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Dein claims long-standing Van Persie move interest

Former Arsenal vice-chairman, David Dein, has hinted that Robin van Persie has had several opportunities to leave the Emirates since he moved to North London in 2004 and stressed that it is vital the Gunners again hold onto their star man this summer, despite the fact his own son is likely to be one of the major factors in negotiating any potential exit for the Dutchman.

David’s son Darren, he of football agent/Darth Vader fame, is Van Persie’s ‘commercial advisor’ (whatever the fuck that means) and the man who has helped oversee moves for Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas, Gael Clichy and some other players who probably aren’t even worth mentioning. Basically he’s your classic Mr. 10% and would probably sell his own children just to make a bit more of the green stuff. Harsh? Meh.

Speaking to Sky Sports News in the aftermath of Van Persie being crowned PFA Player of the Year, Dein, seemingly willing to stir things up for board members who unceremoniously kicked him out of the club in 2007 after he went behind their backs in trying to persuade both Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov to buy the club, spoke openly about the challenge facing Arsene Wenger while cringingly patting himself on the back for persuading the striker to sign eight years ago.

“He [Van Persie] has done a great job for the club and the fact that he has stayed with the club all this time, when he has had plenty of opportunities to go elsewhere, says a lot about Robin’s character.”

“He is very important to the club and it is not every day you can get a guy who can score over 30 goals in a season.

“There was a lot of competition at the time and we are very fortunate he signed for us. I was delighted and he has proved the point because he has been such a prolific goalscorer for the club.

“He plays with passion, he plays with his heart and, as you heard in his speech, he is a very modest guy.”

While admittedly, Dein Senior pays homage to Van Persie’s loyal history, something to which we Gooners can currently cling, the fact that he has hinted at long-term interest from elsewhere and obviously knows a fair bit about what is going on behind the scenes right now makes it a strange time to make a public statement on the matter. That he also chooses to ignore the fact the club have stood by a guy who for years suffered from so many injuries that he barely played consecutive games also grates.

If he really feels that Arsenal must keep RVP perhaps he might like to invite Darren around one afternoon and lock him in one of his tanning beds for the summer…

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The invincible arse

He should just shut up , as if he cares when everyone knows he is just doing the shit-stirring stuff.


Dare I say this…..should Arsenal just sell Robin? 30yrs next year,injury prone etc versus 50-80 million? Just sayin!!

Wanking thomas

Bet you top dollar that he’s gunner sign. Atleast a 1 year extension, just to repay us financially. Profit is all.


A one year extension is just not good enough, we then have to go through all this shit again next year.
3 years on top of whats left should be minimum and that will sent out the right signals to other clubs and potential signings.

Eric Irish gunner

Spot on he knows this will be his last big contract and will either sign maybe 3/4 years or leave.I think he is a true gunner and will sign and stay with the arsenal were he is adored

Cygan's Left Foot

All that will depend on our summer signing. If we go for 16 year old wiz kid to develop and LANS, I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to go.

Enough of letting our good loyal players down by not signing the one or two top quality players the team needed and waste wages on the Chamakhs, Parks and Almunias of this world to prove others wrong.

John Terry's Mum

I know, as a club, we’re not the greatest of friends but Man U, Ferguson and Ronaldo had the right idea. They got him to sign a large contract so that they could recoupe as much money as possible. Rumours that he agreed to the contract on the proviso they let him go without a fuss seem to be well founded at the time. Real Madrid had to offer £80 million as he’d only just signed the contract. Obviously that money got swallowed up in their £800 million worth of debt but we are on a much better financial footing… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

Damn it, that was supposed to be from me but i hadn’t changed my name back from my last comment.

Nigerian Gunner

What a wonderful family the Dein’s are. The father brings them in while the son gets them out.

