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A message for Jan Vertonghen

Jan Vertonghen seems a little confused. A talented footballer he may be, but when it comes to talking to the media, he’s at best naïve and at worst a complete fucking prat.

For the last few weeks the Belgian international has been flashing his tits at Harry Redknapp in the hope of securing a move to Shite Hart Lane, but now that Spurs aren’t in the Champions League he’s all a bit flustered.

You see, he’s realised that the mugs down the road might not be able to afford the €15 million price set by Ajax now that they’re only in the Europa League and he’s begun flirting with Arsenal – treating the Gunners as his favoured reserve option.

Sorry to break it to you Jan, but Arsenal is not a back up to Spurs. In fact to even suggest such a thing is just insulting.

“I’ve said repeatedly that Tottenham are my first choice, but the talks haven’t progressed,” the centre-back is quoted as saying by the Daily Star.

“They have shown me around, I have met all their key people and their chairman came to meet me on Monday.

“But Arsenal want me too. They remain a possibility if my Spurs move falls through, as Ajax are asking €15m for me. That is a lot of money for someone with just a year left on his contract.

“I’m sure Spurs won’t be able to pay that much after they missed out on the Champions League.

“Ajax want to get as much as they can for me, while Spurs want to pay as little as possible.

“I hope a deal can be done. But I won’t fight with Ajax, that is the last thing I’d want after so many good years with them

“England is my preferred destination. But if needed I will see out my contract and leave on a free transfer next year.”

If you want a move to Arsenal, start acting like it Jan. You’ve a big decision to make in the next month or so. Don’t fuck up your future by making the Verwrong’un.

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flying dutchman

Do we even want him? Although a quality player we would have 5 capable centrebacks plus Miquel and Bartley. Surely we couldn’t keep all of them happy…..


nah we dont need him, rather arsenal bought a great attacking midfielder instead

master floda

like eden “city-united-chelsea” hazard…


I do agree that JV is a bit of a luxury signing, we don’t NEED him. However, if we signed him he’d add a lot of depth to our squad. We’d have FOUR top quality CBs. I don’t think anybody can guarantee us a season of full fitness for either of our first choice CB’s it’d be nice to have quality replacements in case of injury/suspension/fatigue.


Maybe not full fitness, but which of TV, Kos, Per and Jan are going to be willing to sit on the bench for the majority of the season and who’s going to be willing to sometime not even make the squad.
You can’t just buy all the players you want even if you have the money because they are going to get unhappy and in good old Football Manager style, ask for a move.


I’m with Jamie. All of those four could rightly expect to be first-team regulars at high-achieving clubs – would they seriously be satisfied with being there to supply “depth”? – and they would command wages that match those expectations. In an ideal world, more would always be better. But especially given the chatter about trying to get some more flexibility in the wage budget, I don’t see how it serves our interests to pay two potentially world-class defenders a bucketload of money to warm the bench. It’s one thing to have a contingency plan *in case* your top two get… Read more »


If the last few seasons are a lesson, then we’ll definitely need him. He plays DRLC & DM.

Djourou can go asap. So many years but still so mediocre, 24 or 25 already.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Djourou as a Home Grown player, with the new 25 man squad rule, is priceless, and is not going anywhere.

Malaysian Gooner

While I agree that Vertonghen is a luxury I don’t agree that Djourou can’t be sold because he’s HG.

Being HG means nothing if your replacement is under-21 and will has homegrown status as well. In this case, both Bartley and Miquel can easily replace Djourou in the squad.

No point keeping a player just to meet the HG requirements when you can get him off your wage bill and leave an empty slot in the 25 man squad sheet.

Master Bates

I think we NEED him , WIth Sagna injured , I have a feeling he’ll play a lot ,Koscielny covering RB like the white Cafu he is.

We always have loads of injuries , we are consistent at that , that won’t change.

There are rumours that Juve wants to sign Djourou


Again, Inspired choice of name. Coquelin salutes you.


Dam right we are no back up to any team you will come to us if we want you


“Do we even want him”……….i think you mean “do we even need him”….

Arsene's bottle of water

If Djourou does leave, Vertgonthein or whatever his name is, could have the honor of being our 4th choice CB. I don’t see him getting ahead of Koscielny, Vermaelen or Mertesacker?


to be honest we only have 3 capable centrebacks. koscielny, per and vermaelen.
djourou is okay-ish and miquel and bartley are still rookies. when injury hits like every season its always better to have a good backup.

the reason i think jan vertonghen wants to go to spurs is maybe that he can slot into their first team straight away.

