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Olympics to give Park shop window

Ju Young Park has been included in South Korea’s squad for the Olympic football tournament. Coach Hong Myung-Bo included Park as one of the three overage players, the rest of the squad must be under 23.

Park was heavily criticised for deferring his national service for 10 years due to being eligible for residency in Monaco, and then sort of disappeared at the end of the season before appearing at a press conference to apologise.

Since joining Arsenal late last August, in a move that still baffles pretty much everyone, Park’s stock as a player has fallen considerably. From being captain of his country he now finds himself ‘relegated’ to the Olympic side after a season at Arsenal during which he scored just once and played very little football.

However, the tournament in London may just provide him with a shop window as he looks to revive his career. It seems unlikely that he’d feature any more than last season for the Gunners, especially in the wake of the Podolski and Giroud signings, so a goal or two may convince someone to take a punt on him.

A move back to France seems most likely and he’ll join the Great Arsenal Forward Cull 2012, as the club look to move him on alongside Bendtner, Arshavin, Vela and Chamakh.

Perhaps we could sell them as a job lot or bring them all out into the woods and drive off.

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Hudson Hornet

From the “classy” way he was signed, to the lack of opportunity – the whole thing stinks.

Let the poor lad go wherever he wants. Dont want to see his bewildered face on the bench anymore.

What's my name?

Not fair there, arseblog. The man was never given a chance to really show what he’s got. Consider the amounts of game-time Arsene has given to some of our players even though it was clear to sundry and all that the said players were way below par performance-wise. Denilson, Arshavin and even Ramsey come to mind. Because he is well-paid is no excuse to treat someone shabbily, as this fellow has clearly been treated at Arsenal. Fortunately it’s not an ingrained culture at the club to do this….we still have overflowing truckloads of class relative to the Citehs and Chelskis… Read more »

glory hunter

Maybe that’s cos he was worse than shocking in training!!
Think about it, if he was banging them in left, right and center in training, he would have got more game time.

I wish him all the best, but has to go down as one of the most irrelevant signings in Arsene Wengers time at the club.


If he really was THAT bad then probably Arsene wouldn’t have bought him. He totally killed our negotiations with Lille over Hazard to get this guy and then he doesn’t start him in a single match??

big dawg

Yehh guys get in there and thumbs down arseblog for that one! Screw the system! Lol


For the record, I thumbed you down arseblog. You cannot say such things about our park.


for once i’d like to get more likes then arseblog! so…

Spurs are shit


I don’t know ‘he’s clearly not good enough’ … all I know is that he looks cheerful when training, he sits on the bench a lot, and he scores a bagful of goals for his national side. For all that might be deemed lacklustre in the handful of minutes he’s played for us – he’s never been a disaster like some I can think of. The problem I have in making any kind of assessment is that I simply don’t have enough information to make any kind of assessment. Only Wenger and the coaches – some players, maybe – have… Read more »


People creamed their pants when Thierry Henry scored his goal, yet Park’s was a very similar one, and all he gets is dog’s abuse.

Maybe he didn’t acclimatise to English football all that well, but he wasn’t given a whole load of opportunity to do so, either. There were several opportunities to give him 20 minutes or so at the end of games we had clearly won, yet chose to keep on Robin.

Perhaps Park wasn’t good enough, but we never got the chance to see, either way.


OK, Arseblog, what are you trying to do–stir up discord amongst us rabble? It only remains that our treatment of Park WAS shabby, and getting “well-paid” doesn’t mitigate that. If he was clearly not good enough, Wenger (who should have a good eye for footballer flesh) should have been able to have discerned that at the get-go.


And why is my comment “awaiting moderation”?

Hudson Hornet

Arsene Wenger feels Park Chu-Young is ready to make his Premier League debut after scoring the winner in Arsenal’s Carling Cup victory over Bolton . The South Korea striker opened his account for the club with a curling shot in the second half of the 2-1 win. “He had a very, very good game. His movement was exceptional and his finishing is absolutely fantastic,” said Gunners boss Wenger. “He is ready to play in league games,” the Frenchman added. “Compared to the player who played in the first match [against Shrewsbury] where he was a bit inhibited, tonight I felt… Read more »


Either way IMO he clearly will not be playing for The Arsenal next season. This signing has been one of the greatest mysteries to me, up their with alien abductions and why i feel the need to buy a kebab after a night out?


The reasons Arsenal signed Park in no particular order: – he was available, for a very reasonable fee on moderate wages when Arsene felt he needed one more body to add to the squad following the injury to Afobe and denial of work permit for Campbell. – his signing is not dissimilar to that of Squillaci in that he’s playing forth or fifth fiddle in his squad status but was just happy for the chance to play at the highest level at a relatively late stage in his career. – he is relatively versatile and can play with reasonable effectiveness… Read more »


big dawg, ha, no one is and should be immune to constructive criticism, even the arseblog itself. That’s what makes this place great. arseblog, I love your general blog and also this news blog, but, once again, this report and your subsequent comment show your implicit bias against Park, which has been quite consistent since he was transferred to us. True, he lost his captaincy and was dropped from the Senior National team for a political reason (and lack of game time). But he was not picked to play in the Olympic team because he was “relegated” or demoted in… Read more »


Hey arseblog, my current comment is currently awaiting your moderation. I read the comment policy, and it does not appear that I’ve violated any provision. Whether you accept or deny, please let me know what’s up. Thank you.


