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Eisfeld draws Wenger praise as Afobe is linked with Bolton

Arsenal’s Asia tour provided a change for some of the club’s emerging talent to stake their claim for a first team spot. While the focus has been primarily on the likes of Benik Afobe and Chuks Aneke, as well as Marouane Chamakh who did little to suggest his goal drought will end any time soon, young German Thomas Eisfeld caught the eye with a couple of effective cameos.

Coming on as as substitute late in the game against a Malaysia XI he scored Arsenal’s equaliser before Aneke’s winner, and yesterday against Kitchee FC he brought a measure of respectability to an unimportant scorline, again netting an equaliser after great work from Gervinho.

The mooted signings of Cazorla and Sahin would add even more competition to a crowded midfield squad but Wenger has obviously been impressed with what he’s seen thus far.

“He is composed, intelligent, mobile and he makes the game come alive,” he said. “Every time he came on you could see something straight away. He has an impact on the game. He makes himself available and his passing is intelligent and he is good in the box.

“You cannot teach a player that. He earns maximum points on this trip.”

It remains to be seen if he’s done enough to force his way into the manager’s thinking but showing a knack for being in the right place at the right time, as his two goals illustrated, might be enough to set him apart from one or two others.

Meanwhile, Benik Afobe is being linked with a loan move to Bolton Wanderers. He’d follow the path of Jack Wilshere and Ryo Miyaichi who both spent time at the Reebok stadium, and the good relationship between Arsene Wenger and Owen Coyle, plus the style of football Bolton play, might be enough to make this one happen.

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Eisfeld = the new wilshere


actually Eisfeld = new Rosicky

damien joyce

I was actually thinking he resembles an energetic midfielder with a great knack of getting into goalscoring positions ( and actually scoring) we used to have that liked to dye his hair every now and then.

Step forward Freddie Eisfeld!!!
If he has any kind of career for us like the real Freddie had we’ve got a good one here


Damien I hope that does not include going to Seattle Sounders in his later career, failing, then going to Chicago, failing, then off to Celtic and Japan.


Are you trying to say that as footballers get older, they’re not as good and end up playing in lower intensity leagues?!

damien joyce

to be honest arsenalkid700, i no longer care what people do after their stint at arsenal, we have never had a player like freddie since in all honesty, if gervinho can up his game with regard hitting double figures in goals and assists a la pires then we might finally have two wingers in year or two that will enable a switch in formation during game time, it could be a great weapon at home and abroad. 4-2-3-1 to 4-4-2 with just a couple of subs, ox and/or walcott cld be important there too.


Really love Eisfeld! Hope he can add something great to our team in near future.

Persie out, arsenal lives

Let’s all hope he adds a sexy wag into the mix and the obvious great attacking dimension.

Harry Krishner

I like what I’ve seen from him this far… But maybe a loan spell this season would be too early?

Cygan's Left Foot

No, no loan season, keep him in the team, he is under 21 so he won’t count into the 25 players rule. With our luck with injuries, I would keep as much quality players from the under 21 in the team as we can.


I think a loan spell would be great for his development, but selfishly I’d like to see what he can do for us in NextGen and Capitol One (and perhaps the odd sub appearance in other games).

It’s all looking very promising for the little German. Not long ago on this forum, he was being touted as the Next Amaury Bischoff!

Simao Segunda

Amaury Bischoff is Quality. If we’d let him boss our midfield, Barcelona would be eating our dust.


Good player, precise passes, gorgeous face……better stop here with a “in wenger I trust”.


Eisfeld may just have signalled the end of lansburys career at arsenal. if he progresses in the same vein rosicky will be looking over his shoulder. but if we sign cazorla and arshavin stays then eisfeld may as well go on loan as well.

big black clock

Better step in before people start having Wilshere-esque expectations of him like they did with Ramsey. He’s a good player, but you guys are talking him up based on 30 mins of action against substandard opposition.