Gooner Up

What a goon. Great defender though, but he is still a goon!

igor stepanovs

good god. what utter cunts they are.




Epic fail.


hahahahaha!!!! Klaus wasn’t first!

Merlin's Panini



I gave him a thumbs up. My first laugh of the day.

Gus The Fox


James Goyder

I stopped reading at the ‘is quoted as saying by the Daily Star’ point.


I can’t see us seriously going for him, he wouldn’t be happy as 4th choice and we have 3 CB’s who also would not be happy as 4th choice behind him already here.

Tom C


I’ll get my coat


Surprised you need one with this weather…


If this is true(I stress the word “IF”), then you really, really should not be showing your mug around The Grove anytime soon, Mr. V.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. However much of a dick he is there’s no room in the squad for him with Koscielny, Vermaelen (his senior international team-mate) and Mertesacker.
Buy a goddamn left back!


We dont need a LB. We have St. Andre. He scores when he wants, and also he seems to be a good gay!


Why do we need a left back? We have Gibbs & Santos! :s


Because neither of them can defend much better than Glen Johnson, one of them may be surprisingly cute and they both may be good at attacking but I don’t see any defensive talent in either.


Santos might get slated for his odd howler, but it’s unfortunate that these have overshadowed how his defensive tackling is some of the best and most accurate I’ve seen from any defender in the squad.


Didn’t you see Gibbs’s Tackle !!


Santos isn’t a LB, he is a footballer, who just happens to stick to the left side of the pitch. He scored the goal against West Brom from an attacking Mid position!!
The enthusiasm the guy has for the shirt is fantastic though.


That’s not true. If you see the replay, Santos was in the left-back position the whole time prior to receiving the ball. He moved into to a central-midfield position in order to receive Song’s pass and then into an AM position to shoot.


You may all disagree now, but I have never before heard anyone congratulate Santos on his defending. I personally like him but I don’t think that side of his game is good enough for Arsenal.
As for Gibbs, I sit in line with him for half of every home game and his positioning is woeful. Before you automatically just thumb this down because it is a criticism, watch the next time Gibbs plays and see where he stands when the other team is attacking.


Should I just assume that everyone disagrees with me and you are therefore going to refuse to even listen to my point?


Yes. If you have a negative opinion about a player, you get automatically thumbed down, unless the player in question is a designated scapegoat.


I would agree, at times I see Gibbs and Santos so far up the pitch it makes me cringe. Even a few instances where they’re the furthest most player pressuring the opposition’s defence! LB’s shouldn’t be doing that.


Trevor, I’ve seen Ramos do that time and again for Spain, without much end product, yet he’s called one of the best full backs. That’s cuz his team defend as a unit, fill in each others shoes. If that were to happen for us, then Santos and Gibbs would also be called “Super quality” or some such term which the media devises.

Players are always hyped up or pulled down, but its a team game.


I’ll congratulate Santos right here and now for his tackle on Ballotelli, followed by his “Shhhh!” sign.


Santos and Gibbs move into attacking positions (and stay there) because the manager tells them to do so, they don’t do it on their own accord so please don’t put the player at fault if his positioning is bad, he’s just following instructions.


@Alan Yes I did, go back and watch that: and pause it just as the screen stops going blurry. Why is the left back inside the D, with no-one between him and the centre backs, and a man outside him?
Great tackle made necessary by a simple mistake.


In related video news, Galatasary’s league win is more than just party time down Dalston high street, but a chance to catch up with the legend Eboue doing what he does best:


Eboue is doing that dance completely wrong haha


Spot on with this article, I don’t know why this bloke wants to play for a Europa League team with a fan base of incredulous, mealy-mouthed morons, a team which will not only be losing all their best players this Summer, but are also managed by an illiterate, choking, gobshite. Frankly it would be a shame if he went to Shite hart lane as he is obviously a talent, but I can’t see him starting when Vermaelen and Koscielny are fit. I guess he would rather choose the easy path and walk into the sc*m’s first team – just about… Read more »


It’s not just Vertonghen. Have you seen Hazard’s behavior? He’s been flirting with the Mancs and Chelsea like a complete whore. Disgusting and utterly disgraceful behavior. I’m glad we’ve pulled out of the race to sign Hazard, because if his behavior is anything to go by, he’s a complete mercenary. Nasri 2.0.


hazard shall have a movie made about him this summer, it shall be aptly titled “The Great European Whore”


Yeah, I can’t believe Hazard didn’t just decide to walk into Arsenal in January, declaring “I’ve been reading your fansites and decided to play for you for free even though I have no previous affiliation with the club whatsoever and as a foreigner have no particular reason why I should choose one British club over another. In fact, I realise that my behaviour in having my agent tell the media that I would be talking to any other clubs at all regarding my future was completely reprehensible and will of course accept any fine Arsenal wishes to levy.”


