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Arsenal v Sunderland – stat pack + Paddy Power betting preview

As a new season begins our good friends at have returned with their excellent Premier League infographics. Click on the image below to expand it and see all the statty goodness it provides.

Paddy Power Arseblog betting

It’s a new season and a new chance to win with Paddy Power. If you haven’t got a Paddy Power account, simply click here to register and as a special offer, if you bet £10 first time, you get a free £20 bet.*

They have also provided us with some specific Arsenal odds for this season, including:

Lukas Podolski to score more than 15 league goals this season – 9/4
Arsenal to win a domestic trophy – 5/2
Arsenal to go unbeaten at home all season – 7/1
Either Giroud or Podolski to score against Sunderland tomorrow – 8/15

And as it’s the opening weekend of the Premier League they have a special:

Every Premier League, Championship, League 1 & League 2 match,  August 17th-20th
Money-Back Special – If there’s a red card in any of these matches, Paddy Power refund all losing First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, Correct Score & Scorecast singles on that match.

Click here to sign up with Paddy Power


*     Open a new account, place €10 in bets and receive a free €20 bet.
*     Qualifying bets must be placed at odds of 1/2 or greater, this also applies for combined odds on multiples.
*     Valid for new customers only.
*     Free Bet valid for 30 days.
*     Free Bet stakes not included in returns.
*     Valid for bets placed on Sportsbook only, not valid for lotteries or Totepool betting.

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Persie out, arsenal lives

Now that’s more like it.
The season is finally here and not just any season…….OUR SEASON!.

New Yorker

I would really like if we don’t even mention his name. That’s like giving him too much attention than he deserves, which is none.


At that rate we will end up blacklisting half of the top ten players in the world this decade ..

Talk about him I say .. he is only mortal .. Will end up doing what Cesc still does on his twitter “going ooo i am a gooner” .. Well neither of them are . .and to The Arsenal, they are mere mortals ..


One hour to the match you fellow gooners!, even asshole fatgooner must be excited.
The grove!!!


all of the last 7 seasons have been our seasons


Paddy Power odds on Song leaving? now let me make one thing clear…I hate Spanish Media! They are a lying bunch of pricks….. But… this is the latest: Spanish National TV reported today that Song agreed terms with Barcelona this morning and only a medical stands in the way….. buy they also reported that we had put in a bid to buy (note: not loan) Sahim…… I have come to really like Song, but if he doesn’t want to play for us, then Sahim is a good (and more disciplined) player…. lets see if there is some truth (for once)… Read more »


Sahin is not a defensive midfielder though, at Dortmund he had the very industrious and defensive-minded Sven Bender next to him (his Flamini so to say). He’s more of a Pirlo, Xabi Alonso deep-lying playmaker type.
I suspect Wenger is going with Coquelin/Frimpong as direct replacement for Song, while Sahin will be competing with Arteta, Diaby, AOC, Ramsey and hopefully soon enough Wilshere.


Sahin is very Stevie G’ish in his build, play, and passing .. i’d love to have him in any capacity .. can’t be any worse than that Bischoff or whatever his name was !


Stevie G.? No, not really. He’s not so much box-to-box as a genuine playmaker and passer. He’s not very dangerous in front of goal, but rather someone who prepares them, picking the ball up in the middle.


One song, We only had one song, And now he is gone, But we have FRIMPOnG..

HE Does to arsenal belong… And he’ll stay here life-long…. So why dont you come along ……..To hear a folk song…..

RVP and Song….. You both are so wrong…. We’ll show you before long….. We’ll be winning all yearlong !!!

FRIMPOnG !!!…… He is Soooo strong….. He’s Prong is so Long…… Oh so long !!!

Hudson Hornet

he can go too please with uncle song



You think this is nascar ….oh Hudson hornet?

This is the EPL…… and you’re a troll I bet !!!!!!

I know we’ve just met…. but why are you so upset?

We are ARSEnAL ….. not Roman’s pet !!!!!

nor we are manure with a half a billion of debt !!!!!


I like you ice.

the only sam is nelson

Great odds on RvP to score first!

oh, wait

woops-a-daisy, martin hayesy etc etc

Dean '67

If I win, can I trade the £20 for a pair of paddys. The bendtner type – nothing like a feeling of greatness in your pants.


i’m excited

big black clock

I’m guessing you stumbled upon a shirtless pic of Giroud


I really think Song is important. I mean if you’re turned over in the areas that Song operates, you are fecked in this league. He is the bast damn ball shielder I’ve ever seen. You can relax when he’s being harried, he’ll deal with it and lay it off. Can’t imagine being that relaxed with Sahin or Coquelin being hassled in those areas. I’m really surprised they’re letting him go, as ever money talks.

Midfield Corporal

It’s a bit too simplistic to say ‘money talks’. Song has shown his hand by taking on Darren Dein and selling his house. If he doesn’t want to be here then it’s best he goes, it sounds like there is something about his attitude Arsene doesn’t like.


It still seems very odd to me that £15 million is all we’re getting for him. He’s one of the best midfielders in the league, by most lights. Yet Joe Allen went for that same price.

I don’t buy all the talk about bad attitude, etc. It just seems that Wenger doesn’t rate him that highly.

big black clock

Song is gone. If it is true that he disrespected Wenger than good riddance. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll more than adequately fill the gap with Sahin, Diaby and possibly M’Vila.

Our squad this season will definitely be an upgrade from last season. Up the Gunners.

big black clock

Personally I’m loving the ruthless streak of Wenger. Don’t wanna play for the Arsenal? Fuck off. End of story.

