Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Freddie frets over Arsenal depth

Freddie Ljungberg has told the BBC that the first result he looks for each weekend is that of Arsenal, but he’s worried that the currrent squad might not have the depth to compete properly for the title.

In a wide-ranging interview, which covers his modelling career and whether or not he follows Joey Barton on Twitter (“Absolutely not”), the formerly red-haired rampager admits he’s always hopeful that Arsenal can return to trophy-winning ways but, like many, he has his doubts.

“I hope they can challenge for the title this season,” he said. “They have talent but my worry is that you need a big squad to win the Premier League. When the winter months kick-in with a lot of games, and you need to rotate, you need your squad players to be just as good as your starting XI.”

An interesting point but when you consider Arsenal’s ‘squad’ players in the era he was winning things included Igors Stepanovs, Stefan Malz and Jeremie Aliaididiadiadiadiere, but perhaps the overall quality of the main squad made up for that. A squad which included Dennis Bergkamp, the man Ljungberg says is the best he ever played with.

“He had so much talent and ability but he never showboated it. He did it for the team. He never felt the need to show that he could do this or that for the fans. That’s something I really respected – he always wanted the best for the team.”

Freddie also spoke about the insane lunatic retards who pretend to be other people on Twitter with their sad, desperate empty lives.

“I’m not a big user of Twitter but my problem is that there are a lot of people using my name and communicating with former team-mates of mine.

“I got a lot of calls once after a story on Twitter that said I had agreed to be the manager of Arsenal! I was like, ‘no, no, no’. ”

Yet we live in a world where people still think that Emmanuel Eboue account is real so what can you do?

Check out the full interview here.

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Sensible Gunner


North Bank Gooner

we loved you freddie, with your red stripe, and taste for goals.

what a player 🙂



We still love him!


What a great gay!


True. We’re already playing cazorla week in week out and also every other mid week, I feel this will eventually lead to burn out. But then there’s the real problem, I dont see us dropping him anytime soon and if this continues all that squad depth we’ve been talking about serves to no purpose!. Rosicky, diaby crocked, arshavin available but Wenger thinks otherwise. Our squad depth is only in our heads and not actually in the field of play!


Wait, Eboue’s Twitter account is not real? Damn.


When Jack, TR and Diaby are back our mini Spainiard can put his feet up for the odd game!


But you are not Sancho Freddie…I…am Sancho !


Would love guys like Freddie, Bergkamp, Adams and Pires back at the club in some sort of ambassadorial or coaching role.


I’d take Bergkamp back as a striker.


Henry or Bergkamp? Who’s fitter to be recalled?


Terrence, certainly, but you don’t need to be full of running to chip a keeper from 25 yards.


He embarrassed the TFC keeper with that goal. Unbelievable.

Hudson Hornet

Q: When will Arsenal win a trophy again?

A: I would love to say this year but probably not. They have got new players but they have to keep their best ones [which they have not been doing]. If they sold some of the squad players then so be it, but don’t sell your best ones.

Well done Freddie. Good to see him repeat what some of us have been saying.

Not oh that was good business bollocks.


Hang on! @therealfreddie is fake too??


Its obviously real, it says so right there!

George Graham

I hate it when people use fake names to hide behind. Wenger out!

Bertie Mee


Howe out!

Thomas Vermaelen

I agree… I think Sebastian Squillaci is the greatest defender of all time and should definitely start ahead of me.


The eboue account is fake?!

World Officialy rocked.


He is more good looking than beckham ever will be. I wanna see him as the next bond.

the only sam is nelson

no no no

Bobby Pires

Penaltyareafall, with ‘Arry Redknapp as the villian trying to mastermind ending the mighty Arsenal unbeaten run only for 007 Pires to foil him etc etc

uber kelz

true talk there Freddie. hopefully Arsenal can return to trophy-winning ways but win today and loose next ( to a low class team ) smh, not what is needed to challenge for the title.


I’m naming my first born boy after Freddie, he’s going to be called Freddie, funnily enough.

In all seriousness though, I fucking love Freddie Ljungberg.


It’s fucking excellent


U should name him with first name Fredrik and middle name Freddie…that would be, cool.


I love Pires, but the thought of a French 007 has me rolling around on the ground in laughter. I thought they even made a movie showing what a French 007 would be like??Wasn’t it called Johnny English??


True brother Fred…you are still fucking excellent.

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