Old man grape

This summer is gonna be fucking horrible iWeb don’t sort out his ASAP. The papers will be churning out as much bs as possible and there won’t be a commutator in the land who would resist talking of Rvp and barca links every time the dutch have. Ame in the euros. After veira, Henry and cesc, I have had it with speculation over our players. And it’s not just because we haven’t won anything for a while. Veira and Henry transfer guf was around when we were at our best. Think I’m gonna block all the news sites and turn… Read more »

Old man grape

wow , my spell Ipad spell-check sucks balls.
sorry for the incomprehensible nonsense there.
hope I got across the gist of it anyway.


I hate those pesky commutators. Urchins, the lot of them.

Wanking thomas

Couldn’t agree more, but with the numerous team circling i’m sure his agent would advice him to take the caution of a year extension to his contract just to see if arsenal make reality of a trophy next season.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Aha, now I understand your name. You were going to be Wise Thomas until your Iphone spell-check gave you “a helping hand”.


I know Dein Sr did a massive amount for our club, not least bringing in Arsene Who? as The Sun had it, but fuck me he is a one man walking oil slick.

Don’t even get me started on his boy.


Can somebody kill darren?


That’s not nice. I think sending him to be a sports agent in Outer Mongolia will be sufficient.


A little over the top, maybe? Don’t forget he played a great part in getting us 25m for a player who only made a significant contribution for 6 months.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So what contribution did he make to Barca paying us peanuts for Fabregas?
Perhaps he was doing his dad and the Alisher Usthingymabob a favour by destabilising the club.

If so they have underestimated Arsene Wenger, who has overcome their evil plan by actually dragging our team kicking and screaming into third place despite their depravations..

(I got fed up being positive all the time. Thought I’d try “Conspiracy Theory” for a while instead)

It is what it is

Did he? City would have paid anything for the cunt – just to weaken us and ‘improve’ them.


Read somewhere that David Dein was involved in our flurry of late signings last summer especially the BFG and Arteta deals, and that he’s slowly being allowed back into the fold. Anybody know if there’s any truth to this?

Cygan's Right Foot

If his interview is anything to go by, i really hope not. We’ll have 2 Dein’s inside the club trying to make money by getting players out


I think we would have held onto a lot of our players if his son wasn’t a cunt


Sounds like Dein is trying cause mayhem. What he says seems like an attempt to create competition for RVP. The way he words it is far more praising of Van Persie than Arsenal in terms of the relationship of the club and player. Getting more and more worried about this RVP business.


It is but personally I don’t think the club can afford to sell him next season he has been our catalyst all season and if he doesn’t want to sign a new deal i would say it’s best to keep him for one season and take a loss if need be so we stand a greater chance at Champions League qualification. As thats the only way you can really be linked with the top talent I mean players we let go in the past like Vieira Henry I feel were let go at the right time letting Van Persie go… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Does Darren represent RVP? If so then he is trying to force Arsenal’s hand. We will have to re-sign RVP for big money on a long contract. He gets a big 10%. Then next year he pimps RVP to all the rich fuckers in the football world, and with the long contract they have to buy him out of he rakes in a personal fortune on the sale while also, yet again, destabilising the club so that dad’s mate Alisher Usmeansme can get total control of it..

Next question. Is Darren representing Wilshire?

Mental Strength

Relax every one. RVP is going nowhere. He doesn’t have any other club (except Arsenal) DNA or is money minded in any ways. so he will stay. What we should be concerned about is who are we going to bring in this summer to augment our squad. If we can make it from 17th to 3rd in probably the shittiest season ever, with a few more good players I’m sure we can win the League next season.

Cygan's Right Foot

Actually the more important question is who is going to be assistant manager. I’m going for Bould as he’s done an amazing job with the Under 18’s and would be able to rally the troops due to his time with Arsenal (player and youth team manager). Also, a lot of the youger players will have already worked under him, so we’d have a constant throughout the club.

H.P. Arsecraft

Bould would be good as AM and is a true gooner but my wet dream is Bergkamp….

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Won’t Bould be needed to help us win the U19 Champions League Lookalike Competition next year?


Fuck Darren and his stupid 10% fingers.

gun for the hills

I ain’t even gonna look at the back pages this summer, had enough of the shit stirring media cunts last year.


