me I’m bored because there is no football. And if you were to say “but Ebo there’s a big international tournament on right now, did you see how beautifully Spain played yesterday” to which i would reply “yes I did, and that and Spain’s other showings might have been the only non abysmal matches so far involving a top team” and “in this Euro’s 30 appearances it has about 3 appearances”


I might keep getting down voted for speaking truth to power about this tournament as you all attempt to deny reality, but no one actually argues against them, because there’s not much to argue innit 😉

As Galileo Galilei once kept saying in the face of hundreds of down votes- “and yet these Euros stink”

A different George

Have you stolen one of Johnny’s four hats?

Rising Dough

And yet fans are having a great time. Been to three matches and at no time did I hear anyone say they wish they didn’t come because the football sucks. I suspect many fans believe international football quality is below that of the top clubs, but they come anyway to celebrate and party.


Maybe the never ending amount of matches is having an effect?
FIfpro and the Pfa seem very relaxed about it members being flogged to death.

Walter White

Seems odd that Chelsea should harvest all the goods from just loaning out a player they got from us. Why didn’t we do the same?


I think in this case it was more down to him being a Chelsea fan & jumping at the chance of them being interested – even though they didn’t have any intention of playing him.

But they do better with loans than us for youngsters, it’s something we need to improve.


I think a nice big ‘wedge’ for signing on at the Bridge had an influence?

Crash Fistfight

That’s an understatement. We’re terrible at managing our assets.


Chelsea know how to sell players, irrespective of their crazy purchases. If you can sell players for what you paid (Havertz) or sell a guy you never intended to play for £22 million – you’re doing ok.


Yeah, they played a blinder with Lukaku


So far they’ve sold:
– Hutchinson (paid nothing) for 22m
– Lewis Hall (paid nothing) for 33m
– Maatsen (paid nothing) for 45m.

Have we ever gotten 45 million pound for one player? No. I take Lukaku and raise you Pepe…


If you like the moneyball so much, perhaps become an Oakland athletics fan. Selling players doesn’t translate to success on the pitch, otherwise Brighton would be champions of europe for the last three seasons.


No, but money is a huge part of it. Let’s say we managed to get 35-40 million for the 2 players we’ve just lost, how much closer does that get us to Isak?
Buying squad players, loaning youth players etc and selling them on for higher value goes a long way in improving this squad.

We are a bad selling club, I don’t get why it’s hard for people to admit. We can praise Edu and Arteta for the incomings, but we have to be critical too. What will be telling is how much we get for Nketiah and ESR.


Chelsea “business” is a pretty shady business. Not sure I would take their purchases and sales at face value. Their dealings have damaged the sport considerably. We will return to being a good selling club, and there has been considerable investment in the academy and entire process at Arsenal. As with Arteta’s rebuild, trust the process and be patient. If you want to win the selling game, we just need to sell Saka and Saliba and the trophy will be ours. In a few years down the road, we can then sell Nwaneri and Dowman for pure profit, too. We… Read more »


It’s not about selling our good players or even just selling the academy players. It’s getting value for those that don’t take Arsenal to the highest level and maximising the value of those that won’t make it. Some of the comments perplex me and completely miss the point. I don’t want to win the selling club trophy, I want to be able to be a team that comfortably can operate by producing really special players, whilst being able to sell the ‘almost special’ for good money.

Also, “return to be a good selling club”, have we ever actually been one?


When we win and compete, as we did under early Wenger and now again under Arteta, we sell well and will sell well. With a bit of patience, you will see this bear fruit.


Totally agree and well put.


Does isak fit into the managers plans? Focusing exclusively on a single expensive player seems pretty myopic to me when we don’t know the overall transfer strategy or financial restrictions and we have obvious need for players in other positions.


Getting Isaak isn’t the take away point of what Leemillion is saying. It’s about getting value for the players who don’t quite make the grade. it’s about not giving a direct rival 20 million quid for a player we developed. If we were good at that then signing players like Isaak this summer wouldn’t be a problem.


How’d they do on Timo werner, Kevin debruyne, and mo salah?


I don’t get why you’re spamming me with names. It doesn’t change anything. Do you need me to list all the dross we’ve had? How many times have we taken their terrible players? Luiz, Willian etc.

Really short term memory here when it comes to Arsenal.


Because you listed players in your initial post in an attempt to make a point? Because I can make the opposite point with cherry picked data? Because I’m bored?


Clearly, but if you want to play like for like – list the Arsenal sales that compare to Chelsea’s. For every bad Chelsea signing you can name, I can name one equally as bad from Arsenal. Have Chelsea let some decent players like Salah etc leave, yes but Arsenal have too.

If you had a point, you’d show me good business Arsenal have done in the selling department. Or you can wait and we’ll see how much we get for an established premier league striker who is English and quite young. I bet you it won’t be a great amount.


Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi, and Balogun. But I find this whole business about selling to be quite ridiculous. Who cares? We have one of the best, most valuable squads in the world, our academy is turning out players that teams in the PL and Europe want, and we play by the rules. The money will come, but it is not important so long as the club continues to evolve.


I don’t get as riled up about it as some but it absolutely, definitely matters.
We will be unable to buy another established, ‘top’ player this summer because we’ve sold so few these last few years.
Whereas Chelsea will just continue to throw shit against the wall and perhaps some will stick, perhaps it won’t.
But we’re hamstringing ourselves when City are picking up good money for Palmer, Jesus, Zinchenko. Its what allows them to keep throwing shit at the wall, except their much, much better at it.


Not many clubs who play by the rules are going to buy a 100 million pound player in back to back seasons. We will do smart business this summer, after having done very smart business for a few years now. The team Arteta and Edu have assembled is superb, and the academy is producing some a few gems. We all should be very thankful for what we have, and look forward to the progression. I find it hilarious that Arsenal fans look to City and Chelsea as models for transfer business — I mean, these are the two clubs we… Read more »


I’m sure that if we loaned a player to a championship club who got 11 goals and six assists, which got them promoted, they’d pay us 22m for him too.
Then again we probably wouldn’t be so financially bollixed up that we wouldn’t rather have a player of that calibre come back.
The main reason we don’t get much for selling players is that we very rarely sell players that we’d actually quite like to keep (I. E. The ones other clubs want too).


Well done, Arsenal. Now please spend the money wisely.

I have to admit that I was really frustrated yesterday evening: England were only seconds away from being eliminated from the Euros – and that would have meant that Rice and Saka coming home and getting a nice long rest before pre-season.

England have no chance of winning that tournament under that clown Southgate and I just want our Arsenal players home ASAP.

It’s a shame that Southgate isn’t now going to be Man United Manager: That would have been fun.


These are the Euros. Greece and Portugal and Italy have won it with worse than negative football. Like those teams England defends well and is awful in attack but has players who can nab one in against the run of play. Would it be depressing for what it says about football if England under Southgate were to win it? Sure. But that exact depressing thing has already been said about football every other Euro tournament.


England can’t cope with the weight of expectation placed upon them by the press and fans.

Crash Fistfight

Yes, you can do an awful lot with £3.3m these days


Same trick Barca pulled on us with Auba


And some middling Bundesliga club did as the go-between for Gnabry to Bayern


Some might say barca were owed a little back from us after we robbed them blind on Alex song (not me though, those snakes should be bankrupt and their board should be in prison).

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