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Sagna happy but crazy for trophies

Although many Arsenal players have been lured to Manchester City with the promise of jewels and riches, Bacary Sagna says he won’t be one of them.

The right back is one of Arsenal’s most consistent performers, and fans will be glad that not only is he more than happy at the club, he’d be quite willing to sign on for longer. Not for him waiting around to see what’s on offer or letting his contract run down.

An an interview published in the Sunday Mirror he said, “I am very happy here. Everyone is so close. Yes, I would be happy to stay even longer but to be honest I don’t think that far ahead. If it happens, it happens. I just want to stay part of this Arsenal squad.

“We have a great team, a young team. And the spirit here is great. We have shown that recently with the way we got into the top four when we were so far behind.

“Yes, we lost at Queens Park Rangers in our last game but the simple fact is they fought harder than us. It was a good wake-up call.”

Today we face a City side which could contain both Gael Clichy and $amir Na$ri, something Sagna admits to finding ‘strange’. And while Na$ri in particular will come in for grief for the way he behaved, the French international says he understands why then went.

“You know, even when I see Gael play now for City, it is strange but I still see him as an Arsenal player! But they all left and there is no problem for me that they did.

“I mean, they had just one year left on their contracts and they wanted to be part of the project at Manchester City. That was their choice.”

A win today would be put Arsenal back into third place, quite an achievement considering the start to the season and the January blip, but Sagna wants more.

“We have showed character to come back and be able to challenge for third place,” he said. “But we really want to win a trophy. I am confident that will happen. We are not far and that is what makes me crazy.”

No trophies, does that make me crazy? Possibly.

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kevdo gooner

gotta love sagna !!


Still remember Andy Gray commenting on his first match about his hair “You got to be best if you are going to keep those hairstyle here”… Dont know what he meant, but Bacary Sagna became one of the great players to be in Arsenal colours…


Happy Easter to all you Gunners. God bless you Sagna, wish we had more senior players come out and speak with such passion for the club. Arsenal will surely win trophies next season. Common lads gets do this today 3 points all the way.


Sagna must be the most underrated player in the EPL. He’s an amazing player. The best full-back IMO.


I wouldn`t trade him for any right back in the league… Hell, I wouldn`t trade him for any in the world. We love you, Mr Consistent…. And your wife is Oh so fit! Jus`sayin…


Will be good to see Sagna and Walcott exploiting Clichys defensive frailties.

Chan Kie

he’s the man! in our own stadium against another enemy, please win it!


let’s give em a ‘strong tackle bacary sagna’


Lol i see wat u did there


Before Sagna we had the self-propelled disaster called Eboue. Sagna has been consistently performing since his very first game. The opposition would get more joy out of our other mini-disaster area, Clichy than they would ever get out of Sagna.
The icing one the cake however must be his comment about “ze enemy”. Sweet!


I disagree about Eboue as some potential disaster in RB. He is actually quite good at RB. The prove is we are quite surprised when Sagna was bought, because at that time Eboue is doing a pretty well job. But at the end, Sagna become one of the best RB in the world.


Nikki, I think its a case of short memories. Noboby charged forwards as fast as Eboue but by the same token, nobody was as slow getting back. Eboue obviously enjoy the attack more than the defence. That’s okay if you are a striker but not a fullback. Eboue cost us many points. His last contribution to our misery was giving Liverpool a penalty in the last kick of the game. I am getting angry thinking about it. I was on the same flight as Eboue from Turkey to London when he had his medical for his new club – he… Read more »


That header vs Sp*rs = Legendary status.


Sagna is a throwback to the early Wenger years, a talented, self-motivated individual. That’s why we were successful then. Unfortunately we don’t have enough players like him anymore, players who learn from their own game and are motivated beyond the wage packet. They do not get it from the coaching.

Red & White Stripey Socks

No doubt this man shines on and off the pitch. “Ze enemy” quote should be etched in stone. I’m sure every player understands the magnitude of today’s game. Let’s face it they have to win them all from now on, the right result today will see us back on track. The trophies will come next season we just have to ensure that 3 spot. COYG


give em one of your “fuck it i’ve had enough ” headers


Sagna is a lot like our last great right-back, Lauren. They both are cut from the same ever-consistent, never give up, “I’ll fuck you up if you mess with me” cloth. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bac give Na$ri (who is a cunt, lest we forget) a tackle like Ralph gave Ronaldo at Highbury in 06. That would be beautiful. But I’ll settle for 3 points today.

Come on you Reds!


An an interview, I wouldn’t mistake I with an A…

Great to have Sagna as a fellow Gooner though, after all the Cesc and Nasri drama, it feels great just having players who are proud playing for us.

Mr. G

If we are losing during the game later, it would be awesome of Sagna scores another “fuck it, I’m NOT losing to these cunts” goal and sparks another wonderful comeback victory.

Who’s on City’s left hand side? An inconsistent down-syndrome-faced twat who shit his pants last time he played here, and a left-back prone to errors which usually lead to opposition goals. Who’s on our right hand side? Sagna and Walcott.

We are going to RAPE City’s left hand side today! ’nuff said.


Only if Theo gets angry. He’s too tame and mild mannered for my liking. He needs more passion and sometimes just raw anger. He needs to lose his cute cuddly squirrel like manner and become more rottweiller. COYG

Bobby Pires

Oh Bac




I currently have a very large man crush on arteta and his perfect lego hair


Both Clichy and Nasri are no great loss. Clichy was always a bit dodgy in defence, and he only scored 1 league goal. Arsenal made Nasri look good, but now he looks decidedly average. Both Santos and Gibbs are better than Clichy, and The Ox is better than Nasri.


Balloteli needs a straightjacket. Psycho.

1-0 to the arsenal. Over and art

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