German football magazin ‘Kicker’ reports – in rather casual, footnotish fashion that the Podolski deal is ‘definitive’: Last paragraph of the article states: “Definitiv fix ist derweil – wie der kicker erfuhr – der bisher noch nicht offiziell bekanntgegebene Wechsel von Lukas Podolski zum FC Arsenal. Rund zwölf Millionen Euro plus Zusatzvereinbarungen umfasst der Deal, den Arsenal-Coach Arsene Wenger nur deshalb noch nicht verkündete, damit im Saisonfinale keine Unruhe beim Premier-League-Dritten entsteht.” [Meanwhile, as the kicker was told, the hitherto not offically announced transfer of Lukas Podolski to FC Arsenal has been definitively fixed/ completed. The deal is worth… Read more »


I read somewhere yesterday that 2 deals had been done one for a striker i am assuming podolski and one for a midfielder but this was all pending on champions league qualification

Nigerian Gunner

If there is one thing that is as sure as sp*ds being loosers, its that Van Persie will sign a new contract nd stay with us. He loves the club. That i believe

Arsenal > Spurs

Just an observation: it’s not “loosers” but “losers”.

Cygan's Right Foot

I think loose is the right term considering the amount of times they’ve been dicked in the league by Arsenal (matches and league position)

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Spurs. Cunts! Loose like a fag end blowing into the Mersey Tunnel.


Sp*rs, the team with an arsehole baggier than a wizard’s sleeve….


I do find it pretty funny that untill now there were a lot of people on here calling for Dein to return. Oh how we turn our backs!

Midfield Corporal

Am I missing something here, I can’t see why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist. All he says is Robin has shown loyalty despite interest from other clubs. Since Dein was sacked he has never sullied the clubs name, and I thought his interview on football focus a few months back showed a pretty decent man. You can’t blame a father for the cuntiness of his son…….unless it Harry Redknap I guess.


he has been loyal??

I’d say Arsenal & Wenger have been just as loyal through all those injury troubled years..

Gee Five

I hope Wenger bitch slaps David’s son next time he’s yachting with them. Cunt.


I understand all the hate towards dein jnr but if a player wants to stay he will stay simple as that. And no amount of input from dein will change that.
A player leaves for mainly two reasons money or to win things at a club that has ambition. We need to show that we can offer rvp both and he will stay.
Offer him the money he deserves and if the club show him that we are serious about winning trophies by strengthening the squad with a few quality signings mr dein involvement will be irelevant.

the only sam is nelson

i’ve heard we’re negotiating a swap deal, RvP for Grant Holt + Delia’s recipe for broccoli pasta

got that from my deepthroat in the club, who I cannot identify but we shall refer to as “the ilford puskas”

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Holt goes to the kitchens, and Broccoli Pasta gets the number 9 shirt.

Somebody please tell the Arsenal board that Broccoli Past is NOt the latest Italian footballing Wunderkind.


I signed him on FM12. Awesome at first, but when left out, he went all limp and feeble….

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I don’t quite understand all the hate for David Dein…………I mean when he was around we could get the players we wanted, and contracts of players were sorted out in time, and we definitely didn’t get to see the mess like at the end of last season/start of this season. I really respect David for his work at Arsenal and there is no denying that David’s role in handling the financial side of football (note – not the financial side of the club but the financial side of football) was vital in the initial Wenger years. Sure his son is… Read more »


I might be overly critical of the team at times and particularly cynical throughout the season, but I still feel he’ll stay. Whichever, I just hope Wenger sticks to his promise and sorts his future out before the Euro 2012 tournament. Sick to death of all this speculation surrounding our players.


