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Sociedad ‘cautiously optimistic’ about Arsenal deal

After agreeing a 12-month extension to Denilson’s loan with Sao Paulo, Arsenal’s attempts to permanently offload last season’s plethora of loanees are progressing with all the pace of the crab-tastic Brazilian.

Real Sociedad have again reasserted their desire to sign chip-shot-king Carlos Vela, but they’ve also been quick to downplay any suggestions that a deal is close.

“There are many developments in the case of Vela. We are cautiously optimistic, but everything can be broken at any moment,” president Jokin Apperebay noted yesterday.

Noting that the Mexican striker was the subject of interest from several suitors, he continued:

“We’re talking about a player who has scored twelve goals, has been our top scorer and Arsenal want to get an economic return.

“I will not discuss the terms of the agreement, but I insist that is not done. It seems that we’ve taken step but there are a number of steps and we have to keep working.”

Meanwhile in Russia, Zenit Saint Petersburg’s complicated love affair with Andrei Arshavin could be back on again. Despite pissing off the president with a few choice remarks following his country’s exit from Euro 2012 it appears Italian manager Luciano Spalletti wouldn’t mind working again with the midfielder.

“He is one of the players who can strengthen Zenit,” maintained the bald-pated tactician.

“When a team win the league by almost 15 points you need to look for players like that.”

Qatari side Al-Sadd are also rumoured to be chubby chasing, but you can’t see the Russian faring too well in the heat. The poor little fella wouldn’t be able to move.

Lazio apparently fancied Nicklas Bendtner, but they’ve lost interest as they can’t afford him and finally, in light of Kyle Bartley’s promotion to the Arsenal first team, Spanish centre-back Ignasi Miquel could spend next year on loan with Championship side Brighton.

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Vela and Arshavin are the only two players we want to get rid of that can demand some kind of fee. Maybe TGSTEL too.

Master Bates

this has got be the longest transfer saga that no one give a fudge about


I care alot about this, so yeah, the fourth thumb down was mine….moving on.


I’m giving you a thumb up as us fat cunts have to stick together.


And then they were two…….yeiy!!.

Alisher U.

Room for me on your board?


Is that the cheese board Alisher ?


I think that we should put AA, Vela and TGSTEL in Ibiza together with free entrance to all the clubs and film them doing their thing. We can then sell the rights and make a mint off of them that way.

TGSTEL's First Touch

Shut up Eboue.


vela is quality so i really don’t know where all the resentment comes from. i don’t see why he can’t get into the first team if chamakh has (not a swipe, but an observation). for his own personal success i think we should sell him in the end and i wish him the best. can’t see why some individuals can’t do the same.


I have absolutely no resentment towards him and wish him the best wherever he goes as I was always one of those looking forward to his performances in the Arsenal first team. Nonetheless, the problem with him was that when he played he often scored nice lobs when the match was already clearly decided yet ultimately he did not score enough (I do not mean a 1 goal every 2 game strike rate as I acknowledge he is still a young, developing player), and when it came to the key moments he missed very easy chances or did not perform… Read more »


That was really long but I agree with the top half

Mr. G

So Apperebay’s optimistic a deal can be done? I just hope he’s not Jokin.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

glory hunter

u beat me to it lol!


Vela has proven to be a game changer both in West Brum, and Sociedad. I’d hate to see him go… Little Nicky will be sold for some money, I cannot see why not.
AA is even more cult than Vela, but has to, has to go. Over the top seems to be the word…

batman doesnt need robin

if the deal falls through and if van persie leaves shouldnt we give vela a real chance at first team football

big dawg

I must agree, I hope Bartley does well in the first team and Miquel too on loan. Those noisy neighbours of ours have been quite active in the transfer shmarket. Yawn.

Dr Baptiste

With getting another manager in to try to stop St Totteringham’s Day? AVB thinking the Spuds can be champions is like Nasri thinking he won’t get booed by Arsenal fans…


Abit off topic but, did anyone see our new away kit? Kinda funny with the pink GK outfit!

Merlin's Panini

I prayed that wouldn’t be the new kit and all my worst nightmares came true. Apparently they gave Nike free reign to do whatever they wanted. So they fucked it up. Nice one nike, nice one. Why can’t we just have a nice yellow retro number, like the ’79 one?