Calm down. The kid’s got talent, but he has nowhere near the physicality needed to compete regularly in the PL. Saw him getting bullied off the ball a couple of times in the Asia tour. A couple of Carling Cup appearances, maybe some FA cup subs, but I’m not giving him anything more than that for next season.

gooner from bangladesh

Not bullied off, but there was this bald guy twice his age who flipped him like a freakin’ coin or something. I got really pissed, Zesh Rahman of Kitchee was the guy I think.

big black clock

A cunt, he was

gooner from bangladesh

I don’t think Eisfield needs a loan move, playing in the kid’s Champions League and Carling Cup appearence should be enough I think. For Ryo as well.

On the other hand, i was disappointed by Afobe, wasted some really good chance in the first and third game.

big black clock

He’s a striker, it happens. I wouldn’t read too much into it, although it does affect his statistics. I’d focus more on the part about his first touch, link-up play, timing of his runs and positional sense etc

What's my name?

Afobe is already way better than Chamakh… I’d pick him ahead of Chamakh 24/7 for all the qualities outlined on previous post.


Hey big black clock, how do you like it?


How much does Coyle know about Afobe? Will he give him enough games? Coyle’s dead keen on borrowing big-club kids – and who can blame him – but his job is to get Bolton up, not give Afobe the 90 minutes every Saturday finishing practice he desperately needs. Afobe is already excellent in lots of ways – his movement, his positioning – but his finishing is still dire so I’m worried he could be benched after half a dozen games, just as Ryo was last year. With the new Premiership competitive kids’ league and the NewGen thing, plus the Carling,… Read more »


He did look good on tour. And at Southampton. Quite surprising.

Is it possible that we managed to ‘humbug’ Dortmund for not giving us Gotze?

Anyway, if he’s going to make it at Arsenal, he’s going to need a Wiki page. (Obviously the reprobates over at BvB didn’t think him worthy.)

Apparently, he captained the German U-15s, and is 19 years-old.


Yes, it’s weird the way BvB fans seem barely to have noticed he existed. One up to Wenger, and not for the first time.


Nifty player. I just hope there’s no homesickness later on and he begins pining for Dortmund. Yes, I’m a miserable enough person to think about players leaving when they’re just out of the youth team. You can’t say there have been no burnt fingers.

Darren Dein

Eisfeld, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?

Adam, Watford

” Teenage Dortmund ex-pat ? “, by Darren ‘ Wheatus ‘ Dein ?

Adam, Watford

I like the look of Eisfeld. he looks like he will fit in nicely in a couple of years time if we keep the same style. I thought Afobe was unlucky a couple of times but at least he is in the right place to have the chance. I hope he gets a chance at somewhere like Bolton to give him the confidence. I thought he might even have been trying too hard. When he comes good he will be a massive prewscence for the team lucky enough to reap that talent. Aneke looked good in all round play as… Read more »


As much as I like & believe in Eisfeld, Ryo and Afobe I think they & Arsenal would benefit from season long loans for them. Put them is squads like Swans, Southampton & Bolton and let them get a season of first team action with less expectations placed on them. Of the 3 I’d say Ryo is the most ready to play for Arsenal first team but I’d rather him play regularly vs. only coming on as a sub & occasional Carlin Cup games. I’d rather we get Cazorla signed &/or Sahin in on loan to fill the midfield needs… Read more »


I think if Wenger wants he can find a place in the squad for Eisfeld.


Just call me!, no this “maybe” shit.

Merlin's Panini

Would rather see Afobe go to a Premier league side, as much as Bolton have helped us out in the past. I think Swansea might be a good match if they carry on playing the same style with Laudrup in charge. Or perhaps Reading, seeing as he was there last season on loan. Maybe they’d like him back for a season.


Mmm, Afobe played about 30 minutes, two sub appeareances, for Reading last season. As for Swansea, Chelsea’s McEachran (spelling?) didn’t get one single game for them all season! That’s what worries me about season-long loans.

