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England bosses at odds over Wilshere

Jack Wilshere has yet to make his return for Arsenal but already there’s an issue on the horizon when it comes to international representation.

Sensibly, senior manager Roy Hodgson is urging caution over use of Wilshere but his U21 counterpart, Stuart Pearce, continues his half-witted crusade to run Jack into the ground as quickly as he can.

There’s no doubt Wilshere is the future of England’s international midfield, but after so long out of the game, Hodgson is rightly playing it safe.

“The thing we’ve got to realise about Jack, as Arsene mentioned, is that he’s been out of football for a long time,” he said.

“He’s a wonderful talent and of course it would be terrific if he could reproduce that form when he becomes involved again. But I’m also keen to play down the expectations.

“When you’ve been out for well over a year, to come back and play like he was before might take a little bit of time.”

However, serial underachiever Pearce is on collision course with Hodgson and Arsene Wenger over his desire to take Wilshere, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to the European U21 finals next summer.

“You’ve only got to look at the best team in the world, Spain,” he blurted. “Three of their players took part in the senior European Championships this year and then to the Olympics. The Olympics might in footballing terms be seen as below the Euros, but not in Spanish eyes. World Cup winners Juan Mata and Javi Martinez have got World Cup medals but then the following year have gone to the Under-21 tournament.

“We have to embrace that model and make sure that when we do elevate players to the senior squad, if there is tournament football that can be had, these players need to have that because that’s the learning process.”

Which ignores the fact that the whole point of U21 football is to prepare young players for the senior team, when they’ve made the step-up to that side making them play at a lower level is a retrograde step. And how did Spain do at the Olympics again?

Wenger and Pearce have clashed before over Wilshere, and on this very topic too, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Given that there’s no proper international tournament next summer, Arsene will want Wilshere (and his other players) to enjoy the benefit of that and to ensure they get a proper pre-season under their belts.

And regardless of who he picks, Pearce’s team will lose anyway, so he should leave Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain where they belong.

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Fucking hell, Stuart Pearce has got to be the dumbest and most selfish motherfucker
Does he not get that no one cares about U21s? Why does he insist on calling up players who are for all intents and purposes established at SENIOR international level?
I just hope Jack has the sense to refuse any U21 callup he gets.


I think he’s a bit too patriotic (Wilshere, that is) so he probably won’t turn it down.


By embracing menial, meaningless tournaments England will turn into Spain!

As if he didn’t have enough evidence as to the fact that he’s a complete self involved halfwit..

Eric Irish gunner

He calls them up to boost his chances of him being a winning manager and dos’ent think of the players injury record, he’s a selfish gobshit


I’m not usually someone given to such things, but can someone just fuckin shoot Stuart Pearce. Please.

What a cunt that man is.

Jason stratham

Just say the word boss. Target in position!


My even not so intellingent footballing brain tells me it might be a good idea for Jack to play some football for Arsenal first before even thinking about England – at any level whatsoever – but stuart pearce being the complete prick that he is thinks otherwise!.. What an overpaid underachiever this man is!


I hope Jack understands that playing U21 has the very strong possibility of Diabying his footballing career. I hope he takes Wenger’s advice and says no to that pea brained cunt, Pearce. Jack is always quite keen and doesnt like to say no and might be tempted though.
PS. That pic of Jack alongside Theo and Ox makes him look so aged.


I’d like to rip pearces’ head off, shit down his throat and again shit down his throat till he fucking chokes and fills up to his spineless core. I hate this twat alright!

big black clock

…you need help man


Yes, After that……..stuart pearce will certainly need help!….{And dont worry i’m already checking myself in to a mental ward}

big black clock

Haven’t the FA realized that Stuart Pearce is a mental cunt? Leave him unsupervised for much longer and he’ll prolly try to call up Arteta and Cazorla to the U21s


The FA themselves are cunts. It’s like alcoholics failing to realize they are alcoholics.


And the FA are alcoholics also.


Dude is a corky cunty dick ass.
However, I feel most of the decision rests with Jack. If I could recall and I stand to be corrected, the same issue about playing for the National sides led to Jack’s burn out in spite of Arsene’s warning to which he didn’t pay heed to. If he has enough sense in his youthful brain, I think he should take caution and revive his career first.