Ideed it sure is bad, hopefully we’ll get Adidas in the near future.
Although the pink GK’s will make me chuckle!


I actually hate that kit… even though I have replica… but anyway… it’s too fucking yellow. Fuck yellow. We should go back to the blue and pinstripes we had back in 09/10. That was the last away shirt we had that you could actually wear out in public and not look like a twat. Or the white one, which I like because of all the tears over “But… Tottenham wear white!” But back to the point: Nike are done. We need to come crawling back to Adidas. I don’t care if our next three away kits are bruised banana jobs… Read more »


Surely the pink goalie kit went abit too far.

Terry is the only one, the only one!! supposed to wear pink. He is afterall the ugly girl.


You know they’re trolling us now – Szcez is on record saying how much he hated the pink kit he had to wear a couple of years ago.

…so obviously they give him a pink kit again.

Sad Ham

i actually think our training top looks much better than our replica kit


Why do the Arsenal board seem to take an absolute age to get rid of the players that are either not good enough to play first team for Arsenal or have burnt bridges with the club and will not play for the team again either way. It’s pretty obvious who has/wants to go and they need to speed things up with the interested clubs so we can create squad room.

Merlin's Panini

because if they’re not wanted, other people don’t really want them either. It’s like saying “Hey I’ve got this old car, I don’t want it. You can have it.” The other person will immediately think “What’s wrong with it? Maybe I don’t want it.”


But Merlin you need to remind yourself what the topic of this thread is about. Sociedad want Vela. People do want at least some of these unwanted players but the club either seems to take an age to make it happen or are unwilling to take a financial hit on a player that will most likely not make it in to the first team again. If teams want Vela, Arshavin etc I think the club should be doing whatever it takes to make it happen for all parties involved.


Jesus… Why don’t you leave this to the professionals, eh sport?

Merlin's Panini

Thank you. I know what this thread is about. I don’t think it’s completely up to Arsenal to make it happen. It’s more up to the clubs that want the players to make it happen. Sociedad’s problem, like nearly every team in Spain right now is that they haven’t got much money and are dealing with a club that does, and rightly wants more than they are offering. He had a good season and so a good offer should be made, from Sociedad or whoever else is interested, and I reckon a few clubs will be. But on the rest,… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Have you ever considered that the buyers may want to get a good deal, and are arguing every point? We don’t just say “Yes, you can have him” and they hand over 4 million pounds. They have to negotiate.

It’s not like buying a pint you know, unless you go round the pubs looking for the best “pint and a pie” deal and then spend a few hours trying to convince the publican that you should get a brandy afterwards for free.


If arshavin stays I won’t mind. He seriously needs to get himself fit though . Lose a few of those love handles. His fitness levels and work ethic is his downfall

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

HINT: Lazy people never grow out of it. They just grow old, fat, and slow.


Vela AA and TGSTEL in reality were constantly played out of position. We can be critical about attitudes of b52 and AA but the rigid system we have adopted only has room for 1 striker and 2 wide attacking players


Then if they don’t work in our system lets move them on and play with the people that can work within this system. It doesn’t matter whether they were played out of position or not. It hasn’t work and the reason doesn’t really matter anymore.

Fergie the Gooner

I agree and I thought with the departure of Fab and Na$ri last season there might have been a bit more of a chance for one of them to get a central advanced role in the team instead of being stuck out wide, but it never happened. The sensible thing is to try and get them all moved on though, which is a shame because I did enjoy watching Vela’s cup cameos and do think that AA still has something to add if he only he could recapture the desire he had in his first season…


vela sign with my dad.
what was wrong with me?

Merlin's Panini

you weren’t real enough


This is not related, but can I urge all Gooners go to the BBC website and set the record straight: At the moment the balance of opinion seems to suggest that Ramsay was in some way wrong to place his foot in the way of Ryan “haymaker” Shawcross.

Normally I don’t give two shits about the fucktards who comment on the Beeb, but this topic still gets my back up.

Bendtner's Ego

If you watch the video, I believe shawcross was knocked off balance by bendtner. Still shouldn’t have kept his leg high as he was going down, but I don’t believe he truely meant to do that.