Merlin's Panini

yeh, but Swansea had a bunch of good midfielders so it was a bit of a stupid move for McEachran. They’re not so well stocked for strikers though are they?

I see no reason why it wouldn’t be good for him. We could say he has to play X number of games by January and if not we pull him from the loan deal and keep him on ourselves, or move him out again elsewhere.


Little Mozart (Rosicsky) and Wilshere are injured so why we will loan Eisfield out? We need Eisfeld badly this starting of the season cause he knows how we play. This will be a good oppotunity for him and to us.


If hes good enough he should play, doesnt matter abt his age. Wenger very rarly speaks abt young players like this (although I do remember a couple of seasons ago he was touting JET to come knocking on his door asking to be in the first team and he now plays for Ipswich? or Hull or someone equally crap,) but someone mentioned earlier that we shouldnt big up Eisfield too soon else he’ll end up like Ramsey?? I love that, someone with the insight to see that we should give the young players a chance but at the same time… Read more »


To be fair, I think the point about Ramsey was there was probably too a high an expectation level surrounding him, and not enough consideration of the fact that he’d had his leg smashed to bits, he was in his first full season, he was given the job of “replacing” Cesc etc.

Don’t think it was intended as a dig at him.


when I first saw this boy the only thing I had on my mind was WOW, here’s our Lionel Messi but putting pressure on him at this stage might affect his game. I like the way he makes his run and really we do have our own Messi.

Wait, I know there are those who like football but are not good at judging it, so let me tell yous, Watch him again when takes EPL by storm.

Good luck Gunners and hope we can win something this season




If things carry on in the direction they’re heading we will be playing spains euro 2012 4-6 formation, I don’t know how I feel about that.


First line says “change”, should say “chance”. Ahoy.

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Der Springer

I find it a bit amusing that we loan players to Bolton because we like the style of football they play. Just a few years ago that statement would have been hilarious as they were as far away from our playing style as you could get.
I agree that Bolton under Owen Coyle have been a great club to lend players. Swansea would seem to be another choice within the EPL; assuming that they continue to play the same style under the new manager.


i dont like bolton, cant we loan players to blackpool instead?

all that fuss they made over us not offering them £20 for cahill, and that cunt gartside calling arsene a ‘bellend’

fuck bolton

and fuck bolton for trying to take credit for jack wiltshere at their ‘finishing scholl’, bullshit

damien joyce

no cos ian holloway is a fucking dick. In his recent Column Sunday Mirror he took time from what he should be doing to delve into all things Arsenal: “In Arsene Wenger, they have an absolute genius for a manager, a guy who doesn’t feel the need to spend massive amounts of money because he has the vision to recognise potential and develop it. “But Arsenal have been left behind – and not just because other clubs pay bigger transfer fees and wages. “Van Persie says he wants to win trophies. “It’s now seven years since Arsenal’s last piece of… Read more »

damien joyce

apologies for my Yoda moment “column sunday mirror” you say, Oxford Dictionary says NO.
Sunday Mirror column I say


Arseblog – did you ever think you would write this “plus the style of football Bolton play” – ha – its amazing how a club can change in a few years!


Although I haven’t seen the matches, I saw something of the extended highlights and I have to say Eisfeld movement looks good and so does his finishing.

Again, I’ve not seen full matches, but from what little I did see, I noticed our cuddly Brazillian has been playing midfield. Methinks Wenger has something up his sleeve regarding Santos.


for such a young guy he certainly knows where the box is….and seemed to love getting into it


Assuming Afobe goes to Bolton, which looks likely, who are our young strikers behind him, i.e. who will we use in the new Premiership kids’ league, the toddlers’ CL and maybe the Carling? We seem quite rich in talented young midfielders but less so in strikers. Zak Ansah is the only one I can think of.


Miranda, seems like you’ve come up with the Ansah to your own question.

I apologise.


Thomas Eisfeld, the LFG!!!

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