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Frimpong Frimponged – could miss 3 months

Emmanuel Frimpong could be set to miss up to three months having suffered a facial injury during Wolves 3-2 defeat to Aston Villa today.

Frimpong is on loan at the midlands club until the end of the season, but was stretchered off during the second half. Attempting to win a header from a corner he was caught in the face by Stiliyan Petrov.

You can see footage of the incident here.

BBC West Midlands say that Frimpong has suffered a suspected fractured cheekbone and could miss three months. Unless, of course, he wears one of those mental Phantom of the Opera masks, but it all depends on the seriousness of the fracture.

The news is a blow to Wolves, of course, but also to Arsenal who sent Frimpong on loan to progress his development.

The youngster has had previous bad luck with injuries, suffering a cruciate ligament injury during the Emirates Cup in 2010 which put him out for over 9 months.

Fingers crossed it’s not as serious as the first reports suggest.


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Ah that’s a real shame for him. Was looking forward to him getting a stint under his belt like Jack at Bolton, and coming back with that same aggression, but maybe tempered a bit by experience.

Wish him a speedy recovery.

the only sam is nelson


someone who doesn’t mind putting themselves in the firing line – that’s what we need. Although not literally putting face into boot i suppose 🙁

Cygan's Left Foot

He is fine, he just twit this;

“I can’t remember much of it to be honest, all I remember is headbutting Petrov’s foot, is it okay?” – Frimpong.

And this;

You lot should stop caring about me I hope petrov foot is on after hitting A metal face:)

hahahahah got to love him.




Wolves will definitely stay up if he plays in a fucking mask!


Shouldnt of kicked the ball at VDVaart last week and made no attempt to check if he was ok

Now he is hospitalized….what a shame….hope its rearranged his face….DENCH.


you are lacking in a social life or education of any form.


Oy vey! No one is holding a scrap metal sale here so bugger off.

the only sam is nelson

bitter, much?

looks like it

guess you know you’ll be finishing below us this season, like every season – fair enough, take your thrills any way you can and as a sp*rs fan, that’s going to be the highlight of your season. an arsenal squad player getting injured. whilst on loan. that sums up how little you’ve got to cheer about, hey.


I presume this will be your last post as your mother will surely need help fastening her girdle and stockings combo before bingo?


shouldn’t you be destroying your own city right about now.


but we want him to STOP getting kicked in the face…


Well said, Pete.


How about the Rorschach one? tough to make one though.


News just in, Petrov has actually shattered every bone in his body after accidentally kicking Frimpong in the face


How can ANYBODY ‘accidentally’ kick some one in the face?

Lets hope Frimpong gets well soon and gets all Dench on the culprits ass….

the only sam is nelson

let’s ask Diaby who accidentally knocked john terry the fuck out, shall we? heheh


Diaby knocking out Terry is the reason I will never complain about him.


He Tweeted after the game, guess its not that bad. After all he iz African n can hundle it


What are we, superhuman?


Thats some dumb shit to say.


Frimpong could wear a Jay mask but then he’d run the risk of being arrested, in a horrible case of mistaken identity, for being a pedophile.

Glory hunter

who’s Jay???


Jay was a dick nosed spuds troll who’s apparently been banned.

Silent Bob

Frimpong to bring out his own Dench brand masks?


Did this news appeared on sp*rs website too??? If yes then fucking lot seriousl dont have much news going on til 23 rd of jan . So for now why dont you go an play in your dickity dokity cock shirt CUNT with your very own cock supporters.
Oh wait i forgot you dont have balls .

Lord Teddy Ears

I have never ever wanted Man City to win as much as I do now the fucking Tottenham wankers


I understand your feeling, but I think that watching the Spuds against The-Best-Team-Money-Can-Buy is like watching your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your car.

Mr Teddy Ears

It hurts to see a nice car go up in flames but it is a small price to pay CAGooner you truly are the working mans oracle


Get well soon big man….


@SUPERMWASS…. Dumbest comment ever…in your warped world do Africans not feel pain then? If you are going to be ignorant and racist, I’m not sure this is the place for it. I find that comment insulting.


Christ, if we didn’t have bad luck we’d have no luck at all!

He sounds positive enough, and at least it’s a fairly straightforward injury to come back from. He’ll be able to train throughout his recovery and you can’t imagine there are likely to be too many of these “complications” or “little set-backs” we hear so much about.

Lord Teddy Ears

Best of luck to the north london Mr T and Jay the Tottenham wanker its a shame he didn’t smash the ball into to that tax evading twichy cunt Rednapp who will be enjoying a little time at her majesty’s pleasure


Jay… What a bored, insignificant soul… Obviously nothing better to do… A 40 yr old virgin??? Probably… Get a life yer twat.


sigh… Best of wishes to him.

On the other hand, this does prove he’s a true Arsenal player! Maybe he, Gibbs and Sagna can start a book club.


News just in:
It is said that all of Petrov’s bones have disintegrated into dust, after his foot collided with a metal-like element known as Frimpong. Atomic Mass: Unknown


Probably give the fat tool some time to try and pick up some footballing skills rather than going around giving it the large & smash anything in sight.. Wilkshire quality but Tank boy destine for Championship level.


frimpong was outstanding in the first half at wolves. game time seems to be doing good things for him. i hear he’s ok now. lets hope he’ll be back soon



This is disaster.

Possibly the best player I’ve ever seen in a Wolves shirt.

Frimpong was the difference between the two sides today. After he went off, we reverted to the same clueless, hoofing hesitant football.

He was awesome today! Best player on the pitch by a mile! At only 20 he certainly highlighted the lack of quality in our squad!


That sucks. I’ve always liked Stephen Hunt – he’s a tricky, hard working guy and I was hoping to watch how Frimpong played with him. Let’s hope Frimpong’s back sooner than later (though you should know that he has a tendency of looking extraordinary one day and substandard on others. it’s why he’s on loan – needs consistency in his game)


thumbs up for Frimpong, not how poor you think your squad is without him. Puts it into perspective to all the Arsenal “fans” complaining about our squad.


Petrov has always been a dirty player – he didn’t even need to go for that ball


Hey I will comment on this story after I say this…

Last week I said that Arsenal should buy Clint Dempsey of Fulham yet people on here said that I am an idiot and that I did my scouting wrong and all that shit. One week later and Dempsey has 2 hat-tricks in 2 games. One of them coming yesterday against Newcastle. The same Newcastle with that good defense supposedly. So who did there scouting wrong again?


Agree with this, there were rumours this summer about Dempsey to Arsenal, he would be a far sight better than some of our forwards. And since he is relatively old he could be a transition player while the Ox, Ryo, and others grow into their roles.

Midfield Corporal

Are you seriously saying Clint fucking Dempsey is better than Chamakh and Park……….actually you’re probably right.
I’d rather dempsey and makepeace than those two numpties we currently have.


David Dein


cant believe our luck at the moment – even wearing anoter shirt we still manage to get serious injuries to players

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