Never seen anyone cry from getting a red card like that.

Dr Baptiste

What an odd thing to put on an Arsenal blog. Anyway, I think Jeffers and Adebayor (yes, I know he’s the pantomime villain but he was still battered by Shawcross) would beg to differ that he didn’t truly mean to do it. He has form and continues to get defended by managers and caveman cloggers in the game.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I think we should keep him now that RVP is leaving the chance that he may score 8-10 goals if given some playing time is worth more to Arsenal than €4m.


If Sociedad cant match his 6-8m valuation then we should accept a lower fee based on certain agreements-
A- 50% sell on fee to another club
B- Same price buy-back
C- First refusal on future transfer.
These aren’t and/or’s. These are terms to be accepted before sale.
Only then would it be in Arsenals interest to accept a lowered transfer


I have absolutely no resentment towards him and wish him the best wherever he goes as I was always one of those looking forward to his performances in the Arsenal first team. Nonetheless, the problem with him was that when he played he often scored nice lobs when the match was already clearly decided yet ultimately he did not score enough (I do not mean a 1 goal every 2 game strike rate as I acknowledge he is still a young, developing player), and when it came to the key moments he missed very easy chances or did not perform… Read more »


Long statement. Reading it from my phone makes it even longer. Ah fuck it!!!. Plus I saw disencouraging words like busquets, denilson so I stopped reading.


We should keep Arshavin. Him and Rosicky can enjoy healthy competition for the AM/Fake-9 spot that Wenger should like using now that he’s discovered Song and Arteta are good at the DM pivot role.

big black clock

Am I the only one who likes the new kit designs? Giroud and Poldi were enough to make me like them. but then again Giroud would probably look sexy even when he’s wrapped in a banana leaf.

Szczesny always looked good in pink, granted he does look like a pro-gay advocate now, he still looks nice.


It takes a real man to wear that pink strip!


Hated hated hated it when it leaked.

But then I hated hated hated the jockey kit last year too and it grew on me just a little bit.

I suppose when I’ve seen it in action a little bit I’ll change my mind.

But still: What the fuck was Nike thinking?


I read years ago that when your girlfriend/wife etc is wearing purple it means her libido is high and so is your chances of getting some action. The same works for a night out on the town, pick a girl wearing purple with more flesh on display to chat up and your chances of getting lucky are according to this theory, higher. Anyway, just thinking is this an attempt at some king of reverse psychology to dress the players up as horny girls and knowing what footballers are like, luring them in to a false sense of security before literally… Read more »

big black clock

You sound like a sex deprived maniac.

Jesus all I said was that he looks nice in that kit.

Red and White Stripey Socks

This new away kit!!! What the Fk!……….. I was under the impression that away kits should reflect the clubs colours!!

I think we are on the wrong end of rather a bit to much media and rival club stick at presant ………..this is really going to help!

Addidas please!


This is the craziest post I’ve ever read here. So if I have it right, you won’t be satisfied until Arsenal play in a red and white away kit?

However, I will give you a thumbs up because Adidas make really sexy kits these days and I desire change.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think it’s all a ploy to get more women watching the team. Buy Giroud, make sure the world sees him starkers to get their attention, then play him in a cute purple kit.

In Australia there’s been a sudden influx of pink kits. I think it’s the same thing. Attract a new and almost untapped audience to your team by catching the eye of the people who actually know which colours go together and which don’t.. Ladypersons.


Santos loves the way the gays look in the goalkeeper strip


I know were supposed to put the santos puns behind us but this one’s okay.

Fergie the Gooner

And the only reason Newcastle are ahead (depending how you view it) of us is because of the crazy amount that Andy Carroll went for!