May i dare to say that Arsenal made profit out of all the deals concluded with the help of Mr. Darren Dein?EXCEPT for fabregas.But even in his case we had a guy who just wanted to leave and we dint lose him for peanuts exactly.clichy was prone to mistakes and giving needless penalties.henry had to go.its kinda blessing that nasri is gone.I mean is there any arsenal fan who has problem with trading nasri for 25 million pounds?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I don’t think Henry was a profitable deal, I think he was way undersold……….as for Fabregas it was one of the rare deals where the agent had virtually no role in the selling club getting backstabbed. I mean the player was so desperate to leave that he paid 5 million out of his own pocket, and I mean while that says a lot about Barca that they don’t want to pay up, so they ask him to pay a part of his transfer fee from his own pocket, if he wants to play for them, I can hardly fault the… Read more »


I don’t know if RVP will leave this summer or not I hope not but, if Arsenal were to get £30 million or even £40 million if there was a bidding war it would be a no brainer for the club. This could finance two or three quality signings and pay the wages of same. Arsene has shown great loyalty to RVP and other players and I personally would like to see that loyalty repaid. There are two things top players require first the going rate for their talent and second they want to win things so if both of… Read more »


rvp is most definately sure of lifting arsenal’s first trophy after 7yrs drought


Mr dein did not make that profit for arsenal, they only had value because they learnt thier trade at arsenal under arsene and were able to become better players.
Have no problem getting 25 mil for nasri but what I did have a problem about was what signal it sends out to others that a player that was perceived as being one of our best at the time can be bought.

Midfield Corporal

I think Arsene will do to RVP what he wanted to do to Nasri, make him see out the final year of his contract. What can we reasonably expect to get for robin, £12-£14m. Keep him for a year if he doesn’t sign and re-evaluate in a year.

Just re-read David Deins comments, nowhere is he stirring trouble, Mr Allens spin on the piece sets the tone of mischief. Without Dein there would be no Wenger and we’d be another Villa or Everton.


in this day and age you think the best player in the prem is valued at 15 mill ?? are you ok ? minimum his value would be at 25 mill

Midfield Corporal

With 1 year of a contract to go, at 28? The Nasri fee was hush money to stop us reporting them for tapping him up, I would use that as a marker for what Robins value is.


gd point

Cygan's Middle Foot

if rvp stays, he is loyal. if not, he is not. simple as that. nothing to do whether he has repaid us with his performance. arsenal has shown faith and loyal to him when he was out with so many injuries.
speaking of injury prone, i hope diaby can still reach the potential like rvp.

Cygan's Right Foot

For the 20 minutes he was on, he looked like he was running the game against Chelsea. If he can stayed injury-free (this is obviously the big question mark over him), i reckon we have another brilliant if not world class midfielder in our team. In the WC 2010, while most of the French team disgraced themselves, Diaby actually looked like one of their best players.

Alex X

Let me be clear I hope to hell this is not the case-but maybe his drop in form has to do with his contract situation. I think maybe RvP is torn between staying at a club and supporters and manager he truly loves, or moving on to a club that he feels has a legit chance and winning trophies year after year. Let’s be honest and we all wish this wasn’t true but he has to conclude this might not be the club for that. Fighting for fourth and getting no further than semi’s in every cup just might not… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

Going with that line of thought, only a handful of clubs match those requirements and in all of them he’s not guarantee’d first team football.

Unlike Nasri, i doubt he’d be happy sitting on the bench watching the team try to win a trophy when he could be captain of a club, playing as the main striker and fighting for trophies.


Meh. I’m not getting sucked into another “cesc drama”. I hope he stays. If not, fuck him.


All the teams dein talks about they were just admirers of rvp but none of those came forward to sign him. Now that he is fit and in some awesome form everyone will come for him . I will have no issues with van persie leaving if the same transfer stuff goes on at our club to keep some unworthy players and not signing anyone , but i would question him if we do go onto sign quality players and he still wants to leave. If that happens any gooner will be devastated even more will be Arsene who has… Read more »


In re Darren Dein and agents in general–I’ve said this here before but it bears repeating: Agents are so slimy slug pour salt on them.


That’s “slugs”. (I think this site needs an edit button.)


