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Van Persie scoops FWA Player of the Year

Robin van Persie has scooped the Football Writers’ Association Player of the Year award to add to his PFA Player of the Year award. He is the first Arsenal player to win both accolades since Thierry Henry (2003/04)  and also joins legendary compatriot Dennis Bergkamp (1997/98) in doing the double.

While many had tipped the Dutchman to win both gongs, nothing is a sure thing with the Football Writers’ Association who have in the past taken it upon themselves to honour cunts likes Teddy Sheringham, Fat Frank, Scotty chicken legs, Wazza, David Ginola and Jurgen Klinsmann. Anyway on this occasion they appear to have seen sense…

Here’s what FWA chairman Steve Bates, chief football writer at The People said: “Robin was the overwhelming choice of our members this season and deservedly so after a magnificent campaign for Arsenal.

“The quality of his goals, attacking movement and consistency in a turbulent season for The Gunners has been eye-catching.

“The considerable size of his majority in the votes cast by our members reflected the general view that he has been the season’s most outstanding individual performer.”

Congratulations to Robin. Be sure to punch a few of the greasier hacks in the gullet for all the bollocky transfer rumours they keep making up when you pick up the award.

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Nice one Robin.


Put his name on the stadium walls.


” he won’t win anything at Arsenal ”


What a striker, please sign soon!!!!!


congratulations RVP…

now.. squeeze out a few more goals in these last three games 🙂

Borneo Gooner

Give him anything he wants after the season finished, Arsene! Contract, new quality players or even a guy to polish his kids’ shoes!


I will be that guy, for free, in fact screw that i will pay to do it if it helps

D arsenal



Sure talk @ebouefan. Put his name on the stadium wall, make him an offer he can’t refuse, sign 2 quality players + podolski, keep all our senior players and increase what the currently earn then you would see an even deadlier R.vP next season. Congrats to Robin. vanPerfect!


Chuck in a bronze statue and a blank cheque too!

Darren O Neachtain

We now have the best player to go along with the best groundsman. Screw you haters. Cut the grass and he will score


Done a double!


Fancy him to do a hattrick when RVP wins the Golden Boot.

The invincible arse

Sell him Arsene, he is too injury prone.

Football Bubble

Absolutely, Park is waiting to step in…now theres a player who never gets injured! (could change if he starts running round a bit though)


and we should sack arsene too, he’s definitely lost it.

(that was ironic by the way)


Arsenal fan?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Well Done RvP……………………… A Serious question though to everyone (I know it will get a lot of dislikes probably). Give RvP a gazillion dollar a week deal, or sell him for 50 million to fund our final stage of rebuilding to get back to the title (including one 30 goal a season striker). Not the time to ask this question I know, and I am not saying sell him. I love the season he has had and but fir him we would not be in a position to even ask the question. Just want to know which way most of… Read more »

Glory Hunter

Why cant we do both??

Keep him, get rid of Chamkh, NB52, & Park sign Podolski and another striker and we are good to go!


I definitely prefer him to stay than sell him. He is one of the better captain of Arsenal, an experienced player and has a good relationship to the team. And with him staying, i think the quality signings that we crave for might come to realization because it shows a statement of intent. Plus, it will be an added bonus for players to come to the club, just like it did for Gervinho with Nasri, before he betrayed him. Also, I don’t believe that if we sell him, we’re going to suddenly replace him. Wenger might try to promote from… Read more »


I don’t think RVP was promoted to replace Adebayor!


Every time one of our promising players make an departure for greener pastures, we crib and bitch about the lack of loyalty and commitment in the current crop of footballers. We have a captain who’s led from the front and carried the team from near relegation to the top. Set aside the fact that he’s peaking and been able to maintain fitness and great form, he treats the club and fans with respect and loyalty. Don’t think you can or should replace players like him. Its an entirely different thing if he decides to leave (devastating, to say the least),… Read more »


*a departure – typo (couldn’t help myself)

Munich Gunner

50 million for someone with one year left on their contract? I was about to call that ridiculous, but then again with the sort of money that is being thrown around now who knows. I still don’t think anyone would go that high though.

Regardless I’d rather keep him. I hate when people just say sign a 20 or 30 goal a season player, like it’s that easy to just go pick one up somewhere. Torres being a perfect example of something that sounds so simple going oh so wrong.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yeah I agree 50 mil was an exaggeration, but then again as you said, if Carrol is worth 35 mil, then what is one to say……….

Also of one really thought abt it, the mass striker at the blue side of Manchester with Dzeko and Tevez (surely) leaving, I think we can ask them to pay us what we want for RvP, 70 mil won’t be an exaggeration then.


I’m with munich on this one, you can’t just buy a 20-30 goal striker, like all investments previous perfomance is only an indication of what future performance can be expected and even with the best players there is a bedding in period.

If we have £20m budget for a forward I can’t think of a better one to sign than RVP.

Need to get Podolski (or similar) in as well. I cringe when I see Chamakh warm up, he’s great to bring on a couple of goals up to harry and hold the ball but not a game changer.

Eric Irish gunner

We always seem to rebuilding when our better players leave after wenger makes them the players they are,we need to keep RVP whos a great captain and sign maybe 2 or 3 more players and that should get us back in the title hunt


I hope these awards may propel his confidence in the last three games and beyond. Because it might be that a run of 6-7 games (I think) not scoring from open play has dent his confidence a little. This award might be “the” thing to get his groove back.


Who is Scotty chicken legs?


Scotty chicken legs is a decent English chap who left the sinking ship of west ham to join the smaller club in north London,knowing he’d be safe there in mid table obscurity!

Henry's beard

He wins awards when he wants!


Fuck, was certain it’d be Paul Scholes


I love that he was so far ahead of the Diver and the Ginger in the voting! Congrats to Clint Dempsey on 4th place, well deserved and you’d be welcome to join the Gunners!

So lets see…… that’s two player of the year awards for RVP right? What has Nasri earned again? Splinters?


As Andre Santos would say ” I love the Gay “,


Also I think RVP did a brilliant job of addressing his visit to the “Barcelona Hotel” last week. He was just there to visit with Ibrahim Afellay (Not Cesc!) “The explanation is really very simple. My very good friend Ibrahim Afellay plays for Barcelona,” the Dutchman wrote in Arsenal’s official matchday programme. “After a bad long-term injury, he was finally back with the team – and during his absence I had been in contact with him a lot, but I hadn’t seen him. “This was an opportunity for me to go and visit a close friend, show him my support… Read more »


Gotta love the fact that we’re currently 3rd in a turbulent season


Right is anybody else fed up of this “moving to a bigger club” shit we are AFC we are the fourth most valuable club in the world, best stadium in England, one of the best managers in the world, manageable debt and the biggest and best club in one of the best cities in the world. How the FUCK could we not be classified as one of the best clubs in the world? Are debt ridden clubs in Italy better? No. How about those two twats down the road? No. I just don’t get it. Can somebody explain this to… Read more »


Whoever rvp’s agent is can go sit on the pointy end of a burning javelin! whoreing him around to clubs like juventus so we will give him more money to sign on…is that really fucking necessary?

Naija Gunner

And who says we aren’t winning things, doubles for him more to come and for Arsenal too! COYG!!!


Nasri are you watching? You can win player of the year at Arsenal. fucking cunt!

Drummie Dan

We must keep RvP at Arsenal…This is a player who would definitely flourish if he were to play elsewhere… Adams for Arsene Wengers new assistant!!!

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