I was reading an article the other day titled “10 Players Arsenal should look at this summer” or something to that effect. Of course it had Hazard as one of the players but it said of Eden that he had an ego bigger than Ronaldo.

IMO Hazard is another Nasri in the making and he’s trying to sell his decision being based on “playing time” as both Manc teams and Chelsea have all met the asking price & terms for his transfer, he just has to decide. Lovely little ego trip for him.


As our great esteemed and maybe even sober chairman once said ” we don’t want his sort around here “


talking about the chairman, did anyone get a look at this article?


if you’re going to troll, at least try to be a funny troll *sigh*


Good player no doubt. Seems to overrate himself. Let’s just assume Arsenal decide to buy someone better than him. Who would be his 3rd or 4th choice club?

Mr. G

Okay, we have three quality centre-backs (Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker) plus Djourou who is decent backup. Then we have Miquel trying to break through the ranks (much as he could do with a loan) plus Bartley is eager to fight for some first team action.

So why the fuck would we buy someone who would otherwise go to Spurs if they could afford him?


Decent players , just need to figure out how to defend. The way we’re told to play , getting the best player in the position will count for little.


Honestly, he lacks something between the ears. It’s an absolute insult to Arsenal for us to be 2nd choice to sc*ms. go and wh*re yourself more to sc*ms, and go enjoy your Thursday nights.

Will Radford

After our start to the season I can’t believe anyone thinks we’re fine defensively, only Kos put in 30+ games in the PL, the rest were barely fit for half of the campaign.

If/when Vermaelen takes a knock we’re back in the shit, Per just isn’t up to it alongside Kos, count the top class CBs in Manchester and you’ll see why we fell well short (again). We were mid-table on goals conceded.

Cygan's Right Foot

Vermaelen played 29 league games (so well over half) and Mertesacker played in 21 (again, over half). So in CB, we have covered the 38 games of a league season and then some. It was only the FB positions that left us short. Also, Mertesacker is first choice CB for the German national team who are one of the favourites for the Euro’s and a solid unit. To say after one season that he “just isn’t up to it” is quite frankly bullshit. Koscielny had an awful first season, interlaced with showings that he will be great, while we have… Read more »

Will Radford

I must have imagined all that ‘defensive coaching’ nonsense that went around early doors then, and getting embarrassed by Utd. Barely fit was the term, Per took an age to get up to scratch. He might have played 21 but how many of them did he shine in?

Kos & Vermaelen are class, Per hasn’t proved he has the pace or nous in the PL yet. And if your fallback is Djourou then its shaky. We need numbers to fight on four fronts next season #allimsaying


Lescott, Kompany and Toure Maybe…. then Savic

Rio, Vidic, Evans Maybe…… then Smalling and Jones

Kos, Verminator, Big Mert ……..maybe JD20 then Miquel and Bartley

Think we are competitive on personnel, the problem is mentality, although we conceded more this season, the skittish mentality of last season isn’t there any more. We conceded 8 at OT, which skews our goals conceded and we had no full backs for a long period of time. There are reasons why our gc is so bad, but I think we have the bodies and now the mentality, to be better next season.


Tommy needs to give him a clip round the ear.


Erm, could it be he is just trying to put pressure on Spurs to cough up the 15million Euro?


THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! How DARE a footballer state that his preference would be to go to a club where he would walk into the team and play pretty much every game, rather than one where he would most likely spend most of the time on the bench waiting for one of the first choice players in his position to get injured! And how DARE he not be fully appraised of the rivalry between two clubs that as a foreigner, he probably doesn’t really follow the exploits of. Jan Vertonghen (if that is his real name) should be fined and then… Read more »


You come on a website so outwardly partisan in support of one club and make sarcastic comments about said partisanship?

Seems quite odd that you’re looking for a detached, objective appraisal of someone’s opinion on a partisan website. Not odd, but stupid, actually.


It’s stupid to point out that Vertonghen isn’t really behaving as appallingly as everyone here is ponting out? I love Arseblog and the comments here, but we’ve got to get a grip. Put yourself in Vertonghen’s position. I completely fail to see what he did wrong. He wants to move to the EPL, Spurs were going to give him a chance before they messed up (lack of mental strength), what was he going to do, refuse them? It turns out Spurs might not have the money and Arsenal *might* try to buy him, and he said that in the media.… Read more »


Calling a player every name under the sun for merely stating that if one club can’t afford Ajax’s fee than another club might be able to isn’t partisanship – it’s being a retard.

