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Confirmed: Chelsea sign Arsenal youngster Omari Hutchinson

Chelsea have confirmed that highly-rated winger Omari Hutchinson has signed from Arsenal.

The 18-year-old was in talks with the Gunners over a new deal but has seemingly had his head turned by the Blues.

It’s a bit of an odd one. While the pathway to first team football was far from clear at the Emirates – it’s notable he didn’t make the squad for the US tour – it looks all the more blocked at Stamford Bridge.

It’s said he’ll initially join up with their under-21s and presumably he’ll eventually head out on loan to gain senior experience.

While supporters will be disappointed to lose such a talent to a rival, these things happen in football.

Luckily there’s a conveyor belt of talent coming through the ranks at Hale End, so attention now turns to them.

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Blian Gliffin

Yuck. Bye-bye career

Funsho Patrick

Heard he left for money… good luck with that…but seriously we should be taking a few more youngsters on the tour instead of 5goalkeepers and others preparing to exit…

I really hope it wasn’t financial. 18 year olds are not nearly mature enough to deal with finances. Someone mentioned he has a new agent Kia Joobawhatshisname, sounds like he may have been advised to leave.

Johnny 4 Hats

I was always told by my dad – Do what you love and the money will follow.

But so far blogs hasn’t given me a penny for all these comments.

I was always told – show them the money and the love will follow.


But did we try hard enough to keep him?


Exactly right that these youngsters should be in the US. Flores is also rumoured to be annoyed he wasn’t taken on tour. Patino left behind as well. Just so we can take Runarsson and Torreira who have no future at the club. Seems a strange thing to do…


I’d consider with the news breaking so soon that perhaps he was left out because they knew he wasn’t signing and was leaving for Chel$ki. Agree overall though it would be nice to see more youth players on the tour, must be a shop window/bargaining situation for the fringe players.

Jimmy j




That’s all.


big shame. from a purely footballing perspective i don’t understand this… how can you look at the way Chelsea’s youth are handled, Hudson odoi, tammy etc and think that’s a better decision than Arsenal’s? especially this new crop of saka nketiah esr and co. ah well. for his sake i hope he doesn’t go through the standard Chelsea path of six and half loans in 5 years before being somehow sold for 20m. i really wonder about this decision. money talks i guess?


What are you talking about?? For his (and Chelsea’s) sake I definitely hope he goes down the typical Chelsea path of forever being on loan and never breaking through.

Had high hopes for him to compete with Saka, but this is definitely one of the worst case outcome for him. Would’ve much respected him going to say Bundesliga or some sort for playing time – but signing for Chelsea youth just speaks money all over.

Heavenly Chapecoense

But Chelsea develops center forwards in their academy. Our academy did not develop a single one in 20 years.
PS: Nketiah will love my comment.


Afobe, Greenwood, Aliadiere, Akpom, Simpson, Emmanuel Thomas, Pennant. They’re all pro footballers deemed not good enough for Arsenal. Similar to how Chelsea felt about Nketiah, Tammy and co.

Chuck Felsea

Hope that guy is as good for Chelsea as Willian was for us.


Obviously doesn’t fancy his chances of succeeding at Arsenal so will accept more money from Chelsea in lieu. On the one hand, football is a short career so it’s understandable that you need to grab the dough while it’s on offer. On the other hand it doesn’t say a lot for his confidence in his ability to make a career.


I wonder what kind of commission his agent got for engineering this move?


This is disappointing, when their academy lads have difficulty to play for the first team. Hope Hutchinson is happy with his $$$.

Giuseppe Hovno

I’m absolutely furious.

Remind me who this guy is again?


If you watch our U23s regularly he’s one of the reasons why we do so well. A big disappointment for me personally to see him leave, but seeing it’s Chelsea it’s almost certain it’s for money. And usually that won’t work out well in the end (which I certainly hope is the case).

hans andersson

Hate wonderkids (who almost never become decent players). Rest in peace, boyo. What Arsenal need is proven top players at the age of 25-26. Still becoming better and with successful years to come. Get Tielemans! Get Gnabry!

Gnabry has just signed a new contract with Bayern.

Tielemens rumour has gone eerily quiet. He played 30 minutes today for Leicester in a friendly.


Not sure if money is the main driving force behind his decision. Its understandable that it’s not easy for any academy grad to get into the first team.. but surely, looking at current situation, history and DNA of both clubs, our players stand a high chance to break through to the first team. Time will tell if he made that right decision.


But I’m the current climate it’s a hard one. We have been successful but so have the chavs (Mount, James, Trevor). Someone mentioned Tammy….he was given a whole season but wasn’t good enough for them (so he wasn’t messed around).

I can’t deny the DNA element though. They had Salah, De Bruyne but couldn’t appreciate them.




So if it’s not money, what is it?

A fetish for wearing blue?


Will we get any fee or compensation for him?


big shame. Kid is pure talent. It’s not gonna be easier breaking into the first team In Chelsea too. I don’t know his motivation for leaving since it’s the same dynamics, but good luck to him. Pure talent


Are we due developmental compensation for this, given he came through our academy? And any rough guide what that would be or is it decided by tribunal?

Also, having heard he went for the money – that would be a shame if true. As noted in the articles and by other commenters, of the two clubs there is only one that has a C reputation for allowing a pathway to the first team for their graduates.


The two clubs are in discussion over a fee or a swap deal including Levi colwill.


It’s a weird one but I can kind of see it. At Arsenal he’ll have Saka, ESR, Martinelli, Vieira, Marquinhos and Nelson ahead of him at least, all of whom are 22 and younger. It was very unlikely he’d breakthrough here, where as at Chelsea the players ahead of him are older, and they’re going through a bit of churn. Plus they play wingbacks, and he might be used there too.

It’s a shame but as the article says, we’ve got a lot of talent coming through, and I don’t see this being a great loss.

Emi Rates

If players want to go then let them go. Just make sure we get paid appropriately.


Rats out


Was his current contract coming to an end? It’s weird. From his point of view the additional finances for playing the same U21 football may seem logical . But earning more than your teammates in the U21 squad puts a lot of pressure when entering a new environment. Why he didn’t choose to just simply go out on loan, I have no idea. He could have earned even more if he backed his talent to succeed and work hard to get the bigger bucks. Hopefully it won’t be too late for his career when he realises that he is paid… Read more »


I’m pretty gutted about this. He looks like he’s got bags of talent, shame Arsenal couldn’t keep him. They probably know what they’re doing tho.


I wish I could find it in me to wish him all the best.

But he’s joined that lot – obviously for more money. So I can’t.


The optimist

I know there are bad types in every fan base, but it baffles me when players join a club that has a vial fan base like theirs. Like he wasn’t earning enough already. Anyway, good luck to him when he makes the move to Brentford in 5 years time. Like the Murphy’s, I’m not bitter.


Poor gullible, cognitively immature fella!

Kentish Gooner



I’m worried about how many opportunities arsenal’s youngsters are actually getting, they keep talking about needing another winger when Smith-rowe and Pepe were on the bench a lot last season, Nelson performed well on loan, Hutchinson has the potential of saka (they say) Jesus likes to be a winger too… Buying another one surely doesn’t fill any young attacker with hope of breaking into the team!


how much money do we get for him?


We cultivate exceptional homegrown talent only to have those kids poached by that Chelsea drek! Horrible. It leaves a bitter taste. Omari Hutchinson has crazy talent. Even if he never brok through to our first team, I believe he would’ve brought significant funds in the transfer market, one, two, three years down the line. We shouldn’t let this happen.

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