Dr Baptiste

To almost break even while staying in the top 4, CL and having to finish paying off our debts is amazing. Yes we have spent badly on some players but Wenger has also sold very well with the players that have wanted to leave

the only sam is nelson

Hmmmm so without Arsenal buying Theo and the Ox, Southampton’s net gain per season would be a wee bit lower… and ours would be that little bit higher it shows why le boss is paid £6m per season. can you imagine how other clubs must covet the ability to compete at the highest level for next to fuck all money? I mean, look at poor bloody Villa. Wenger costs £6m a year, their transfers cost them £9m a year and all they get is relegation battles and a sunburned testicle in charge. We’re luckier than we know. And so is… Read more »


Why is this bullshit about Kroenke being “money raking” persisting? Arsenal don’t pay out dividends so he can’t be making money from the club that way. And given that he only just took over control last year it’s obvious that he’s put in millions more than he’s made so far. In fact, he probably hasn’t made anything off Arsenal yet other than a basic wage.


“Why is this bullshit about Kroenke being “money raking” persisting?”

Because Arsenal’s market capitalisation – and hence the value of Stan’s stock – has increased by about 40% since he took over. He’s making money alright.


How could he possibly be making money from his stock if he’s spent most of the last few years BUYING the stock of holders and selling none himself?

And how could you make that kind of post given that this is the ONE thing that every Arsenal supporter knows about the situation?


I made the post because it answered your question.

The fact that he hasn’t sold his shares has nothing to do with it. His wealth has increased. That’s the point.

Your argument is like saying that a man with only a safe full of gold has no money. It’s trivially true, but utterly misleading.

the only sam is nelson

THEREISBEARCUM, you are conflating liquid assets/realisable cash with collateral

Stan’s collateral – the club – is more valuable now than at any time since he started to aquire an interest in teh Arsenal

His shares may not be liquid, but their increased value can be used to secure cash loans or any other number of fiscal mechanisms he can use to further his business interests elsewhere

at least that’s what Johan Djourou told my source at the club, fucked if I understand any of it meself


Your chatting my bollocks. My argument is like saying if I own a house worth a million quid, do I actually have a million quid? No. Obviously.

In the same way, you saying Kroenke is making money off assets that he has no intention of selling is likewise bullshit. And even if he does use that POTENTIAL wealth to secure loans and the like elsewhere – the only way he can take actual money out of the club is selling his interest. Which means that Arsenal lose no net money at all.


Why in that picture is Vela doing an impersonation of Peter Reid?


Gotta say – for an Arsenal “fan” site, you give Arshavin a lot of stick(edit team included). He isn’t fat, he just doesn’t track back, he never did before Arsenal and he never will. More importantly, he wasn’t bought for his defensive prowess. It’s shit like this that prompts supporters to boo their own players – it’s fine to criticize someone as long as it constructive.

Dr Baptiste

He maybe isn’t fat fat but he is a little bit tubby round the middle. I’m speaking from experience as I’m not exactly a stick figure but also not a Jabba the Hutt look-a-like.
If you look at pictures when he joined to now, he has put weight on despite the training he does. That, more often than not, equates to a fairly lazy attitude. Maybe it’s down to being unhappy as he was sprinting all over the place for Zenit while on loan.


What wage is Bendtner on?

Because apart from him being a little bit of a nob, I can’t for the life of me understand why people wouldn’t be interested in him for 5-6 million.
He’s young and has a pretty decent goal return for a half used striker at Arsenal, Scored at other premier leagues clubs and for Denmark. He could lead the line for a mid table team in any of the major leagues.

So it seems to me it must be his wage demands keeping people away….

the only sam is nelson

…or it could be the very first thing you mentioned, the “him being a little bit of a nob” bit. If he wasn’t, Sunderland would be taking him for at least £8m. But unfortunately, he *is* a little bit of a nob.

If he wasn’t he’d be banging them in for us, ffs. He’s got a record that compares favourably with RvP’s after a similar length of time at the club.

Dr Baptiste

If he’s on around 50k with us but wants 75k at another club, then it’s HIS wage demands that are the problem. While we do pay a lot for players that are lacking, I don’t think we overpay by that much, all things considered. If a player really wants to play football then they’ll take a wage cut but if they’re happy to see out a contract and then go somewhere else, then there’s nothing we can do about it. If they won’t leave, we can’t make them (unless it’s FM where you can discipline for no reason, upset them… Read more »

Malaysian Gooner

Unfortunate for Miquel, he’s done well when called upon while Bartley hasn’t exactly been impressive at Rangers. I think Miquel has some genuine talent and hope Arsenal make sure he’s tied down to a long term contract and given his opportunities.

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