I’m suprised anybody else fits on the team bus with his head being so big and full of tosh!. How the hell can he even contemplate playing wilshere when he will only have half a season of football under his belt for the last two years before the tournament starts. The injury came about coz he was over-played and doing the same all over again benefits no one!. Everyone knows that players that play too many games at a young age will have a shorter career than most. Something is seriously wrong with mr. stalwart pearce!. Is he fucking brain… Read more »


Lmao! The instant that ass calls up Arteta and Carzola up to the U21, I’ll just throw my hands up without any word said!


Lmao! The instant that ass calls up Arteta and Cazorla up to the U21, I’ll just throw my hands up without any word said!


You can say that again?……….

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

How did you know that if you said this once you’d be thumbed down, but if you repeated it then you would get universal approval?


He spelt Cazorla wrong the first time, hence all the thumbs down.


Lets face it, this is the only chance Stuart Pearce will ever get to manage really talented players like Wilshere and the Ox. Because no prem or championship club would let the gormless cunt within a country mile of thier squads again. Couldn’t even stay in the man city job when expectations were low there. The man is a prize prick, desperately trying to hang on to what little power or relevance he thinks he has. Pearce, you’re a cunt, it’s over, LET GO! You can still earn a good living doing Go Compare adverts and Panto stuff. No shame… Read more »


I am sure itv would have him for one of their shows.

The thing that has no deep fried chicken (Pearcy ate them)

Once again an utter cunt is destoying and demoralising our team. FIrstly that spanish twat who honestly thinks Barcelona is Gods moral gift to the world (fuck off) and now this pale, red eyed cunt who only worries about his shite team no one gives two shits about.

I will now end this meaningless rant with a prayer:

Dear God, break this mans leg and make him eat them raw. Also, have him choke to death by the sweet embrasing arms of Arsené Wenger.

Mr. T

S-twat kiss my arse.
S-twat piss-us.




Clearly Pearce feels bitter because he has always been a useless half-wit twat. This so called “phyco” is nothing but a waste of space and air and as the article points out he is doomed for failure.

That said, I believe it is up to Jack and Oxlade to turn down the opportunity to play in the fabled U21 championships. Sure a senior call up is different but players (who will be regulars) have no obligation what so ever to play this summer.


This guy always wants to hug the headlines by irritating more prominent and successful managers! Ugly cunt!!!!!!!!!!!


Wilshere won’t go to the U21’s, he turned down the call-up last time Pearce tried to pull this stunt.
He only really cares about his own personal honours which is why he wants the best players in the squad. It’s funny that in the last tournament, Rooney could of been called up, but there was never any mention of that happening

Merlin's Panini

Dear Stuart Pearce

Fuck off.

That is all.


I think the psycho has thoughts of being Englands manager and is just looking to pad that resume. He obviously does not give a flying fuck about the players, just wants to be the guy that delivers some type of trophy to England. He thinks the press will see him as a messiah “oh look at poor pearce, he keeps delivering the U-21 trophies and the senior coah keeps fing up, let’s promote him. He knows the players he’ll deliver….”. The sad truth is that, I could see a journalist going that way if pearce flukes a trophy.


Are pearce, fifa, uefa, terry all in one competition called.
Who’s twater now?
Or who’s cuntier now?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s modern football’s “Lack of Class Twit of the Year Competition”


the moment Pearce calls me, I will shit on his office table for acceptance and disappear never to return


“And regardless of who he picks, Pearce’s
team will lose anyway, so he should leave
Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain where
they belong.”
lol…I’m afraid, I’m in total agreement with you Blogs. No sense in demoralizing our boys with his terrible tactical and technical inputs.


I think there’s a way out of this for everybody. All we have to do is point out to Hodgson that if he allows Jack to go to the U21’s, then by the time the 2014 World Cup comes around, Jack will have played pretty much continuously (or is is cuntinuously if Pearce is involved?) for almost 2 years. If Hodgson wants him relatively fresh for the 2014 WC, then he has to tell Pearce, as his boss, to not pick Jack for the U21’s. Simple.

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