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The Pole in goal urges Arsenal to dig out of hole

Unlike Robin van Persie, Wojciech Szczesny isn’t eyeing revenge against Manchester United because he’s already put the 8-2 hammering at Old Trafford to the back of his untroubled, Terminator-like mind.

Reflecting on August’s horror show at Old Trafford the Pole stressed that the Gunners can take heart from their home form and are fully focused on returning to their deserved place in the top four.

Speaking to the Evening Standard the 21-year-old made clear that his mind would be clear when faced with Wayne Rooney and other similarly disgusting specimens.

“We lost badly to United earlier in the season but there are no scars from that game,” said the number 13.

“We had plenty of injuries at Old Trafford, we had played away at Udinese so we had a lot of things to deal with going into that game. We were not able to perform at our best for many reasons.

“We don’t see any element of revenge for what happened. We just want to pick up three points and climb up the table because we don’t deserve to be where we are.

“I wouldn’t treat it as revenge because we got over that game a long time ago. It is time for us to get points against them. We are 12 points off Man United and we need to show the gap in quality is not as big as that difference in the table reveals. We have to show we can challenge the top teams.”

Having kept goal in the home victories against Barcelona and Manchester United last season, Szczesny knows what it is like to win matches against Europe’s top sides and wants to experience the same joy again. Citing this season’s relatively decent record at the Emirates (in comparison to the rather pathetic away results), he continued:

“We are doing very well at home because we don’t concede very many goals. It is different to our away form and at the Emirates we get the results that prove how good we can be.

“We have to be confident that when the big boys come to the Emirates, we can get the results and that will make the difference in the fight to finish in the top four.

“I love playing big games so the sooner one comes up after a couple of poor results, the better for me. So I am glad we play Man United now.

“We are much more confident going into this match. We know that we are under pressure because we have to deliver the performance and get the three points on Sunday. But I think over the years, this club have shown that we do our best work under pressure and win games so hopefully that will happen again for us.”

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This is going to be embarrasing to watch again, Damn you Wenger, lambs to the slaughter.


With fans like you, Manure won’t even need half our players to be injured to win!

the only sam is nelson

Could go either way. United have hardly been pulling up trees this year.

I suppose the “spend some fucking money” brigade would have been happier for us to have spunked £18m on de Gea and let Sczez join Brentford on loan?

Still as long as everyone gets behind the team on Sunday


Don’t jinx it. Next thing you know we’ll have Chewing Gum Man round our gaff offering De Gea and an enormous pile of cash for SZCZ.
The greedy buggers that run the place might just bloody take it too…..

Ace McGoldrick

I love SZCZ


We need a song for SZCZ.


How about :-

Twitter less !
Catch the ball more !
That way, the others wont’t score……
………..So many ……!!……..

You could set it to of one of Wagner’s operas.


Szczesny tweeting too much? What? Jesus Christ how many Arsenal players do you follow?


I’m sure a ‘we need to focus’ statement form Walcott or ‘we need to perform well’ statement from Djourou are just around the corner.

I’ll be watching through my fingers again in block 128 come the weekend.

Wearily….. Come on you Gunnnnneeeeeeeerrrrrrrssssssszzzzzzzzzz……….. as I start to cry again!

Cpt BlackBeard

I sometimes wish Arsene would just not speak to the media. I just read that he said “the 8-2 mauling was an accident”. What the hell does that even mean? Im sorry did Alex Ferguson spill his water on your shoes Arsene, that would be an accident. The 8-2 mauling was our injury ridden squad, oh, thats the same problem we have every year. Carry on Arsene and the board, then watch the match attendance and merchandising figures drop drastically. But its ok, we signed Park, so at least folks in Asia will still be buying AFC shirts.


We r fucked come sunday

the only sam is nelson

Why do you bother posting here? You’re clearly not an Arsenal fan



Personally I think he’s a realist!
It seems any negative comments get a thumbs down. I would absolutely love us to win, get the 3 points and not feel like sh!te on a Monday morning with the week stretching ahead but I live in the real world. I would also like 5 numbers amd 2 lucky stars on the Euromillions tonight !


He’s NOT a realist. This match could go either way at the moment. I would rather support my team than cower over media speculation and drivell. This is football BTW, not something predestined.

Get a GRIP!


@Theonlysamisnelson. Close your eyes man, look at their team, look at ours and sincerely tell me there is no gulf. But of course if I mention it I am either a fake Arsenal fan or none at all. You will prefer Djorou and Miquel marking Nani and Valencia rather than better qualities. If we beat them the whole world knows about it and it is called an upset cos we are not expected to do it. Only fans can manage to be optimistic because we go with our heart rather than head. But I tell you that I will be… Read more »


Half our teams is still out through injury… that should make our victory all the sweeter 🙂

I love Szczesny’s attitude.


