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Sagna keeps screws in as comeback nears

Bacary Sagna, out since breaking his leg on Oct 2nd against Sp*rs, has revealed he’s forgoing further medical treatment to ensure he returns as quickly as possible.

The French international’s fracture was fixed with a pin and screws and while in most cases there is further surgery to remove them, Sagna is having none of it.

Speaking to L’Equipe he said, “I have screws but I don’t think I will have them removed. That would mean another two months on the sidelines.

“I was told I would spend three or four months out and I am on schedule. I have resumed jogging and I should kick the ball again in the coming days.”

There are some suggestions he may make it back for the Man United game on Jan 22nd but Arseblog News believes that’s a very optimistic, although not impossible, target.

Meanwhile, Bac has become the latest Arsenal player to laud the return of Thierry Henry. With the Gunners desperate for more goals and players who can score them, Sagna believes Henry will have a big impact.

“It will have an impact on the team and our adversaries,” he said. “He is always looking for perfection and he knows what to do to win trophies. When he talks, everyone will listen to him. His comeback is the event of 2012!”

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he will kick the ball the next coming days…so he will NOT play against man u the 22nd. That would be mental! I see him returning the first weeks of february.

we got a few players with broken bones and screws inside of them. Woj being one, he broke both arms at the same time. Ramsey and now sagna. We have to check that the opposition dont bring any magnets on to the pitch!

Arsenal soldiers! COYG


Great to see a player putting his body on the line for the cause, cant wait to have this guy BAC!!



“His comeback is the event of 2012!”

They should make a new movie of 2012 based on this premise.

Ed Allington

It wouldbe much better than the original!


It’s gonna be hard for him to go through airport security.


Well I guess it’s not titanium then.

Gooners & Roses

arseblog, is it okay if i ask how does it feel? the metal and screws inside your body. i’m sorry if i offend you though.

Hiroo Nakamura

is it safe to play in the EPL with all its crazy tackles with screws in his leg?


One of our best players for some time and a consistently good performer. I’m looking forward to his return but he mustn’t be rushed.


We’ve certainly missed him at right back and even him being able to cover at left back.


We miss him offensively and defensively. Get better soon!


If the plates are stainless steel, with modern scanners they DO sometimes go off. However, if the plates are titanium they won’t go off. No indication to remove the plate/screws, I only take them out if they are causing problems, never routinely.

the only sam is nelson

What’s happening with CJ? All seems disturbingly quiet on that front. Poor lad.


Quietness probably means nothing out of the ordinary is happening with his progress at the moment.

It’s not like there was extensive coverage of even one of those injured full-backs. First time I saw Sagna again on here to be honest.

Carl Jenkinson could have already made a major breakthrough into the first-team if he wasn’t injured to be honest. Shame.


No matter how: screws in limb, arse, eye, head, on his Coq…I just want Bacary ‘fekin’ Sagna back!!!


I just hope this wont cause future problems.


I can’t help but think of Diaby.

Seriously, he must feel fucking awful being injured for so long and having a club like Arsenal support him for so many years. If anything he should be one of the most grateful Arsenal players in the whole decade.


Diaby deserves our applause. He was and is still very promising and yet the injuries keep com in back. Not his fault. No one can control when they are injured.


fingers crossed! Diaby’s was certainly a much more serious injury and he would of had problems with that ankle even if he wasn’t in a sport I would imagine.



Can’t wait to have Bac… errr… back.


Any news on Jenkinson/Gibbs?

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

How come Man City have only one player out, and that is Balotelli with illness? I thought money couldn´t buy you health.


Money buys you 2 full teams of established internationals plus other players that can be rotated whenever needed. Arsenal on the other hand only have a solid first team and a few squad players, thus raising chances of injuries


Demba Ba. Must be signing of the season. He dominated MU tonight.

Eric Irish gunner

Ye hopefully we get a few players back soon and stuff them at home


I was thinking of maybe us getting Ba but after tonight I am guessing those Newcastle owners will jack up the price to Man City value. (100 Billion Pounds + 1 Time machine + 1 youngster from the Man City Academy who also comes with an added bonus… he is a crack addict)

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

He is just like our title hopes, screwed.

will butler

great to see sagna so close to coming back, it’ll be such a huge boost to the team, on his comment about Henry, I’ve been following Henry on espn with the red bulls, and in all fairness he looks to set up other players now rather than score, but that said, I can’t wait to see him, Walcott, Arshavin, van persie & jack all play as an attacking 4-1 formation, with song/arteta and our much improved defense aswell, he will no doubtedly improve the team, and I can only hope for the hunter to be added to improve and share… Read more »


Sagna will be LANS!!! To be fair, I’m surprised how well we have coped without him, but he will definitely add something to the starting 11.
“His comeback is the event of 2012” fucking priceless! Luv it!

[…] Bacary Sagna is on his way back having eschewed further surgery to remove the pins from his broken leg. If his absence has shown us anything it’s that the consistency of his performances are oft overlooked and it’ll be good to have him bombing down that right hand side again. […]

[…] Bacary Sagna is on his way back having eschewed further surgery to remove the pins from his broken leg. If his absence has shown us anything it’s that the consistency of his performances are oft overlooked and it’ll be good to have him bombing down that right hand side again. […]

Sunny Naks

Sagna’s imminent return will really be a boost to our back line. Wilshere and Jenkinson too. I love these guys

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