When Dein sold his interests in the Arsenal, he lost all credibility when speaking about a club he obviously has no real affection for. Arsenal are just a way for him and his son to make money. In an ideal world, the English press would stop giving him the opportunity to speak about the club (but that’s like asking the English press to be honest about football- ain’t gonna happen). Dein should join Veira, Platt, Clichy, Toure, Adebayor, Nasri, and the rest of the rejects up at moneybags Citeh and leave us alone. Same goes for his good-for-nothing leech of… Read more »


Darren Dein should be banned from the club. I’m sure 90% of all the back page stories about RVP leaving is part of Darren’s “financial advice”. The man has been stirring up sh*t for the whole year. It makes me sick to my stomach when I see that cunt in an Arsenal scarf.


” Dein, seemingly willing to stir things up for board members who unceremoniously kicked him out of the club in 2007 after he went behind their backs in trying to persuade both Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov to buy the club,” Errr………No ! As you well know. The facts are that just over ten per cent of the shares were at that time owned by Granada TV who were looking to flog them. They had been on the market for over year and if your mate Hill-Wood was so concerned about this – being the Merchant Banker he so emphatically… Read more »


At least so far Arsenal is not a poodle for the billionaires – as Dein was trying to do – God knows what Usmanov would have done with the club by now. I feel so sorry for Dein and his Mantra of ‘Get a winning team’, tell me what does Arsene say to himself morning, day and night? And I expect you are trying to tell us Dein got all those players by himself without jnput from Arsene and that he got Arsene without approval from the board!!! Come on!!!!!


“At least so far Arsenal is not a poodle for the billionaires” – Really ! Remind me again who owns @66% of Arsenal ? Is it Kronke ? Who owns @ 30% of Arsenal ? Is it Usmanov ? Hmmm….And what do they do all day ? Sell the Big Issue on Holloway Road ? “tell me what does Arsene say to himself morning, day and night? ” That’s a really good question Clam. You know what ? I don’t know the answer ! Do you ? Or if not – perhaps some other kind soul can provide an answer… Read more »


I expect you are crying into your beer like I am – Chelski won and I watched that rubbish!!!! Right that said, Arsene lives and breathes Arsenal so his every breathe is to do well for the club, to win with Arsenal. No one ownes Arsenal whatever % they have at the moment but I’d much rather have Kroenke than the man the spuds rejected – Usmanov. Dein was able to acquire the players Arsene identified in those days when others didn’t follow his tactics but now they are on his trail and they have more money to throw around.… Read more »


“No one ownes Arsenal whatever % they have at the moment but I’d much rather have Kroenke than the man the spuds rejected – Usmanov.” With statements like that you should be Chairman of the flat earth society. Arsenal is a company. The company is owned by it’s shareholders. So Kronke owns the club as he has the majority share holding. Usmanov is the other major shareholder and between them, these two ‘billionaires’ own over 95% of the Club. Whatever you say or think otherwise. Usmanov did not reject, nor was he rejected, by Spurs. Abramovich approached Spurs before he… Read more »


No one single person like Chelski Man c and Manu etc, I should have specified. And that is right!!!! Yes ofcourse we will win with Arsene. Has he beeen here for 7years only – short memory what about the 7years before?. And yes I’m saying 7years is a short time on the scale of ‘ever’. You are an Arsene basher, I don’t know why and I don’t want to know to be honest. He is the best manager Arsenal has ever had and probably will ever have seeing how fickle managers can be these days. Your prejudice just won’t let… Read more »

Lord Teddy Ears

Well done RVP we love you as our captain but Dein fuck off with your wanker son and stop shit stirring why dont you go and help that horse faced lesbo Nasri at Man City fuck off somewhere else

Louis C.K.

With all due respect, Mr. Dein,

Suck a bag a dicks.


Dein Sr. brought in Arsene, and DB10, Viera, Henry, Overmars, Pires, and RVP to name a few, I personally think its no coincidence we haven’t won a trophy since he went. he seemed to light a fire under the arses of the board, and get the right things done. Shame it went pear shaped.

Lets hope Dazza’s accountant is dealing with a large deposit from Arsenal PLC this summer, commision from a guy that scores when he wants 😉

Stan Kwanke

David Dein = Arsenal Legend.

Quote: Arsene Wenger, Lee Dixon, Tony Adams, Pires, Henry, Vieira etc.

Ask the people who know, nor Mr Allen, hack pretender.

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