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Frimpong suffers cruciate knee injury

Emmanuel Frimpong’s season is over having ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament during Wolves 2-1 win over QPR on Saturday.

Frimpong, who had been due to stay on loan at Wolves until the end of the season, will now see specialists in London over the next few days before having surgery and starting a programme of rehabilitation.

It’s a big blow for the midfielder who suffered a similar injury during pre-season two summers ago and missed all of the 2010-11 campaign.

Thankfully this appears to be bad luck, rather than a recurrence of the old problem. The new injury is in his right knee, the previous was in his left.

A statement on the Wolves website said, “Everyone at Wolves would like to thank the midfielder for his efforts whilst at the club and join Arsenal in wishing him a swift recovery.”

The typical recovery/rehab time for a cruciate injury is 6-9 month. All we can do is wish him well in his recovery and hope he’s back soon to Frimpong people right in their Frimpongs.


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First lans of the 2012/13 season?
Poor guy he was showing so much promise. Get back soon Frimpong.


whats lans mean?


Yeah, what does land mean?


Like a new signing!!!


It’s that stuff that’s not the sea.


Bollocks 🙁

the only sam is nelson

Arse. Poor bugger – hope he makes a full recovery as quickly as possible.


Feels horribly similar to the great Brazilian Ronaldo’s situation. Although by this age he had already confirmed his status as amongst the world’s best players. Frimpong hasn’t even gotten a proper chance to showcase his own talent. Even though Ronaldo came back from his nightmare and won the WC in 2002,he was never really the same player of old. Let’s hope Frimpong doesn’t face the same problem.






He should really stop kicking the shit out of buffalo if he has dodgy knees.

American gooner

I see a great career cruelly stopped in its tracks by injury. Poor guy, I hope he keep’s his head and gets back into the team. He’s done it all before and I’m sure he’s down in the dumps now cos he’ll have to do it all over again. Well, good luck to you champ, I hope to see you again in the squad next season!


Anyone see the injury? Did hurt it on his own, or did he get tackled?


I think he hurt himself by tackling Joey Barton.


Wish him a quick recovery.
He needs to be taught when and how to tackle though. He jumped into the tackle when he shouldn’t have. He two yards away from that piece of sht and tried to jump in ended up putting all his weight on the leg he intended to tackle with


Sad news… it really hurts to sit out so long…


Sad news about the injury but the guy has enough about him to come through it. Hope he recovers soon.


Cunty fucking bollocks!


Poor lad, the few glimpses I saw of him for wolves he really looked promising, as if the reigns had been taken off, relishing the opportunity to properly learn his trade as an all action midfielder. To top it off it was sustained tackling that scummy cunt Barton to add insult. Where is the justice in this world?


“Thankfully this appears to be bad luck, rather than a recurrence of the old problem. The new injury is in his right knee, the previous was in his left.”

Thank God. Would hate to see another player go through a Diaby-like career.


Bad news for Frim,Wolves & us…but he seems the kinda guy who can come back stronger from this (let’s hope so!)


I think he might be done at Arsenal. Coquelin seems like a better option after Song anyway…


Not sure about being done at Arsenal, but I agree with you fully about the Coq. He’s much more composed than Frimpong, better passing range (and accuracy), and tidier in possession, plus he’s much more versatile. I love Coq!


Fire the medical team! stuff like this always happens at Arsen… oh wait

Merlin's Panini

Poor bugger. He’s constantly on the verge of becoming a quality player, but every time he has the chance to gain experience it’s taken away by cunty injuries. Just go near Joey Barton and you get injured. Good thing the stuff about us signing him in the summer was all a load of shit, because we’d be LANS’d up to our eyeballs now!
Get well soon Frimster.

Willy young

Real shame a great character

Hopefully we will see Frimpong Jack The Ox Afobe and Coq on the same Emirates pitch together soon in next years Carling Cup

With Schez Kos and Gibbs Ramsey maybe Jenkinson there might be hope yet for project youth


It’s a shame this has happened but he seems like a mentally strong guy who’ll work hard and pull through it. He was showing a lot of promise this loan would’ve been great for him. He’ll be so DENCH next season when he becomes a LANS.


I had this very same injury around 18 months ago, I had it operated on, and had my first physio session the nxt day, it was just basic range of movement stuff but by god it was hard, 4 months of hard painful physio followed, and then the light exercises and light jogging followed, eventually I was able to start playing ball again, and everything worked out fine, I am much wiser & patient player now. Hopefully This experience Will benefit frimpong, he will learn when to tackle, and more self control. his biggest obstacle will be the mental side… Read more »


Hm, you think he would have come back wiser after rupturing his other ACL in 2010? Guy just has dodgy ligaments, it seems.

Gutted for him though–brings energy and character to the team, and he was starting to play very brightly for Wolves.

The Gun

So sad! Get well soon!!


Wow, you gott to feel sorry for the lad. Twice in his early career he’s been stopped for most of a year…


This guys is exactly what we have been lacking he has aggression that has been lacking since Vieira, Parlour, Keown and co. plus he has real quality. Come back strong and give Song something to think about it.


Get well soon Frimpong!
As an aside, which club pays the salary for an injured loanee?

[…] there was bad news yesterday for Emmanuel Frimpong who will miss the rest of the season, and beyond, have ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament playing for Wolves on Saturday. […]


Get well soon, mate. Arsenal need you next season

Pascal Zidane

Oh Frimmy 🙁


Poor lad.we wish u quick recovery.

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