Master Bates

Well if he thinks we are his back up plan , then maybe we should sign him and make our back up player , he won’t mind ,he started it.

he is 24 , in a couple of years he’ll be one of our key players


Exactly, and it lets us steal the march on that lot down the road.

This leads into my other joke signing of the summer- Who here thinks we should make a cheeky bid for Modric? Sure, he doesn’t defend and wouldn’t be able to play his preferred position in our formation, but it would be hilarious to watch Gazidis come out in the press and say “We’re offering want-away Luca Modric Champions League football next season.”


Thats not the worrying part, pride aside, what assurance would we have that by puting up a decent 3 to 6 month showing , he wouldnt go running away to the sheikh and putting us through shite, all the symptoms are noticable with players like Verthoghen & Hazzard (Na$ri??) , I say we got to practice prevention from now on.


No professional player with a winning mentality would ever chose spurs over arsenal. And since Jan is a true winner, this only tells us that he is not sure of a starting place wih the gunners, seing koscielny growing to be key player in defense, and arsenal having 2 proven world class internationals in vermaelen and mertesacker next to the frenchman. This also tells us that arsenal do not need vertonghen, and he doesn’t want to warm the bench, so he prefers spurs. He might be talented, but arsenal have talanted and proven in the squad already. No point having… Read more »

Comedian from watchmen

Again if he was teasing sp*rs all this while like we were doing them for the 4th spot then great.
And i am not against him joining us, we can do with quality players in our squad even if they wont play week in week out , we all know how bad our injury record is.
Young players development thats alright but will they have a future with us , if so how long will they stick with us?


Everyone says Jan is a good player, But we already have 3 potential starters. Back ups should be young players who do not expect first team now,Jan want first team. Rather we should consider Van Der Wiel, we do not have good back up for Bacman, I like Jenkinson, but not convinced he is ready yet. If not someone who can play CB and RB would be ideal.

A View Inside Vertonghen's Head

What do I do? Option A: I go to Shite Hart Lane (where is that btw? someone told me to look for the caravan disguised as a team shop) where they are actively pursuing me and even the president of the club has come to kiss my arse. I’ll walk into the team and be a starter straight off. No competition, a much more relaxed atmosphere as I won’t be playing CL football, but I hear Europa league is nice. I can even learn embezzling from ‘Arry and maybe he’d let me teach him how to read. Option B: I… Read more »


if we were to have a fullback crisis like last year we wouldnt have to play vermaelen or djourou out of position as Jan can seamlessly slot in. And Buying him would deprive sp*rs another player so thats an added bonus.

Plus for some reason CB’s is where the injury crisis usually occurs in arsenal and if the verminator was injured then we would just be a djourou away from squillaci and lets face it nobody wants that. So i did rather we have depth in a position where we tend to lose players due to injuries.


I get no idea where people just seems to think by slotting a natural CB to FBs and DMs will work out just fine. Doesn’t mean the player bombs forward from a CB position makes him a brilliant DM and/or FB. I have seen the Dutch league(not that much – but alot of Ajax games shown here) and i very much doubt he can play FB “seamlessly” He’s a CB through and through and while he may offer muscle in CB, putting him and Vermaelen together and without a proper DM could be a disaster if both decides to bomb… Read more »


Instead of buying Vertogen Wenger should go and bring back Sendoros. We are not his alternative.


Arsenal has not won any silverware since Pascal Cygan left the club. Can we lure him out of retirement?

Cygan's Right Foot

Afraid not. I’m getting on a bit and lefty has turned into an arsehole

Merlin's Panini

Anyone who even thinks about going to Sp*rs has something wrong with them.
If he came to us he would
a) have a fucking mountain to climb in gaining the respect of the fans now.
b) probably not understand the importance of smashing those lillywhite cunts into oblivion.

No thanks Jan. You’ve made your shit smelling bed, now lie in it.

Parisian Weetabix
big dawg

Vertonghen smertonghen

Cygan's Right Foot

You can’t argue with this logic


what?you mean flirtonghen


jan,funny how i don’t know you but i hate’s that possible?damn,see what sp*rs have done to me….?making me hate total strangers.


