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Gervinho: Don’t sell Robin ‘the boss’ Van Persie

Having watched Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and close friend Emmanuel Eboue leave North London within weeks of his arrival, it’s safe to say that Gervinho found the tail end of the transfer window more traumatic than most.

There he was expected to line up in the midfield with three household names and instead he took to the field, promptly got sent off, and then found himself surrounded by teenagers and last-gasp replacements.

Our Ivorian winger doesn’t want to see a repeat of the situation at the end of the current season, despite speculation continuing to circle about the future of talismanic club captain Robin van Persie.

Speaking from the Ivory Coast’s training camp ahead of the African Cup of Nations the summer signing from Lille outlined the Dutchman’s importance to the squad and why he must stay at the Emirates.

“I don’t want the sale of Robin van Persie,” he is quoted as saying by the Daily Mirror.

“Robin is a player who pushes companions to work harder and give more effort during matches. He is a dream to play with.

“Van Persie is the captain and the boss of the group.”

Arseblog News is hardly going to contradict Gervinho – that Van Persie stays at Arsenal is incredibly important for the current squad. However, despite the striker having only 18 months left on his contract it is vital that his concentration remains on his fitness and scoring goals rather than discussing his future. With that in mind it’s worth ignoring the rumours which drift across the Bay of Biscay and waft down the M1 – they stink of troublemaking and nothing more.

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Mark G

Van Persie <3

Slightly off topic, but watch Na$ri'$ face here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaNDKK_HGxY

Samir you're a CUNT

He’s got a point there, no rocket science though. We all want him to stay.

The funny thing actually is this video. Some scousers abusing Samir Na$ri on the way home from the match yesterday. It made me laugh, especially when he races away. Well done, scousers!

Mark G

Stealing my link eh? :p

Samir you're a CUNT

Sorry mate, as you can see we posted it at the same minute so it’s a coinsidence. No hard feelings 😉 But look at the bright side, now our fellow gooners can watch it twice!

Mark G

Ah i was only kiddin buddy lol but yeah true enjoy gooners 🙂 “You should never have left Arsenal mate!”
Nah F**k off course he should have lol

Samir you're a CUNT

I really hope he goes on a loan to Scum in this window, because I heard Le Coq likes to fuck up people. Then he can fuck up Na$ri while he fucks up Gallas while he fucks up Adebayor. Triple penetration that would be.


We need some of our players to do less talking about Henry and RVP and work hard on their finishing! I pray that Walcott works like crazy with Thierry as he clearly idolizes him.


It’s clear that Gervinho can finish…his sentences.

Fuck – that one’s never been done, right?


Gervinho is clearly the source of at least 80% of the hair transplants done around the world.

Glenn Helder

… and at least 95% of the forehead transplants.


Okay this is very unrelated, I know, but I need to vent. I went to the Sp*rs V Everton game last night (got free tickets in the away section). As it was my first trip to that shithole, I was surprised by the amount of chavs and just general all round fuckwits. They like a morbidly repulsive mix of hipsters and “The Big Issue” sellers. Found it particularly hilarious when they started singing “We Pay Your Benefits” when, 6 months ago there were buildings all around the stadium burning down and JD shops being looted. What particularly infuriated me was… Read more »


I am afraid to say reading that got my blood boiling. Dont get me wrong we will finish above the scum but we need to start playing much better football at home. I know our support has it in them, lets make some noise and lets those Neanderthals down the road hear us in their tin cow shack.


“When arry goes marching in”
In the jail ofcourse.

Fed up of Barca

There are songs…

‘Nananananna Arry’s going down, going down, Arry’s going do-wn’
Replacing NaSri’s old tune.

There’s also another one, but I can’t for the life of me remember it right now


I hope you had a good shower when you got home, to get shot of the smell. Great rant though. If I could add another irritant, it’s that twitchy cunt. I’m sick and tired of him discussing every fuckin player going – about how he’s a smashin lad/t’riffic player and I’d love to have him here, but it’s not possible/up to the chairman blah blah fuckin blah. Shut the fuck up about other players, who are contracted to other clubs you classless wanker. He sums up for me what that lot are all about. And Arsene should print out copies… Read more »


Wicked mate, good read though did find “gooners, mind the gap” quite funny.

Well fucking show’em, roll on Swansea!


When ‘arry gets marched off to jail, Hurrah, Hurrah!
When ‘arry gets marched off to jail, Hurrah, Hurrah!
The England job can’t save his skin,
Pay yer tax or you’ll join him in the pen,
And you’ll miss see-ing yer whore, Adebayor,
Finish behind the Arsenal!
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

*bungs, not paying taxes


You can ignore the line at the bottom–thought I’d deleted it.


apologies for getting even further out of topic….. but I need some help…. where do I find info on “So Paddy Got Up” which my daily Arseblog tells me is for sale here on news.arseblog throughout the day…
Much appreciated!!


Thanks Andrew, much appreciated!

I shall look out for it throughout the afternoon,



Please send Harry to a Nigerian jail. British jails will be too coozy for spud cunt like him. We will finish ahead of these cock sucking punks at the end of the season. Up gunners

Master Bates

the boss shouldn’t be sold , I’d rather we lose him for free

Cygan's Left Foot

Me too, but what if he wants to leave? And do you think we will turn 30mil down? We are talking a blood sucker owner here.

Master Bates

what’s wrong with you ? you are on negative mode ? be POSITIVE where will he go ? the only clubs he wanted to play for as a kids was Feyenoord,Arsenal and Barcelona ,why would he want to be a benchwarmer at Barca ? why would they want to pay 30mil for an injury prone old benchwarmer? who else would want to buy him Man City ? why would he go there ? He has stated more than once he is commited . As for Arsenal we once lost Flamini on a free transfer .so they can stay with one… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

It is not called negative, it is called having an opinion. Look at it from my side. We are in 5th position, we have money in the bank, is it wrong to ask for few signing to push us up the table and prove we want to challenge? ..The players we have good for top four, the league never lies, is that all our ambitious? We accept to suffer for 5 years without top signing and finish in the top four, as we knew we have to pay back for the stadium, now we are in a healthy position, we… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

Monday 23rd Jan, Southwark Crown Court

Let’s see if twitcher can play a blinder there, shall we?


It’s up to RVP whether he stays. I believe if the gunners fail to clinch the 4th spot that would sway him. Furthermore being linked with youthful players and signing them will convince Robin Arsenal will not be competitive. It’s all due to Wengers’s management.
So dont e surprised Robin leaves.


I firmly believe he will stay. He genuinely loves the club unlike our previous captain. The captaincy has gone right to his head, and in an excellent way.


Being at The Arsenal does something special to a player. It gets in their heads. Always has done, even when we were truly shit and the prospect of finishing as high as 4th would’ve seen sticky wee splashing all over the place.

RVP loves the club and is a model of what it stands for. He remembers who he is, what he is and who he represents.

He’ll stay.


Whether or not RvP stays will depend on two things. Firstly, we must finish at least fourth; secondly, we must show ambition in the transfer market. If I was a betting man right now I would wager against the great Dutchman being at the club next season. He is at the age where there is just one more really big contract left to negotiate. Does he really want to be at a club with no ambition? A club which sells its best players? I wouldn’t want to be. And he would walk into almost any side in the world –… Read more »

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