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Giroud: It’s a great way to silence the critics

After scoring France’s last gasp equalizer against Spain, it’s unsurprising to hear that Olivier Giroud is in good spirits.

Thrown on as a late substitute by Didier Deschamps, the Arsenal striker calmly nodded home in the 93rd minute before galloping around the Vicente Calderon like a beautiful unicorn as he celebrated the earning of a precious World Cup qualification point for his country.

Speaking after the match, the striker savoured the goal with a Gallic pout before taking aim at both critics of the team and himself.

“It’s a feeling of great satisfaction. The equaliser is a reward for the whole team, we got it together.

“It is I who am the “difference” but it proves that this is a particularly good group. It’s nice that a lot of French came to see us.

Asked if the goal was the most important of his career so far, Giroud continued, “I do not know, but it is certainly a goal that counts. It feels great.

“Personally, this is also a great way for me to silence the criticism I have heard recently.”

Giroud’s success at international level comes in direct contrast to Gunners teammate Marouane Chamakh who finds himself out of favour with the Morocco hierarchy.

“While he’s not playing, we can’t pick him,” confirmed assistant coach Walid Regragui.

“Marouane knows this very well. The solution for him is to find a club elsewhere; it’s a message which stands for the whole national team.

“A player who does not have playing time will not be called up. It’s heart-breaking because we all know the talent of Marouane, but we need people at 100%.”

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Giroud's 5 O'Clock Shadow

The beautiful, beautiful Olivier will get a hat-trick against Norwich at the weekend. I feel it in my bone.


Why yes, If he does score a hatrick my other ‘bone’ will be excited too.

Wet Wet Wet

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Love is all around me
And so the feeling grows

Sol Goodman

Please don’t put wet wet wet lyrics on here!


Another poke in the eye for all the Giroud nay sayers. You know who you are.



Capt. Obvious

You’re Fatgooner


“the Arsenal striker calmly nodded home in the 93rd minute before galloping around the Vicente Calderon like a beautiful unicorn as” – oh blogs , you do know how to light up my day !

weeDy Dewey



to @aallenport then 🙂


can someone enlighten me who’s who.
I like to *think* i’m in the know but i don’t know

you know?


Oh shut up.


lol @ JT
is blogs not Aallensport?
im confused


I’ve been reading this blog so long that when I read your comment I almost forgot that was even in there. Seemed normal.

Mikel Anon

“Thrown on as a late substitute Didier Deschamps, the Arsenal striker”

I didn’t know we signed Didier Deschamps. Arsene knows.


Wait ’til January……..


But he set his target this season at 12

That’s low ambitions
We need strikers that have ambitions to score 25 +


He didn’t give himself that target, he Just said in my first year at monpellier I got 12, so why not this year?
Not a target just answering a question


He is just being realistic, its his firsts season.


Pires, koscielny, mertesacker, Gervinho, even Henry to an extent – all struggled a bit in their first season. 12 league goals and maybe a further 6 or 7 in the champions league and the cups would be solid start.


I’d prefer a striker that sets his target on 12 and scores 25 goals to a striker that sets his target on 25 and scores 12. At the end of the season he won’t be judged by his ambition but by his contribution, so who cares about his target?


Huhhh! Are you talking about me, kid?

Los Polandos

And since you ask I genuinely prefer a striker who gets 10 or less goals, but all of them vital to clinch the title.

Andre's recently hired chauffeur

What a proper lad! He should get a bonus from the Arsenal for fucking up some of the cunts from Barcelona in that game.

In other news, did any of you see Johan Djourou yesterday? He didn’t do a bad pass all game, almost scored a couple and was solid overall. He sure is a proper lad.

Mike Hawke

What game were you watching? Granted, I only saw the second halve but he was pretty poor. Gave away a lot of balls and generally looked shaky. Looked like a guy who’s barely played this season.


You only watched half.. doesn’t that say it all?

Andre's recently hired chauffeur

I saw him in Reykjavik, playing for the Swiss agains Iceland. What surprised me was his height. He sure is a pretty good 4th choice CB.

North Bank Gooner

nice 1 Oli, theres goals in that there HFB!

on a side point, despite his essence of spud, and THAT goal, it was sickening to see the abuse Danny Rose took at the u21 game. and i thought stoke fans had issues………

Eric Irish gunner

It was a fucking disgrace and the players and staff were no better kicking and punching England players and staff from behind when going of the pitch, they should be fucking banned, and for the Serbian FA to blame rose is a joke — fucking scum

North Bank Gooner

uefa surely cannot ignore the monkey chanting, or the missiles being thrown. that and the players behaviour cannot be denied, as hard as their FA try, its all in glorious HD.

if Arsene gets a 3 match sit on the naughty step for being Arsene, they must get a lengthy ban, but this is uefa………

Rohan Sood

That was indeed a good way, but you made spain loose its winning streak :/


And thats a good thing. Tell spain that they are not all that.