Why is it now our home form is better now but our away form is horrendous? Not so long ago our away form is the best in the league. Arsene even point out as our main strength, supposedly. I wonder why…


Good question. I think When we were at our best going forward teams feared us and would come to Highbury and defend. They would have to come out more in front of their own fans when we were away and we would pick them apart and this lead to uniquely good away form. Now we are less “”invincible” teams go at our defence and our results are more normal and we lose more away games.


He’s got a point about the “accident ” comment.


Arsene ” I will assess the full back situation after Sundays game ”
How many games have we now been without a proper full back and 3 weeks into the transfer window. Scary stuff


I’m sorry to say but I’m feeling pessimistic too. Worse of all no Arteta, TV5, Gerv, or any fullbacks… Ah well… Still hope we can screw Manure.


Crossing my fingers for an own goal from Scholes.

Eric Irish gunner

Anybody will do


Perhaps Gunnersaurus can help us out? Or Metal Man Thing?


Why does Arsenal seem to have so many injuries around the same time of season, each season and then that is used by the manager as a reason for our poor performance. What’s the use of the bench/reserves when he hasn’t got enough faith to play them, but just pay them wages? I really want this injury curse sorted out asap! As the wounded return i don’t want to see them go back. Now let’s start our winning streak to the end of season with a win against United on Sunday.


there are 4 sets of fans going to this game 1.arsenal win 2-1 narrowly and be happy with 3 points but unhappy with the performance since there is still no assurance arsenal might win their following game against some shit team. 2.arsenal win big and take their revenge against man utd and listen to wenger praise the current squad(incl.qwilachi) and their ‘mental strength’ and then not deciding to buy and ‘trust’ the current squad and so on. 3.ppl who want arsenal to lose hoping it will help wenger convince of making a january purchase which inturn will turn out a… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

1 and 4, with the “win big” bit of 2

can i have that please?


2+4 I guess…


Sczczczy,worst RB in AFC history,BFG, Koz,white polo neck,Not worth £10 let alone 85k,Song,overrated Taffy,Not scored in a decade except against Orient,Fat lazy Russian,RVP………don’t fancy our chances much. And if we do get beat I hope we’re smashed. As this team is further away from winning a trophy than anytime in the last 6 years. Times up Arsene !!


Er, fuck off Jeff?




Who are you?
Other than a complete dick-head I mean?
Spuds PR or something, Man Ure market reasearch?

Why are you on this site other than your own? You must be WELL BORED.


Just gotta luv szcz 😉
If every other player on our squad had his attitude and confidence I’m sure we’d be unstoppable in all competitions and would truly go down in history
Keep up the good work kid 😉

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

What a proper lad he is! Love this fella, no homo though 😉

Also, I found a funny video. Cashley Cole picking his dreamteam of players he’s played with. He picked only two non-gunners.

The big gooseman

Just cos you are pessimistic don’t get the arse. I have supported the arse for 25 years but have never felt lower than I do now. Tired of players not giving it 100% then tweeting how everyone needs to work harder. Tired of never spending cash on decent players and patching holes with free transfers. Feel sorry for wenger who has to make excuses for not being given any cash to spend – that man is a legend. Tired of getting fleeced for cash – attendances will start to go south. I love the arse but what must class like… Read more »


Agree with ya gooseman… I don’t give a flying fuck if we get beat (well, I do but you know what I mean), as long as those wearing the arsenal shirt put in 100%. And right now it certainly looks like some of em ain’t…. Drives ne fuckin bananas…. To come out with the crap they do… ” we need to try harder” makes my blood boil. Well try fuckin harder then you wanker. Hey Theo, try fuckin harder to control the ball, beat your man and get a decent cross in. Getting fed up watching you knock it out… Read more »

The big gooseman

To bloody right – the only class we have is TV, wilshire and RVP and they will all be on their way if we don’t manage fourth. Then i will get even more depressed!!


I guess Ramsey, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sagna and Szczesny are not world-class, or going there.

I guess in your eyes they’re preposterous shit.


Gooseman-are you seriously suggesting Sagna,Kos,
Arteta & Song to name a few don’t have ‘class’?
If so i respectfully suggest you’re in the wrong place…


Respectfully? Why not just insult his intelligence when it’s so painfully obvious?


SZCZ is the BZCZ! (spoken like “bizz”).

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