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Frimpong looking for a loan deal

Having ruptured his cruciate ligament while out on loan at Wolves last season, Emmanuel Frimpong missed out on the developmental football Arsene Wenger wanted him to benefit from.

Now fit again, and set to start in tonight’s game against Reading, the midfielder is aware that competition for places is high and that he might be better off going on loan again.

Quoted in today’s Mirror, Frimpong said,  “I still don’t think I am 100 per cent right.

“I don’t want to push myself if I’m not ready – I don’t think I am ready for the Arsenal first-team yet.”

It’s rare to see such honesty from a footballer but he knows he’d be far better off playing regularly elsewhere than in bits and bobs for Arsenal.

There has been speculation that he could return to Wolves where he became a real fan favourite, especially after he flattened dirty spud Rafael van der Vaart with one swift belt of a football.

There are those who would like to see the no-nonsense midfielder on the bench for Saturday’s game against Man United in the hope that he might come on and Frimpong van Persie right in his egregiously traitorous Frimpong, but it’s more likely the manager will pick the team on footballing merits.

Oh well.

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Romford Pele



send him to manchester United. He can hurt Persie and come back


Would be good for everyone involved, right now even Le coq is ahead on him yet he’s still getting less game time. I heard everton were in for him?
David Moyes will probably keep him in the bench just to piss off Wenger while scouting yet another on FM. A team like soton would be nice. They’re struggling, they needs some steel in the middle of the pack. Get in frimmers!


Loan him out ? No way. What about the squad rotation and stuff . Wenger could really take a leaf out of Ferguson’s book for that. I mean look at the Manure chelshit match. He brought on mark clattenburg instead of howard webb. Mighty fine rotation policy that ..


Squad rotation. What squad rotation?
It only comes when you’re not struggling and right now we are. Games like qpr, norwich are games where we should have brought in these other guys and we didnt but we still struggled. Rotation in midfield when Arteta,cazorla, wilshere,rosicky,diaby,le coq,are all ahead him? And some of them are not even back. Frimmers—> loan. He needs to stay dench not on the bench or even in the stands.

ramseys back pass

And speaking of ferguson, most of his most important players have gone on succeed in management. Mike riley is doing a great job managing the refs


As much as I can’t stand McCarthy as a manager I’d have to say if he’d finished his loan spell at wolves instead of getting injured that would’ve been the making of young Manny, funnily enough reading could do with him, wouldn’t mind him going there, or Saints or Wigan

Wenger's Waterbottle

Would love to see him give the Dutch Splitter one right up the Frimpong.


Where does it say he wants to be loaned out? He’s just saying that he’s not yet fully fit to play for the first team …


reading would be a good loan plus brian mcdermott is a former gunner


I love Frimmers.. really hope he makes it..


#Just Passing#

Lord Teddy Ears

Frimpong vs RVP

Frimpong will slap 7 barrels of shit out of RVP’s inner child in fact he will beat him so bad he will have to ring childline.

Lets hear the kid talk to you then cloggy


Mach III

Who’s going to injure Robin Van Cunt? 🙁


Frimpong the Hunter will Cunt down a pussy on saturday.


Send him on loan after the United game. Would love to see him kick that Dutch twat around for 90 minutes.


He broke his ligaments twice but has recovered now. He is still only just 20. He loves Arsenal and wants to actually start playing instead of just being a cult hero. He is a confident boy and has talent, we need to send him out where he can play regularly. I really hope in the next year or two he will develop into that big powerhouse in midfield that we have wanted.


“They might have a pussie we have a coq ” i’d love to hear this chant at old trashford

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