Vertonghen can f*ck off. If his 1st option is the scum and they can’t afford him then it should be another season at Ajax – ARSENAL are not there to pick up the scum’s scraps. He has put guarenteed appearance in the europa cup above fifgnting for a place in the Champions League – his ambitioness is dodgy to say the least. If Hazard is so good, why were Lille lining up Park as his replacement last summer? Arsenal need players prepared to fight for their places, not some fairy feeted tw*ts who expect to simply waltz in to the… Read more »


I think you can put JV’s comments down to a certain ingenuousness that comes from being brought up in the Low Countries. I remember Arjen Robben had both Arsenal and Spurs scarfs on his wall at home when he was at Chelsea. They may be naive, but they just don’t see it like we supporters do. He prefers to go to Spurs where he will definintely play rather than Arsenal where he might not get much time on the pitch because the competition is much tougher. But he would like to play in the Champions League (wouldn’t we all?). He’s… Read more »


luzhny , what a warrior…


I wouldn’t call his comments pragmatic. Playing in Holland he will have a very clear idea of the culture of football rivalries that exist in England. Bergkamp once said that one of the biggest games in Holland was the FA cup final. They know plenty about our game over there.


I do not want this guy at Arsenal.


You can never predict Wenger’s signing and intentions. Who knows if TV5 will be playing as a defensive midfielder next season, Wilshere as an attacking midfielder and Ramsey on the wing like he did for a couple of games towards the end of the season.

I don’t know why I keep thinking we’ll sell Song, Walcott and RVP before the start of next season? Does anyone know when their contracts end?

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Gooner4life Fozzy

Fuck him. No player uses us as a second choice! We don’t need him and I for one don’t want him. Just another nasri I think he would be! Stay at Ajax or go to spurs you mug. ARSENAL TILL I DIE


I read the comment policy to make sure this is ok:

Fuck Vertonghen and fuck Hazard.


Yeah! My thoughts exactly. ‘Nuff said.

North Bank Gooner

wouldnt waste the hard-on! 😉

Jimmy Hendrix

Just heard that he may be signing for wigan. You heard it here first

Merlin's Panini

Can I have some of what you’re smoking?


It’s Jimi.

Jimmy Hendrix

No, my name’s jimmy…


OK, so maybe I have blinders on because I’m an Arsenal fan, but try hard as I might to look at his position as an outsider, I still can’t see why he would choose Tittenham over us. Better stadium? Us. Better history? Us. Better manager? Us. Better overall facilities? Us. Employers of one of his best mates? Us.

The only reason a defender would prefer to sign for Tittenham is because he’d be an automatic starter, and that’s a dubious reason at best.


Vertonghen has to stay his story straight. If he wants to join arsenal then well and good but he should quit making us the second option to the filthy sp*ds. Come on, choose the gunners or go play under the gunners shadow for the rest of your career.


Apologies if this seem crass. But if Belgium have so many star players Vermaelen / Hazard / Vertonghen, how come they are so sh*t.

I know that is only 3 out of 11, but the media seem to think that Haz & Vert are the best thing since sliced bread.

Germany have good players and they are f*cking good. Holland have good players and they are f*cking good. Spain have good players and they are f*cking good. England has good players and are ok. Belgium have good players and are sh*t. Please explain to me what I am missing.


Fucking hell, its the Nicholas Bendtner of Ajax.


As Michael Corleone would have said, “It’s not personal, it’s business.” But I can’t can’t help but feel that we don’t need some mercenary twat with the incredibly poor taste to prefer the Spuds to the Gunners. So let’s make it personal, let him join the losers at White Hart Lane and forever be looking up at Arsenal in the standings.


The lad is confused. No doubt he saw Spurs doing well in the league early on, and with Van der Faart talking them up, probably thought they were a better club than they are.

Just buy the lad and he’ll soon realise that he’s dodged a chicken on a basketball shaped bullet.

Merlin's Panini

I like to call him Fan the Faart.
Vertonghen can be Verpongbum if he goes to the shit.

Igor Stepanovs

I don’t like him already.



Does he know anything about football!?

We’ve won stuff and have always been the bigger club, Spurs have had one season in the champions league.

No brainer.

Don’t want a dipshit like him at the Arsenal.



To contrast, let us read from the book of Podolski in reference to Sp*rs, “they wanted to sign me in January, but I didn’t even know they existed a year ago.” LP 3:23

Malaysian Gooner

While I agree that Vertonghen is a luxury I don’t agree that Djourou can’t be sold because he’s HG.

Being HG means nothing if your replacement is under-21 and will has homegrown status as well. In this case, both Bartley and Miquel can easily replace Djourou in the squad.

No point keeping a player just to meet the HG requirements when you can get him off your wage bill and leave an empty slot in the 25 man squad sheet.


So vertonghen is a spurs fan shock horror hold the back page. ajax fan supports spurs as well. wow never heard that before ……… fuckin what?

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