Last of the Dein client is gone. I’m fully confident that Arsene will re-invest most of the cash back into the squad as well.

Hudson Hornet


all shit

big black clock

Jenks, Arshavin, and 1-game Park? Really?

Also, why do you even bother making a list of supposedly ”failed” signings? I can just as easily come up with a list of a million of Wenger’s amazing signings to make you shut the fuck up.


@big black clock

I don’t think his point was that Wenger makes (occasional) bad signings. Just that he doesn’t force out the duds once it’s clear that they’re duds. Which seems true to me, and is mostly a function of the odd wage structure at the club.


Anyone know why Ramsey has the number 4 on his shorts in the latest pics? He surely didn’t take it off sack……

Rad Carrot

Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

We can end all this speculation about how we’re unambitious with a cracking win tomorrow. Of course we have to be cautious, but this is a game that we absolutely MUST win. Best foot forward and all that, and then maybe we can shut up all the cunts like Gary Neville and Jamie Redknappy who predict us finishing 6th, below the ‘mighty’ sp*ds.

Hey – how many sp*ds strikers can you fit in the back of a taxi?


big black clock

Wow I didn’t know that. 6th really? Knowing how your British football ”experts” absolutely revel in seeing Arsenal crash and burn I’m surprised they didn’t predict us finishing below Liverpool or something.

Eric Irish gunner

Wenger gave song his chance like the rest and stood by him when he was shit to turn him into the player he is now,he sells his house and is acting the superstar so wenger is right to fuck him off if his repect for him, the jersey and the fans is gone so he’s welcome to rot in Barcelonas reserves


Just like Nasri is warming Man City’s bench, and Fabregas sitting in Barcelona’s reserves?

Oh, wait…


Nasri. The same Nasri that couldn’t wait to get off the pitch when we faced those cunts at the Emirates? Hardly a starter there. And rather than Fabregas, think back to our good friend Alexander “Hammersmith is too loud” Hleb, as I think Song is closer to his quality than that of Fabregas. After leaving the good ship Arsenal to float aboard the S.S. Cuntalona, he was loaned out 3 times, to less than glamourous clubs, including the giants that are Birmingham City, before being cut loose to drift through the Russian League, and finally right now in the Belarussian… Read more »



As much as we may dislike Nasri, he fought his way into the first team of Man City by the second half of the season.

And there’s something weird about thinking that our best players are only going to end up benchwarmers at Man United, City, or Barcelona. Shows a bit of an insecurity complex.

Eric Irish gunner

Petit, hleb, flamini are a few I can think of that left the arsenal for so called better things and what happened to them, song is not in the same league as fabregas and I’d rather you not name that chinless cunt who left for the money, an as for the insecurity complex you mentioned to Bob I’d say he’s like many a fan and myself, he wants players that want to play for the arsenal and the cunts out and it’s fuck all to do with insecurity

mystic smeg

Santi will create a goal for Podolski tomorrow

Lee Cattermole might create one for TGSTEL should Bendtner get on, as well

mystic smeg

Arsenal’s new #1 will smash his fist into his own chest whilst shouting at the North Bank. The North Bank will recipocate with a song about…. wait

it’s coming

a song

about a Dutchman

no sorry it’s gone. bit I still predict it

mystic smeg

Giroud will miss a sitter, much angst will ripple around Ashburton

but later

after many beers, gooners will watch the replay on match of the day

some will be convinced there was a bobble, and the rest will be enchanted by the serene humility combined with debonair good looks the french striker displays


Shut up smegma breath.


Spot on mate!

mystic smeg

and my final prediction the most risky you may mock – you may laugh – you may cower in fear at my powers of seeing diaby diaby ouch yes, i see it now diaby will be striding down the pitch, his telescopic legs taking him past the lunges of o’neill’s thugs, a stunning pirouette baffling the prone blob that is john o’shea, bramble groping the shadow diaby leaves as he ghosts through onto mignolet, only mignolet to beat, diaby looks, no backlift, smashes the ball into the top left, the ground goes fucking mental diaby turns, he turns, and catches… Read more »

Igor Stepanovs

who is the bigger cunt:
Samir Nasri
Robin Van Persie

big black clock

Robin Van Nasri

..Samir Persie?

Igor Stepanovs

Robin Van Persie – The biggest cunt in the history of football cuntnery!

Eric Irish gunner

Agree he could of being an arsenal legend and fucked it back in our faces by joining the scum up north and saying there a perfect match and they breath football the cunt


van turncoat

Eric Irish gunner

Roll on 3 o clock 2-0 to the gunners

Rambling Egyptian

I wish Arsene can buy a well experienced defensive midfielder …and a top notch left back… playing 4-3-3 makes our full-backs vulnerable…especially that our wingers aren’t known for their defensive track backs. While Sagna is a very good defender on the right, I have my suspicions on the left side….Andre Santos positioning is too susceptible and Gibbs’ availability is a concern


Everyone talking about the new fave player….I think the real hero for us is mr wenger… they say batman he’s the hero we deserve not the one we need…

Gunsen Gunner

No he’s the hero we need but not the one we deserve.We’ll only know what that means when he leaves us.

Dean '67

3pm!……you assholes!
3pm!… fucking gooners.

big black clock

So jealous of all you British chaps in the Emirates right now!!

I’m absolutely electric and I’m not even high! COME ON ARSENAL


And finally the server is back.

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