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Happy Santos is happy

Anyone who follows Andre Santos on Twitter or Instagram, or, indeed, has paid even the slightest bit of attention to him at all since he joined, will know he’s a happy go lucky fella who always seems to have a smile on his face.

And despite being kept out of the side by Kieran Gibbs, a situation he’s not been used to during his career, he says he’s enjoying life at Arsenal, in London, and played down any talk of a move back to Turkey.

“There were some rumours that my name was involved in this possible comeback,” he t0ld the official site.

“I had people asking me on Twitter and even players from Fenerbache asking if it was true, but I’m very happy here at Arsenal and I hope to stay here at Arsenal for a long time.

“I have a contract and I’m very happy here, not only at Arsenal but in London too, it is a great city. The Arsenal fans are amazing, this is a great club, and I hope to stay here for a good while.”

And although he’s not playing as often as he’d like, he’s remaining positive.

“Of course it is hard,” he said. “At every club I’ve been at I’ve always played regularly.

“It is difficult to be on the bench, but we are a team, we are doing well and I’ll just keep on working hard so I can be back on the pitch regularly.”

With Gibbs out injured for tomorrow’s trip against Norwich, the Brazilian will start his first Premier League of the season and fingers crossed he can contribute and give Arsene Wenger something to think about as the campaign goes on.

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Andre always c00l.

Hattrick at N0rwich please.


Come on Andre, Dazzle them with your shimmy and smile and score a blinder!


Happy santos will samba dance his way past afew defenders and slot it right in- far post!…goaaaal!. Happy santos will then head on to HFB and they will hug each other, then and only then! will pure awesomeness have ensued!


We’re all happy ga….oops *guys with Santos in our ranks. What a wonderful guy we have got here and please keep uploading them instragram photos it’s one of those few reasons i’m still on twitter.

steve boulds hairdresser

i love santos. heres to him dazzling norwich tommorrow.


Anyone who knows his instagram nd twitter name?


I too would like to know his instagram.


@Andre_Santos27 for both.
Warning: You are now entering toddler pictures and smiley territory 😉

The Truth

He’s just like Nicholas Anelka isn’t he? So positive and cheerful…


(. _. )…….. ( . _.)…….. ( “_”) ……….(^_^)……. ( ‘ _’)

oh santos, why you make me happy too!!!


He sure brings some flair to that LB position, hopefully he will be at his best tomorrow!
Healthy competition with Gibbs tho.


he is a good backup for giggs but we can do better. I wish we could sign joss metz there cause he is amazing for me on FM but we can’t coz he is a regen from the year 2017 and he doesn’t exist yet 🙁 unlucky.

Dial Square

Sad !!!!!!

Bendtner's Salary

Leave. Seriously. Just go.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hark who’s talking 🙂


Brilliant comment. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Yes he is a good back up for “giggs”. Wow did we just sell santos to Manu?. Wenger out!

Bendtner's Salary

I’m brazilian myself and a hardcore gooner since ’06, even going as far as busting a whole year worth of my salary to visit London for mere four days and a home PL game against Birmingham back in ’10. After having to deal with the likes of Denilson and Baptista, which didn’t got a droplet of personality, I’m quite proud of André.


His tweets are legendary….I think one of my fave was something along the lines of what a wonderful day and I’m so proud to a gunner

Samba Andre Samba

Come on gays, he’s the best and Brazilian defender with a passport we’ve ever had. My second favourite Brazilian after Gilberto.. Edu was good, not as charismatic, Eduardo would be number two if he counted.



That Posh Old Gunner Chap They Call Albert

gay santos is gay (see what i did there?)

89 Anfield... It's up for grabs now!!!

Very clever mate. We’ll see you at comedy show soon at this rate!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ooh. Thumbs. Downwardly mobile. (See what they did there?)

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


The reason why people say Santos is a poor defender is because he gambles too much while defending…both he and mertesacker gamble when they stand rooted tot he ground and hope they can get the ball off the running attacker….mert more often than not gets that right but in a full back position this can prove costly if a winger barges past you… be fair whenever i have seen Santos do that , he’w come out the winner..but still it’s a risk….would not mind seeing another LB in Januray , though i like Santos’s attacking prowess

Dial Square

Another LB ? What message would that send out to KG and AS ? We’ve got 2 decent LB’s competing for 1 place, it’s healthy competition and keeps both players on their toes-can’t ask for more than that, and in my opinion AS is VERY underated. (cue a clanger today).


you think Santos is a good defender ? I’m sure you think Neymar is a good footballer too…what are you ? 7 ??!!…just because someone acts funny and is all hep doesn’t mean they are decent footballers..santos – good in attack , SHIT in defending..end of!!

Dial Square

What’s hep????? What are you five?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Have you ever watched Santos play? He doesn’t tackle people while standing rooted to the ground. He chases them down and pops the ball away from them cleanly. If he has a downside as a defender it’s that he spends a third of the game believing he is an attacker. The last thing you’ll see him doing is standing rooted to the ground. He’s always moving.

North Bank Gooner

he drives how he wants 😉

hope to see him hit 130 down the wing, good to see a pro that obviously enjoys his football, and knows what a priveledge it is to wear the cannon.

gotta love Andre


Like another Andre said (3000):
he’s cooler than a polar bear toe-nails

Arsene's Bored Banker

Ah the good old Almunia days..
Come on Arsenal! Let’s thrash them 5-1.


Lol ramsey makes me laugh. How awful can he be?

jim chiminy

happy to be shit

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