By “current,” I meant my previous comment*


“Club and player went into it with eyes open” – totally agreed, hence, I don’t think even Park himself expects any sympathy when things don’t work out.. But criticism? If he’d been given opportunity to prove himself on the pitch yet mess things up or didn’t put in the required efforts I can understand the brickbats. But for goodness sake he didn’t even get the opportunity in the first place. If there’s really any need of criticism then I think the club should bear the brunt of it for signing a player who it doesn’t need/doesn’t fit into the team.… Read more »


Park sucks. End of. Move him on and it’s done. What are you girls jabbering about?


blogs,i know you so badly wanna be proved wrong on this one.someone’s gotta win.if he leaves blogs is right.park was a waste of time and money. if he stays arsene clearly thinks he’s useful in some way. i personally think we didn’t need to play park in any game except maybe the blackburn(but even there henry was bought in).we were under so much pressure last season we couldn’t give RVP a breather.i feel we didn’t have time to experiment with players like park. from what i have seen he is good enough for carling and FA cup games and he… Read more »


And why is blogs comment not hidden?……. with all the thumb downs. Cunning the system. I see what u did there.


Get in there park. Show us what we missed out on.

the only sam is nelson

Monaco resident, hmmm? Wonder if he knows Rosie 48

Still at least he’ll do better wherever he ends up than he did at the Arse. Good luck to him.


He has eaten Rosie 48.




That’s nasty!

George Blazenby

Delighted to hear Djourou has signed a new contract.

Matt F

“as one of the three *average players”


May I add: WHAT a goal!
It can only be for political reasons it was not on the voting list for Goal of the Season…

the only sam is nelson

apropos of not much at all did anyone else see super swede anders having a pop at GG the other day?

blogs, that’s got to be worth a story if only so the old farts can reminisce about the old days on a friday afternoon


What has Gilles Grimandi done this time?

But seriously folks, that was a pretty funny article. Graham comes off looking like… well Saddam Hussein.

Hudson Hornet

GG compared to Saddam was hilarious.

I suppose he had to be hard cunt to get the job done. Imagine what he would say to Chamakh and co thesedays?

Mind you shows the way Arsene works is pretty remarkable.

the only sam is nelson

theo would be permanently crying (right up to the point he was sold to newcastle)

diaby would have been left at the front door of the glue factory

as for ashavin… my god, can you imagine?

Merlin's Panini

It’s about time someone put him in a shop window. He’s always sitting there on the bench really still. Would be a perfect mannekin for the Arsenal store.

Merlin's Panini

…but seriously, good luck to the guy. We only saw him play substantially in one game, and he scored in that one. Hope he can get his career back on track, whatever happens…

…as long as he doesn’t go to Spurs.


I’l buy his no 9 shirt just to piss people off. Then when someone asks me why I would buy such a shirt, i’l do the balloteli goal celebration with it.
Take that !.

Andrew Maher

Man you’ll be buying a lot of shirts this season if that’s your intention…


It’s a mystery as to why he hasn’t played. You’d have to think he hasn’t shown enough in training, but there just seems something weird and more complicated than that.
Considering he hardly played, and I’m assuming no one here watched him train regularly, surely it’s impossible to say he hasn’t been good enough.

the only sam is nelson

my source at the club tells me that there was a clause in park’s contract saying that every time he played in the premier league, ivan would have to teabag stan. wenger insisted on the clause the moment he was told that park had been successfully purchased. because the league cup appearances only triggered light frottage, that’s all that park saw

good luck, korean mystery man

Gunsen Gurner

Le Prof telling the board where to stick it.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Paddy power

Amaury bischoff to retire and park to take his place in arsecast.
Want the odds ask the one who made the signing.


To be frank, he never got his chance and I’m kind of hoping this is more of a chance to gain match fitness again rather than an advertisement for the player. I would like to see him at least get a chance in an Arsenal shirt again. Though if not, neither party can be too upset about going separate ways.


That’s a fair but also unfair assumption. It is fair in the sense that we are in the dark as to why Arsene did not use him even in situation when he could. However, it is also unfair because you can’t tell a player if he’s good or not until you see him play in actual games. I don’t blame you necessarily, but I do want to point out it is somewhat presumptuous to conclude that way without really giving him a chance. There have been many great players in the past and present who struggled initially after transfer and… Read more »


Again, Blogs, one more time. You’ve made assumptions about Park, while that gentleman never really got his day in court, so we can’t say for sure whether he was good enough. We simply don’t know, and the fact that Wenger chose not to play him proves nothing–except possibly that the water-bottle tosser may have been pissed off at the Korean. Again, why this is such a big deal for us is that Park never got a chance to display his wares in front of us, and any public assumptions of his incapacity to play football at this level are unfair.… Read more »

[…] & Podolski’s signing would seem to mean the definite departures of Marouane Chamakh & Ju-Young Park though we’d likely need to take cut-rate deals to offload both the Moroccan & the Korean. […]

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