N/B If koscienly pulls that tackle like he did on pedro then my oh my we should really teach him something about taking thing easy.

Johan is a decent defender

That’s the problem with Koscielny and Vermaelen, they both get this rush of blood to the head that makes them do rash things. Hope they learn 90+minutes of calmness from BFG.


My guess is that Kos and Cesc had a deal, he can kick pedro and Cesc will miss the penalty, because both of them think that pedro is a bit of a c*nt 😉

One Arsenal

Fantastic impact sub!
Could learn a thing or two on celebrating goals from Thierry Henry or Inzaghi.

Olivier Giroud

I will do to Farselona what I did to Spain if/when we meet them at the champions’ league.


And remember to look pretty at all times. Putting suarez, rooney, nasri and all those other ugly cunts in their place. Giroud!


If I was talking about something then it was THAT, which I was talking about. In conclusion, THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!


Sorry, I have let myself and all of those with a green persuasion as well. Too much coffee made that post sound erudite and whimsical.


“Personally, this is also a great way for me to
silence the criticism I have heard recently.”

The shit spewing british media press will always be ready to critisize you on the slightest slip giroud but just keep your head up and focus on your game. They’ll shut up for now and then get back to it later on after running out of news articles. And you’ll keep shutting them up time and again every other game but all this cycle of events will continue.


French press, spanish press, british press, italian press they all like to spread bullshit every now and again. It don’t matter which country they from, Giroud has been slaughtered by all of em
England……dailyfail, talkshite e.t.c..kiss me arse.
Spain…..electrompatista…or some shit like that.
French….l’equipe and some other uncool shit.
Italy…..just ask TGSTEL about this, he knows!


Personally i loved the way Kozzer took out one of the Barca c*nts! And that fabregas missed (he’s not a c*nt though)

Johan is a decent defender

Cesc is a semi-c*nt.


why are you not talking about me blogs? I’M MAD


Then why are you still smiling so much?!


Well done big guy lets hope this the spring board for the rest of the season also well done BFG for scoring but naughty BFG for the 4 goals 😉


It does take him a good half hour to get back up the pitch in fairness


I would love to see anyone criticise him face to face…Impossible!


fantastic finish by giroud. calm, precise, and powerful. plus the way he pulled away from the defender to create enough space for a free header was brilliant. that kind of skill often gets overlooked. just glad ribery was able to see the movement and cut his cross back.

and what a disasterous give away by juanfran. what was he thinking?!


did u guys see carzola’s pace in the dying minutes before the equaliser.. Chasing a ball heading to the corner flag.. Even the commentator got confused nd thought it was jordi alba sprinting dwn the wing.. Wow beautiful.. He’s ambidextrous, happy, intelligent and fast..! Arsene knows


Another great striker’s goal from Giroud. If he can’t score spectacular goals then at least he can put those away.


Great goal. It will give him confidence too. And the idiots who think he only wants to score 12 goals…. Get your brains checked.His actual target in his mind is probably 20-25 goals. I would love Falcao but there is a 99.9% chance Arsene won’t sign him… By January it will be clear that we don’t even need a big name striker bc Giroud will be fully adapted and scoring goals by that time.

andre Santos

I like to cuddle

[…]  来源[Arseblog News] […]


Uuuu mama..!!



Nothing summed up the current state of Arsenal more than what happened right after the final whistle. Did anyone else see Cazrola walk up to Giroud with a huge smile on his face and give OG a huge hug??!! That’s what I/we all love about our team. They all want each other to succed and thrive on the collective success of each other. They are all happy to take turns being “the man”, and enjoy sharing the glory/spotlight with each other. Not a huge fan of internationals, but this just highighted the current state of Arsenal FC: When one member… Read more »


yeah was wondering if anyone else saw that,

weird game that german- sweden match, and germany was planning some awesome futbol mind you.

Olivier Giroud

By the time the season ends, I’ll make all the pressmen eat their words! TRUST ME!

olanipekun olabanji

Great goAl from oliv am happy for him.


the warmest of warm feelings came over me when i saw santi hugging olivier right after the game, it make me hug my dog as well even though i hate him


You own a pet dog that you actually hate.?

Amazing this. Next time i’ll buy me a cat that I really goddamn hate but when giroud scores i’ll hug it with love.

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